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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
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new energy has been arising in me lately,
with determination and a clearer state of mind
confidence has found a home in my bones, safety
i used to write poems about anxiety
hopelessness, defeat, the struggle through each day
but recently those feelings have gone away
fresh perspectives fill my eyes and ears

at times i feel like i am being tricked
someone is going to appear and hand me all of those feelings back
laughing at me, she really thought she would get out that easy
but it wasn't easy, i should give myself credit
so much time and effort
went into easing my mind, telling it everything will be alright
and finally
it listened.
Arke 5d
red torii gates separate the sacred
engraved with kana names
I step on the stone tiles
reinvent myself by praying
to every god I have never believed in
donating all the coins I have to shrines
the omamori will protect me
with pretty ribbons, silk, and wood
their birds guide to understanding
converting lies into truths before me
their paper songs a tender kindness
and there is courage within me
even as my voice turns to melody
my words spill out a tune
the temple walls hum
a chorus of veracity, louder
I have come to realize the importance
of moral authenticity within me
your gracious decency, divine
delicate gentleness with my fragility
from shattered pieces I rebuild
recollect myself and rise stronger
the sakura blossoms melt
the tide rises up the torii
compelled by a cold moon
wooden birds take flight away
and I return solid and true
Arke Sep 8
time is the true criminal
occupying spaces liminal
stealing me away in scraps
hours shared become a trap
changing bodies with seasons
wrinkles forming without reason
I see time when I look in the mirror
every day it draws itself nearer
the softness gone and replaced
features of youth now erased
I can't recognize the edges and lines
every new spot is another sign
the dark circles with blackened eyes
all the features I had memorized
gone, gone, gone
at the end of my dawn
Arke Sep 7
the light in my heart flickered and died
a punishment for hubris to gods I've defied
the stars refused to shine in the sky
I saw the earth beneath me liquefy

the water as still as a painting hung
I felt blood and salt coat my lungs
every day I floated lifeless through
from friends and family, I withdrew

no wind, no air, world is empty and black
I begged that forces would take my life back
I waited for the powers to strike me down
crush me, smite me, watch me drown

the worst fate of all is that I remained
and try as I might, you kept me chained
you cut me open to watch me bleed
ignored all of my wants and needs

without wind in my sail, unable to leave
that's when I met him - my reprieve
whose tongue was made of platinum and lace
whose heart was filled with beauty and grace

a golden god who lit my heart ablaze
who showed me tenderness always
for him, I realize I must become better
for him, I write every single letter

because now my heart beats for his touch alone
his light is the one I still feel in my bones
I remember his voice saying he loved me like mad
I'd give up forever for the moments we had
MicMag Aug 31
Similes that flow
Like calm streams grow to raging
Metaphor torrents
shout out to the friend sparking my shift in literary device
once more
layers of casing
are torn

papers culled
windows gleam
sheets smile

the cost is high
if not see
when to stop

can I find north
after all
I’d asked

so life’s paths
once veiled
in yesterday's grime

to the winds

another vision
refreshing as
spring rain

seeking every fissure
quietly lodged boarders
not paying rent

as another corner
begs mastery

along with
a neater place
it dawns on me

is the order
of things

vacate for a few
short paces
and face

it all again
wrenching me
from the lulling

status quo
of my stilted
sometimes when we ask for greater clarity in life, to be able to 'see' things at a more profound breadth and depth, a cleansing of sorts emerges on every level
Glenn Currier Aug 23
I am amazed
        but I know not why (knowing me)
how hurt closes me off
sews me up
amputates my heart
from people I’ve loved.

It seems I cannot get by
the rage she vomited on me
what she called me
her shocking condemnations.

Rage cuts deep
wounds heal slow
if at all.

Then I find out how she felt hurt and betrayed
when I changed and detoured
        because someone betrayed me.

But I am glad for those detours
where I discovered other worlds
and became more than I was.

I am amazed
       but I know not why (knowing me)
how hurt can remake
and occasion my transformation,
how the bad can become the good
        If I am patient enough
        and work hard enough
        to find
        or make
        cracks in that wall.
Roschana Aug 8
I am shedding layers of un-purged skin, only to reveal I left myself long ago
I have outgrown this moment my hedges need trimming, will you help me?
I am evolving
I can't see myself right now but soon I'll know what I'm looking at
Everything is decaying, for the good obviously
You can't rattle me from resurrection
I am as grounded as the serpent
I am only protruding pain
Pain that no longer serves
I am no longer reserved
Vulnerability welcomes you to my heart
Here goes something like never before
Inkling, tender hearted passion
My skin is soft
My shedding skin is soft
I am soft
Don't poke me
Soft whispers seduce my state of mind
I am mellow
Watch my eyes fall slowly tonight
Slowly onto your shoulder I'll rest my impuissant head
Rest easy my child, for its only a while
The sun will kiss you gently
The future sees you, I see you
Enigmatic strings tie knots in my bleeding heart
Unknot me
Unwind me
Unfold me
Never confine me
Now is my time
Pull me out from the depths of Gaia's womb
I am of woman born
Reign me my power
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