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Jeremy Betts Jun 17
This humble pie
Is more like a shiit sandwich on rye
With a side of sty
Now there's a plank firmly implanted in each pink eye
Life's painful, but I'm suppose to be too mocho to cry
No one knows how many times I've wanted to die
Or the number of times I gave it a good ol' college try
Who do you think I am... no really, who am I
I think I'm my own stories fall guy
Fall back on the lie
That I can fix it all with a slipknot neck tie
What's more influential? Good or evil
In my experience it's surely a tie
But between you and I
The devil has more pull that the "infallible" eye in the sky
Call 'em both out, see who stops by
Or even bothers to reply
My money's on the pitchfork guy

Sometimes angry with choices
Sometimes happy though you are gone
Sometimes painful to remember voices
Every word replays in mind like a song
Got my iPod stuck on replay
What is it about that visceral sting?
A slap laced in venom
Oh, how it rips the skin
tearing our scars clean
Opened to the air,
the wounded will scream

A sophisticated song
Rupturing a forgotten well.
What is it about that sting?

Painful cuts bleed masterpieces
Our art is within
The viscous call it out
The hurt pours the shroud
What is it about that visceral sting?
Why is pain so inspiring?
Jeremy Betts Apr 4
My own Personal Playground of Persistent Pandemonium
Pisssing People off Passionately,
Playing more than just a Part in their Problem
Picking Particular Pieces to Pack this Prolific Poem
Pulling off a Perfectly Perceived Premise
Until your Placement becomes your Permissive Prison
Poetic justice, I've got a Poetic license,
Permitting Primitive Primate like Procedures
Possible only because Perplexed Principles Prematurely, albeit Permanently, Pick Pungent Practices
Primarily Planning Precarious Peril, Priming Painful Predicaments
Publishing Print on Paper
Pent-up Paranoia Pushing Profane Prophecies
Probably Protruding Past Popular Perception
Preventing Pint sized Pea brains from Polluting People who Ponder their Planetary Purpose instead of Perfection
Parallel Planes Pairing Probable Permissive Propaganda
Providing Precision on Par with Polaroid Picture Panorama
This Pricey Psyche showing Persistence Prevails
But can't Press Pause
So Please hear my Plea,
Pretty Please,
Permit me the Power to Permanently Purge the Piercing Pain
To Ponder no longer the Placated Pointlessness of the Puzzle and Put away Pandora's box
To Promptly Procure my Place beyond Purgatory
As Promised

Jeremy Betts Mar 3
I can feel every eye roll
And all I did was pour out what was left of my soul
Looks like I might be the only one to see it from that angle
Like it's painful
I brush it off and project as being humble
Really I'm only diminishing what makes me emotional
It's just standard business as usual
A series of unfortunate events themed carousel
The victim blaming has become so casual
That I somehow become the spectacle
Put a screen between us and then I bet they'd care though
Convinced themselves I'm some kind of animal
Chomping at the bit, waiting to say "I told you so"
Waiting for said moment from the get go
Was it always the plan to poke at the volcano?
The saying only mentions a bear, though the volcano makes it more...what's the word...I don't know, disasterful...
That's not a word but that's what came to mind cause the mind isn't always rational
Whatever, anyway, on a long enough timeline you're bound to get burnt, we're all flammable
A majority of us are expendable
Not essential even if dependable
Reluctantly invited to the annual shiit show
The HUD flashes on arrival
But we've been lied to before, for example
Take a look at religion and the political
What's actual?
What's factual?
And what's just another game by Hasbro?
What are you looking at me for? I don't fuuckin' know
Try tying it to a white flag and running it up the flagpole

Qweyku Dec 2023
History is inherently
full of self-depreciation
studiously staging its ugliness.

It masks the truth of its beauty:

The painful present
birthing breath to the future.

© Qwey.ku 2023
hazem al jaber Dec 2023
Painful ...

It is really painful ...
to write words for someone ...
you want her ...
to read what hurts you ...
then ...
she ignores your writing ...
But the most painful ...
is ...
that someone who ...
doesn't know you ...
will read it ...
and will feels you ...
and will say ...
i got your feelings ...
and your words ...
hurt me ...
as well , as i felt within ...

i was writing ,,,
for her ...
and others ...
were reading ...
and my words became ...
a haven for those ...
who read it ...
and became the one ,,,
who i wrote for her ...
sees and don't realize ...
until ...
i killed all my words ...
inside ...

hazem al ...
yuyu Nov 2023
I fell in the past
while the agony embrace me tightly,
I wail silently, only for the echoes to come back to me,
As nothing fills in here,
Because everything is back to the present days

My heart is an anchor,
Attached to the past
Trapping my mind,
To replay the detestable dreams

I slipped away from the dark,
Only to bring me back in the past,
As I follow the path, it just slips back,
Because everything is back to the present days

Why am I left alone?
When did I realize that I am here alone
When we are supposed to climb out together

I kept on wandering,
If I should swallow the misery,
So I could send my heart to you

Why am I the only one trapped in the past
when the earth keeps on spinning,
Did the time stop or did I?
when you are the only one stucked with the past while everyone else has came back to the present days so you just sit there with all the pain
Mark Wanless May 2023
i heard a distant thunder
acknolgment of truth
it called me to make a wonder
from memories of youth

sat upon the stairs afraid
heard a painful cry
asking for assistance
i sat upon the stairs afraid
Savio Fonseca Dec 2022
It's painful, to write My Love Story.
I've to scratch and claw My Head.
Bite My Tongue and clench My Teeth.
Until the right Words I find in Bed.
My Words are written with sadness,
with the Stars listening to My Pain.
On Dark Night I hum a Lullaby,
in Harmony with the falling Rain.
I write to Heal, My wounded Heart.
The Moon helps Me with Her Glow.
Clouds remind Me to take some rest
and the Trees say, "Go a bit Slow".
I Write to escape from this World,
Day and Night I keep penning My Art.
I Write on HePo, to soothe My Soul
and Heal, My Broken Heart.
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