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You're old and yellow
A crooked fellow
and still support me so

I keep you covered
Like a secret lover
I guess that you should know

When you're in pain
I cry too

I hate to see you
black and blue

I love your friends
You keep them close

Just know it's you
I love the most

I can barely see you
far away
I gaze down towards the floor

I can't reach you
as you lay
Can't help you anymore

I hate to say this
but I need help
to keep you nice and neat

My Right big toe
I love you so
You're the anchor of my feet
If I won the lottery I would pay someone to tie my shoes.
K D Kilker Apr 7
Bread heels have feelings,
and Roombas do, too;
they've noticed your work
and want to thank you.
It might feel silly,
and some may remark
that your efforts are
wasted--but snark, we
have enough of in the
world, so keep your strange,
small displays of good.
Mr Amoeba Mar 13
I remain silly
While horrors are eternal
wrote this exhibit
neth jones Feb 15
two barks don't make a bite
it takes two dogs
to make a dogfight
neth jones Jan 23
c o n t a c t
up-stairs roof-top
toe-tips the-edge long-drop
flourish/ball-lightning echo-foxtrot
plunder/of the gods/thunderous once more
glance-down and it’s merry-go-round
vertigo      lost - and - found
you shout my name
c o n t r a c t
impact   cement
face-torn to shape a smile
laugh      'after a while crocodile'
; the last witty thought my mind does attract
devil  pact         and  the  gravity
mortally  i n v e s t e d
arrested     now
c o n t a c t
neth jones Jan 1
tips, brushes and spills and the willingness of physics
dip the quill
blending a full face of colours trippy
tipping my crown, my head,
my thinker becomes      creation winning
i wink   faithfully lacy    into the universe    pirouettes and eddies
i divide myself    couple and quad and oct..
flood my breeding into the cosmos
spoon-feeding      peddling out into the mutter
the great relax of the creative meddle
written for a 'picture prompt' competition. the picture was a painting of a human face made of galaxy swirls and outer space features.
neth jones Dec 2022
eyes are
quite gelatine
mending bubbly detail
mocking  up  fact   to suit user
/the ears ?  crinkled dishes of pinkened veins
robbing blood to probe the gossip
/digits  bud on the feed
in polyp growth
and ****** a
pepper mill from off the
coffee table/tongue  leeches lips
retaining massaged notes from food oils past
/spatting nostrils   puncture the air
punching out breath purling
inhale a stressed
Filomena Aug 2022
Irritable bowels.
I'm dressed in only towels.

As my face is scanned,
I have a better hand.

A compliment is hushed.
I guess I'm straight flushed.
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 31.
neth jones Jul 2022
i awake from dreams about not eating certain things
and eating certain other things  ....i wake

i dream sub-marine
submariner flossed at sea

i lost the race
astronaut untraceable
pacing out a heartbeat

obscene dreams
by the plunderful

digging like a thirst
carving out a craving
digging like a dog
ever unquenchable
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