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Soft driven
sudden fear
I'm getting out of here!
Please don't chase me tonight
it's alright...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
sushii Sep 24
i approached the door,
and fear approached me.

i stood in front of the
door and
anticipation stood in front of me.

the air smelled like a
fresh day by the salty sea and the
air tasted like salt.

my heart beat






the salty air grabbed hold of my tongue and
pervaded its tastebuds and
with a salty fist it
punched my teeth in and
now the taste of salt had invaded my mouth.

the pores on my body
then leaked a hot liquid—
so hot and salty that
it ran cold over my overheating body.
the unpleasant liquid was
relieving during that moment.

peripheral vision had
clouds that slowly moved along,
clouding my judgement,
clouding my mind.

my body underwent multiple tremors
at the expense of the intensity everything seemed to have in that moment.

with one
nervous hand, i
turned the **** on the door—

and all that lay behind it was

a barren room. nothing more,

                            nothing less.
Sehar Bajwa Sep 9
sugared hot porridge
        dusk lullaby, dawn firefly
    sudden nostalgia
childhood memories
Pure of Stars Aug 10
writers block is a such a strange thing
because writing has become a second nature to me
and to suddenly lose the ability to be inspired
is heart wrenching
and my eyes strain from staring at the empty pages and notes
all these backspaces and scribbled out words
writers block is such a strange thing
because writing is what i love most
Forgive me if my writing goes down hill from here. School is stacking me up with work, my anxiety is no help. The words don’t roll off my tongue like the did the day before. So I’m sorry, if my writing goes downhill.
I guess,

silence is the loudest scream
you'll ever hear.

silence is the greatest chaos
you'll ever see.

silence is the most painful feeling
you'll ever bear.


Silence is the most frightening
voidness you'll ever be trapped into.
Will you be able to get out? Or will you be blind? Will you be deaf? Or will you be numb?
Daisy Rae May 11
It’s difficult to go from being dependent on someone to being independent. It wasn’t gradual, it was sudden. Like the way you are engulfed by fire, all of a sudden you are consumed. There’s nothing gradual, there’s no warning, it just happens and you’re left with nothing except fire and fury.
Mister J May 5
When our eyes met
Time slowed down
Heart beating fast
Lips glued together
A rush of emotions
Sweeping me away
My mind totally blank
Everything felt surreal

Everything felt so right
The moment is just perfect
And the future flashed
Before my clairvoyant eyes
With you lying in my arms
Clutched in my embrace
Lips pressed on mine
Madly and deeply in love

All it takes
To make it all real
Is to muster all my courage
And gather all my strength
Just to utter a single

Here I go..
Third poem this week
Haven't posted this many since I started
in Hello Poetry.

I guess I've become somewhat of a hopeless romantic
Waiting for someone to walk by
Who turns my world upside down

Ever felt that feeling?
Like you want to fall in love again like its your first time?
Blindly following your feelings
Unafraid to get hurt
And innocent in all things?

Like that moment when you first kissed?
Or held hands?
That sudden rush of emotions
That you can't comprehend.
All you know is that
You're happy?

Anyway. Enough of this.
Thanks for reading! :)

Onomatopiyya May 1
It hurts me so much
That it was so sudden

It hurts me so much
That I needed you so bad

It hurts me so much
To hug myself and say it's okay

It hurts me so much
That I can't forget the sweetness of you

Everything was true
Until that day
It was out of the blue
Didn't know that I'm hurting you

It's okay
That's what I say
Till I fell asleep in tears
Hoping you'll hear it in ears
Ijla Apr 27
Another text
Out of the blue
Marking the end
Of a friendship cherished
Tears held back
To prove ones strength
Only to pour down like rain
Along with the shards of
a broken heart
And a shattered pride
Isn't it sad when someone just leaves you suddenly. no reason no explanation. People always talk about breaking ups and it's pain... they never really talk about losing a friendship.
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