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Marle 16h
A, is for, a Acrostic love like yours.
B, is for, being Breezy, with you, always.
C, is for, the way you Color my life.
D, is for, Definity within my soul.
E, is for, never leaving my heart Empty.
F, is for, how you Fulfill my every need.
G, is for, how Great we blend together.
H, is for, our Happiness.
I, is for, I Love You.
J, is for, the Jokes we hide.
K, is for, our Kindness.
L, is for, the Light that we kindle.
M, is for, My Love <3
O, is for, Opening my heart to the wonders of the World.
P, is for, the Pleasures that endure me.
Q, is for, the curious Questions that I would love to know everyday.
R, is for, the Resemblence of our hearts.
S, is for, how Sexy we can be. Together.
T, is for, the loving Time you take from me.
U, is for, Us. Forever.
V, is for, how Valentine's Day is always special.
W, is for, We. Us. Forever.
X, is for, the past memories of love.
Y, is for, You. For you are you.
Z, is for, how Zealous our love can be.
Madison 17h
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
Joy B 1d
How do you tell someone
something big that you have done?
Will they hate you?
Will they love you?
Will they tell you to run?

You will need to have trust.
It’s important. Please, you must.
You have to risk it
You’ll be okay.
Just wipe off all the dust

And tell your beautiful story.
The world will see your glory.
No matter what
Please open up
Feel free and please tell me.
silas 2d
and over the months,
i have learned
that loving you is like chasing the sun
i hold the thorn bed of your heart
into my own chest
as if it would make me any stronger

loving you is like getting ice cream after it's all melted
like wearing brand new shoes just for the rain to come
like dancing just as the song ends

i will never understand your empty-headed anger
or why i will always be the target of your words
but please understand,
that all i want for you is the best
but the best for you might not be with me

when you're happy
you don't smile, you glow
serenity and innocence radiate from you like light from the sun
sometimes i find it difficult to imagine
that someone so blissfully ignorant turns into a monster
with a few ill-advised words.

and when i breathe in the sweet afternoon smell of spring,
i think about warm hugs and lullabies
flowers filling my lungs
and the revival of life after a long winter
i think about picnics
and all of the things i never brought because you didn't like them

no amount of joy comes without the sadness
do not say you love me if you fear commitment
i imagine, that this way, it would hurt less for the both of us.
for christoPHER, when i used to give a shit
written 1 march, 2018
published 18 september, 2018
I wore your shirt home on Tuesday
1 am and the way the street lights danced across your skin
I'm not sure if I knew you then
I'm not sure if I could picture more than present tense between us
but the present felt so nice and I liked the way your hand fit in mine
maybe I knew the entire time I was never meant for someone like you
Sunday still took me by surprise
I think you taught me you can lose someone without feeling like you've lost yourself
I think you taught me I can care for a person without it being the end of me
The petals on your roses have long fell off.
I’ll be there to plant new seeds.
My flowers have decayed.
But yours will bloom.
I just hope we can share the same water
When even if I’m dying.
The stained red petals on your roses will bring me back to life.
Josh G Sep 7
Compassion, a gift
Though it's also a curse
How can I be idle
When I know you're hurt?
I shoulder your pain
And loan you my heart
Because when you're down
I have to do my part
But when its me on that stage
Feeling nothing but grief
I have this idle hope
As I grit my teeth
That you will be there
Offering your hand
But that hope's a lie
Because most can't withstand
This double edged sword
That few of us wield
I've been told that I'm a very compassionate person and that I have a huge heart. Compassion is something that's rare in this world. Very few people are truly compassionate in my eyes. It's a gift that can be a burden.
Freddie Ruiz Sep 5
She likes her coffee in the morning.
She likes her coffee in the evening.
You can sense that she’s protective
and you can’t help but to love her

She loves watching the sunset.
She loves getting in the rain
Her smile is the sweetest
and you can’t help but to love her.

Her love is innate.
Her beauty can’t go unnoticed.
Anywhere you see her
you can’t help but to love her.

She’s got many books beside her bed.
She’ll start reading, but fall asleep in a sec.
She brings a smile to your face
and you can’t help but to love her.

Her intentions are always the best,
far beyond what you could expect.
Her charm goes unexplained
and you can’t help but to love her.
Written on March 17, 1998
Composition number: 42
Emmah Sep 5
Perhaps I should try
Not caring for anything
Maybe I’ll be safe.
Tronel Aug 30
Broken phrases
like plastic
in our oceans

Words don't rhyme
they're drifting further from the shore

Writing stops
Cause: writers block.
The words no longer flock
like birds

A heavy pen
ran out again
No ink
No colour
hands find another lover.

Sentences stay
pushing us
towards defeat

We write
the words that discover
our lovers'
uncharted perks.

We're all just longer poems
that needed a little work.
-Tronel V.
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