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My skin settles with the evening skies
It dwells in the darkness of night
In the morning time, it awakes
Still in its beauty

-LaToya Martin
lilly grace May 12
When I tell you this story, remember it may change: god loves all (but not really).
Leviticus 18. Man shall not lie with man. “god hates that.” Leviticus, I don’t like you. You are the reason why people hate us. god makes no mistakes. he is the one who loves all. he who loves all (“unless you’re a ******”).

Unless you’re a ******. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. But apparently, we are the sticks. A bundle of sticks. The fuel to your hateful fire (the fire of your demise, not mine). Hate kills. We’ve all seen it happen. June 12, 2016 (only four years ago). Suddenly the pulse stopped beating.

Dad. All a kid wants is to make their dad proud. What about when dad isn’t proud of you? What if dad isn’t proud of you all because of something you can’t control? Can you hear me, Dad? I love you. Will you say it back? “The bible says it’s wrong.”

Coming out of the closet: a metaphor for LGBT people's self-disclosure of their ****** orientation or of their gender identity (Wikipedia). Hey Dad. Remember when I came out? I cried. Mom yelled at me while you stood there, stoically, with the look of a man who just lost his youngest child. You quietly told me you loved me no matter what because I will always be your daughter.  You haven’t said you love me since.

Do not use our love as an excuse for you to hate. Why are we the disgusting ones? Your attitude reflects in the eyes of the devil himself. I wish I could make them understand. The love I have for her, he has for him, she has for her. It’s no different than the love she feels for him and he feels for her. We are all the same. God loves us all. God created everyone exactly the way they should be. Love is the basis of this religion, yet you cherry-pick those who you believe are deserving of that love. You attempt to take on the role of a God that is not yours to assume. Only God can judge. God can judge. Can judge. Judge. You are not God. Are not God. Not God. God. I guess things really can get lost in translation.

“I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t agree with it. In the bible, it says it’s wrong, and I place my faith in the bible because it is the word of [G]od.” One could argue that’s not hateful. And to any other (“normal”) person, it probably appears fine. “It’s their religion. It’s their beliefs. Just respect it and move on.” But that doesn’t make it hurt any less. Can you hear us? Screaming from the pits of hell that you said we were destined to burn in?  It’s not the hell you’re thinking of, though. It’s hell on earth. A hell that you created for us through your twisted up version of this religion that’s supposedly based on “love”. One we have to live through every day. “I still love you, but I don’t agree with your choices.” That gets tiring to hear after a while, you know? Replaying on a loop in our heads, day after day, night after night. “I still love you but…” The unacceptance is exhausting our minds. It’s not a choice. Why do you think we’d choose this? Why would we choose to live a life where so many people hate us?

June of 2019. I went to Baton Rouge Pride. You drove me, dad. You drove me there and walked in with me. Granted, you didn’t know about me yet, but you went with me anyway. Once you saw that I was with my friends, you left. Mom said you went to get coffee. When I asked why you left, she simply offered that you “just aren’t comfortable with this type of thing”. You’re still not comfortable. Sorry about that.

Dear Leviticus. I still don’t like you. You are the reason why people call us *******. You are the reason why people call us *****. You are the reason people think we’re disgusting. You are the reason why people hate us. Man shall not lie with man. “god hates that.” (You are the reason why my dad no longer tells me he loves me.) Thanks god.
i wrote this for my english class at the beginning of this year. thought i'd share.
Solemn sweet pipes of de o'gan
   Heaven's music I've hyeahd play,
But I'll tell you somefin' truly
   Certain ez is Judgment Day:
Angels present at de service
   Ev'ry Sunday fo'd dey wings,
Fo'd dey wings an' listen quiet
   When Malindy sings.
Daivik Apr 28
तू राम हैं,रहीम भी
तू सर्वेंद्र हैं,जग-जुगान्तर का साक्षी।

विधिवत विविधता के वन का तू ही वनरक्षक हैं
लक्ष लक्ष्यों की पूर्ति में तू ही तो सहायक हैं।
अंधकार से प्रकाश तक पहुचने में तू ही सार्थी
दुष्बिचारों के दलदल का विनाशक भी तू ही।

भोला बाबा तू
बिन दोष हैं।

सर्वरक्षक तू
तू सर्वोबड़ी
तू ही तो अपार सुंदरी।

तेरी नीति चमत्कार हैं
तेरे सीख निराकार हैं
तेरी लीला अपरम्पार हैं
सत्य ही तू महान है ।

सरोवर एकांत का तू हैं
वृक्ष दान का तू
गंगा ज्ञान की तू हैं
पर्वत साधना की तू
राजा कुदरत का तू हैं।

न भूखा तू प्रेम का
न भोग का,न योग का
न श्रध्दा का,न भक्ति का
न रस का,न यश का।

तेरे नाम हज़ार
उनपर लिखे गीत लाख
परंतु एक तू
परे वाद के।

तू कौन हैं?
इस प्रश्न के कारण मरे कई
तेरा कोनसा रूप पाक हैं
इस पर लड़े गए युद्ध कई।

तू हैं परे संबंध के,परे आकार के
परे मोह के,परे धर्म के
परे रीति,परे इस विचित्र संस्कृति के
परे समय के,परे सृष्टि।

अनादि तू,अनंत हैं
तू रहा हैं सदैव के लिए
परिवर्तन के परे परे।

तू मन की रचना हैं,तू स्वयंभू
अस्तित्व मैं तू कुच्छ नही,आस्था में सब कुच्छ हैं तू।

तेरा अर्थ क्या
किसे पता
जानना असंभव है ।

तू आशा हैं,
विश्वास हैं।
My first hindi poem I wrote 5 years ago.I am an atheist lol.
Abbyss Apr 28
Oh my Lord please give me strength
To keep my faith until the end
To not succumb to the darkness around
To find hope in you when it seems my joy can not be found

Oh my Lord please keep me strong
Till that blissful day that this world is gone
To fight the devil and overcome temptation
For all I want is to be a part of your holy nation

This time is rough and it's been foretold, many will indeed give up
I pray I won't be one of them, so give me wisdom to avoid the hell
Of being she who from the faith fell...
Betrayal being Satan's favorite game,
He lures with promises of ill-gained fame.
His minions rise in rank (and further fall),
Each thinking that they're favored above all.
But Satan rather most delights to roast
Those servant-fools who do for him the most.
Tom Atkins Apr 12
The thing is, the lesson is, I survived.
Never mind the rust or the abandonment
or the sabotage or the self sabotage,
or the wandering in the wilderness,
bars and hitchhiking in the night,
the wrong turns and the right turns unrecognized,
or the helpers and healers, the jacklegs,
quacks, shamen and priests.
Never mind the things that came undone,
and the constant rearranging of fate
or God’s insistence in letting me stew
in my own juices. Never mind
the arrows or thorns or innocent bystanders
content to watch me bleed, those who
see me as entertainment or suspect.
Never mind the constant need for maintenance,
the broken parts, the ones I could fix
and the ones I could not,
the depression, the fear, the fight,
the checkered past, a perfect target
for any who care to shoot.
Never mind all of it. The parts that recovered
and the parts that never will.
The blood shed! So much of it.
So many tears. So much lostness,
darkness and fire. The wars. The surety
that you were never made for the world you live in,
the anger
I felt, uncomfortable with it every time it rises, and
the anger
aimed at me, a thing more comfortable to you,
more familiar,
but no less weaponized,
Never mind all of it.

I survived.
I found love. I gave love.
Some things I did, mattered.
At times, there is joy.

Don’t tell me there is no God.
I know better.
I survived.
About this poem.

Not the poem I expected to write when I stumbled on this picture of old pipes in an old abandoned factory in Massachusetts that is posted with this poem on my blog, and decided to write on it. But the muse is often more honest than I am, sees things I don’t see. Says things I’d rather not.

evolove Apr 12
I used to think comets were shooting stars falling. Til I grew to understand how our earth was *******. Oder out of chaos. The Masons are stonewalling. But the truth is your true calling. The worship of Cain has left us.
barely abael.
and crawling..
Christian. End times.
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