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Anastasia Sep 20
She had a heart of ice
Holding his, she squeezed
He stumbled back, and she looked him in the eyes
She told herself he deserved it
Tears pooled in his eyes as he clutched his chest
“What you did,” She said
“It hurt,”
“You said you’d never hurt me,”
She said, her heart melting
She squeezed again
Blood dripping down her hands
He fell to his knees
She got closer
“We were supposed to be happy,”
She sobbed
He leaned in
And whispered his last words
“I never meant to”
And thats when it shattered
Artemis Sep 19
You filled me up with daydreams and hope
and a thousand wishes

all just to watch me burst and break
into a thousand shattered pieces.
Grace Haak Sep 5
back then when you broke my heart

i cracked and shattered and fell apart

but i should have known right from the start

'cause i'm a mess and you're a work of art.
Cassia Aug 23
Lovely words, pretty lies

Now I know you can't be mine.

Bleeding lip, tattered heart

It still hurts to be apart.
ollie Aug 5
riding your first rollercoaster
and eating fruit roll ups even though you have braces
long walks
ocean air
ferris wheels
summer breezes
inside jokes in front of people who don’t understand them
an oxygen tank
all are things that say a hello from me
in your presence
they have said goodbye
the poetry is in the streets and eventually i will be too
Keiri Jul 29
Grasping at the speed of light after the shining antique.
Missed it by a hair, I blame my physique.
As my hands swim in the shatters of my heart, the vase filled with dreams and all that got discart.
The carmine liquid flowing out of my very own skin.
The regret, the shadow will be left within.
As an empty broken vase, oh isn't it sad.
For I alone understand the visions I had.
As I throw the shards of my life away, the sin.
I finally remembered an inch of his grin.
I should've known it was bluff, the eyes that has seen all, but I would not be enough, so my dream has finally made it's fall.
His silence cannot be tamed.
Lost in the blood and the shards he was framed.
This poem is a repolishing of High Pitched Silent Sounds. Since that poem was just simply litterally translated, this poem however grasped the same idea that I tried to express in Dutch, it used different sentences and structure, but shows you the feeling that it was supposed to express.
Cassia Jul 27
Have you ever felt
A love so strong
That you'd dive into battle
No weapon but song?
Have you ever felt
A loss so great
That you'd realize you'd shattered
Ten seconds too late?
Ashley Kaye Jul 13
I often wonder
if I am but a teacup
to your boils.
Without me
Where would you set
your pinkie
Where would you pour
your cream
Where else to discuss
the “new mortality”
but about my heated air?
July 10, 2019
Anastasia Jun 28
I should sleep
But I want to write about you
My dreams of glass
Are dreams of you
Shattering threats
You could fall apart
Any second
I'll protect your heart
It's getting late
But I kind
Because I'm staying up
With you on my mind
Laokos Jun 21
everything breaks

the eyes
the touch
the soft smile
the body
the kiss
the walk
the hair
the slopes
the ****
the folding into

       -all of it.

they draw me
in and
draw me

take me in
then cast
me out.

I keep
coming back


I love them-
   all of

I love them
more for
breaking me
than I do
for loving

every swift
crack at
my heart

a little bit
more of

the good parts-
   what might become
   the best parts.

and one day,
everything I am
will be
destroyed again

and I will


I will crawl
forth from
my belly

on skinned
bloodied elbows
with a
smile on my

growing and
in the
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