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Zack Ripley Jun 19
Which is the mistake: to give or to take?
To close my eyes or stay awake?
Do you hide from yourself in the light
Or hide from people who hurt you in the dark?
Do you leave it behind
or try to reignite an old spark?
Do you surrender yourself in honor of your faith
Or do you believe in yourself enough to create your own fate?
The truth is, it doesn't matter how you answer because none of these options are mistakes.
They're choices. And, regardless of the outcome, it's not a mistake to make a choice.
Broken Pieces Apr 14
Is that what I am
A simple mistake
Taking up space

Is that what you see
But little old me

Can I be something
Or am I stuck
Forced to be nothing
Nicx Feb 11
Words fail me
I don't know what I feel
I want to fade to nothing
And let the silence consume me
So many perspectives
I don't know which is true
Maybe all of them are
But then what?
They tell me I'm good
While my guilt swallows me whole
Rule one is do no harm
And I've shattered that
They say it's being a human
And I guess that's true
But if I can do anything to help
Then I'd like to
Where is that fine line
Between values and pain?
I don't owe it to them
But I feel like I do
If getting burned makes it better
At what point do I quit?
Do I hand over the matches?
Soak my soul in gasoline?
Pain for pain seems so fair
I made mistakes and I have to own them
But does letting myself burn
Really help anyone?
Leah Carr Feb 3
You were my rock and stronghold
I was your vessel of pain
You were my light and reason
I was your mistake
dylan Jan 6
We got back together
and as we kissed
all i could taste on your lips
was regret
Snipes Oct 2021
I’m a valentine’s mistake
That’s a tough break
Alicia Moore Oct 2021
You, the charmer and I, the snake.
I am easily played into submission.
But it will eventually become your mistake.
mark soltero Sep 2021
goal oriented affections mean nothing

do i have a problem he asked
ungripped from the idea of desire
slight misunderstandings amongst those present
watch it all unfold

beneficial mistakes led to destiny
beautiful positions fill the space between
pure vanity overtakes love not meant to be

affections without true purpose
lungs spilling the life you have
on the brink of death
all for the misuse of her humility

simply to be with the girl of your dreams
broken hearts between brought you to me he realized
the lives he's taken before was worth it
fee Sep 2021
the breeze was too cold
and the sun was too warm
she was a wave of apologize
like a mistake in need of correction
forced to guess every gaze
like a guessing game
the sense is growing
like a weight she couldn't carry
unbearable to bear
too strong to avoid
she couldn't breathe
she did not dare
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