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Kai 3d
to define it is hard
but you will know
once you communicate
through eye contact
from thirty feet away
before you're bursting
with peels of laughter
Donna Oct 5
Fuzzy wuzzy boo
Wimble dimble bingo bim
****** zooney woo
X one of those days :)
You need to stop swimming.

that drag on your foot
is only going to get stronger
when your arms tire
and you can move no longer
the current will take you

and you will learn
that the lifeguard
was only a cardboard cutout
glistening in the sun
a false beacon
with a love that grows soggy
with each passing wave

and with a groggy slur
you swallow mouthfuls of salty water
filling lungs
you will learn
too much of anything
will see you drown.
I should just avoid the water altogether, but I think I'm addicted to getting carried away. When I look down at the hands wrapped around me, holding me up, red hair billowing in the wind, it's finally clear that I'm the one carrying myself away.
Silly smile gives out all the secrets.
Amanda Sep 24
Roses are colored red
Also can be blue
Artificial dyes turn white ones
Into shades of every hue
A silly note I wrote after I found a rainbow pen at work hahaha
Oh, why you so silly and naive. They cannot give you what you need.
Donna Sep 19
I visited a
sauna but wasn’t impressed
It was too foggy

Silly one again it’s fun to write silly poems it helps ease my anxiety x
Donna Sep 19
What does a dog and
a tree have in common , they
love a good old bark

A cheery up happy poem :)
Jeff Lewis Sep 13
What do I do to prove my worth and show my love for you?

I might ride a mighty raging steed to defend my maiden’s honor.
I could.
Well, maybe not. I’m very bad with horses.
I’d just fall off and bust my ***.
It would be a bit absurd.

I could pick you every daisy, rose, and mum; every flower in the world.
I could.
And make a huge bouquet.
But that would make you sneeze, I think
and no one else has flowers.

I could bring you down the moon and stars from their home up in the sky.
I could.
But where the hell would you possibly put them.
Your closet can’t have near the room,
and it’ll cause havoc in the tides.

I could give you the beating heart from my chest to prove my endless love.
I could.
For truth, no—I don’t think I could.
I kinda need it now to live and,
well, frankly that’s really rather gross. I mean…yuck.

How do I prove my love for you and convince you of my worth?

I hold your hand.
I hear your voice.
I kiss your lips.
I give you all my time.
For such a love as you
I could.
Life is better if you embrace the absurd, I think. It can broaden the possibilities and sometimes make you smile.
I kinda really don’t want to be,
But probably maybe should be,
Slightly considering possibly,
Going to work out in the gym.

I know I actually ought to be,
But sincerely don’t think should be,
Contemplating eventually thinking about,
Reading that book on my shelf.

I just don’t want to think to be,
Partially doubting I could be,
Theoretically almost clumsily,
Trying to somehow be myself.
Everyone has something they almost kinda don’t really somehow eventually might want to sometimes possibly do.
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