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Spriha Kant Apr 7
Self-love is a zone prohibiting the entrances of painful solitude state and inferiority complex.

© Spriha Kant
do you have moments where you can’t imagine a future?
you’re lying there staring at the
same walls
same ceilings
same words
with nothing but the same feelings-
empty and pale
like there’s no reason to go on
when you can’t even do enough to fail
the future is coming but you
can’t imagine yourself in it
where you just want to stop
and just sit there for a while
maybe not forever
as that’s too permanent,
but something close to it
when you feel like there's a rope
around your neck
Is it just depression or is it the loneliness
when you don't know but you know
you can't continue to feel this way © Jennifer Delong 11/7/18
Payton Feb 24
There is a reason water is clear, and blood is crimson,                                                                                                             for it would be far too painful to try and see the truth in your veins.
This isn't really a poem but rather a lovely thought. It was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
I will sleep with
       my eyes  o p e n .
I will breathe  u n d e r w a t e r .
I will drink my coffee  c o l d  if that is
what it takes to become less like  y o u .
The thought of being like you is so  p a i n f u l , I'd
rather  d r o w n .
Loving you is the most painful memory-I'd rather
p e e l  off my skin in the places you left your kisses. The places
you bit and licked and left your
l o v e .
Some say, "it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."
I cannot bring myself to agree with such words, because the pain of loosing you
was far too much to bear than the idea of never having known you.
Call me a ******* coward for running away from this pain,
but if I have to face it another day,
I would rather
d i e.
This poem was written in 2016.
SquidInk Feb 24
you told me it was over
i hear it loud and clear
but deleting our messages
broke my heart
taking down our pictures on my wall
hurt like hell
and giving back your stuff
was unimaginably painful
until i had no trace left of you but the memories
then i knew, it was over
Weeping for a sorrowful man
Is weeping for a wilted flower
No amount of water, sunlight, or even love
Will ever bring back its glow.

What you will never understand,
Are these achingly long hours
No amount of worry, care, or even love
Will take away the blow

Through the skull, because life became bland,
And I didn't hold enough power
To care for myself, nor the worry, or even the love
And in due time my true colors flowed.

For weeping for a broken man,
Is like weeping for a dying flower
No amount of water, sunlight, or even love
Will ever make it grow.
Lost my last friend. Life hurts so so much.
I’m sad, I’m numb
I’m lonely, I’m numb
I’m in pain, I’m numb
When you’re with me
I’m happy
When you’re with me
I’m loved
When you leave
I’m sad, lonely, in pain
I’m numb
Man Jan 7
dying is an interesting feeling
i suppose, up till now, ive never seriously considered it
the physical sensation
guess it's cause you never really know how you'll go
it just happens, and it happens
that's it
sometimes its really slow
or very painful
lucky ones go peacefully
and for them, it's all very tranquil
though who has luck
Selena Jan 3
There isnt any space left to hide
I see you have caught up with me again old friend
I thought I left you behind all those years ago
When I escaped the ruins of childhood
I see that you are a good detective
Always one step behind me
Always lurking in the shadows
Just waiting to confront me
But somehow I knew this day would come
Didn’t think it would be today though
Today was not the day I expected you
I have spent my entire life evading you
And now where else can I hide?
I doubt very much you would understand
And let me go this one last time?
I don’t suppose I could elude you in a bottle of *****
Or perhaps some fantastic day dream
Or even some other destructive pleasure?
I see your face changing, getting angrier
And feel your beckoning becoming more forceful
But I am not ready to confront you now
Please Mr. Past, be patient with me
Depart from me this once again
Today is just too soon
My heart is not ready to feel your sting
And my mind is too restless to think
Tomorrow I promise to deal
Give me another day to prepare myself
Please once more, let me hide
And you seek
Oftentimes intrusive thoughts come in moments we least expect. The worst ones are those of past hurts. Sometimes , just to avoid facing the painful memories, we hide in activities that may not be healthy.
Tony Tweedy Dec 2020
I remember how it felt and every dark and angry pain,
the feeling of tender soreness from every ache and throbbing sprain.

I remember ruptured internals and the fire of an appendix burst,
and the excruciating agony at every touch that was loudly cursed.

I remember the touch of many physical pains that left me feeling sore,
But nothing hurts so much as that last time you left my door.
Some wounds just refuse to heal and some pain never abates.
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