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SquidInk Nov 9
you broke it
you broke your promise just like you broke my trust
im tired of trying and hoping that you will change
you broke it
i find it funny that you think im the one being selfish
i continue to trust you
as you take more and more advantage of that
it hurts that im losing you to something like this
i put my faith and trust into you
i feel like you wasted my time
you wasted my energy
because i used it to try and help you change
there's obviously no change
you told me again just today that you've changed
but as time passes i find out more and more how you haven't
in fact, you've gotten worse
i hate getting yelled at for confronting you
i hate that you confide in my sister for advice
i hate that you make the choices that you do
i hate that you hurt me more and more every day
i hate that you think that its okay
i hate that i haven't given up yet
i hate that i push people i love away to be with you
i hate what you're turning me into
i hate the names that you call me
you say that you were just joking, but it actually hurts
i hate the new things you have tell me every day
because 9 out of 10 times they're bad
i hate that i hate so much about you
i hate that i feel anything but love and enjoyment towards you
i used to worship you
i used to think that nobody was more perfect for me
you wonder why i haven't worked to get ungrounded
its because being grounded gives me an excuse
an excuse to say no to parties and bad ideas that you have
its so much easier to say that im grounded rather than i don't want to
im sorry that i feel this way
im sorry that i tried to fix what was going on with you
i should've recognized that it was "none of my business"
so here's to me being sorry for caring<3
all i have to say
Karly Codr Nov 17
they didn't care
they didn't care when i was in my bedroom sobbing
because they told me that I wasn't good enough
they didn't care when I stood at the kitchen sink
washing dishes with tears running down my face
they didn't care when I laid in my bed
screaming into my pillow so they wouldn't hear me
they didn't care when i just wanted to be hugged by someone
they didn't care when i just wanted to feel loved
they didn't care when all i felt was loneliness
and they didn't know that I was alone with my thoughts
they didn't care
Amanda Nov 13
If you love someone you suffer in silence

Want someone you care for to live free of the pain that is harming you

Close in walls to keep them safe from your fires

Life is then never given the chance to twist them the way it twisted you

Let that person stay out of danger's way
They are better off lightyears away
I prefer to keep my issues to myself
seawreck Nov 12
Every time I cared for you, you seemed to die a little inside
Is this true that you hate me so much to abandon your life
Nely Nov 12
Between the hours of 4 and 6 a.m you can hear the earth whisper its favorite secrets. The sun always yawns awake, while the moon shy's away. They both live in this moment. Simultaneously fluffing the clouds underneath their cheeks, one falling asleep and one waking, they huddle on top of their pillows and listen to the earth tell its stories. A lot of times I am awake, and they soothe my worries away.  They accompany me when the walls hush me. They never turn me away, even when their parting. We huddle together and we balance our heads and listen to what the earth has to say. Sometimes it's sad, and she weeps. The tears fall hard across the pavement. We try an offer her tissue. Other days its gruesome and the coldness hurts my bones, we offer her warmth. Some days its lonely, we offer her our company. Some days they're happy, we offer her gratitude. No matter the story we listen. & she too listens. There's days I can't sleep so I tell all that runs through my mind, she doesn't judge and neither does the moon or the sun. Nowadays I feel lonely, but I know they're there and they offer me comfort, but somedays I turn them away because I don't feel anything. I feel empty. I turn numb. Numb. Numb. Numb. I feel misunderstood and even I don't understand what should be understood. But they never leave, they visit me from the hours of 4 am to 6 am and even when one shuts its eyes and the other opens one, I know they're there and they're rooting me on. Earth says I don't need to understand how I feel just yet, but sometimes I wonder how long is 'yet'. But to live in the now, but for now go to bed.
seawreck Nov 10
How devoid was I of human interaction
that a small gesture of love on TV screen made me sob.........
watching k drama and crying
Sarah Flynn Nov 1
I’ve learned that it’s okay
to love you from a distance.

I don’t let you
get close to me anymore,

but that doesn’t mean
I’ve stopped loving you.
flamingogirl Oct 28
It only takes three simple words
for my very being to melt in your arms
and my soul to take flight high above us.
I am not talking about the cliche here.
We are so much better than a cliche.
I am talking about a phrase
so much more gentle,
so much more inviting,
so much more meaningful,
so much more personal,
so much more tender,
so much more caring.
"Babe, come here"
Michael Ryan Oct 28
Am I a good person?

Underneath all these layers
(The layers of an onion)
[Like Shrek, full of layers]
-pretty sure the onion quote is dead-

I don't want you
to remove my layers
to find a person that
isn't the same on the outside.

Onions are perfect
because with each layer
they look exactly alike.

If you took me apart
we'd find the person
I think you want me to be.
(If you took me apart you'd be a murderer)
[Don't try to find out, organs don't talk.]
-The mess would be such a hassle-

I wish someone could tell me.
It's all in the way,
these layers
they're all that we have.
I've been quoting the onions almost my entire life, I don't know if that's how great the line is or how much I haven't grown.  Could be both.  Pro tip: turn on a fan when cutting onions makes the process a whole lot easier.
Arya Night Oct 22
Your wrong,
They say, using a few words to sharpen
The knife of cruelty.

You’re wrong,
They say, pressing the blade against
the thin string of life that holds me.  

You are wrong,
They say, using a few sentences in a book
The symbol of rebirth turning into

You are so wrong,
They say, pressing their lies and wrapping
The noose around thin scared necks.

You are not wrong
Your heart says, clinging to the ones that give you life.
The one that keeps life in your scared lungs.

You are right,
Your love says, holding you close in the dark night
The shield from the rest of the worlds damnation.  

You’re right,
Your soul says, clinging to love
The light that guides you away from the cliff.

Your right,
Those who love you say, holding warmth in their hearts.
The one that loves you the way you are.

Love is love
and nothing they say can take that away.
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