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i slammed on the brake
a second too late
and i crashed head first
the infidelity i regret
You either learn from your mistakes
or become better at making them.
Atoosa Oct 11
Mistakes are the path
Flagstones of experience
Moving forward NOW
Never regret, but squeeze all the learning you can out of the happenings of life. You made the best decision you could. I came, I saw, I may not have conquered but I learned.
eli Sep 14
getting yelled at by someone you love
the'yre shaking with anger
angry by what you have done

and you don't have the ability to care
cant find it in yourself to
understand that they're saying
cant see why they're upset

you know what you've done is stupid
but you don't care
Elicia Hurst Sep 14
A summer dress, perhaps
deserves a summerish redress.

In the witching hour, solitude's domain,
there is naught but
I, and the white-hot eclipse for my eye.

I have one hand beneath your neck,
and another behind your knees.
In these gloves, I will drown and resurrect
my fair dress, one-and-only Sunday Best,
sodium hypochlorite cocktail mess.
My alternative hydrotherapy
is a remedy from my enemy.

You traffic through this well of hell in ease.
A fire drunken on the Lethe.
Deliquesce in clinical scents.

Your skin thrives on the purge,
but mine cannot survive.
Jul 2020
Alicia Moore Aug 24
I feel your presence shift past me.

To you, I am simply a memory.
A memory that has been tarnished throughout time.
An enemy perhaps.

To me, you are a ghost.
Stuck in time, without the knowledge of this collective reality.
Stuck in a cycle of decline and reassign.

You stand in limbo, observing your own mistakes.
But in your created reality, there are no such mistakes...

A ghost broken down by their choice of travel,
But blames the damage on the road itself.

You can only twist a story so far before the pages tear and split.
Black Aug 23
Sometimes loving some people is a mistake
Trusting them is a mistake
Learning to live with there wrong Is a mistake...
The painful part is it's a cycle it something don't stop ..
It bring pain that never ends...
The pain in my heart never stops ...for I made the biggest mistake loving a fool
Elana Galen Aug 15
Your eyes are too bright to be
crying every night

Your smile is too sweet to be
turned upside down after a fight

Your mind is too smart to be
putting up with his lies

Your laugh is too charming to be
rained down by dark skies

Your worth is not defined by every
mistake you make

Your feelings will always be valid
whatever anyone may say

You are far stronger than what your
mind claims you to be

You are a secret garden with an
undeniable beauty
Don't stay in a situation where you aren't being treated according to your worth, learn to let go and let yourself bloom :)
Isabella Aug 14
They told me to pick up the knife
That with it I’d be able to break the chains keeping me to the ground
And cut the rope holding my throat to the ceiling
So I wrapped my fingers around the cold metal
Only to feel a sharp sting as hot fire poured from my palm onto the concrete floor
But I didn’t let go
Even though I had grabbed hold
Ever so tightly
Of the wrong end
scars heal until i cut myself again
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