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MJL Mar 15
Brown overlay against blue autumn sky
Dry leaves waiting for their turn to fly
Arched gnarled branches gloom high overhead
Pine needles rust and fall slowly to bed

Winter's sleep wakes as each tree gives stretch
Cracking and snapping with bones of a wretch
Red oaks to white ash do pine for ripe summer
Limbs shake to the clouds to protest the new comer

North's exhale blows to bring change of a season
Kills without warning never sharing a reason
Only the edge of snows skyline is clear
Prepare for life's tapping as winter is here

© 2019 MJL
Nod to GOT and our friends the trees, with their shape, their movement, their sound, their connection to the earth... Like us...
Cassini Z Mar 10
Then there's the girl who's just waiting to be fixed
It's not me
It's these demons hiding under my bed
Their need to eat
Not my soul
Not my heart
Or at least what's left of it
It's all gone
Johnny walker Jan 14
Fields of golden corn to where I played as a child
to lay on my back feeling the warmth of the
A cooling summer breeze passing through the field of gold making  the corn
sway as If like waves upon a sea
White fluffy clouds that pass on high laid watching as they form pictures In the sky briefly passing over the
Causing sudden chills whilst laid on my back of summer days In beautiful fields if
To Remember fields gold cooling breeze that cause
the corn to sway like waves upon the sea whilst laid on summer days In fields of
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Someone I know
today he is no more.

Sudden cancer was still
chasing him moments ago.
Can it trace him anymore?
On split finger webbing,
blistered metatarsal pads,
catlike: left left, right right.
You're just over there?
You call this chasm just?
On split, sore patella,
charred hands,
the head hanged loosely,
as dead: left left, right right.
My head down, eyes up, right?
Compensation has been tendered
for the services rendered, right?

For Gibs
Celeste Briefs Dec 2018
there's nothing like the shock of sudden cold
rushing through your blood
stealing your breath away
white flowers at my fingertips
light as feathers on the wind
rippling waves of soundless melodies
fill the spaces between body and world
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Once in all of a sudden
catching a glimpse of someone
I felt one needs not to show up.
But can steal the entire show
just at first glance!
Soft driven
sudden fear
I'm getting out of here!
Please don't chase me tonight
it's alright...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
sushii Sep 2018
i approached the door,
and fear approached me.

i stood in front of the
door and
anticipation stood in front of me.

the air smelled like a
fresh day by the salty sea and the
air tasted like salt.

my heart beat






the salty air grabbed hold of my tongue and
pervaded its tastebuds and
with a salty fist it
punched my teeth in and
now the taste of salt had invaded my mouth.

the pores on my body
then leaked a hot liquid—
so hot and salty that
it ran cold over my overheating body.
the unpleasant liquid was
relieving during that moment.

peripheral vision had
clouds that slowly moved along,
clouding my judgement,
clouding my mind.

my body underwent multiple tremors
at the expense of the intensity everything seemed to have in that moment.

with one
nervous hand, i
turned the **** on the door—

and all that lay behind it was

a barren room. nothing more,

                            nothing less.
Sehar Sep 2018
sugared hot porridge
        dusk lullaby, dawn firefly
    sudden nostalgia
childhood memories
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