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The intensity with which we shatter,
Those what’s-left-of-us shards that cut you deep,
Brokenness and jagged edges matter,
When prices paid with pieces feels too steep.

Only two things cause our own destruction—
We’re broken from without or from within.
The damage goes beyond reconstruction,
We can’t build what we built before again.

Cracked into piles of debris on the floor,
The remnants of escaped emotion’s cage,
Whose seething burn couldn’t take it anymore,
Disposing of it disrespects its rage.

We’re broken so that something is released,
Those shards remind us what we have to do.
To put them back is just what matters least,
But don’t cut yourself making something new.
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Elke Boon Jan 12
Her heart was like glass,
they both shattered apart when he left
Maitri Jan 9
" I have to leave. Please don't fall apart "

How could you think I won't ?
When you took with yourself
All the strings that were holding my shattered heart
" Don't be that way, fall apart twice a day. I just wish you could feel what you say"
Esther Dec 2018
my love for you is like an hourglass
when you leave
i shatter with it
Madison Dec 2018
Alas, another failed love
As if God doesn’t think I’ve felt enough
Pain in my chest
Or lost enough rest
Over a broken heart
I just keep getting ripped apart
And it’s hard, I’m over it.

Why do I let people do this to me?
I’m delicate, can’t you see?
Let me be, for ***** sake
Don’t know how much more I can take
Before I break completely
Good luck piecing me
Back together
after I shatter.

I’m done letting people in
Because in the end, I never win.
jonni inferno Dec 2018
i saw your message
written in your crimson prose
letters you had written
to let me know
now i know
just how
you loved me so
dont say goodbye
dont even close your eyes
dont leave this life
we never said goodbye
one last sigh
and then we say goodbye
why do ya hate me
love then forsake me
you kissed then left
me lost and longin
longin for somethin'
somethin' that mattered
now all that's left
is lost
and shattered
p j upchurch
ginny lou Dec 2018
i feel like glass.
i feel like the word shatter.
this is what you have done to me with your abuse
this is what you have done to my heart
broken and smashed it over and over with a hammer.

i loved you-i still love you.
how come i still love you?
you break me as if i’m just one of your toys and toss me to the side again
and again
and again

and you have ruined me.
and you will again
and again
and again
until there is nothing left of me to break with your hammer.

and despite the uncertainties with how you feel about me and how you treat me…

i’ll always come back.
you know that.
Sophia Nov 2018
i never knew the definition
of heartbreak and stipulation
agreements of dedication
love in deep hibernation.

it hurts to feel nothing
a sense of dignity and loathing
a rotten egg coating
over a sense of boding.

shatter-free me
it's all i want to be.
he's just like a bee
unnaturally sweet like honey
with a hidden deadly sting.
Stark Nov 2018
Wind it up
So it beats
At a rhythmic pace

Skim your finger over it
Cherishing it
And its fragility

Shatter it
To let the emotions flow outward
As you have broken my heart
astraea Nov 2018
i am falling apart.
i sit alone, with torn garments i can’t bear to throw away,
wonder about a life -more like a pipe dream,
when in reality when we try, we are the type they write sad piano odds about.

i say goodbye,
pulling my sweater close to my chest shivering by the door,
and picture us in a warm place, surrounded by people offering us hands,
dancers moving around us, soft and slower.

whispered words, becoming us.
but i can’t whisper to you, because my voice comes out in screams,
yet all i hear is an orchestra the rest of us could never afford,
only dream of.

we try so hard,
and by the time we’re at the top -we shall be,
i think i’ll have lost you,
to the vines that break the soft stones in the sun.

do lovers, the ones who have love,
that seems as if it’s boundless,
in death that makes it timeless,
live in time, or do they ascend to the stars?

will it ever be that the last time becomes the first time,
as each touch becomes more intense,
because each touch is so much closer to the last time,
when i know you’ll fall into a future you hate.

lingering fingers,
pressed against your soft skin,
who’s soft skin?
hers, hers, hers?

fingers that press with more and more urgency,
arms that wrap tighter and become more frail,
eyes veiled with more and more sadness,
our love could fall to ruins.
inspired by james bond, bad dreams, sufjan stevens, crushes, adele, love, dreams, and some other ****. yes i write poetry and watch spy movies don't ask.
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