i feel like a fucking mistake
like a glitch in this fucked-up system
an error that wasn't meant to exist

it’s like everything i touch turns to shit,
my mistakes are all i can create
it’s the tragic design of my fate

& most of the time i don't wanna be here
                                  on this planet anymore
                                  anyway, who cares if i stay?

Deemz 7d

your hands were on my shoulders
just a little bit above
where my heart was overwhelmingly beating,

I made a little prayer,
that I'd stay scared,
because your embrace felt like home,
and I guess you could say
I was too scared to leave my new warm home.

Your fingers fell on my hand,
a mistake,
I thought, I now love mistakes.

The closer and closer we got,
the more distances I wanted to
travel to get to you.

I swear
if this isn't meant to be,
I promise it wouldn't be much of a surprise,
I swear it would be just
another day,
another person,
another feeling
that doesn't want to stay,

some reasons,
I'll just never know.

owlonly Jan 12

There's some mistake
I already fallin
And you,
Don't care
How sucks isn't?

Finally, i'm back :)
Its 2018, be great
lostboy Jan 11

Establish various fates
To breathe out weight
From the chest.
Towers of time stand tall,
It shares its bearing with deep skies
So let your kingdom fall.

My wife will yell
If her puzzle is not complete;
Wake up.
Excuse your children
As all make a way through life
Leaving behind burnt food crumbs
Of mistakes and revolutions.

dont try, do.
thomas Jan 11

i'm supposed to be
this person who knows
what happens near me,
and where everyone goes;

an all-around sensitive,
know-it-all guy,
his reactions superlative,
who's never told a lie.

but each word that i write
(which perhaps seem conniving)
of those dark, stormy nights
hold a wry underlining.

i mistakenly scrawl
words reeking of rose
on the problem overall;
i won't ever know.

write better ya dunce
Mims Jan 8

Gut wrenching
Acid spilling
Sucker punching
Brain fucking

What do you do
When you make a mistake like that?

you make it over, and over again

'Cause if you've already hit rock bottom,
There's no where else to go my friend

I forgot to latch
the door closed when I realized
you were actually gone for good,
only to let all the demons inside.
I should’ve known better-
it wasn’t my first time making that mistake.

Samantha Dec 2017

Anyone here have
Any quesions about the
Latest announcement?

We may be getting
Our first doggo tomorrow
and I'm excited

Each fan role gives you
Access to a special chat
Related to them

So I learned that there's
A website that lets you make
Your own fonts for free

She kept slapping and
Throwing things at me so I
Kissed her and she stopped.

Ahh... yeah. Kind of the
Reason why I thought you were
Older honestly.

Cats walk by putting
Both right feet forward and then
Both left feet forward.

I was unaware
I was being annoying,
My apologies.

But then again, in
That case you can use your socks
To kinda itch them.

A collection of accidental haikus I found. Some were mine, others were said by other people.
Ashley C Dec 2017

Fancy this write, would you not?
For it is something I thought everyone enjoyed
I guess you think it's a naught
does it look destroyed?
I thought it looked very nice
I guess you see it differently
Maybe i can give it some spice
Or if you only read intently
I'm slowly not liking it myself
I can see my mistake
Is that what you saw yourself?
This writing was such an ache
Oh well
Mistakes are learned from.

Jey Blu Dec 2017

This is it.
The last step.
The final action.
This is all I have to do.
Before I feel the sweet release
Of death.
Is that what they call it?
Maybe that's it.
Letting go.
But it's so hard.
Stepping off.
There's no turning back now.
Closing my eyes.
I've made my decision.
Taking a breath.
I feel the wind rushing past me.
Heart racing.
I plummet towards the ground.
No, wait.
I can't stop this.
It's permanent.
I wish I hadn't.
They'll miss you.
I didn't say goodbye.
It's a shock as you hit the ground.
I can't feel anything.
There's blood everywhere.
I hear screaming.
Your body shouldn't be at that angle.
I can't undo this, can I?
The sirens are getting louder.
I see my mom. She's crying.
They load you onto the stretcher.
Wait, I'm still here! Mom! Can't you hear me?
Your voice is gone, and so are you.
I see a bright darkness.
Walk towards it.
It consumes me.
Time of death: 9:34 a.m.

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