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We get a lot of apologies
For being kind and nice without consideration
Consideration for the aches and unprecedented pains
Our hearts falls apart and we cannot let go of sudden impossible  
Repetition of sweet memories turns sadness upon its recall
We keep begging our lots for a wrong cast.

Still when we claim strong,
We are pressed aside like a weightless wafer
Tossing within its shadows of hopeful belief
Pungent believe of fainted strength
We wonder at how slow time moves;
So our healing takes forever.

There is no snooze!
Bad, bad, bad, no good turn
Who in this world can understand the spring of these tears?
The body beside me has no clue of the burns
I’ll always be awake staring at the candle beside my curtain
Waiting for it to burn it off... And me, so we all burn!

No more life
No more price to pay love and its grave shackles
After all, the heart is burnt to dark shafts
And it holds no more memory, not even functioning.
Sided by the remaining time
Left for us to watch others burn in the same pains and aches.
* I don’t know what to write again
time , what time?
first, i asked

my neighbor at sit answered
the time passed

my wait annoyed
second, i asked

he answered with anger
i waited

third, i asked
he was annoyed

he answered
fourth, i asked
he shouted and answered
sixth, i asked

he threw his watch
he ordered," take

asked it much"
the patient has limits, do your look to get the good
✦      .   ·   ✦       ✵ .     *    
the silence of the moon
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ✦ ·      + .       .    ✵ · ⋆           . ✫ ✵           . .  ✷  * · · . ✵ .    ·
⋆   .
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ✦ ·      + .  is timeless
and I wish  ⋆   .
   ˚ .      ˚  ·      + .  
⋆   .
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ·      + .  for a minor second
✦   + .   *       .   ·          ✵ .      *     ⋆ .  . *
   ˚ .      .   ✦    ⋆   . *    ˚ .       ˚  ·      + .  
that I was more
  + .   *    .   .   ·   ✦       ✵ .      *     ⋆   . *    + .       .    ✵ · ⋆           . ✫ * · · . ✵ .    ·
⋆   . *
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  than a speck
of human dishonesty ⋆   .
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  
⋆   .
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  and instead+ *.   *    ✷   .   ·   ✦       ✵     *     ⋆   . *
a star
fallen from
the sky.
what are we
dust of the cosmos?
Jodie-Elaine Nov 25
The bumper
like bangs,
into the skin, breaks in a creased forehead.
Linen from insides
turns into
a toy.
Plasticated hot wheels.
Activated air bags,
prank flour explosions from the ledge of a door,
door handle swings,
funny how one day it looks like rain and the other
not just a gale,
a down pouring hurricane.
The end is here, baby
nothing left
...bombsite, breathes,
but flailing and pleading,
a hand.
Where's it's
limbs, breathes,
got to?
Bust its last change at high noon,
fingernails, shoes, chewed, dug into dusk.
Politics' lips slapping, struggle shaping, stuttering
W-w-why, Ma?
your best friend who tells lies to keep live,
watching, waiting
assembling dark matter 'cause our lives matter
Like the old man
who fell asleep at the wheel.
Dani Nov 19
We wait and watch
A digital wall or wrist-watch
The ticks and tocks
Of the never ending clocks
Continuing night to dawn
It goes on and on
Never does it consider our mood
It is a date or something we elude
A specific dot to take our stance
We sit, we wait, we do the time dance
It goes on and on
One day it’ll be all gone
Lily ale Nov 15
I’ve always been scared of thunderstorms
It might be the sound or the flashing lights of lighting that make my soul wanna leap out my throat —
But you love them,
So I wanted to see a thunderstorm through your eyes, I wanted to see what you loved,
So I opened my curtains and stopped blasting my headphones and I watched and listened —
The first time lighting stuck,
I slam my eyes closed
The first thunder,
My heartbeat almost drowns it out my thoughts
But I remembered you and kept going
I sat though a storm for you
And I almost didn’t hate it
CJ Nov 13
I kept quiet
Even though I love you
I stepped back
Watched you
And saw you smile...

I kept quiet
Even though he loved you
I sat away
As you got flirted on
And my heart slowly breaking...

I kept quiet
Even though he left you
I worried you
As you hurt yourself
And all I could do was watch...

I kept quiet
Even though you left him
I sat with you
As you smile again
But I know you are still hurting...
I blame myself for not ever having the courage to do something...
Basic Strain Nov 11
Ill play with you in the sand.
You never have to doubt
im always watching
Your sticky fingers wont freak me out

The older we grow, so grows our picking field of memories
Ill guide you if I can
I dont know whats going on either.

You're a kid and you trust me.
Thats a good enough reason to love a child.
So Ill be your friend man.
My little babino
toleomato Nov 4
The subtle turn of neck
Exposed skin, collarbone shown
Shoulder, slender, hand, in air
Slight smile, red lips
Dimples that crunch the corner of cheeks
Crossed legs; hairless
Soft ankle, gentle foot
The arching bridge
Of the sole
Timid fingers, curled
Ready to point
Ready to pluck

Company; friends
It is unfair.

I think I would understand
If it were outwardly cruel
But such heartaches speak
In quiet undulations,
Hard to catch inclinations,
A half-moment,
A heartbeat,
A second too late to take back
The things you did not say
When they asked about
The weather or your new shoes.

The shoulder shrug
The empty bus
The hands held
At a distance
Amidst crowds
For anyone to see
It was enough to make you think
Why be so honest
How can someone be so brash
Without saying a word.

It comes suddenly
After it’s easy to realize
They never looked
They did not listen
Or even read
It did not occur because
Value is relative,
It does not matter,
People are busy
Although you may write.
     >Insert Tragedy<
2. Lost
3. Found...   Depression
4. Froze
5.Watched the world
     >Insert miracle maker<
6. Found Happiness
7. Watched Life
     >Insert real problem<
8. Found Boldness
9. Solved Problem
10. Live
Special thanks to my miracle maker
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