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fall in love
see through some rose colored glasses for a while
shatter them
realize you’re seeing clearer than you ever have
enjoy reality
then fall in love again
and pray you don’t make the same mistakes twice
all was peaceful
content in this
sleepy isolation
with only the dogs
for company
had i wished
to disturb their
soothing repose
a little-known novel
once heralded
the hero
if he could
be called such
was fracturing
on the brink
of shattering

before the incendiary
final pages
could be reached
this dormant comfort
by a shattering
much closer
   to home;
both dogs
and man
on the highest
of alert
for a cause
   to blame
but finding
Ell R Jan 2022
You stare blankly at the ceiling
Unwilling to rise
Everyone has abandoned you
No respite from the silence
Your heart in shards
Like the vase you dropped
Last autumn
—some things shatter—

A buzz emits from beside you
Messages of a different variety
You have been abandoned by all, but one
Hello, you have not forsaken me
The shards of heart, mend
Form a kintsugi heart
Love flowers in the cracks
—some things bloom—

Written for day 1 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: some things shatter, some things bloom
These lies,
Are what keep me from falling.

But these lies,
Might also break me.
I need these lies either way
I don't want to feel better.
If I could feel better then life would be beautiful.
But I don't deserve beauty,
Or love,
Or glory.
I lost the love of my father,
Watching it crumble away into nothingness,
And pleading "please don't go."

I'd give anything to miss you one last time.
If I could miss you then existing would be painless.
But I deserve pain,
And hate,
And suffering.
I lost the love of my mother,
Watching it melt between my frail fingers,
And screaming "please don't leave."

I don't want to feel better.
If I could feel better then life would have no meaning.
I don't deserve meaning,
Or words,
Or tears.
I lost the love of myself,
Watching it shatter into a million pieces,
And whispering "please, just go."
Copyright Oleander Michael Osiris
I am shattered.
Just like anyone else.

But it does not mean that I am far gone.
All I need to do is gather the pieces.

When I find them all eventually.

off meds right now
Melody Mann Apr 2021
Shatter the mental snares that claim your mind solemnly,
Break free from the cycle of repetition that endlessly subjects you to karmic toil,
Cleanse your aura of sin to bask in radiance as your soul shines purely,
You are an essence from beyond.
Brendann Apr 2021
I am glass

I’m sturdy
till I crack
Then I shatter

don’t be fooled though
For even when I’m shattered
I’m still strong enough to hurt you
For when I shatter is when you bleed

So don’t push me

Or I might just crack
Free Verse
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