I’ve experienced lies.
Been terrorized.
Confronted by spies.
Left alone to die.

I’ve been cast aside,
a victim of pride;
unseen by seeing eyes,
a master of disguise.

I’ve been misused,
I’ve been abused,
emotionally confused,
spiritually diffused.

I’ve been lead on;
turned around and he was gone.
I fell for a con
who vanished like the dawn.

Again and again I’ve been disrespected,
beaten down, undone, and misdirected.
I’ve been infected…

Torn down,
tossed around,
on the ground…
I might drown.

But wait! Aren’t I
sold out?
Set apart?
Stripped of doubt
with a sacred heart?

It somehow really, truly doesn’t matter,
not now and not ever. Not one single, solitary ounce.
It seems I’m insane and half deranged like the Mad Hatter
since the first chance they get, they always bounce.

To be fed heaps of dishonest truths,
to accept them with the unadulterated trust of youths,
only then to have your eyes opened to see the light…
Is there anyone out there who understands my plight?

We come into this world full of hopes and dreams,
pure and innocent, unaware of all things mean,
until one day we get cruelly met by malicious schemes
and suddenly our hearts and our hands are no longer clean.

The world comes at us like a predator after its prey.
It bites us and claws us and leads us astray.
It takes us, and rapes us, and has its own way,
not thinking, nor caring, when we’re left bare on display.

We’re taught growing up not to trust strangers,
and the ones at our backs are our friends.
How could we have anticipated the most danger
from a friend whose plastic mask finally descends?

It’s funny how those closest to us can cause the most damage,
because the second we let them in we’re at a disadvantage.
Or how we can feel the most lonely in a room full of people,
as if we’ve been banished for life to a solitary prison steeple.

Undervalued, unappreciated, unwelcome and unwanted;
overlooked, obnoxious, offensive and outcast;
hideous, heinous, horrifying and haunted;
disruptive, dysfunctional, desolate and downcast.

These are the words, the marks, that brand me like cattle;
but hush, don’t speak of them; it’s unwelcome prattle.
Well I’m sick of it, sick of the quiet; I want the whole world to rattle
from my cries of injustice, drawing all eyes to this battle!

I’ve experienced Truth,
allowed it to soothe
every scar from my youth.
I’m living proof.

I’ve been embraced;
the Victim replaced
like toxic waste.
I’ve been given a taste…

I’ve been rescued.
I’ve been excused.
I’m new and improved,
spiritually transfused.

I’ve been bought,
turned around and was sought.
I fell, but was taught
by a Love that burns hot.

Again and again I’ve been selected,
raised up, dusted off, and then corrected.
I’ve been protected…

Made new,
I got a clue.
I’ll give Him His due,
and He’ll change my view.

But wait! Aren’t I
full of doubt?
Failed art?
Foolish and stout,
with a faulty heart?

Even if that’s so, it really, truly doesn’t matter.
My God died to be with me eternally,
and now His redemptive blood covers me in a splatter,
to cleanse and revive me internally.

To be lavished with waves upon waves of the purest love,
and to receive them from Someone so gloriously high and above…
How could it not open your eyes to your immeasurable worth,
and give you insight as to why you were placed on this earth?

We were put in this world to be a light and a joy,
vivid and childlike, unaffected by all things obscene.
And one day we’ll touch someone and teach them to enjoy
this world of splendor and light that was previously unseen.

So next time, when the world is after us like a hunter on the prowl,
we’ll stop it, and face it, and kick it in the jowls.
Because no matter how harshly it screams or how loudly it howls,
we’ll know that its bite doesn’t come close to its growl.

We’ve been taught by sweet Love what we mean to the Savior,
because He shaped us and designed us all for His glory,
and when we grasp this knowledge it changes our behavior,
and this revelation and redemption become our own story.

Yes, it is true that our friends beat and bruise us.
They stab us in the backs, hurt, and confuse us.
But that doesn’t make it right, and doesn’t define who you are,
for the King of all Heaven has declared you a bright, shining star.

Warm, wise, welcome and wanted;
approachable, affectionate, adorable and accepted;
upbeat, useful, upstanding, and undaunted;
rare, regal, remarkable and respected.

These are the words, the promises, that cover me like a cloak.
When I hushed and asked God what He said of me, He spoke.
Now I can’t contain it; something inside of me broke,
And I feel for the first time that my true being awoke.
The Non-Poet Mar 12
life is like
when you're
a little kid
and you
discover that
there is more
than twenty-four
crayons in the box
that there is
the possibility
of forty-eight colors
of sixty-four
of one-hundred and twenty
that there are
so many shades
of love and anger and peace and despair
and absolute bliss
and the ability
to express them all
are now
in the palm
of your hand

life is
and absolutely wonderful

every day is
a new sunrise
a new chance
to transform into
the butterfly you
want to be

go out there
and change the world, kid
DD Hicks Mar 12
I fear change.

My starless sky is cracked like a freshly born scar from a battle I'd never win.
Am I ever going to feel empty again?
Because emptiness was a comfort that I couldn't confront--
So I sighed, and I denied myself wholeness, never trusting my own boldness.
And here you are smiling, all the while unwrapping me like a birthday gift and not even questioning if I'm worth the price.

It must be nice--oh, must be nice to never question!

I am a product of apathy blending with unrelenting hope, frustrated with no way to cope.
And it surprises me that I elicit any kind of rise from you.
If the the moon reflects the sun, do I reflect you?
My fear is inferior to my own desires, and so I plunge into this fire.

I need change.
Some deep thoughts tonight.
I don't know what's  the matter with you, Jewboy?
Talking about This and That!
Why don't you just let Donald Trump  run this country?!
He knows what the hell he's doing!
Look at this Trade War.
We're gonna' win!
The rest of the world can't compete
With the  good ol' U.S. of A.!
We just have to deport all them dark skinned people
So the white men
Will get all the privileges
And all the hot babes for themselves.
Then, we'll have a perfect White Supremacist Utopia!
It's a perfect plan!
There should be
No room for dissent!
Umesh Acharya Feb 19
I was a proud young man
With smiles blooming on my cheeks
Dream-dancing in my eyes
Mind- filled with the ideas of being seen

After I met you,
I lost myself
Dreams became reality
Happiness became synonymous for my eyes
Trust me,
After I met you, I grew unidentifiable

For now,
I am you
You're  me
I am nobody
And you're none!!

Beyond the horizon of pride
And an urge to be seen and recognized
You and I have blended together
Invisible to the world.

For now,
You and I have transformed into "WE"
And living the heaven within "US."
Jen Snow Feb 10
Freud says tattoos
The Manifestation
Of a

Every point
Separate pain

It took
And a

To complete
Of my

And half a million perforations

To convert
Into something




To finally
Let go
Of the past
Aastha Arora Feb 10
Amongst alien places and alien faces,
Where familiarity had no traces,
In the scorching sun, still feeling cold,
Falling down and having nobody to hold,
My fears untold ,I had a fake smile,
I secretly shed a tear , every once in a while,
I longed to be independent of those chains of misery,
Little did I know , that was my key to be free,
My key to step out of my cocoon,
My chance to touch the stars and the moon,
My chance to start a brand new tale,
I had no one to judge me even when I fail,
I failed and I failed but I knew I would sail,
You won't feel pleasure if you haven't seen pain,
Trust me , the struggle never goes in vain,
I met the kind of people, I didn't even know exist,
I felt good about the opportunities I hadn't missed,
I thought I had a terrible life , but I was wrong,
The struggle stays for a bit , but the pleasure period is long,
I looked back , from where I started,
From where me and my comfort parted,
And the transformation in me brought tears in my eyes,
I had finally achieved victory, the new me, was my prize ,
It was the best feeling I had ever felt ,
I went to my Mom and down I knelt,
I thanked her for sending me away,
And I thanked her again, everyday.
-Aastha Arora
Here's to all those students like me who are so terribly attached to their family  that even the thought of leaving home sounds like a nightmare. I hope this gives you confidence (:
Dr. F.W.N. discovered it by accident you see?
   The first man downloaded was no longer man.
He suffered dearly until the plug was pulled,
    and we started over again; with biologists.
Geneticists, Embryonticians, TransEugenecists,
    all celebrated the new fast-growing body.
No more deaths at old age expiry, on battlefields.
    for a price all would live eternally; eternity here.

It did not work. The bodies worked, the software recorded
    but the people were insanely bi-polar. Insane in fact.
Until we switched the torso and genetics in tandem.
   then somehow the surviving person retained all memories!
They were in fact; themselves! Just in a different gendered body?
   Unfortunately for everyone this was a major psychological shock.
Unexplainable, sure, evolution took four billion years so...
    ...more time, more time, more experimentation is all we need.

Wilhelm changed it all.
When he added the shock,
added the <human> response,
turning the machines into

They are truly A.I.
...verily human in fact.
Animal-ish, peaceful
then angry, terrible or

Artificially Intelligent;

"What good is it to change a person,
              ...merely into someone else?"
-Al Abd Azaz

To see beneath the surface,
and know the ocean tydes.

To see beneath the surface,
and know the ocean tydes.

**To see beneath the surface,
and know the ocean tydes.
Xaviera Allan Jan 15
pull me in your arms
wrap me up in a cocoon
so I can transform
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