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The ellipse table spins,
around the bottle passes
Six wizened kings
Stooped drunk on their *****

They discussed their forefront
their kingdom's wealth and prosperity
bantering and confronting
small ambiguous disparities

Until one man stood up
wobbled and unbalanced
He died there corrupt
The whole room was silenced
JJ Inda Sep 4
you cast upon me
doubts and flaws;
not a single virtue
as resentment creeps.
The stress on my chest
Let's me know I did invest
Something into my heart
Breathing life into this art

Getting use to these sensations
Reverberations of my inner
Bright begins to fill the hole
As I break the mold

From stories that are old
Ingrained and overtold
But the darkness of that night
Adjusted me to the light

For when I hold both
Each in the palm of a hand
All is revealed
The grandest plan...
There was a little beat in my head
Amanda Apr 8
We are all treading water
Trying to keep our heads above the waves

Same game
Different methods of beating bosses in every victorious match

Dealing with maps encountered everywhere progressed in this world
No matter how complicated the terrain or what difficulty the opposition is set to

Just multiple devils disguised as characters to test character and integrity

In the digital world if mistakes are made get to retry levels until you get it right

If you die
That death does not equal a permanent zap out of existence but instead is more like a breif catnap
Then you are magically healed and respawned like a phoenix rising from the ash and ruin

The same miracle does not work like that in reality

When our time comes we are banished from this living hell we have named Earth to reside in a perpetual pitch-black exile

There is no consolation prize
Bonus round
Final scoring or tallying of points to alter the outcome of events
The only resemblance the end of a human beings life has to a video game is the "sudden death" part
If my life was a video game I think it would be something like Kingdom Hearts
Gemma Mar 10
You were taken from me so quickly.
Ripped away without warning.
I wasn't ready and neither were you.
I'm left feeling empty and angry.
Was there something needed that I did not do?
We had plans you and I, not grand ones you see, but just to sit with one another, I read a book and you snuggle on me.
Long walks come rain or shine.
I'd give anything to have you in these arms of mine.
Just one more day.
I thought I had you until your muzzle turned grey.
I thought I had you until I could barely walk and you barely bark, but now I am left, with nothing, nothing but dark.
I miss your big brown eyes and your soft little nose, the little soft curly hairs at the base of your tail, I especially miss those.
I long so much to hold you again, it hurts so much to need you, my little friend.
Though I will never fear the kiss of death again! For I know it is you who will greet me when I meet my end.
If I could of had just a little more time......
Euphrosyne Mar 6
Our love was one of the hottest star
what happened?our love is now so far
You were the chief that changed my perspective in love, truly bizarre
You're the heavy metal song that keeps my heart active my true rock star

But, **** happens you changed suddenly
You treat me like somebody, you were uncomfortable
I treat you like my own but now you’re treating me like nobody

You left me hanging
Now I'm crash landing
But what I feel is continuously expanding
And no one can stop me from echoing your name, indeed it looks embarrassing

You left me without saying goodbye
Nor giving me any alert signs
I know you won't return or change even just for little
But I know what you’re feeling and I know that it’s true,
because that’s exactly what I feel for you.

A love that suddenly changed
That last time our love is in exchange
Now I'm the only one at range
And you, you decided for your love to change.
Your love just changes that quick and I don't know what was your reason but I'm hoping that you're just trying to hide your feelings maybe just maybe.
Marya123 Feb 8
Now that you're gone, I wish I could say bye
If there was just one more moment we shared
I'd tell you, and hope that God would be kind
But He wasn't, and now we lie, shocked and scared
All I can do is offer these poor words
And dream that you'd notice them, with love
Maybe you'd smile, and shine brighter in grace
Perhaps fill our lives again, from above.
Merope Angel Jan 5
He listened to me
Like he’d heard it all
I didn’t speak clear
Didn’t stand tall

By end of the conversation
I’m on the verge of tears
And with one gesture
He reminds me

How I don’t see clear.

Find meThe Reason, my love.
I am simplyHere for you.

You tell me
Not to give up,
But then your solemn face
Reminds me why I started slipping up.

My love, find meThe Reason
Not to stare into the Sun
Not to Run into the free way
Not to Chase a Car for fun

And I promise you,
I’ll make it through another day.

“...But I no longer can laugh.”
“No baby, you will find a way.”
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
It is electric, she is passionate from a far, conversations all night, making our future plans daily until the early light

She took my heart completely sent me large amounts of love so deeply

Then we were there the truth was on the ground, life changes made us each our love to be realized and truly found,

It was good I will not lie on it, new realities some take your breath away some make you cry on it.

Changes made, loves been found, realities realized how does this go down

She packed up her life, changed her pose, she gave me back my heart like a wilted dried up rose

Left me with empty promises unfulfilled back to her chaos my feeling love and heart totally killed

I see her from time to time, passing by I think to myself shes dangerous lives lie uses hearts like thing to be had, gives them back broken bad...
Love found and left it lost, heart break like never before my life shortened for sure...
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
a girl so clever, prideful, a ego so large to fool you into thinking you were at fault and undeserving, the one mistreating her.

She'd have in the corner as she told you your feelings and how you were to be,  and all you wanted was more.

Blind to the fact she was drowning you with her presence,  walking you to deep waters of sadness, and twisted truths.

She smashes souls and closes the door without a mere glance back, to bait another into the fog of disfunction

Sadly she had my heart completely, she opened it, filled like never before and crushed it because she could in a matter of years

Hearts mend, but the scars are permanent
A girl had me completely like none had ever had, twisted me turned like a sail in the wind, and one day without notice found fault in me so deep to cut me in two, and leave me, my life scrambled and heart broken in tiny peices not easily found
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