I looked in the mirror today, physically I'm changing
My shoulders are getting broader, my arms more defined but these weren't massive changes no

It was my eyes, everyone likes them
I'm afraid of my eyes
But today was different

It's both exilarating, yet terrifying when you realize the monsters and demons in your head are scared of you
The things that control you're torment

That's either really good or extremely bad
Because the darkness is still there behind my eyes but its different not so much evil or destructive
But a power of my own

I'm changing slowly but surely
I'm excited yet fearful
Of what will come out of this transformation

"If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation. " Jiddu Krishnamurti
People keep worshiping
The old gods,
And continue to defer
To authority figures
That aren't worthy of respect.
No one wants to be the first
To dive off the cliff of security,
But the waters at the base of the cliff
Are cool and comforting,
But the demons and fiends
Chasing people to the edge of the cliff
Can't be appeased.
Dustin Dean Jun 8
Days of Heat Hazes trail behind me
On a path I've chosen to walk alone
To reside by the wild tumbleweeds
Too hostile for mankind's brittle, cold bones

Often, I think of the days gone by
Laced in a bittersweet requiem
That hums ever so softly in my mind
Hidden by a face that's machiavellian
Made by those I came here to forget

Through the incessant thunderstorm
That dominates this part of the land
I've found a way to become reborn
At the end of a long winded Texan tunnel
Made by those I came here to inspect
And transform into an invaluable asset
Pao May 31
Freedom is on my fingertips
Its liberation flows through my bitterness
Casting away my shattered dreams of changing roads
On which direction, I want to go.

Home looks so far away from where I'm standing
Feeling the despair in my lungs
Expanding and withstanding
Crumbling down all at once.

Fate and freedom go hand in hand
Demanding me to put my feet in the sand
To look beyond my destiny
And start on my own legacy.
Sometimes I wish I really was a bin.
Trash could fill my surrounds, and in.
Rubbish would be in my mind,
I sometimes I could hope,
that a coin
might land
A graphically pleasing poem written about embodying my alter-ego transformation.
Avery Glows May 22
I love the taste of fire and ashes,
even the pungent sting of burnt charcoal.
Decaying in gasoline.
Because they were remnants once,
of who I was.
By any measure
Accomplishing your goals is called success.
Yet in and of itself
When all is said and done it means little.

Success is not the measure of the man,
But what comes after it -
After the struggling and the inward perspective
Comes significance,

That greater purpose
For which we all should strive,
To matter,  not to ourselves
But to the lives of others,

“Hello”, he said
Eyeing me in the football stand,
And with diminished accolade
Expounded, “Your Roddy’s dad.”

And in a twinkling
The true measure came to me,
That in his world, and that of my son
I had attained significance.
Any parent who has been involved in Junior Varsity Football with a son on the field or a daughter on the sidelines will know what it is like to get the children ready, clean the uniforms and do all the extra driving to make sure they are “there on time”. Well my buddy Jim Covell told me one day that there were two phases in a man’s life. In the first we strive for success, but in the second it is for significance. This poem, though brief, is about the transformation.
Nikki Jayne May 2
Biggest fear about being seen is that not only will my light shine my darkness too will penertrate through.
Living in community where I am looked to scares me
Not a way to hide a bad day
With tear streked checks there is no dening the crying
And to carry on is the only option Depths of being not wanted to be shown are there on display
No escaping to a house alone
Here we meditate, eat, work, dance, sing, share everything together.
There can be no hiding of ones self from anyone
On display
Expectations push down my feelings of freedom
Am I a butterfly ready to emerge or am I being buried under?
It appears to be able to go either way
No one ever said transformation was easy
Karisa Brown Apr 29
The light touched my hand
And I was transformed
Back into the earth

The dirt I lay in
Seems to eat me
Knowing I have
no shovel
I began to delve

Mad at the world around
I began to see myself
Wanting to breathe
Just not on the surface

I've got to hide
Run away just for a short time
As the earthworms search me
I see a spotlight beneathe me

Someone else is waiting inside
They're there too
Just like i

Guess the lonely
Need the lonley
SoZaka Apr 21
Smokey, hazy
feathers and fur
fine wine
in a cheap cafe
all the spells love knows
cast at once
I danced out to sea in crystal and gold
and found treasures beyond compare
Self actualization and realization change and transformation
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