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Filomena 16h
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who walked off the job and said "**** it;
Can't work one more day
If you treat me this way
The boss and employees can **** it."
Classic first line, the rest is (probably) original.
Evie G Mar 22
The time would be 3:00, had it not been hidden behind the countdown
The wavering vrrrrrrrrrrrrr of the microwave is not enough to wake
The naive parental mind, causing the ideal image to break
The ping
Of the microwave waits
Torn between warmth and fear
It is this moment when the panic sets in,
for the door


the miniature metallic square
The pop of door
The stench of soggy noodles

And so she is safe

Until another 3:00
Hey there,
Playing with space a bit with, yk, for funzies. Any comments much appreciated
Daydreams are dynamic
Creative imagination
Colorful thoughts
float and dance
they really have
some super ideas
So can we please
place them in the now
Come on let's get it done
Let's get going
Let's put them on paper
Let's let them come out
to play and dance
Come to be
Maybe then we will
feel at least not just a
daydreamer ....
© Jennifer DeLong 🦏
Carlo C Gomez Mar 21
One night
I was a werewolf,
but that got out of hand.
One night
you were a peach,
but I preferred fresh
over canned.

The blood scent was strong
and on your collar,
or was it spaghetti sauce?
We meandered in
the lost city of angels,
but those women
in the maternity ward
were better shape-shifters.

Couldn't see if the moon
was full against
the polluted skyline,
(but I bet it wasn't).

Then somewhere
down the tracks,
the howler (that's you),
half a dream away
on some deserted block,
and flat on your back
like a pancake,
with the nightmares
stacking up,
and dripping
with strawberry syrup.

Or was it blood?
(I bet it wasn't).
Michael H Mar 15
with regards to me,
who would've thought I'd've thunk it.

***, wine or beer,
if you gave me a drink I'd've drunk it.

a biscuit with tea,
and I'll contemplate life while I dunk it.
Lee Aaun Mar 11
i won't forget,
when i cried you just looked at me
and what a silly heart of mine is—
it kept thinking,
you will pick those tears for me
and say 'i am here for you'
but you were just standing in front of me
like a stranger
pick your own tears
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