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Migel Jun 3
Intent to fill your heart with all of me
Not knowing i'm the thorns of the rose not the petals

Intent to fill your heart with love
But only made you bleed and be left with scars.
Too much a heart can take
Migel Jun 3
For so much the eyes can see
Naked is bestowed only for the body
Not so well known but being naked is also bestowed from deep with in
No secrets to hide
No intentions that are not shown
And open feelings

As two souls unite, two must require to be naked
As two souls unite, no unknown feelings or thoughts should hide
As two worlds collide unity is only to provide

Insecurities must be stripped away
Only a touch of your trust is required

Worries be removed so is doubt
A touch of your assurance is required

Past be removed and accepted
A touch of your settlement

Clothes resemble the feelings we hold
For two souls unite no clothes be worn
And the two worlds provide what is required for them to unite.
You should be open to you significant other, such things you hide and your lies, add up and end up to failure. Hold them close be stripped of the clothes you wear and settle down.
StormriderIX Apr 21
Idle days thinking...

All the time we
Make mistakes.

Time heals us.
Is it true?
Roses have thorns.
Evidentially the same applies to time.
Doesn't it?
I'm tired.
Beckie Davies Apr 19
you will never respect me
you do not know how to
i threw respect out the window
along with my dignity
along with my decency
the night that i left my prince charming
to spend a night
being the ***** in the wolf's den
you will never respect me
so i cannot respect you
you were never more than a monumental mistake
you were never my friend
you were never my friend
Alina Apr 15
I wish I was a character in a book, all the time in the world to say the perfect thing, never stumbling over the right words or misinterpreting thoughts portraying a much more bitter taste than I imagined. In books, I can delete spoken words, alter past conversations, toying with an exchange so I always have what I want slide right off the tongue but much to my eternal dismay I am not in a book, I cannot simply backspace the wrong words, they are stained into the fabric of reality.
Zack Ripley Apr 15
Don't worry about where
you'll go in life
or how much you do.
You don't need that much pressure.
You're barely 22!
But if you are, it's okay.
Because I know you'll go far.
The key is to go with the flow
for as long as you can.
But some day you'll fall.
In more ways than one.
But you'll always get up
Because there's more work to be done.
But just because there's more work
Doesn't mean there has to be any less fun.
Sometimes, though, it may be hard to find.
Some days, all you'll want to do is run.
You won't care where.
You'll just want to go away.
But away is a scary place.
A place with no rules.
Of course, that's why some people stay.
Whatever you decide,
it's your decision to make.
And don't be embarrassed
when you make a mistake.
Because you don't know what you don't know.
And at first, you won't know a lot.
But you'll get there.
At least, I think you have a good shot. 😉
Inspired by Dr. Seuss' oh! The places you'll go
Sabika H Apr 12
Is there a feeling worse than regret?
Knowing you’ve done something against yourself and only you are to blame?
What’s more poisonous than being able to live and relive the events of the past?
Than being able to see the rippling effects your actions have?
I cannot imagine anything worse
Than to be stuck in my own body
Than to experience myself so intensely
Knowing what I did
Knowing who I hurt.
I cannot imagine anything more frustrating
Than making mistakes and then knowing
How I could have done better and
Realising the limits of my own cognition
And the stupidity of my own ego.

I ask myself why
But the question only drives me mad.
I spit at my own reflection and
Cower into a corner and long for
A few seconds of non-existence.
I am ugly,
Ugly in the soul,
Ugly in the bone,
And no
These mistakes are not normal.
How can I be my own victim and perpetrator so easily?
And then wake up with dread that I’m not necessarily safe for myself?
I am stuck.
I did know better
But I didn’t do any better,
So what the actual f*ck?!

Those who
never made
mistake haven't had
anythang learnt in life.
Nor gather
any experience.
uncovers enormous mystery on the road to glory & Inside the belly of mistake hides the corrective tools for success. Right every wrongs.
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