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Naoki B 10h
Reality isn’t yours to rip apart
And turns out you’re living a fairy tale
Trying to fix and lie just for wounds to scar
Yet your mind is just too frail
And the world around you it will swallow
You whole and you won’t taste stale
For you’ll survive or die alone
That’s the only life you’ll tell
k 3d
The silence the snowfall bestowed upon her was like no other,
as she skipped merrily through each flake laid upon the ground.
Slowly, she started twirling 'round and 'round to the tune of only the crunch beneath her tattered feet.
She was joined first by the birds, who were singing their dainty love songs, and soon by the deer, who carried a sleigh of ice behind them.
Time seemed to stop as she ran her fingertips over the carriage, slowly transforming from herself into who she had dreamed to be.
Her once worn out, raggedy ensemble was altered into a magnificent dress of all white, sequined snowflakes running down her sleeves, to her perfectly manicured hands.
She stepped into her carriage and in the silence of winter and raised her arms into the frostbitten air, gesturing for the deer to take her to her palace.
She had known not what would come of her past, or what her new journey had in store; but she, the glorious Snow Fairy found herself immersed in a life she was always waiting to discover.
Star BG Nov 21
Inside my breath and imagination
I sprouted fairy wings to fly like bird.
Body tingled in wind.
Senses became heightened.

Melodies grounded
as voice pitched to heartbeats

Freedom was mine
in a moment of spiraling
leaps and bounds.

Love’s energies integrated
and life’s reality changed
in a magical moment.
Just playing with words.
Grace Nov 14
things like fairy lights...
They make the world shine
A little more when all I see is
Sometimes the simple things in life are the best
I saw two fairies dancing between the trees
twirling and swirling in perfect harmony
Their iridescent wings fluttering shyly
gold dust radiating outward daintily

Oh how lovely, I had thought
that these creatures had found the love I only sought
'Twas a passing wonder though so I turned away to leave
but something caught my eye that I just could not believe

There was a certain desire in their movements
hungry, haunting, ravenous
And the gold that encased them was not floating languidly
it spilled out from their bodies in all different ways

That's when I realized 'twas not a dance they were performing
but a ritual of death: silent, graceful, mourning
kiran goswami Nov 11
She becomes more beautiful every time I see her.

Is she a fairy
am I a fool?
OpenWorldView Nov 10
Thick darkness envelops my days
suffocating my will with idleness.
The gloom of being weighs me down,
but I keep dreaming of fairy tale endings.
CGW Oct 31
Through all this unborn silence is a legion of angels humming.
When I my fairy fantasy self arrive back home the strings that are bathed in golden light and that connects us will be revealed.
I'll think back to when I was a child and made of pieces.
How I would look up at sky blue like nothing really mattered.
Those drifting clouds muttering hallow English words at each other.
This galaxy in my grasp, vibrating with such mass that purple dust pours from the cracks of my clenched fists.
These dust particles are the size of planets.
Like sad dandelions spores they drift lethargic and unbalanced into higher dimensions.
Fairy godfather and godmother,
I wish, this, my bleeding plea
To take me back to who I was
Before I was brought to my knees
I wish to become again, innocent
The child I was back before him
I wish to be departed of moments
memories of me and him in my head,
The winged guardians say in duet
A reply the loveless lover would get
Not a consolation, yet one awakening:
My dear darling son, we know of it -
Your pain deep within, you so keep
Feel, after the flame has been cast
And taken out the coal that made it last
Yes, it is true, he has forever left, but
Have you really been unchanged before
Before he gave his heart to you, and
You gave yours to him too, to be held?
Every hour, every minute, every second
That has passed has changed you ever so
For good, or for bad, they have grown you
Why should we take what has made you you
Why destroy a beautiful canvass true?
You will wither this pain, realize that
True, the lover has left and love cut,
But none of the love shared has rot,
He may have stopped giving it to you
But what you've had with him was true
And what you were before him even so
But has, even during and without him
You'd still have changed, do notice that
It's not that his loss was a marring of self
Just muster the courage to be used to it
It takes time to get used to a withered love
We'll give you instead strength and fortitude
To wither this loneliness, heartbreak, and
To find that what had happened and left
Has made you much better, with no regrets
We'll give you patience and understanding
To see that you are hurting, but growing
And that in time this pain will subside
You will find a greatest lesson behind
That you are you, no matter who with
That you will stand sturdier and through
Undaunted but still loving heart forthwith.
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