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Zell 4h
And right in that corner i cried aloud,
Where i knew no one could hear the sound.

The warmth of His embrace
Erased the wrath of those days.

It is He.
Him that i cannot see
Who calmed the storm in me.
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
These Christians started a fire
They threw gasoline on it

I tried stomping on this fire
I tried throwing water on it

But nothing seems to out it
Is what kind of fire is this

What fire is this
What fire when I throw water on it
It can't out
Eh eh is what kind of fire is this

The eternal fire
The *** sent fire, the christian fire they say

Eh eh is what kind of fire is that

This is the fire that burns in every Christian

The fire that replenish us
But you just have to ignite it

Eh eh what kind of fire is this

This ain't no black smoke bringing fire
But pure burning fire

This fire ain't gon' **** you
But it will revive you
You just have to access it

Eh eh this fire nice

I want this fire
I don't want to get burnt anymore
I ain't want no fire that will burn me
But the fire that will heal me
I sick of taking in black smoke

I want this Christian fire
I need this Christian fire
I desire this Christian fire
I got to get me some Christian fire

I done with the black smoke thing.
I did this poem in coloberation with the Guyana Fire Service for fire prevention week in Guyana. It's was dramatically done.
Sugar of the island;
Seclude thyself from
the fingers of the men of The World.
Birds of flight;
softened against the earth; hardened against the sky.
Avoid rest beneath
the head of the men of The World.
Fresh water of the brook;
Bubble, toil, and rush away from
The mouths of the men of The World.
Trees of the forest;
Stand tenacious before the frailty of them;
fortify the earth as it is gouged by the men of The World.
Mountains that challenge the heavens;
Hold thyself between them
the men, and The World.
Salt-water of the sea;
Run thyself down the gullet
of the men of The World.
Cattle of the fields;
Hold thy tongue and stomach;
do not ***** to the men of The World.
Fangs of the exiled hunters;
Bare thy teeth against them;
consume the meat of the men of The World.
Children of men;
Remain at play; thy memory will wither of
the men of The World.
Men of The World;
insolent; gluttonous.
Sit idle and fat;
thy follies shall decay beneath the history of The World.
How do I even start this text?
What words to use?
What should come next?
In my body, no longer vexed!

I can't remember this good feeling!
My mind is giddy!
My senses reeling!
I finally received a healing!
You best believe
I have been kneeling...
No devil brood to do more stealing!

I was ill. Terribly cursed.
I went to the doctor
Expecting the worst
His response was not rehearsed...
My kidney problem was reversed!

I had a problem on many points
Uric acid in my joints

I had a fog inside my brain
I felt tired, my body strained.
My whole system felt restrained.
My tears made my pillow stained.

Oh! But now I am so elated!
All the symptoms have abated!
Everything in us is related!
More progress anticipated!

I might even find a job!
There's Someone I wish to applaud
Don't find it strange.
Don't find it odd...

I give ALL the PRAISE TO ***!!!

Cathy Jarvis
My kidney function has reversed! I was nearly in kidney failure... But now I am healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ! I will be bold about talking about HIM. I owe him everything. The uric acid in my joints has gone down significantly, and the same had affected my brain. There are a lot of other changes, also. Thanks for reading! ♡♡♡
Alyssa Underwood Jul 2017
Rest in this, my bruised and weary soul:
I was a wretch, chosen to be a beauty;
a *****, chosen to be a bride;
an orphan, chosen to be an heir;
an enemy, chosen to be a friend.
I deserved nothing but wrath and death
yet received everything of life and grace.
I am loved beyond any dreaming of it
and blessed above all worldly wealth.
I have the incomparable birthright of those
whose Father is *** and whose Lord is Jesus Christ—
righteousness from Him and peace with Him.
I am a cherished gift from the Father to the Son.
I was paid for by the Son’s own blood
and am "engraved on the palms of His hands."
I am the living temple of ***’s Holy Spirit
Who empowers me to do His pleasure and bring Him glory.
I am the LORD's, chosen and set apart for His delight.

What more could I ask?
But that's only the beginning...

I will live as blessed as I believe myself to already be,
for "I have been blessed in the heavenly realms
with every spiritual blessing in Christ,"
"given everything I need for life and godliness"
through knowing Him and His precious promises,
"an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade—
kept [securely and eternally] in heaven" for me.
I've been "raised up and seated with Christ";
my "life is hidden with Him" in the Father,
and "He will fill me with joy in His presence,
with eternal pleasures at His right hand."

Oh, that "the eyes of my heart would be enlightened
with the spirit of wisdom and revelation"
to see what’s already been prepared and given to me
and to know much more fully the One Who has
so meticulously prepared and lavishly given it.
As I walk intimately with Him and rest confidently in Him
(based only on His merits, never my own),
I am given free access to my account
in His heavenly storehouse and enabled to appropriate
its glorious riches to every circumstance of my life,
even the most searingly painful and confoundingly difficult ones.

I have a spiritual Fort Knox available to me
through knowing Christ Jesus my Lord,
but He Himself is my greatest treasure.
Without Him, nothing else matters.
Nothing else has meaning if I am not found in Him,
clinging to Him and carried by Him.
When I finally become desperate for Him alone,
I begin to understand the profound reality
of all He desires for me and offers to me
in my spiritual inheritance in Him.

There are infinite presents to be unwrapped
in His presence which cannot be told
in human words or comprehended by mortal minds,
but they wait to be taken hold of by
any and all who would take hold of Him.

For He gives and gives and gives and gives,
and even when He takes, He gives.

Inspired by the Holy Bible
(quotes from NIV)

Ephesians 1:3-19; Romans 5:1-11; 2 Peter 1:3-4; 1 Peter 1:3-4;
Ephesians 2:3-6; Colossians 3:3; Psalm 16:11; Isaiah 49:16

It was my past
That held me back
From achieving eternal destiny

But when I looked back
Into the past
I see a heavenly assignment

That on my behalf
A price was paid
So that I may enter
The pearly gates

The streets of gold
The walls of diamond
The choir of heaven's
angels roar

It was that past
when I looked back
that I'm now able
to venture forward.
Seanathon Sep 23
The warmth and roundness of me.
Is only there due to the edges taken off by you.
Stones In A Riverbed - The Christian Life
Down on my knees
I look to the sky,
And I see your hand.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

In prison I was a prisoner,
But in your hands am your child.
In darkness I lived like a duck,
But in the light am in the right place.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

I thought I could walk on the floods of this world,
But I sunk thinking of happiness.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

Now I flout on the floods of this world for the breath of life is in me.
The rainbow keeps my heart at peace.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

Jesus Lord *** your graceful courage landed in me and made me of loyal blood.
The graceful courage runs my soul.
Sometimes all that is needed is grace from above nothing more or less would do.
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