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Empire Mar 2019
It used to be
That every day
Every waking second
Was full of pain
I was exhausted
And anxious

I got myself help
My brain was unbalanced
So they gave me medication
Every night before bed
I pop it into my mouth

It felt to finally be free
From the anxiety that crippled me
But after a while, it became normal
Still fine, but not so fun
I found I missed it
The pain

So now,
I do what I can
To embrace my sadness
To stimulate what it had numbed
Because I was used to being sick
And I remembered how good
That adrenaline could feel
Toxic and exciting
Softly Spoken Dec 2018
I’m biting my lip
Thinking about him
The height and his presence
The way my stature fits to his
The sinuous span of his arms
Wrapped around my length
But it’s more than that
It’s how we connect
Through his easy smile
Through smile lined eyes
Through his wit; like a knife
How he sparkles when wrapped
With a presence like mine
And in these arms I forget
Outside woes and regrets
Just present with breath
And how love
Leaves us divine
I’m on a roll.. but it’s a good one!
For the first time in a year the words come easy, and the flow is joyful

Ps love you j
Just Me Sep 2016
When I'm near you, my skin heats and sweats for you.

My heart flutters full of passion, and my thoughts are only for you and l.

My eyes crave yours, and outlines your shoulders, your neck, your every shadow, your art.

My art...

Your my art.

I can trace you with my lingering fingers, leading to places only for me.

Kissing your lips, licking them with my careful aggressive lust.

My lips are sweet, but my tongue will be in your every *******.

As our tongues dance I know this was my very dream last night.

You and I, like heat and delicious liquid memories.

It's physical passion and chemical romance.

You and I made to please only eachother.

To gently tease and vigorously please eachother.

This is what the best dreams are made of...

You and I dancing our sacred dance.

The dance that only great lovers can dance.

Till every ****** has stolen our very last movement.

Drained our liquid lust.

Till we lay in each others arms or spread out on the bed...

While our bodies scream pleasure and only our deep breaths remain among blended sweat and wet...

I think of this.

Of you.

Of us.

And my mind plays this distant song to my body and it radiates through me till only consuming you will heal me...

Fill me...

Feel me...

And I miss you now though in moments I'll upon you.

My self control does not exist.

Just you and l alone with our sounds and bodies bound and bent, layed out and sometimes whipped.


All of our needs will be met...
Written for him, and those who get or need to feel this passion.
Leila Valencia Aug 2016
A mind curious by step, ******* in streams of vitality
Grasping its journey..... Spirited by step  
Oh, curiousity, spirit - placed before caution....

Stuck between one or the other, unmixed?
Only a singly misstep and its curiousty's mistake without prior consideration- you tumbled.

Rolled down, the wind knocked out of you!
Heaving, anxiety of dying......

Every single curious idea was lost in faultful recklessness
Biking incident. Left me in the ER yesterday, pretty unpleasant day.
Leila Valencia Jun 2016
Insane some, wild some
Show some

Right then, they them
Palatable Showmen

High hold, glimmering gold
Unfaithful men of bold

Hypnotic beads of satin,
Women of exotic

Crippling scars at birth
Becomes this fellows  worth

Melodies of Nightmares

A mirror, a hole - of Human's participating role
Amused, by Truly our fears our utter disgust,
But under the tent one feeling robust

Hidden in intoxicating luster
Mildly prompting the feelings of pride, and a condescending guise

Under the Fabricated tent, there's a disgrace
We feel beauty, oh how I, the better man!

Only because it's not our face
Perri Apr 2016
please do not entice me
with an offer so grand
that you will regret
the moment that you present it
for I am weak
and the mere slight communication
makes my blood boil;
not inducing anger
but excitement
for our potential together
even though, we both know
your words are empty
and your offer
is all talk.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
-------------------Panginoon,,ano po kaya

---ngayong bagong umaga

-------kakaharapin kong tadhana

---------gitna po ba?kanan?o kaliwa?

ganun pa man,,susundan ko ang tamang daan
sa ESPESYAL na ARAW at sa buong maghapon
nais ko lang po ngayon MAGPASALAMAT !
sa INYO AMA,,,sa biyaya nyo pong AGIMAT.

nang dahil sa isang
ko ang isang kasabihan
walang mga paa na makakahakbang nang hindi muna  _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
my exceptional point of view for tomorrow
a poem of mine that would take away my sorrow
Louisa Coller Oct 2015
My whole body is shaking.
I looked at her stand stood up tall,
it was like a fabricated introduction I only saw in photographs.
Slowly I began to step-by-step approach,
I felt tears and happy feelings slowly consume my soul.
I was at the stand looking around when I saw her signing pages,
my hand shake left to right as I clenched the money in my palm.
Artwork from the top to floor held in my grip,
Inspirations and visions forever follow on through my memory.
mk May 2015
oh what a joy it is
to finally find someone
who can excite
your mind
your body
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