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It's ok to make a

It's a
not to try.

The trail of destruction,
The silence of screams,
All of humanity,
Forgotten to dreams.

The silence of life,
That has become no more,
Haunts only the rocks,
And the broken sea floor.

The storms that once ravished,
Humanity’s home,
Now carry fire,
Melting even their stone.

The ground is all scarred,
Where the meadows once grew,
Just a crack in the surface,
Where rivers once drew.

Night and day,
No longer opposed,
The contrast of weather,
No longer imposed.

The passing of time,
Is no longer consistent,
The bonds of its measure,
No longer resistant.

The world is all quiet,
There is nothing to hear it,
Existence is lost,
While nothing can live it.

So the pain has all gone,
The tears have dried,
Humanity lived wrong,
Now the planet has died
I’m just starting out and feedback is welcomed
Each time I shave my face,
I scrutinize with my eyes,
To look for my mistakes,
But my eyes, they fraternize,
With the enemy on my chin,
And so, too late,
When on a date,
I feel them with my fingers
Sarah Sep 23
I don't believe in mistakes
even as I watched you walk away
through a flood of tears
but if I did
you were my favorite
All you do is bring me down
Bring me down.
Am I not good enough?

You make the same mistake too
What did I do?
Nobody's perfect, but you.

Take a good look in the mirror
So what do you see...

I'm losing my mind
Why can't you leave me alone?
You're haunting me.

Now that you're gone
I'm free.
Are you happy now?
Anna Sep 14
The lights flashed
In the dreary hallway
Through the keyhole, he watched her run
His hands were red as his eyes
The room maid heard everything
From shots to running steps
Oh, Annabeth
What did he do with you
She was caught in a nightmare
And for that there was no escape
Bunny trap in hotel bed sheets
We all heard he screaming to hell
He wanted her back
But he made a colossal mistake
She didn't reach the hotel front door
Oh, Annabeth.
I wish I had known who was standing in front of me,
Before I had to watch him leave

I wish I could have gone a bit deeper, trust his intentions,
But when I’m scared all I listen to is my apprehension

I wish I was brave enough to give us a shot
and if you chose to let me go
i know it was just my fault.

And so it goes
Bracing myself for the worst,
going out of my way not to get hurt
Building enormous walls
and then beating myself up for it all

My only hope is that you know
You deserve all the love
I was reluctant to give you

Maybe someday, when we find our hearts to be relieved
from all the things that are troubling them
We can start all over again
far away from this pain

This was my miscalculation. I make many, nothing new.

I hope it’s not too late to make it up to you.
orchid Aug 21
Have you ever had one of those silly moments?

I have.
I think back on those moments.
Think think think think think
Until my thoughts cloud my head.
Until my thoughts are the clouds.
Covering the sky.
How could I have messed up
So, so much?
If only I had done this,
Or if only I had done that.
Ah, how my actions always lead to regrets.
For days and days I try to forget...
But in the end,
My thoughts are clouds!
The clouds are moving,
And disappearing, into the night.
So... I think I'll be ok.

Haha! Silly me.
Em MacKenzie Aug 17
Told me to close my eyes and count to ten,
I counted down to one and then back up again.
It almost feels like it’s a crime
how blatantly I waste my time,
what does it matter? If it would shatter, it would still be mine.

Nightly I brush my hands against the dark sky,
I know it’s painted with splotched stars but not seen by the eye.
It’s creating ice cold fingers,
and a chill that lingers,
though bold, I was never a fan of cold.

It’s just that I’m trapped in another space,
my time and reality are lacking trace,
I’m right that I’m in the wrong place.
Or maybe we’ve just all been dead for years,
no one wants to add to their fears,
but the thought is turning gears.
It’s plausible, not impossible.

Told me to close my eyes and spin around,
counter and clockwise I whirled until I was on the ground.
I feel too old to play hide and seek,
strong night vision but perception’s weak,
I’m lacking balance, it’s never been in my talents, it’s looking bleak.

It’s just that I’m trapped in another space,
unable to alter my choices in this case,
the isolation and void I just can’t face.
Or maybe I’m just separated from the galaxy,
outcasted from the place I’m meant to be,
stuck in the shoes of an alternate reality Emily.
Growing more deranged, some things don’t change.
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