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Jeremy Betts Mar 15
In this unholy battle,
We're acceptable collateral?
Why is this accepted?
It's not even ethical

Distract, create a spectacle
Like, oh I don't know,
A traveling circus
Call it a big tent revival

Keep your intellectual
To an abysmal level
View who believe you
To truly be the cesspool

From car to front door, time to mingle
A hive mind kicks in, single file
Resembling a slaughterhouse line
Cosplaying as unaware cattle

Only the needy need the label to be biblical
Instantly non consequential
Tell me, who's more feared,
A specific god or his devil?

Is it possible be honest though?
Any chance of pausing the show?
And collectively admit
The only truth is...we don't know

Zywa Nov 2023
The circus! Led by

the animal with the nose --

that can walk along.
Novel "Sexing the cherry" (1989, Jeanette Winterson), chapter 1

Collection "Specialities"
I was asked to explain what I mean by
"Dead Inside"
Typically I pawn off a joking motion
waving my marionette arms
to hide the rabbit in the hat
I adequately nick-named misery
because it keeps me company.
But if you sawed me in half
I'm quite certain all you will find
inside is a silhouette of  man
dancing around in a light box
doing the same fruitless jig over and over.
A couple of loose strands
and a few holes in the images
but the end is the beginning
and I am putting on a show for you all now.
The curtain is  my mouth
strung so tight you'd think it was a smile
And the words I say spin round and round
not a genuine frown in sight.
The light may be on inside
but the picture never seems to change
day after day,
collect the pieces off the floor
get up,
fall in love,
trip over the same type of girl
have my heart shatter into pieces
fall back down on the side of the road
remember how uselessly alone I am;
rinse and repeat.
This is paper thin love
and see through expectations that will not fail.
And it doesn't matter which way you spin it.
Its A tragically bad silent comedy
that doesn't need a narrator to explain
Just how miserable the person inside really is.
My heart is just a silhouette of a man
and if you think you can put some tangibility
behind it and not have it shatter into 1000 pieces.
Congrats you too have joined the circus.
and spin round and round in my light box.
Glenn Currier May 2022
There’s a concert in my back yard
solos and duets all day
a circus with acrobatics
clowns painted with reds, blues and browns
just feet from my perch
here as I peck on the  keys
the stars fly in
then flit away with ease
as if to tell me:
you can’t hold me long
with your seeds and your eyes
we are free to dive the skies.
With gratitude to John Wiley and his poem, “Kookaburra” -  - the inspiration for this poem.
Ryan Seth Cole Mar 2022
A massive weight shifts between my shoulders. It’s another fight, I am getting older. One more step, I grow bolder. See me out there, on that thin wire. Juggling my life at the same time trying to aspire. The pain didn’t set me back; it lit in me a fire. Your words sharp like a blade and my heart for hire. Elusive to the noise, I climb higher.
I’m eviserating the catacombs of an empire.
I am not trying to scale the ladder. I’m tearing it down to the mire. I am not dousing the flame, I am feeding the fire.

If we are walk this way, we need to dress the correct attire.

Clearly there is an internal fight, a struggle for power. I am not built to last, I eventually get tired. But the problems that disappeared just reappear taking on another form.
I do my best to keep my balance and keep walking this thin wire.

There is a silence in the noise of a mob
I can feel my heart. The story has to end or at least on my part. Will I hit the net below to sweet depart?

Or Shall I just keep juggling as I walk? It doesn’t matter if they think I am a fool; just as long as I do my part.
Life is a circus, living it is an art.

Sleep brings relief and the hope of a new day.
Steve Sagovac Jan 2021
The horses and dancers, the acrobats too.
The ringmaster and all the beasts in the zoo.

At the end of the show, received huge adulation.
With thunderous cheers and a standing ovation.

But the funny men with baggy pants and large shoes
Got a different reaction, thrown fruit and loud boo’s.

Well their smiles turned to rage and confused irritation
As they stood there and suffered the crowds indignation.

They ripped off their noses and popped their balloons,
No more will with they play for these mindless buffoons.

So they piled into their car and it’s needless to say,
As they drove off, the clowns were quite angry that day
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I sat alone late one night in the green grass High looking at my battered hands thinking about the washing tides.
How could it be

How could it be that this scene, was set adrift up in my dreams. As I search for the end,  nowhere to be seen.
I fall apart.

I fell apart right from the start, I took too long to come along. eyes couldn't see her in my dreams. I fall apart.
Is it me?

Is it me that I seen, I thought I saw her in my mind, standing in the doorway caught between the passing time.
Let me be.

Let me be so insane, hold me to the sky and let me rain. I've run the course I am free let me be.
Eat the key.

Eat the key, come be free  . Say goodbye to reality. Just make the trip, not too quick to see the trees.
Hold me down

Hold me down, I'm coming round, you make me smile when you're not around. You are my queen, I've got the crown. so hold me down.
mythie Nov 2020
Round and round,
we go around,
on the carousel of love,
we'll never hit the ground.

Chasing a goal,
I know I'll never make.
Leading me 'round the nose,
but it's fine, I don't mind,
'cause it's you who's doing so.

Hey boy,
I'll be the jester,
entertain you,
just don't leave.

I don't care if you hate me,
just let me love you,
I'll beg on the ground for you,
just give me attention,
and you won't regret it.

But when I fall off the ride,
and bleed from my knee,
the hand that helps me,
why is it yours?
based off a ship very important to me.
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