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@Reading... "Ink!"
As I stop to stare.
I see a title where.
I wonder what it means..
I pause from browsing to read.
I see what ink drops bleed.
I decide to click open and proceed.

I read what ink drops bleed.
The brilliant thoughts. emotions, and seeds.
Allowing my thoughts and emotions to feed.
Drip drops I'm reading..
Where black and white words are leading.
Succeeding to the end.
Cleverly where it all soon ends.
I'm left with a vivid mental picture.
As my feelings were captured.
A door I entered.
Reading gives me clarity.
Exploration, I let my fingertips reply.
I comment, like and love.
The title that caught me up above.

Such a beautiful layout, drops of ink spread all out.
This dear ones is what readings all about.
Ink drizzled inks in drops.
Spreading magic, removing doubts,
Let your fingers show you where there, leave some plops.
Let your fingertips drip drop plops.
Give some love where you are reading.
So more drips and drops will be succeeding.
For the love of ink drops please keep on reading.

SelinaSharday Rose@H.E.R
Those black and white cleverly laid ink drops, ink drips and drop fancy, funny, clever, deep, stirring, moving, emotional, shocking, touching amazing, soul moving ink drops.. don't leave them unwatered unnoticed in a  
dry drought. spread some ink drops..plop plop plop.
Laura 1d
Laying here with you,
my head resting on your chest,
I feel closer to myself.
Because, even if it was
just for the blink of an eye,
I could’ve sworn,
that my heart and yours,
they were beating
Ink 2d
I am surrounded by the beautiful -
By sweet smiles and soft laughs,
By boys and girls who love each other
And could love me if I stepped into
Their Circle

But I can't step in.

I am trapped on the outskirts,
Close enough that I know what I'm missing
But too far to feel what they feel.
Some stragglers creep to the corners of the Circle
And try to speak to me

But I can't respond.

I want to be with the people who know
That others mean something.
I want to be with the beautiful people,
And feel warmth in my ties to others.
I want them to grab me and pull me in

But I can't let them try.

I think there is a reason I am Outside of the Circle.
If I overcame the barrier of my own refusal
I would bring ugliness to the beautiful.
I would pollute the hearts of those who love
By my own which cannot care.
I just met you but
you are cute
and you are sweet
I wish we could meet
I live here
you live there
but that is nowhere
I like the way you ask me things
like no one will care
when I talk to you its like I'm in space
but we don't each other face to face
Atul Oct 28
My Progenitor along my Father,
She loves me as if She'll take care,
Of me and my needs today & forever.

My Mother is an inspiration for me,
She has tasted success after toiling for it,
Harder in nights than in days totally.

My studies were Her priority in my school days,
She is no different in these different college days,
Never does She let her mind divert Her gaze.

My language skills, I inherited from Herself,
She taught me Hindi, English & Kannada,
I learnt and honed the Sanskrit by myself.

My German & French are elementary, but,
She never discourages me or calls my efforts,
To learn them both, with passing time, rudimentary.

My health has been Her top priority,
She ignored Her own & there was a difficulty,
Her knees gave away and needed to be replaced.

My Father loves me too but my Mother is special,
She left Her beloved Karnataka to marry my father,
Now She looks after my Father as I am alright.

I am lucky, very lucky indeed, that I have them,
She is a living legend married to Another,
This poem is more about Her and a bit about my caring father too.

My Mother taught me how to speak,
How to speak and how to live, not just once,
But along my Father, she taught it all twice.

My Mother, along my Father, defines ***,
Probably this is the case with everybody,
But few realise it when Death makes a ****.

I have seen her weeping for me when I was unwell,
Now it's my obligatory duty apart from a natural one,
Her I shall make proud along with my father, not just once but always.
A slam poem that I wrote on 25 October 2018.
Place: Exhibition Unit, National Dairy Research Institute campus, Karnal
My HP Poem #1725
©Atul Kaushal
Ferns Oct 27
I hardly tried to survive
Trying to erase every single bit
I barely made it out alive
Tearing these useless letters bit by bit

I've done the things that I haven't done before
Just to forget your innocent, angelic face
I indeed want to see you no more
For there are many fireflies to chase

I know I have not been yours
but you left my heart scattered to piece by piece
There have never been open doors
and my plans make fate to crease

There are plenty of reasons
why I fell deep in to your hole
With leaves falling, from dry seasons
I'm Alice, the rabbit is your role

Foolishness and desperation
got me entirely blindfolded
You barely even gave me recognition
Forgive me for being lightheaded

I've woken up from an absurd dream
For now, all I can see is reality
Where the sky is blue and the sun shows beam
And just see the kids playing under the tree

There behind a door, a person knocks
It left me wonder...who could it be?
I carefully unleash and open the locks
It's the faces of my chums, seemingly be happy
L Oct 26
If your the type
to only breathe through
the stitches
of your camisole.
And if you always taste like mint,
when kissed on the mouth.
Just because you don't want them smell,
the self hate.
That resides in the back
of your throat
in your breath.

You're also the type
to call me up
six am
asking for a
L Oct 26
Love is a mysterious thing.
I have come to find that searching for love,
never seems to work .
You have to let love search for you.
If you wait,
You will eventually find yourself,
suffocating in it.
Love is a mysterious thing and the mystery starts with you.
I know you once did, and now
you just act like you care.
You wanted my attention
so I offered it coz I care.
Since relationships are mutual
even I start to not care.
Don't ask me for more
I know you wouldn't care.
The more we go through
the less we both care.
When this happens again, just know
I don't want your fake care.
Spitz Oct 21
I get it,
you’re lost.
You’re trying to understand
this crazy life,
but you can’t even
understand yourself.
And so you’re terrified,
and worried,
and you don’t want
to let anyone see that.
And even though you hurt me,
I’m here for you,
because I get it.
You feel alone,
you’re not just tired,
you're losing your mind,
and you’re so completely lost.
So I get it.
And even though I’m hurt,
I’m not mad.
You’re amazing,
so it won’t be easy.
Your worth it,
so I won’t give up
if you don’t want me to
because if I gave up
then I wouldn’t be worthy of you.
I think everyone is going to hurt you
at least a little bit,
and I think you’re someone
that is worth suffering for.
So I’m here.
And when you want me,
I will be right here.
I hope that eventually
you’ll be able to see yourself
as I see you.
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