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I dislike the comma
Whips words while walking

Placed between two words
Whips the former and warns latter to behave and keep space

The comma is a pain
I love it
When words walk without whips
And breathe Free
Is the perception
Of your hand when it is out of view.
My proprioception
Is tuned to perfection
And I hope that the same's true for you!

Although I can't see
My hand behind me
I can give all my fingers a wiggle;
It may not seem much
Very different to touch,
But with touch someone lets out a giggle!
A silly note I left for myself and recently found
Anya Nov 30
Shall I leap
Or step back

Retain the blanket of security
Or explore the uncharted waters of uncertainty

Say what comes will come,
Or grasp the minimal control

Free fall?
Or use the stairs?

One is riskier,
The other is safer,


Then, she says something to me
that makes me realize
my foolishness

We're in the age of computers and technology
If I'm facing a risky proposition,

Why not look it up?
Sometimes we make a big deal out of nothing.
Haiku Donna Nov 25
I got well spaced out
I looked at the universe
And got drunk on stars
Fun one xxxx
Lainey Nov 25
There was a young girl from Peru
Who wanted to write a haiku
She wrote a limerick that sounded quite slick
her failure became quite the coup!
Haiku Donna Nov 19
I went to the dentist
and heard the drill , so I done
a runner and didn’t
pay my bill
Lol not really I had to take my son dentist for check up :) but don’t like the sound of the drill , scary scary x
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