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Steve Sagovac Jan 31
The horses and dancers, the acrobats too.
The ringmaster and all the beasts in the zoo.

At the end of the show, received huge adulation.
With thunderous cheers and a standing ovation.

But the funny men with baggy pants and large shoes
Got a different reaction, thrown fruit and loud boo’s.

Well their smiles turned to rage and confused irritation
As they stood there and suffered the crowds indignation.

They ripped off their noses and popped their balloons,
No more will with they play for these mindless buffoons.

So they piled into their car and it’s needless to say,
As they drove off, the clowns were quite angry that day
mythie Nov 2020
Round and round,
we go around,
on the carousel of love,
we'll never hit the ground.

Chasing a goal,
I know I'll never make.
Leading me 'round the nose,
but it's fine, I don't mind,
'cause it's you who's doing so.

Hey boy,
I'll be the jester,
entertain you,
just don't leave.

I don't care if you hate me,
just let me love you,
I'll beg on the ground for you,
just give me attention,
and you won't regret it.

But when I fall off the ride,
and bleed from my knee,
the hand that helps me,
why is it yours?
based off a ship very important to me.
ManxPoetryGuy Nov 2020
Life is a circus,
And the bigtop is nowhere
To be found.
Life’s kinda funny if you think about it
Kaliya Skye Nov 2020
you're so close you're blending
into the sheets i pull over us
to keep us warm like flames
are licking at our backs like
a dog might lick you out of joy

and it's lethargic,
often cathartic,
to rest these aching bones
i'm afraid to call you my lover;
you're afraid of getting old

and i hear music from a distant room;
we are not alone.

so lay here like a secret,
although you're not one of my own

my secret is you aren't one,
and everyone around
knows of how you move me
when the circus is in town

i'll paint my smile,
watch you fly above the chandelier
if i stop being a fool for you
will you come back out of fear?

fire, earth, wind, and sea
we travel to them all
you, my big top lover
and i, still feeling small

will paint on a brand new face
as you walk the thinnest line
you say we don't mean anything,
but you're running out of time.
Three Ring Lover.
Summer Nov 2020
Dancing masks & faceless crowd,
bowing to the purple pink clouds &
silvery tears of yesterday's vow;
leaping lions & flying elephants
drunken on the sweet mead
& bread rolls when —


dying embers
kindling, black birds cooing
a mournful tune & dark smoke grinning
with a mocking hat — all smiles gone, musing
where the fire rings & laughing clowns have disappeared into —
the carnival downtown or through the bedroom window?

No, no — it must not be
but my fevered dream in this wild, lonely summer night.
I have always wanted to write something about a carnival frenzy type of poem ;))
An ordinary clown
am I
until I step
into the circle
of light
and discover
I am more
than grease paint
and costume.
I am magic.
Logan Robertson Sep 2020
Under the big tent Sally's circus came alive
Cotton candy lady gave the first clown a vibe
She grabbed his hands, too sweet
Her marching bands in heat
One clown in the bush is worth two acts to arrive

Logan Robertson


Sally's bird in hand soared to the moon and back. Meanwhile a loud speaker overhead (?) continuously paged for cotton candy lady to return to her booth.
Simone Gabrielli Aug 2020
The gypsy hymns and railway trails
which you followed into the valley of your trials
Lady Luck brought you enough street child wisdom and thief given kindness
to turn the tracks around and the train whistle to wake me.
Desert saint of your weathered ways
with your thin wrists and moon gleaming lips
Hope to you was like a blinding sunrise, painful to acknowledge, yet sorely lacking without
Never could be without your Larkspur boquets and marigold wreaths
August heat heavy with the scent of cypress trees
Apollo of the dusty sea, flooded the cliffs with light like withering flames
born from boxcar visions and a desperate hunger for that windblown hallelujah we chased down the starlit trestles like missionaries. Summoned from our streetcar medallions, vagabond nymphs, rumbling through moth-eaten states and barren dusks, lazy moon gazing upon our dolorous times and wild days and all our rough and rowdy ways.
No need to heed the judgements of the stars.
With the arid land so wild and lonesome- we weave our own muse into the railway line- followed back to when you were my home, and the streets were the laurel crown of your vagrant fortune.
abs Aug 2020
you feel the strong desert wind
pushing and pulling and pushing and pulling
you feel the harsh sun's rays
shining and shining

then comes the raging storm
never dulling
incapable of lulling you to sleep

bright swirls dance before your eyes
you thought it was a joke when they
called you "the whole circus"
but now you know the truth

you feel the same chaos
of a circus in your brain-
swirling, twirling, crazy and never lazy-
the images fill your mind's dreams
not a meme lol sorry
Daniserena Jul 2020
Beautiful hair with a magician hat
every girl falls for him they're blind as a bat.
with his amazing smile and long sleeve striped shirts
when the doors are closed he really hurts.
he's really insane always drinks away from the pain.
He's actually crazy as a clown
But in the public, he'll never frown.
He loves the attention and the gifts the ladies send
but does he realize this will all end?
I tried to make him think and see with his eyes
but the things he keeps saying are a bunch of lies
oh sir magician let me help you
you're all I care about
that's so true...
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