Amanda 23h
M: Mischievous, your bad side
I:Intelligent, the best side of you
C: Cheerful,a presence of joy
H: Honest, as always
A: Adventurous, always willing to
E: Exclusive, your personality
L: Lovable, you always care
           Michael, one in a million
My very disgusting friend
Your life is not just your own
Everytime you interact
Everytime you share
Everytime you care

You are undoubtedly bound to someone

Your soul is a constellation of connections,
don't you feel it ?

You are not alone and never will be,
don't you see it ?

Laugh without modesty
Express yourself in all honesty

Give into your emotions
And always show compassion
From that moment I saw you
For that loneliness inside
Excuse me

Don’t get me wrong
But what i really need now is affection
And not any kind of relation
That’s going to last for too long
For now, my patience isn’t that strong

And, also when i listen to a song
That speaks about love and flying
I’m really not day dreaming
But just trying to relax and be strong..

I know you want me to give it a try
But I really dont feel like making an effort
Do you want the truth or a decent lie?
I honestly can’t give you love of any sort.

For now, i just need to cuddle
And at this point for me, adoration means struggle
You may want to give me affection
And i can trade some too but don’t make make projections
And don’t expect love back.
Did you ever feel this way?
Looping the e's,
crossing the t's.

If this is what you want:
If this is the way to show you
That I really care:

You leave for hours, and have
the audacity to ask ME where
in the world I was?

Dotting the i's,
scratching the g's.

Fine, be that way.
If you want to leave:
Want to stay?
Just make up your mind,
for goodness' sake!

While you cross your
t's, and dot the i's, just
remember that
words hold so much
power, more than
anyone will know.

Oh, you don't care?
P.S. Learning to care would do you some good.
I never want to be the one you talk to in your free time

I only want to be the one you free your time for
....... no
Laura Friloux Feb 11
I wonder all

too hard about whether
you even cared.
At all.

Well, for the record:
I appreciate all

you ever did.

I wish you could say the same

for me.

I                        still                          care.

And I
Louis Archer Feb 11
She hears the quiet whisper of the man paying his respect to lost love
Wiping his eyes
And offering her heart to lend

Taking him in
Showing love not deserved
But love she was sharing

was lifted
Singing and dancing!
Sorrow was not his fate

His spirit lifted
And all he can think is...
Thankful enough he can never be
Thank you
Louise, happy birthday! I am so glad you are in my life! If I am being honest... You are one of the most fantastic people I know, and I am so happy that you are someone I talk to. Originally, I had planned to come see you this weekend and surprise you! Things didn't work out so this is what I am resorting to. I wanted to read you this poem in person, but since I can't I'll settle for this little birthday note. I wrote this a week ago, I hope you like it, and i hope it helps you understand what you mean to me. Without being all weird, I just want to say that i love you. You are one of my best friends and I hope you have a wonderful bday.

-Love Sam
Dream Fisher Feb 8
I talk to these gods in times of trial and success
They damn me in times of swimming
But give me a melody to keep singing in my mind.
I've been skating on thin ice on waters filled with debt
Hoping I can hold my breath while this washes over.
I've been sober long enough
To see when people drink too much power
Dancing stupidly in the traffic of a nothing life
In charge of nothing, seeing the whole sea
From the mole hill they imagined.
Imagine that.

You're my song of the day, not metaphorically,
Literally the tune blasting through my ears as I write.
As the girl does yoga on TV
showing pictures aesthetically pleasing to my mind
Knowing work is right around the corner, here I'm fine
Mulling over the problems of the morning
Only to be forgotten with clock's ticking time.

I leave it all at the door in a futile escape
Once I cross that line, that is where they wait.
Don't be concerned all the fronts are fake
The real issues aren't spoken in anyone's public wake
Smiling like suns in children's artwork
Hung on a fridge, that will work in the world I live
What I wrote while on lunch at work
Benji James Feb 1
I tried to tell you
how I feel
you said,
"That can't be real,
You're my friend
That's the way it is
Besides I really love him."
He played you
and you broke down
Girl, I told you
he would fuck you around.
You don't believe a word I say
but it sucks how he left you this way.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

Just another day, another boy
He played you, like a toy.
Broke your heart, then ran away
look how you are the very next day
played you like a fool
Girl, I bet you feel used
I come around to cheer you up
You thank me with a hug.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

Another boy again?
I've tried to be there
Yeah be your friend
You're on your own
My heart was out on the line
this whole time
Can't chase you around
Don't need to see you
keep getting hurt
You told me, "you think he is the one."
He gave you some great times
Now you've been left on your own again.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

You came to me the very next day
You asked
"Why does everyone keep leaving me?"
I looked deep into your eyes
looked at the ground and just sighed
I had no answers, cuz you're on my mind
I think to myself, how can they do things like this
to a girl like you.
It's so hard to push you away
because you come back with that beautiful face
And I can't help but capture a glimpse of your grace
You know when you're with me I'll keep you safe.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

You found another boy
You think his the one
I'm on my own again
But I know the truth
you'll come running back one day
But the thing that hurts the most
I miss you every day that you're gone
There is nothing I can say
To stop you getting hurt
But I'll be their girl when you call.
I won't let you go alone through the fall
When you need a friend
I'll pick you up again
I just hope you know
You've got a real friend
that is never letting you go...oh

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

I am your best friend
Best friends stay until the end
I'll dry your eyes when you cry
Kiss, caress and hold you tight
Maybe we can be together someday
But for now your best friend I shall remain.
mythie Jan 31
Isn't it funny how a lot of fears.
Have never been seen in reality?

They fear clowns.
But have never seen one in person.

They fear the ocean.
But have never drowned.

They fear heights.
But have never fallen.

I think it's funny.
Because a lot of people fear demons.

You've never seen a demon.
Yet, I have.

Demons aren't that scary.
They're just like you or me.

They long to be loved.
To be appreciated.

They want to feel valued.
They want to feel worthy.

At the end of the day.
Don't we all want that?

So put down your pitchforks.
Put down your torches.

Grab your closest demon.
And give them affection.
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