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Grey 18h
Pity my weary soul
Yearning for beautys' soft touch
Nothing short of miracle, you've warmed my heart so cold
Pray to all the gods that this won't hurt so much

A dream, dare I hope to come to life
Eternity searching for you, my darling
Reckless thoughts, will you be my wife?
Though, this would be nothing short of daring

I find myself worrying about the next outfit to impress you with
I find myself wondering if you'd be mine
I find myself waiting for the right moment
I find myself wanting to just hold your hand
I find myself willing to be whatever you need me to be

Dear sweet rose.
Silly beautiful amore.

Love be kind
Love be sincere and sweet
Love be understanding
Love be cute and caring

Pray I will, amore, that you will love me too...
I have recently been given the opportunity of meeting a wonderful woman and she is truly beauty. Yet her heart has been stolen by a man. And she has stolen my heart...
Bragi 4d
Let me grow young
I want to remember what it’s like
To find the playfulness
I’d hide,
To find the fullness
In my life.
To count to one two nine six five.

Let me grow young
I want to jump on trampolines
And buy all flavours of ice-creams
To imagine what it’s like to fly
When lava’s on my floors at night.

Let me grow young
Don’t let me forget what I have done,
Don’t let me grow cold to the fun
Or stop me singing songs I’ve sung.

Let me grow young.
Let me keep all my silly sides,
Remind myself at least I tried
To work beside the adult kids
For I don’t know how many years.

Let me grow young.
Being a grown up is just dumb.
Maya 5d
Wake up with a jump and a start.
This isn't just prose,
this is an art.
To weave your stories, through and
through, with
broken pen and missing shoe.
With mixed conviction,
perfect diction,
convicts swoon at your traditions.

As long as you believe
the lines make sense, they'll breathe
your soul and lack pretense.
Self-defense from knives to words and songs to birds,
o'er the roar and o'er the dives,
through the skyscraper's windows, break a floor and seek to strive.

Words are not just words,
I've heard many a stern voice
attacking a sturdy herd of
wavering wordsmiths who have
forgetten that they have a choice.
Alliteration counts as craftful creation
and the tale of poets shows it: these
sentences are paintings of a nation.
Decorating time and space
and all its stations of making a

You're a poet,
perfectly pathological,
hurting through rose- colored
opticals and bleeding for something
beautifuly better, just getting lost calls
but keep searching for the right letters; don't let the sands of time make you hate your written desert.
It's worth your weary hands.
silly rhyming poem for myself and all the others out there.
Anya 5d
I can be,
an airhead

And at those moments
all I can think

My amazing ignorance
strikes me dumb
It popped into my head and I wrote it down.
sleeping with a pen
in hand
past midnight
for Mr. Sandman
or  a dream to intervene
one eye open
dreaming awake
writing asleep
time flows through the hour glass
pens drops
good night
This isn't a love that can be
Put on speaker phone.
We're far too silly for that.
Easily saying the first thing that
Comes to mind.
One moment to the next,
Stunned slience.
Phone etiquette thrown out the window.
This isn't a love that can be sat down.
Kept between an ear and a shoulder.
The amount of time it takes for someone to leave the room.
Conducted in civil manner.
Attempting not to shout,
Completely losing train of thought.
Not sure of validation,
Our voices raise a bit.
By now you should know we shouldn't have to limit ourselves like that.
Denying a freedom that connects us to whom we truly are.
Our quirks, general weirdness.
The crazy looks from those around.
The laughs that get funnier each moment that passes.
By now you should know that we are the complete definition of crazy.
Often appearing in person,
Before one of us can hang up.
Laughing hysterically,
Continuing the conversation
At any given time or place.
This definately isn't a love that
Can be placed on speaker phone
If we have to applogize for what we say.
Afraid to be who we really are.
Isolated from who we truly are
sage Oct 7
such a classic!

Do you really wanna die
or are you just being tragic?
Haiku Donna Oct 3
I’ve sued my iron
Because it made my clothes flat!!
Now it’s all de-pressed
Fun one
Cc Oct 3
Whoosh...to the rescue!
Delighted laughter abounds
See! The hero's cape
Throwback tuesday
Haiku Donna Oct 2
The other day I
sneezed and went Haikchoooo upon
white sheet of paper
Dean and my daughter got a cold and now I’m getting it , Haikchoooooo , Soz I can’t stop haikchoooing ;) lol xx
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