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Anastasia Sep 27
listen to the sounds
the sound of my breath
the sound of my heart
the sound of my whispers
watch the world
as it slowly spins
the fireflies in the dark
the moon with her eyes closed
the shadows dancing
Juhlhaus Sep 24
Animated by twitch of muscle,
Electric spark through live wire,
Humming rail and synapse,
Wheels spin at the fingertips of maybe
An ineffable humorist,
The mastermind of this beautiful prank
Pocketwatch of silver and gold
That explodes in the hand
And leaves you stranded on the platform
The second you go to check the time.
But like upside down
I guess a
Stairwell to Hell
It'd be then

Have you
All read about The Eagles?
Watch me as I fall

Hear my echoes

booming down the halls

I slipped

I shook

I fake

A Smile

Then I break

Watch me as I rise

Up from the fall


With me

As we fly

From the view of prying eyes

As we answer to destiny’s call.

#Watch me#inspiring#poetry#kappler
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 28
Sitting -A-thinking
Rolling quick-A-winking
Life's touching!

Stand and move onward that's how LIFE goes - A-ROLLING!

Life's full of emotions- keep moving
Nova Jul 28
You gave me a watch
You said “check the time,
When we meet again
It’ll be different on mine.”

But I threw it down
And you hugged me tight
Yet I still didn’t want
To say goodbye.

The dust has settled
I know you’re gone
But still I stay strong
But still I go on.
Johnny walker Jul 23
There were times after Helen left for Heaven I really let myself go couldn't put my mind
anything other than
Curling up on my bed and going to sleep In hope of dreaming
her lost In a world that to me was no longer reality It was now my own private space
anyone else a world of my own I myself had become untouchable to rest of the world I had become almost Invisable
but In truth
happy this way because I can longer be hurt by the problems facing this world for I don't
or watch the news and In truth
dosent affect or bother me In the slightest If the world was due end
probably wouldn't even know for my sweethearts In Heaven and I'm stuck
here I don't think It will. bother me when It's my
turn to
A M Ryder Jul 15
I'd set the world ablaze
Just to watch the flames
Dance in her eyes
vern Jul 15
how could I be so blind
to the stolen glances you gave me
was there always such a loving intent
within your gaze
how was I so oblivious
to miss your eyes on me
writer's block has been so rough
here's something until my writer's block goes away
The life so short.
If watch for others live.
The own lives finish could be closer but never ever will enough. Because you live not own life. Because you live a life of others.
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