Lunar 1d

Monday, 24 July,
10:02 PM

I was asleep for a while on my study desk
until suddenly I stomped,
remembering that
I haven't texted you all day long.

I was looking for your name in the list
I supposed to named you "Sweetheart"
and I was looking for "Sweetheart" at first
and there was no such name.

till I remember that I've changed it
to "Stop", since you left
It was a friendly reminder for me
to stop texting you

How stupid am I?
I forgot that
we're now no longer together.

Then I take courage
and looking for "Stop"
and found out that
there was another girl
in your profile picture

I am no longer your sweetheart –and so you are
and by that time I know
I really have to stop

It feels like we're still together

Silly girl, did you not know fear is of the mind?

You can be freed.

If you simply chose to be.

If it was only ever that easy.

© 2017 Claire Meakin
All rights reserved

Doing a moony
in night sky , I think god is
in a cheeky mood

Fun one :)
Donna Jones Jul 19

recycling bag
rustles in bellowing wind
ready for a change

Inspired by recycling bag and breezy winds x
Donna Jones Jul 16

Loving all the space
The moon highly recommends
To go IKEA

IKEA is a big furniture store that caters for saving space , just my sense of humour being silly and dipsey but hey it was fun to imagine and write :)
Donna Jones Jul 16

I baked a jacket
potato but the jacket
was to small for me

I need to bake a lot more potatoes for jacket to fit me :) silly fun one xx inspired silliness from cooking jacket potatoes for dinner x
Julie Jul 16

Dear Chocolate,

You come in many shapes and sizes,
Sometimes with fillings full of surprises.
Whether you're dark, brown or white
You never fail to make my day bright.

Now that you're so close at hand,
I'm finding it hard to withstand.
I'm sorry, you're too good of a bait
It's now time for me to annihilate.

Shashi Jul 14

He was a lost star.

When he met her,
he finally found his galaxy.

Short Tales of Love #6
'Love is a silly thing' :P
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