Little cat,
I'm sorry I let you cry at my door
Little cat,
I'm sorry I let you starve for more
Little cat,
I'm sorry I let you tears to fall
Little cat,
Thank you for all your heart's call
Little cat?
Forgive me, I want no more of this hole.
To my cat.
Waffles 6d

i just wish things were different

by that, i mean
i wish you cared about me
i wish you cared
but you don't. and i do. and i can't stop
right now.

and it causes me pain.

and i wonder why i stayed in this pain for so long
because, the whole time.
I knew.

things aren't how i want them to be.
and by this, i mean you don't care.
and i accepted that.
i accept that.
these are just words.

Just leave me alone.
Joshua Nai Jun 12
When did we started to not dare look into ourselves and say we have a problem and maybe we are part of the fault.
We stopped.
We keep on blaming each other for what they have done, have we ever thought that we might have done something wrong.
Where did the care in our speeches go?
Where did the love in our eyes fade away?
Where did the warmth, the light in us go?
What happened to understanding others, and authentic love?
Let's go with them.
To stop blaming other people for what we have done wrong as well.
To bring them back on track.
On the right path.
In the right way.
In authentic true love, the way that God has loved us.
That's the way.
true love and someone who truly cares would really make an impact.
zeebee Jun 8
i wish i could tell you


the fights
the tearful nights
the pain and the hurt

it's so hard to keep things from you
because your eyes hold concern
and you worry for me
i can see it

but i've been taught,

and the very thought of those words leaving me
the taste of my confession on my lips
makes my being so very, very afraid

and sweetheart, you're
not in a position
to protect me
i still
love you
CA Smith Jun 6
Say what you want
Say how you feel
Every word to me is real
Every emotion, I feel it
Because what matters to you,
Matters to me, too
Jack May 20
Some people think that life's not worth it
Maybe it's that they don't deserve it
But that's not true it's perfect
Life is a treasure that doesn't need any searchin

We all can amount to something
Even if we think life's worth nothing
Each individual is a diamond ring
Now marry your life give it some bling

Always know that someone cares
Even if you think that no one's there
Find the happy things that are so rare
Never let go of that bliss you can share

Let someone else feel that joy
Hope they find out that they can enjoy
It doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy
No one's life should be a toy

Everyone is worth something always remember that
This is for the silent people that need help realizing that their life is amazing and that someone cares
Michael Ryan May 20
Years ago I wrote on
how I would always be there
for every birthday of every person
I have never had the chance to meet.

I faithfully stand
by my words
that each person's birthday
I wish to cherish your day
the life that you have.

It is only through compassion,
understanding, and appreciation
that we can all come to realize
how interconnected we truly are.

So today is my birthday
but today I give you my hopes
and these are not for myself
to have the best day today,
but for you my friend to have the best of yours.
I offer you all I can.  I do not know what support you have, but I will provide you the best I can.  Happy birthday to all the people needing someone to cherish them.
emnabee May 19
Staring is not caring.

Lack of caring,
makes evil collect.

Addressing evil
is the beginning of rejecting

We can choose to see or reject
what is right in front of us.

The sea is just another
metaphor for our world.

It has its own atmosphere.
It’s own civilization.

We destroy it without a care.
We destroy our own, too
without a care
it seems.

No one even wants to say anything.

So then, the outcome is clear.
Just a thought.
Looked into my eyes
You said, "I will be okay"
I don't believe you
Worried myself sick
I am tired of these lies
Just let me help you
You don't say a word
I just see it in your face
Sadness spreads from you
I am here for you
Please, please, please remember that
My heart can't take it
Tell me if my syllables are off. I get caught up in the pretty words sometimes :)
Red Scales May 14
It's hard to let go of someone
When you loved them it hurts to let them go off on their own
I can't let it go so I fake it
They think I am ok
I am not ok
I didn't let go because I can't
I care too much to do so
I can't let go
I pains me too
But I guess I will now
I see you with them
I will let go
For your sake
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