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LGY Apr 2020
Boomzzz tikki tikki tikki
Wah Wah oomphz oomphz
me 69 ******* on yo momma and yo sis
Dr Weedlord ain't got time your hissy fits
dunk dur *** all over yo ****
Slap *** and go on reighding
Daddy Boozhead  banging on your meemaw
asdf hu asdofh u asdjfnhau sdfh unh

p.s no women are harmed in the making of this production

Real dope rappers
Who write good flows
Not those whackers
Whose IQ ‘s low

Real emcees
Not them fake gees
Whose violence fancy life they pretend to live
In their video scene
Make them obscene

Rap shouldn’t be getting kids trapped
In a ****** life
Imagining wrongly outside the map
Now most of these kids had swapped
Their real life with that rap-gee crap
Things need to be done asap
Before things get out of bound
Before these kids gets out of hand

Rapping should be about feeling
Happening and politicking
And how we take beating
From murderous policing
Rap should be a stencil
Unfading, unlike pencil
It should be a language, fundamental
That boots the mental
Coz rap music is special

Rap should be words arranged in rhythmic verse
To fit the beat and bass
Where the preceding rhymes
Fit the proceeding lines

Rap could be a war song
Against gunmen and war-thugs
To stop their inhumane wrongs
Like killing youngs’ and dropping bombs

Rap could be a love song
Song that keeps our vibe on
And become more strong

Rap could be an ornament
To our chameleon-like president
And those in the parliament
And other less-sensible personnel
In the government

Rap should be an inspiration
That helps you find solution
To war and destitution
And impact its contribution
as medication
To a mind filled with gruesome

Rap should be a resolution
To peace and revolution
Not the type that cause body and soul pollution

Rap should be about feeling
Not *** and drug preaching
Not fake-life flaunting
That leave the young heart bleeding

Rappers should be evolver
Logical thinker
Intellect ******
Who don’t just wear blinkers
They’re problem solvers

Realest cyphers
I’m talking real rap gods
Whose song do not preach hate
Whose line will all relate

How about those with silly way
Who’s supposed to be in jail
Coz their rhythmic way
And their wordplay
Preaches stray
And could derange the brain
Of the kids to decay

Let’s talk euphorism
Rappers whose rhythmism
Somewhat lacks euphemism
Whose art of lyricism
And rhyme algorithm
Lacks aphorism

I’m talking wu-tang pal
Not YMCMB clan
Whose art lack style
I’m talking 2pac
Whose rap never past

What about the music tycoon
Who make the world roam
Whose song gives the heart relief
And gives a warming beat
To a wandering lost soul

Real poetic wordsmith
Whose every word spit
Has a taste of God in it
And could make the world spin

But when rappers start displaying
An art that’s straying
And still gets to be known
That’s got to show
That they’ve bargain their soul
For fame, a chance to glow
Coz they’re rhythmic style is low
So, for them to blow
They’ve got to sold
Their body, heart and soul in whole

But rappers these day
Are just insane
Their lust for fame
Outlived their love for the game
thanks to Dammy Zuliha and Abdul Muhsin for the inspiration
Aaron LaLux Apr 2019
Another prophet who got his top knocked off,
this system’s toxic thought we’d found hope but lost it,
Nipsey Hussle shot down outside his clothing store Marathon,
live and die in LA grow up only to get shot down on Slauson in Compton,

and the irony is that he was taken out,
in the same neighborhood he had invested in,
from Proud2Pay to AfroTech Nip was a Community Activist,
in a system of force fed poisons he was medicine,

and maybe that’s why he was martyred,
just like MLK Tupac and Marley,
this is all real life in living color,
life’s not a Game but this is The Documentary,

every word true,

I mean do you,
think it’s just a coincidence,
that Nip was murdered when,
it was announced he was about to come out with a film,

about Dr. Sebi,
the herbalist,
who was also possibly murdered when,
he went public with claims of curing AIDS and other illnesses,

nothing random about this act of violence,
it makes so much sense when you think about it,
nothing senseless in the message,
I mean seriously think about it,

MLK shot on 4/4 at 39,
NIP shot on 3/31 at age 33,
why do the most violent things happen,
to the brothers that preach the most peace,

it all makes sense everything adds up,
but most will probably dismiss this just as another conspiracy,
I mean I guess it doesn’t matter ‘cause nothing will bring Cuz back,
RIP NIP Rest in Peace Nipsey another brother gone to young at 33,

and it’s all so eery it’s creepy,
all the above evidence plus,
“Having enemies is a blessing.”,
was his last tweet,

as the words of his last sound sit in my ears as they ring,

“**** I wish my n!gga Fats was here,
how’d you die at 30 somethin’ after bangin’ all them years,
Grammy nominated in the sauna shedding tears,
all this money power fame and I can’t make you reappear.”…


∆ LaLux ∆

LA 2019
Jordan Hudson Mar 2019
Luxury on my wrist, not a counterfeit
It don't fit slidin' down my arm I got this
I just did but this watch is too lit, ay, ay
Gold gleaming you all dreaming
While it seeming you know it, ay, ay
This time piece at least can tell time
Fists and rhyming with ease payed dimes
Committing crimes, robbing banks, swimming lakes
Money I make it ain't fake, I'm awake
Ay, ay
TC in the garage or the lot
My car the one I bought
No licence a while back got caught
Temptation I fought to drive what I got
Ay, ay
Rapping every day I can say
That today I will make my way
Edge of the map, doing laps
Google maps, taking naps
Sleeping in class
Constantly off task
At least I'm not last
Don't you even ask
Judgments made don't affect
Me at all like a card deck
Banned from a mall I respect
But I did nothing wrong what the heck
Ay, ay
Car meets, friends on the streets
J's on my feet no joke at all
Bank account will fall I need
A wall to end this money I saw
That girl want me but I don't see
Her with me so she can live lonely
And she told me I can be by her side
And I just said back go away, goodbye
Flexing like a typical modern rapper
LylexRose Feb 2019
If I were say I'm out of time
You would believe me, right?
My life is dope
Its what I smoke
Constantine constantly so
Can't be, can't see, no?
Out of time, out of life
Bacardi so sublime
With a slice a'lime
Four lyrics a line
And substance abuse is fine
We going fishing some time?
No hook but I'm hanging from a line
Limited edition
I'm one of a kind

You wanted me to change my style
Change the one thing that makes me smile
Change takes time
So it'll take a while

What are you talking about Sam
Always acting like you've had
Enough of going through life
Here's the answer you've tried to find
I'll give you a clue it starts with Ssssuicide

Yeah but I mean it as a joke

Haha that's so funny you made me choke
I mean you rap'bout smoke
How' bout you join me for a ****
Ciggerettes or Dope?

But that's a slippery *****
I only do what I have to to cope

All this lying to ya'self has to stop
You incredible degenerate
Waiting for a ***** pop
Is that what you see
Cop a feel
Paranoid about the police
I know just how you feel

Get out of my head
I'm not some book you can just read

How'bout you get up
Get outta bed
and do something instead

I just hardly have anytime
I'm just trying to get by
Stop with the questions
Cos I don't even know why

They say fake it
Until you make it
But you ain't made it
And you just as fake, ****

What about the countless
Nights I work till late

Maybe we should just run away
Other side of the world is far enough away
Family don't matter to you so just get away
Find some other place
With a trusting friend to stay
Its up to you
What are we going to do
This choice is for you


No one's gonna love you
Like I do....
Sketcher Nov 2018
I'm basically a poet that likes to read fast,
I won't perform it unless I'm formally asked,
I'm finally devoted to the universal cast,
I could leave if I was promoted but that would come last.
LylexRose Aug 2018
You see...
When I look back...
Never thought I come this far...
Still rely on a cigarette to clear my head...
But this is just the beginning...

I've never did this for the money,
The struggle was enough, ain't that funny,
The blood in my veins says different,
I'm down here lord, on one knee,
can't you see, how can this be, this castle's collapsing in on me..

It's been a long time since I've discussed this, can't see far but shot so fast you must of missed it, been in this game a while so don't diss this, and now my times come to prove it, they knew this, turn down memory lane and all I see is all the lost faces, lost places, a southern soul in the infinite race, life misplaced but no one can take my place, feeling like it's all over, lost it all under stone roses, running through the back roads, still on the search for a home, a boys dream southern love but through the northern fields he roams...

I've never did this for the money,
The struggle was enough, ain't that funny,
The blood in my veins says different,
I'm down here lord, on one knee,
can't you see, how can this be, this castle's collapsing in on me...

Before I knew; this fame I was chasing, thought I was crownless royalty but little did I know there's no kings in this game, and you know I'm on it, a cold wind blows but you know I'll hold it, with what's left of the rest of life, I carry the torch of wildfire and burn man down if he gets to close, almost lost what's been built from the shelter I called my home, now do you wonder why I'm locked in this room all alone, when you wonder wear in this world all alone, looking for something to hold and call it my own, locked out of my memories, a penny for your thoughts, guessing this music takes its toll, toll to roll, a fee to see, a world to behold, 10 steps closer to the chest of riches and gold, rich in riches, what you think wealth is, you think it's 10x the *******, you think you gotta to keep it switching, relationships are what I'm stitching, back together, fight for what you believe in no matter whether, it's for yourself or the people closest to you, but I've shot myself in the foot because of you and at the end of it all I could never get close to you...

I've never did this for the money,
The struggle was enough, ain't that funny,
The blood in my veins says different,
I'm down here lord, on one knee,
can't you see, how can this be, this castle's collapsing in on me..

I've been as clean as off white vanilla, getting so big they see me coming like Godzilla, a thunderous clap as I walk, ready for the attack when I talk, never been a hoodlum but I'm going out with bang like Guy Fawkes, my curtins are closed so quit the talking, this is my game now and I'm never playing sober, you disagree well then put the controllers away it's game over, never been a criminal aside for indecent exposure, head to the light, cross in my hand, look to Jehovah, ya'all thought you had my kind I want out of this enclosure, the vanilla gangsta, the original casanova, and when you feel down, march on, loves never over...

I've never did this for the money,
The struggle was enough, ain't that funny,
The blood in my veins says different,
I'm down here lord, on one knee,
can't you see, how can this be, this castle's collapsing in on me..
Collapsing in on me...
In on me...
In on me...
TussyLambz Jul 2018
Throw it back for me one time
For the freak ***** off the life line
Cut rhymes; cuz I did it i might never miss it
Off to bust my

In it
I might really **** it
Stick you with it
Like sun shine

Got it so good
Not misunderstood
Pencil me in
Like I break off the wood

Like I shook it all up
Like I book it nah ****
Like she took my whole nut
Like what life *****, huh


Dabble in the craft
Mad hatter had a laugh
Had a hot head
So I gotta hit em with this rap

Never babble on the track
Battle then I lap
Badder than the wack ****
Raddle as I pass lit no has been

Break it all down
Look what i got
Shaking the ground
Like twist up the knot

I **** it beyond a bit I bomb the ****
I'm on it quick like sonic spit
Like sonnets sit with honest whit
I'm flawless as it gets on the one time

Fallen prime promise my
Polish grime no modest climb
Boy look out for my

Fallen prime I promise mine
Polish grime no modest climb
Boy look out for my shine
listen here:
LylexRose Jul 2018
When I was...

When I was...

When I was 18!

Back at it again, mind doing loops, going through a bend, wading through a field of blood but all I needs a friend, feeling like I'm starting to decend, down a path I'm never coming out of, feeling things are a lil bit intense, and I'm next, but ain't no nobody do it like I do, and in the end, I'll be the one everyone, everything, and nothing will never ******* comprehend, it's this I'm chasing, they might hate it, Ill act like ya'll get it and the game isn't ready, but I am

Living like I'm 18
Take my days with my dreams
Things are different, it's never as it seems
Feeling trapped as a machine
Living like I'm 18
It's hard to choose between

Now I'm starting a new expansion, flushing out everything I use as a distraction, feeling like things are becoming too much; I need to take action, need to go ahead with this, this kinda life I need to abandon, if I go to far now we got a real problem, it's no mistake homie, use your glasses, nevermind my status, this is my ride and I'm captain, I know it's hard to imagine, showing my compassion, no matches to action, I'm no fake for real passion and now it's feels like I'm crashing...

Living like I'm 18
Take my days with my dreams
Things are different, it's never as it seems
Feeling trapped as a machine
Living like I'm 18
It's hard to choose between

I'm full of surprises, how would you discribe this, never too late to realise, how far I'd go to unto demise, yeah now I've got a place to divise, no respect for these lines, ya'll have no idea what I'm going through but ya'll ready to criticise, suppose I should release something more often, and now it's me you've forgotten, walking round looking like a big shot, how long until it's ya'll I haven't got, like to act like a hot shot with a free thought, struggling away last couple of months, sorting out my life and I wonder if I still got it, showing a bit of spark like a megawatt, electricity's not my game but whose to say I'm not shocking, all the little ******* taking their shots, saying I got a case of writers block, so we gonna cut the small talk, they think I've got the writers block, acting like I've hit a road block, that's how you feel well then go ahead and **** my...

...I know it's a joke, a bad one at that, but it's who I am, and it's why I'm born to rap, been wanting to do this since primary, and to all the offended *****, you don't like my music just fire me, oh wait you can't cause ya'll ******* can't touch me, I'mma follow my path to be who I wanna be... this path I thought would stay uncharted, it's just this, this is my beginning, hate this, but I am just getting started.....

Living like I'm 18
Take my days with my dreams
Things are different, it's never as it seems
Feeling trapped as a machine
Living like I'm 18
It's hard to choose between...
Just a sum up of my 18th year alive
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