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Äŧül Sep 2020
Our petrol sedan,
Looks so elegant and

Now running in its 7th year,
Still appears so new and

Škoda its maker,
Runs on a VW engine and
My HP Poem #1888
©Atul Kaushal
Grey Feb 2020
I know that what goes up
must come down.

I just didn't think that our love
would decline so rapidly..
Dec 2019
Äŧül Feb 2017
My name is Atul Kaushal.
Atul has 4 characters,
While Kaushal has 7.
This was the reason,
The reason to dub me AK47.
My HP Poem #1447
©Atul Kaushal
WhereverYouAre Dec 2016
Precise, rapid movements across 
that specific area
Muscle memory expertly pressing
spots that fuel emotions
Responding aloud, making the faintest
noises with every touch
We text
Our melancholy passion
Julia Mae Nov 2016
my mind is rapid,
too rapid
because you keep running around me in circles
over and over and over
Leila Valencia May 2016
The words of the wind whiper 'Come my dear'
Sweep me off my feet
I'm struck by dazzling discords of sharpened breathes becoming beautiful
Galaxies of play swift through your hands
The electricity of communication shoots through your systems
Before the world says 'Hello' you breathe the stories of magic and wisdom
Born storyteller, walking on a different mental plane
Holding the air, letting it go with a blow
Traveling the sky and landing on my heart
But you can only stay for a day
But the words of the wanderer, forever may they stay
The play and love of a Gemini
Frank DeRose Apr 2016
How strange
That odd word is--

It rings harsh in the ears of the oppressed.
They desire it so,
Crave it.

But they are wary.
Too often have they been lied to,
Nothing new,
Not a change.

When desired,
It responds slowly--
A dumb dragon,
Mute and deaf to your demands.

Like a glacier it moves,

It begs patience.
"Stab wounds can't be healed with a band-aid,"
It says.

It takes time,
And incremental steps.
100 pennies stitched together a dollar do make.

But if we don't want change
Well then it comes rushing raging forth.
Bursting through the dam of our status quo'd walls.

Like a dragon it flies
Furious and fire-breathing
Foul-odored stench and a repugnant force of being.

Angrily we cry and wave our arms,
Flailing about
In the face of this fantastic fiend.

To no avail.

Change will slow for no man.

And all the while,
A poor, crippled beggar walks the street--

"Can you spare some change?"

How strange.
The thing is
falling seems to imply
something accidental,
something unexpected--
I didn't fall in love,
I ran head first, with the
intention that this would hurt less
than a brick wall.

It hurt a little more than that.
It's a good kind of hurt?
Rahul Waslekar Sep 2014
A strong individual soul
Stuck between questions and quarrels
So little does he know
About the world that surrounds him

Progress is rapid, you know
And there's so much that there's yet to show
The concept of an infinite wisdom is something we should follow

Why should one stay dark and hollow?

Get out of your bed and then city
Explore the reality that's yet to come
Life has so many ups and downs
That you would just love to nurture when it comes

A big revolution will soon begin
And you don't wanna be left behind
The world is changing so rapidly
But is your mind?
Just something I wanted to write and show people that the world is moving so fast
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