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Elysianne Oct 8
Each time a plane crosses the sky
my heart stays still
and I think of your smile

— Elysianne
I’ll never look at planes again the same way I did before meeting him.
Nothing compares to a love like this. I didn’t even know this could exist.
You touch me and there’s automatic peace. You carry me to bed when I fall asleep.
You tuck me in to keep me warm,
Or let me wear your coat even though you can’t feel your arms.
You tell me daily how much you love me,
And it’s what you’re always demonstrating.
You listen to me read novels and poetry.
And (almost) never interrupt me.

I hope that I do enough for you
To show you that I love you, too.
Amy Oct 5
There's this special girl
who's smile is exquisite
who's laugh is music to my ears
who's eyes sparkle with mischief
those moments are rare
and you have to hold onto them
like you do with precious, sacred jewels
she carries the weight of everyone's burdens
always putting them first before herself
she cares too much for this godforsaken world
you can see it in the way she walks that she's defeated.
but no one sees what it does to her.
kind people are more surprising than unkind people.
Elysianne Sep 25
Whenever I see two trunks of a tree
joined together as twins
I think of you
and wish we could share their bond

I'd gather all the water and air in the world for you
to watch you grow
into the magnificent and majestic being
you were always meant to be

— Elysianne
It’s so beautiful to find twin trees in forests.
Di Verce Sep 21
For those who care
There's nothing better
Than caring for nothing
The only lesson we care to learn
That nothing here is worth a care
And everything here is careless
Care for ourselves
And those who are worth a care
They don't exist here
Unless you're one who cares
One in a million
One of us
In that case, care for we
And [curse] the rest
Reserve your loving
For the best
Drop the others
The careless mass
Care for those who care
The rest are carrion
Learn it
And carry on
Caring for the few like you
And none of the rest
Let the vultures eat vultures
And eagles rest
Nest rhymes with rest
Who cares
The rest of you [curse] off
As for us, we're blessed
While the destiny of others
Is the cesspool they've made for themselves
We passed the test.
Oh Yes!
To the few who have given a whit

If you didn't read it, you didn't care!

Nevertheless she stands there as witness to the sloth of the many, one of many litmus tests which the countless careless fail.
Jeff Lewis Sep 17
standing in line
for mail
at the homeless shelter downtown
get a stamp…or
that fill her hand she’s writing
to the FBI
writing to the CIA
the DEA  
perhaps the NSA
what she wrote?

some days
she tells
of shadow people who plot
and scheme
she hides from
and their attacks
they track her
she hides
inside a dream
or more accurately, constant nightmare.

she talks to people in the air
rambled words
furtive glances
she listens  
what are the words that are being said
but then
who cares
no one knows those words
just Crazy Mary.
Crazy Mary is a composite of several homeless people I've gotten to know over the years. Untreated mental health problems are a huge issue that needs to be addressed in order to address general homelessness.
F A Pacelli Sep 12
i will scream and fight 
i will stay silent and brood
i will suffer and hurt 
but my love will never die
my heart will not yield
Siyana Sep 6
You wake up, and it's cold outside. You think that your eyes are  closed.. But when you try to open them, you realise that colour doesn't exist in your world anymore.. You feel so afraid, you kick and scream.. but screaming won't bring back your eyesight..
You pray and pray... But you feel unheard... You don't know how to move through the room to call someone to tell them what's happening.. You hurt yourself, thinking this could be a dream..
And then you realise, this is permanent..  You're blind...
You won't ever see the extravagant Christmas lights again..  You won't see the look on your mother's face when she's unwrapping her presents.. You won't see the people who surround you...
1, Your'e the essence of pure beauty that resides within my mind
2, You're lips are like the finest taste of an elegant glass of wine
3, You're the part of me that I always searched for and could never seem to seek
4, There's nothing more that I could ever adore than our dear family of three
5, This life we share with love and care that makes me feel so alive
6, That sweet kiss that I always miss even when your'e by my side
7, The age between us fades, cause our love sure has no limit
8, The days that come and fade while our love still blooms so endless
9, Our life, which has no price, cause the greatest value in the world is you
10, My best friend, my forgiveness of sins, who helped me see the world in a clearer view
11, My world, and the mother to our sweet girl whose heart is crafted by our loving souls
12, The years that come and go, falling deeper in love as we grow old
13, the reason why I still choose to believe in the wonders of the world untold

I Love You.
To my significant other who loved me when i couldn't love myself. She's supported me through my addiction and recovery from drugs, and now our relationship grows stronger more and more with each new day.
Donna Sep 1
What I love about
my man is the way he makes
me laugh out loud
Love my husband Dean ,  my rock always x ❤️
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