JAC Jul 2017

Then one day I'll meet someone
Who grins at the ground
And knits their eyebrows the way you did
When you didn't know what to do.
I'll be thrown forcefully back
To when you tossed me lightly
With the sweetest of intentions
And the warmest of smiles.
I'll smile sweetly,
Warm my intent
And stay the hell away from them.

Leila Valencia May 2016

Some days I feel like I'm the only one sitting on land mines of havoc and malarkey in hazardous debris
These bones, This body
Can't hold the weight of the weary world
My mind thinks otherwise

You see the smut upon my face, disdain you say
My flow of emotions, rolling, unsettling I hold an exterior of persistence

Climbing the highest mountain
Pulling, pushing, holding, (my inner guides lead me)
Tenacious, determined, forceful, unshakable (my hardy heart wont deter me)
One day you will see my silhouette from the mountain top - Just wait my dear

Capricorn Sun Sign
Leila Valencia May 2016

Passionate Prince sitting on a deluxue throne
Shhh.... The rumble of impact comes with exhilerance
Patience will come with practice....
Painting the skies in permanent flames as you tread new horizons
Sticking in your fist in the earth first
Pioneering in motion - your stick is first to rightfully land

You're the child-like star
Shooting forcefully -Disturbing the noise
Your name rumbles in the sky

Standing in your prescence you gleam in the luminescent spotlight
Breathing in power essences that equal of a forest fire

PaperclipPoems Jan 2016

I know you're strong.
A force to be embraced and not confined.
I can't grasp you,
You're too powerful.
But I can lay here with you and enjoy your fury.
I can wait for you to move me...

You are a hurricane
I feel your force and I know that you can cause damage.
I do not question your abilities, but I push your boundaries.
I want to hear you crash on my shore and pour down upon me.
Break me.
Don't hold back.
Show me what your made of.

— The End —