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Often In a relationship, you're so used that person being there you don't think of a time when they won't be so you live your life as If there will be always tomorrow

What hurts the most since Helen been gone Is that attitude of always being a tomorrow am a bit tired today we'll make love tomorrow darling but of cause now she's no longer here

Why did I deny her I was totally unaware that  
Helens was dying and her tomorrows were closing fast but I was thinking there's always be tomorrow

And If It was true that Helen knew her days where  numbered I wrongly denied her she only wanted to make the most of remaining days

And I wish now I'd made love to her every minute
of every day that was a possibility but now she gone and Its far to late to
make amends

There must have been times I'd been so Incredibly selfish because
I loved my girl more than anything else In this world and now this poem has bought me back to where I began

That of we always think there will be tomorrow
but my friends don't make the same mistake I did for there may not be a tomorrow as there wasn't for me
I might have been Incredibly selfish without realising can't thought there always be a tomorrow but there wasnt
Stinging is this feeling
Deep within my heart
The scabs they keep on peeling
My deeds, I've played my part.

Yet it was the end
When you said no more
Without hitting send
My heart, hurt to core.

Every now and then
When I reflect on the past
I look at my greatest sin
The first and the last.

I can't imagine what I put you through
I wish only that it all wasn't true
I miss all the love and the fun
For I'm truly sorry for all that I've done
Em 6d
if you get to know me
you'll regret it
just a little something I've been thinking about
Emily 7d
how many times can i fall for the same soul
over and over, always in new bodies,
but the same nonetheless
she lost her sleep,
over someone who was just a nightmare,
she had always been ,
too much for men like him to hold,
she was the queen of hearts,
and he was just a joker,
dressed like her king...........
all the girls out there who have been ditched and lied to, honey get up, it wasn't your fault that he wasn't sincere, your only mistake was letting him.......
VKBoy Feb 3
If you're in poorness, you're not alone
If you're in pain, you're not alone
If you're in a long chase, you're not alone
If you've wasted years of life, you're not alone
If your future is in doubt, you're not alone
If nobody helps you, you're not alone
If nothing seems to work, you're not alone
If the world seems to be crushing you, you're not alone
If you feel like a broken thing, you're not alone
If you're at your limit, you're not alone
If you wish to sleep forever, you're not alone
If you don't want to be alone, you're not alone
When you commit mistakes, you're not alone
When you can't find peace, you're not alone
When you're walking a lonely road, you're not alone
When you're in your own head, you're not alone
When you're smiling alone, you're not alone
When you're alone, you're not alone.
Author of this poem: Stussy, a character from my novel 'Shambala Sect'.
Delaney Feb 1
I’m sorry I never had the courage
or the right words to say.
I’m sorry i waited for you
when my tongue was at the ready
my fingers were laced with anticipation but i let them fall dead.
I’m sorry i rejected you for I
felt rejected myself.
I’m sorry i let your heart fall on the floor, but in my defense I didn’t know what to catch.
I’m not quite so good at this,
I’m sure you can see that.
We were in a weird situation,
you know?
And even after all this time,
my heart still beats fast at
the thought of you.
Do you still think of me?
Hope i still walk through that door?
Probably not...
It’s all too complicated now.
I’m sorry I want to see you again.

-how I wish you pursued me when you had the chance
Deanna Jan 30
I made mistakes i cant fix
But doesnt everyone?
Mariana Berg Jan 29
Who do you think you are
Accusing me of of things I could never do
Up until now I was ok with what you said
But when you say I stalking
When all I did was laugh

I could never do that
I know what's it's like
To have eyes watching every step you take
Every moment being monitored
All they do is watch
Studying every movement you make
Every emotion you have
Feeling like you can't escape
From that day on I made a vow
To never make anyone uncomfortable

So who am I

I leave the decision up to you
will ever talk to me again
Or just whisper to your friends
About how I'm doing just fine without you

And maybe just maybe
You'll be able to say something to me
But until that day comes
This is my goodbye
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