I had soup today
Tomato flavour to be exact
I asked the sky
Do you want some
The sky replied
No sweetheart
The sun as enough soup
To feed the whole of the day

Something different for a change :)

I love your slender
legs and the way you walk
along the windowsill

I know this is rather weird but I think vertical blinds are so funky :) it just popped in my head as I relaxing on sofa :)

Hell is in utter chaos
for high upon a lintel
a naughty daemon crept
and hung a piece of tinsel.

© Pagan Paul (13/01/18)


the word thesaurus
sounds like a pre-historic

:)thesaurus is great but I don't use it much only if I don't understand meaning of a word but it's name sounds like a dinosaur silly I know x
Allen Faust Jan 8

The house is a mess,
as dirty as could be!
There's dust everywhere,
I cant find the tv!
We've looked all around,
but we cant seem to find
my poor little brother
I'm going out of my mind!

Comments and criticism appreciated.
Donna Jones Jan 7

I saw a cat
on a roof
it had one tooth!
It had a fish
in its mouth
and tried to get
in my house!
I said clear off
and take that fish back home
back to its pond
where it's not on its own!
But the problem was
it was not a fish but a whale
and at end of the garden
is where it's tail lay!
So I hired a truck
whilst I was on phone
to take this big whale
all the way back home!
I parked on a beach
right next to the sea
and was surprise at the whale
who was as light as a pea!
I looked at the cat
with squinted eyes
who suddenly began
to sing song of chives!!!
I have no morale of this tale
but all I can say is
imagination is pow wow

a slight manic moment I thinks :) x

if love is a Flower
I want to be buried  meadow

if love is a sound
I want to sing it for the rest of my days

if love is an aroma,
I want to float upon it

if love is art
I want to live in museums

if love is pain
I never want to be numbed
                                                   If Love Is...
if love is a trap,
I'm willingly defenseless

if love is a mystery
I'm on the case

if love is a joke
I'm a jester

if Love is Supposedly Real then Why is it that You Live in My Dreams?

inspired by a quote " is love is the sea, I never want to surface.." something like that. I created this with help but I made a funny story. Inspired by twin peaks and the constant urge of wanting to love and be loved. It's okay to go slow.
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