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mary liles May 18
my heart aches.
what could have been?
memories flood.
who would I be?
tears fall.
why did I go?
hiraeth: a homesickness for a home that you cannot return to; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past
You know the world is crazy
Is painful
Is cruel
When you hear
that a five year old's prayer to God
was to die.
she deserved better
Charu Sally May 12
“ I have never died so many ways as I have with love. “
Silverflame May 10
I'm afraid to be loved.
But that doesn't mean
I don't want to be loved.

I know I say mean things
about myself all the time,
but I do that to protect
myself from potential danger
and unnecessary heartache.

I'm only human,
or perhaps a bit too human.
I can't deal with too much hardship
because it will only make me
spawn an ocean of melancholy.

And I do not want people to see
me drown in my own weakness.
I simply can't allow it.

So I **** it up and carry on.
You might think my mindset
is brave and indeed
it is, to some degree.

But most of all it is painful.
It's so ******* painful.
But I'll get through it, I have to;
until I crash and burn.
Battling with the convictions twirling in my mind,
The deserted ambiance seemed to hear the echo of my thoughts,
Amidst the confrontations of endless conversations between us I sensed an unfamiliar touch,
I turned around while gathering my burden,
A small little kid standing  behind me approached my mind with his gazing eyes,
"Is love painful?", he asked,
My instinct told me to say yes,
But my mind swirled around at our delightful meetings,
Paused on our laughs and all the other memorable happenings,
Meeting his eyes with a warm look I knew my answer,
"No, it's a heaven to live in", I said.
We always dwell on the bad memories about any kind of relationship and suffer in the end, why not savour the moments which made you feel like the happiest person alive.
louissem Apr 28
Before you leave me,
could you tell me you love me
‘Coz I need it now
I’m inured to hidden love
Please assure my anxious heart
I picked up my pen,
I took my notebook and just then,
All my thoughts are gone..
At times you want to write down what you feel.But it never becomes easy when your mind is preoccupied with a thousand thoughts.
Norbert Tasev Apr 25
Thirty-one? Is it true he approached sooner than ever! Can you believe it? With many of your rigores, you put the armored glove on the ground with a tearful diopter, but always with a raised head, you gave up and accepted without giving up! What about you?! For so long, they have not been able to reach the earth's threads of wide-contour ethers! XXI. century does it exist?

There is no bargain or consensus in the world of Tomorrow: Otherwise, anyone will be tormented! Did you just have the honest, pretended, True word: "We'll look for each other after college!" - Your words of hope echo in my head even now! Heed ,,! ' - I was forced to close myself and preserve our shared memories shining with an unbroken halo beneath the surface:

On every major occasion, I gave it to you with good wishes forever - while you knew everything about when you could catch up on my journey - and I had long since fallen out of surprise at everyone! All I could know is the ordeals of many years of fate tell me, were they for Nothing ?!

And when you were terrified, you hoped in my defense as an animal begging for help; because you felt thick pain in your lower abdomen. When you were lying in a hospital operating room, tortured with torture death as a trophy tied between surgeons ’butcher-knives while only your Appendix was removed.

A leech worm swollen from the intestinal tract of your intestines - have I complained or resented once? Among the many worrying, puffy fries, I brought juice and chocolate biscuits out of benevolence just to smuggle your mischievous smile back to the brim of your broken mouth!

Why aren't you by my side now, as you once promised? At least, if your good fortune brings it, could you message? What kind of friendship bond breaks up, breaks up so quickly? And why do I insist on a chariot that we never pick up, instead of permanently erasing, forgetting?
I can't afford getting ignored
What I wish already drowned
I can't watch myself alone
I want as we were before
I can't see you losing your interest
It's better let's follow the truth
I can't even accept the reality
It will became painfully deadliest forever
Angela Rose Apr 17
I hope she knows I am sorry
I hope she knows I don't mean the nasty things I have said behind her back
I mean, I'm sure she's great, I mean, I'm sure she's a delight
I mean, I didn't want to have this happen
I am mean

I hope she knows things will get better for her
I hope she knows I don't want her to be alone forever, but this one should be mine
I mean, I'm sure her smile is nice, I mean, I'm sure she has lots of things going for her
I mean, I didn't know I would feel like this
I am mean

I hope she knows I cry at night knowing what I have done
I hope she knows I know I am the worst kind of woman for being this person
I mean, I'm sure her voice is kind, I mean, I'm sure she makes people's day all the time
I mean, I didn't mean to hurt a happy home
I am so mean
I am sorry for what I feel
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