Too horny,
Not too funny,
But actually thorny.
Call one your bunny,
But run after money.
Perversion is yummy,
Only for the dummy.

My HP Poem #874
©Atul Kaushal
Wayne Nov 2017

I take a bite.
The taste, it's sweet.
The texture, it's crisp.
I take another bite.
The taste, it's grand.
The texture, it's great.
I take a third bite.
The taste, it's old.
The texture, it's the same.
I take one last bite.
The taste, it's gone.
The texture, it's nonexistent.
Why do I do this to myself?
I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Wellspring Sep 2017

Cake is one of the most confusing things in the world.

It can be complex or simple to make,
With a variety of different ingredients per cake.

The recipe can contain ten different steps,
Or ten hours of grueling prep.

It, more so, depends on the person baking,
Whether or not they're capable of taking
On the pressure that comes with making
A terribly delicious cake.

I had cake on the brain and believed it deserved a poem. Also, my other laptop died so now I have no way to work on my art major.
R Miller Jul 2017

I drink coffee like
I take
holy communion-
with eyes closed
in thankful

Poetic T May 2017

Her scent was ambrosia on his lips,
swimming within oceans
hearing the waters calling.

Waves gently lapped upon features.
As the ripples settled, he could taste
the essence of her, drowning in pleasure.

Genevieve Apr 2017

I wanna lick it,
Taste it just a tad longer!

I wanna put my lips upon its
succulent flavour.

I wanna save what I had before it dissolves and is gone forever,
To move it all around with my tongue is a delight every single passionate night.

Please don't let this end its just too damn good you know its true,
I knew when I saw it that it would be irresistible even to you!

I wanna lick it so much that my tongue is now raw with pain;
Dang the way that thing tastes is unimaginable in many ways!

I wanna put it in my mouth on it and swish it all around!
The Super Blow Pop Sour Apple is my Fetish from now 0n....
So juicy and plump & round that I am addicted to it I think!!

P.S. I still wanna lick it ! :)  it makes you pucker up
Lick your lips its the best blow
pop of any sucka so go get your own ya muthaFckr.
I Heart Blow_Popz

LoL just for fun......

I like your breasts
Taste so good
Finger lickin' baby
Like they should
I love mashin' your potatoes
I lay the gravy on thick
And I love my honey
On butter biscuits
I love those thighs
Hens so thick
I'm a Kentucky fried rooster
With lips
She said your going too fast!
Cole slaw
But I'm so sicc
I'll eat you raw
I like your breasts
Taste so good
Fingerlickin' baby
Like they should

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