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Daniserena Jul 2020
A fancy tuxedo and a black leather glove for each hand, could this be Patrick Bateman? or punk in a band?
no, it's Digital Man.
Yes a real man, with a screen head of course, would you look at him this strangely if he was a horse?.
He just goes about his day, and people judge and take pictures of him in each and every way.
He just wants to be treated like everyone else, and not put on display like some little mouse.
Why is society so blind and judgemental and cannot see, that I'm just like him and he's just like me?
Julia Jul 2020
you have stars in your eyes
but i am only the night sky
so far from your reach
i am always denied
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I am missing a large portion of my heart
A lot inside that's been slashed apart
Forfeited innocence in order to get high
Need to understand it
Need to know why

Need a magnifying glass to see the clues
I'm free to find all the ways that before I did lose
Thoughts kept me on the brink of drowning every day
In the nightmare failing to take me away

I ate and overgorged on rich fantasies
Like colored candy ingested impossibilities
Needed more than temporary flavor
Needed a taste I could always savor

Feed my demons with an abundance of doubt
Awakened in body inside and out
Infestation of insecurity
Like plankton multiplying
Blooming in sea

Floor barely visible underneath clustered stuff
Ask myself why I don't care enough
Brain needs rewiring in the worst kind of way
Stopped feeling human
Instead a statue made of clay

To fix all that is broken is an unrealistic concept
Dance around things I'm not ready to accept
Cloak my open wounds
Hide pain that's only mine to know
Pretend underneath is as undamaged as the parts that show
Although some visible areas are not as unscathed as I like to think they are
Bansi Adroja Oct 2019
Wish we'd met at a different time
as different people
living their lives in a different way
lost inside a big city
with so much space to grow
into each others arms
a real meeting of the hearts
as poets in usual haunts
or suits looking for a thrill
after a week of number crunching
over beer, pizza
and enough stories to fill a lifetime
only pausing for breath
only pausing to say
ain't it funny
how we met this way
Talia Jul 2018
All my dreams are other people's nightmares
very unrealistic to anyone, but those people always have *** up for sale
because everyone's out having affairs
and true love to them is nothing but a fairytale
but, my biggest dream is finding the love of my life
and all they want and crave is me, and all I crave and need is them
to get married; our souls intertwined into the afterlife
while my head rests on his chest, I sit on his lap and listen to his heart beat like a drum
looking into his eyes would bring me under waves of pure bliss;
he stares back into my eyes peering into my soul
and without thinking as our souls get closer we kiss
our spirits aren't so far away, because I can hear your call
Aditi Kumar Jun 2018
I wish I'd said hello to you at the door,
Rather than wait for you atop a white horse, at the bottom of a tower.

I didn't recognise you.
I've only ever seen you in armour.

So that's what your face looks like underneath your helmet.
And your hair is curly
I never would've guessed.

I wanted to sing your praises
when you made my heart stop.
But all my wide eyes did
Was see you pass right through me,
Without so much as a glance.
It's no use waiting for a perfect person to show up and love you. Smile back at everyone who bothers to smile at you in the first place.
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
Love you find in fairytales
Is falsely portrayed and blurred
Knights and princes do not exist
At least that's what Ive heard

Happiness is a hoax
Impossible to reach in chances
I guess it all depends
On fair or poor circumstances

Boasts of castles are dishonest
There's no such thing as forests enchanted
These are hopeful ideas
Well-meaning people implanted

A story does fine to entertain
Listen closely when I say this;
A frog won't transform into the man of your dreams
And you can't wake from a coma by feeling true loves kiss
I've alwats been a hopeless romantic. Maybe it's all the disney princess movies I watched! **** you Walt Disney...

Written 4-10-12
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