Jack Jenkins Oct 2017

        If you want love...
             ...you're going to have to
    ...go through the pain...

Such a great artist. Love this verse so much.

a madwoman's bra fit entirely a flaw as
a greenbrier there she needn't to true but
to her on this roof by the stream then on
the way with her wickedness in boots
as she reverberates mountains upon her
stockings and lively spirit exhibited by taut
tit and misnomer of any malcontented rap

a rap in speed and dire circumstances
Aaron LA Lux Mar 2017

These days everyone’s caught up in catch phrases,
well not everyone but most,
no one’s got time to read the whole thing anymore,
well not no one but most,

here we go,

strap in your seatbelt,
or ride recklous out the sunroof,
ride clean or ride dirty,
this days Spoofs sell more than Truths,

youths with boots worth more than that of the life of a Sudanese child troop,

everyone wants to be a Chamillionaire,
well not everyone but most,
everyone wants to be Tupac with the Juice,
well not everyone but most,

here we go,

on the ride of a lifetime,
where you get off in your free time till you ultimately get off,
see we all get on with nothing but a one way ticket,
on this roller derby coaster until it’s over and we get off,  

like Casey Jones high on cocaine a conductor on this Train of Thought,

everyone wants to be on the scene as an American Gangster in this American Dream that we’ve got,
well not everyone but most,
everyone wants to sell their Soul or at least trade it for Fame but everything can’t be bought,
well not everyone but most,

here we go,

trying to not speak in riddles,
because He’s a genius as long as people understand His words,
no time for nonsense on this conquest to conquer the constant combat in contests,
in fact I’d like to erase the whole idea of Contests and Contesters,

I must confess Sir that I do protest our constant fetish for Obsessors and their obsessions,

everyone wants to be Instagram famous,
well not everyone but most,
everyone want to feel better than everyone else,
well not everyone but most,

here we go,

we’re at the point in the Piece where I try and prove my point,
where I try and come up with a catchy catch phrase,
where I try and bring it all back around so you get the chills,
but honestly my vision’s starting to fade and I forgot what I was going to say,

and that’s okay because I don’t think anyone cares anymore anyways,

because theses days everyone’s caught up in catch phrases,
well not everyone but most,
no one’s got time to read the whole thing anymore,
well not none but most,

anyways never mind either way ready or not here we go…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

Leila Valencia Dec 2016

I'm a poet in my prime
Spiffing up my rhymes

I'm a legend can't you see
Only my words feel they spew to you and me

I'm a master at this connection!!!

My wonderful phrases
Creep into your heart
They pierce through like a dart
Shattering, mattering, caving a meaning
Keepin ya dreaming... beliving, comforting the soul!

Theese word like a bowl -- fill you up: with love, desire, the power to ignite!

I can only imagine what the rhymes in a singy-songy fashion
With fervor, power, and a burst of flaming passion turn up on paper

How they are presented by the maker

The writer, poet, artist of words - flowing, stringing tieing in the clarity with blurs

Creating a canvas that paints a moment through the feeling of words cascading by feeling, not structure

That sounds absurd, but these moments are momentous, in a passion of flury strung up in a phrase that summons the whole day

And the day has gone by, so has the year -- but I must keep rapping through poetry lyrics

I might not be as quick, fast, slick, or hip as some
With funky names, large persona, or partrying till we see the sun

I am a rapper of the moment in its purest sense -- of human nature and its surroundings through my philosophy, wisdom, passion, and emotions

I hope this year 2017, will acommadate this year's fast run

Rapping for 2017
Donna Bella Dec 2016

Beat Hit Me Like A Punch In My Face
Beat Broke Like My Heart in 00'
Words Lingered On Around My Heart Like A Leech Sucking My Blood

Made Me Feel Like I was Real
Made Me Feel Like I was Powerful
Made Me Feel Like I was meant to be here

4 Your Eyez Only

J. Cole Just Dropped One Of The Top Albums Of All Time, Of Course I Had To Write About It.
Aaron LA Lux Jul 2016

Reality Rap

Got another flight to catch again,
I don’t want to go,
not ready to touch down,
not ready at all,

a cracka with an attitude,
apple sauce from Adam,
Deviled eggs eaten outta the Hand of God,
and Angel food cake served by Satan,

cake cake cake debate is hardly worth a retort,
the frosting is awesome I’ll even take it on the tort,
or tart Peter Park no Spiderman,
bitten by a scorpion on my right hand,

and these aren’t just rhymes,
they’re Reality Rap,
and if you like this,
well you’re gonna love that,


no Ratpack just some facts that,
wrap their words around tangible things that seem abstract.

It’s all math,
it adds up if you can add,

exactly to the 1’s with the 0’s,
like the Matrix I don’t wait take the best first,
I’m paranoid of all my hero’s,
while these villainous nerd birds peck at my net worth,

these villains are tools for the Machine that’s cursed,
these are all facts real rhymes freestyled never rehearsed,

they’re actual reality translated into the written word rhythmically,
I’m hearing voices in my head and their songs are sung so beautifully,

I love all of those ghost with moments of present nostalgia,
this is poetry we are poetry I couldn’t’ve done it with out ya,

I love you I love you,
I know you’ve heard it before,
no love is too much,
once that love is no more,

got another flight to catch,
and I’d really love to stay and explore,
all of our everything’s together for sure,
but away in this world on another world tour,

and on that note I gotta go,

got another flight to catch again,
I don’t want to go,
not ready to touch down,
not ready at all…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

Volume 1
The H Trilogy
I just published a new book.
If you could take a moment to check it out,
and even write a review it'd be most appreciated.
All profits go to a charity that prevents sexual assault against children.
So not only are you getting an epic book of poetry,
but you're also supporting a good cause.
Thank you SO much!

Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I4621OE

The Life...
Poetictunes Dec 2015

Just a black nigga to y'all.
But a hero to me.
A thug to some.
But a poet I see.
Violet and Hard.
But I see passiveness and heart.
Legendary forever you'll be.
A poetic Thug who made history.

Poetictunes Dec 2015

He is beautiful and poetic.
Sensitive and creative.
I bet if he hugged me
I'd feel secure
So perfect that I'm afraid I'm not worth it.
I wish he knew.

It's about Drake. ❤ #ovo
Anthony Walters Sep 2015

The crisp, nippy air and tired, grey clouds embrace me and I don't want them to let go.

A cotton sweatshirt, denim jeans, and skate shoes can only keep me so warm and safe. Then I'm vulnerable. I become transparent. It's so liberating to be honest, but it feels even better to share this. And that is something I usually don't.

But if it's with her, what do I really need anyway? Confidence, approval, guidance, renewal? Chance said 'there ain't nothin' better than fallin' in love,' so now it makes total sense why it's my favorite drug.

Autumn is coming to Chicago, and I'm melancholy.
Katie Oct 2014

got that opiate itch
can be quite a bitch
unwashed hair
just don't care
I gotz mad rhymes
just call me KT rhymes

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