Fog and black clouds surround the air,
Gloomy faces, tired eyes from weekend festivities,
Two empty days isn't fair,
We didn't fit in many activities,

Miserable, sorrowing over deprived sleep,
Eyes filled and thoughts weep,
Friday please will you remain,
Monday I order you to refrain.

Just a silly poem about Monday's . After all, everybody hates Monday's!
Anomaly 3d

I need to pay more attention in chemistry

instead you're all my eyes wanna see

So I began paying you more attention
And wondering if we had chemistry

But then you moved seats permanently

So I decided you probably wouldn't be into me

Goodbye to my slurpee dreams
JΛΧδΡ⑧Z Apr 18

They used to tell me all the time
The way that I'm living
Is gonna cost me a life
But it never cost me mine
Ridin' with the devil
He's a Mastermind
They used to say that I was evil
They way I used to giggle
& collected skulls
From whatever I would kill..
..I mean find,  it was such a thrill
Sitting next to my black candles
With skeletons in wax shadows
I still thought about Jesus & angels
And how it wasn't so cold
I was the bible story never told
About a lost sheep that never was searched for
He just wandered through the gates of doors
Bewildered, battered, & beleaguered
& I guess they were right
Because I felt the seizures
& I'm gonna die in the middle of Gods theatre
I wish I was the main feature
But I'm just the commercial that tells you to turn off your phone, buy some popcorn & grab a seat there
In fact I already ended and nobody cared
They just kept eating their tub of popcorn and applying more seasonings on top of the melted butter
Ridin with the devil
Was the title
A movie about an immortal suicidal insane life insurance provider
It only cost you one life to provide for the cost of five
If you succeed you receive the approval at your next gravesite
If you don't you'll just be remembered as that one guy that tried
It was scary comedy but not really
Because when everything is fake you don't take it seriously
I'm that one sheep, people count before they sleep
So tell the shephard you found me
I'm not lost
But at the feet
Of some red guy with horns and teeth
And he looks hungry and angry
Tell him
Its not too late
To save me

I wish God put one of them chips in me like they do for pets when they get lost. I think his tracker is off in his old age.. just saying  he's a bit slow to react these days. I might gotta put a tracker chip on him now!
Dovey Apr 17

Don’t stop talking
Even if I’ve yet to hear your voice…
Don’t ever stop talking to me

I want something silly
A drink-hot-coco-all-night kind of fun
‘cause all though I’m falling asleep in my chair
Our conversation sure as heck isn’t done

We’re gonna laugh all night
I’ll see you smile… right?
And hey, we’re still kids
So let’s play some video games!

I want something light
Chasing you in a flurry of giggles
That’s our ‘big plan’

You want something fun
Throwing pizza at one another
Or uh, something like that

And yeah, I’m gonna hear you talk
Even if now I don’t know your voice
When I do, don’t stop talking

Nora Apr 14

Golly, goodness,
My oh my!
You can’t leave yet--
It’s barely time!
What do you mean
You’re to be married?
How scary, oh --
Say, where are you going?
Don’t run away!
Look here, my darling
I cannot tell a lie
I’ve a baby in my bedroom
And he’s not a little guy!
Oh, god, he’s drawing near
Come quickly -- or else
I might become a leopard's feast!
Ah, yes-- one moment --
There you are! But
Don’t be angry, dear,
I needed you to
Drop on by. Let us go
Now, off to auntie’s
In the quiet countryside!
You might be late,
But I’ll be sure you arrive
Oh -- goodness, me oh my
We’re filthy animals, silly
So take this towel and
Rinse on off! -- Oh?
What’s that?
You need your clothes?
Oh dear, I sent them off to town
To be ironed and cleaned
Sit pretty in my robe and--
Oh! Dear oh me,
Here comes auntie!
We must hide baby
But he’s run away
Where oh where,
My oh my --
Now we’re in jail
What am I ever to say?
You see, I messed it up
Your plans, your night,
I dragged you here
To help because
I quite like -- love you!
Oh, what have I said?
What a fool am I,
I’m sorry for the mess
Sniffle, hm? Oh-yes?
You’ve something to say?
Oh tell me now, do confess
Y-you love me too?
Oh darling, this is too good
For it all to be true!
Let’s have another day of fun
But I promise, this time,
We won’t go on a wild chase!

Inspired by "Bringing Up Baby" (1938), of course.
DJColzz Apr 14

Many a song has been written about the girl
Stating how the sweet love of two will unfurl
How beautiful she is outside and under cover
She means the world to the one who loves her
There's a song,
That beautifully describes your cognitive thrill
It's by a band called Cypress Hill
And it goes,
"Insane in the membrane
Insane in the brain"

Because if you think I'm masquerading as two
There's something not quite right about you
Yes, there was a closeness of friendship new
But that didn't mean there was anything true
There was none of that other business mind
I think you'll see I'm not that way inclined
Your jealousy and spitefulness has to conclude
Your insanity is venomous and beyond rude
There's nothing, I repeat nothing, wise about you
When you present so many lies about you
You wouldn't know how to be a child of the Lord
You wouldn't know diddly about The Word
You can sit in church and praise all day long
It don't make you a Christian singing that song
Any less than sitting in a garden on my tush
Makes me blossom, I'm not the damn rosebush
You need to be locked away and kept an eye on
That acidity burning inside is what you'll die on
Your dissecting of the human soul by half
Now has me shaking my head
At how sad you are instead
It's not funny, but you gotta laugh

Ranting poetry is not my style this is more of a pisstake of a true situation. More like a therapeutic release. Please indulge me on this one as *poetic licence*
Demmi Joe Apr 13

I love spicy food.
Chips and dips
And chips in dips.
God bless hot sauce!
I would always go for the spicy option.
Yeah, I'm one of those weirdos;
The ones who love the slight sting it leaves
just like how it feel
to kiss those lips of yours
but I still slurp every word, nay,
every lie that comes out of it.

Your warmth comforts me even in the summers.
Even in the summer
when you told me
you didn't feel the same way anymore.
Maybe I should consider switching to mild sauce.
It may not be as exciting
but, at least, it won't burn off my lips.

My affinity for spicy food and, well, you.

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