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Bansi Adroja Oct 30
Wish we'd met at a different time
as different people
living their lives in a different way
lost inside a big city
with so much space to grow
into each others arms
a real meeting of the hearts
as poets in usual haunts
or suits looking for a thrill
after a week of number crunching
over beer, pizza
and enough stories to fill a lifetime
only pausing for breath
only pausing to say
ain't it funny
how we met this way
Talia Jul 2018
All my dreams are other people's nightmares
very unrealistic to anyone, but those people always have *** up for sale
because everyone's out having affairs
and true love to them is nothing but a fairytale
but, my biggest dream is finding the love of my life
and all they want and crave is me, and all I crave and need is them
to get married; our souls intertwined into the afterlife
while my head rests on his chest, I sit on his lap and listen to his heart beat like a drum
looking into his eyes would bring me under waves of pure bliss;
he stares back into my eyes peering into my soul
and without thinking as our souls get closer we kiss
our spirits aren't so far away, because I can hear your call
Aditi Kumar Jun 2018
I wish I'd said hello to you at the door,
Rather than wait for you atop a white horse, at the bottom of a tower.

I didn't recognise you.
I've only ever seen you in armour.

So that's what your face looks like underneath your helmet.
And your hair is curly
I never would've guessed.

I wanted to sing your praises
when you made my heart stop.
But all my wide eyes did
Was see you pass right through me,
Without so much as a glance.
It's no use waiting for a perfect person to show up and love you. Smile back at everyone who bothers to smile at you in the first place.
Amanda Jun 2018
Love you find in fairytales
Is falsely portrayed and blurred
Knights and princes do not exist
At least that's what Ive heard

Happiness is a hoax
Impossible to reach in chances
I guess it all depends
On fair or poor circumstances

Boasts of castles are dishonest
There's no such thing as forests enchanted
These are hopeful ideas
Well-meaning people implanted

A story does fine to entertain
Listen closely when I say this;
A frog won't transform into the man of your dreams
And you can't wake from a coma by feeling true loves kiss
I've alwats been a hopeless romantic. Maybe it's all the disney princess movies I watched! **** you Walt Disney...

Written 4-10-12
amber Apr 2018
you promise comfort,
but I see nothing but chills,
in your eyes.
Brent Kincaid Apr 2018
I’m sorry if you wanted something else;
A rubber stamp, a milquetoast or a sap.
I’m sorry my independent nature is
Like giving your face a hefty slap.
If it seems I am apologizing for myself
To make an excuse for the way things are
Trust me when I tell you what I am sorry for
Is that I have let this thing go on this far.

Dressing up in formal clothes
Won't make us into something fine.
As long as we believe a fantasy
Soon we will cross some kind of line.

I apologize for not recognizing the signs
That told me how you felt about love.
The idea that the two of us are equals
Was a thing you could not rise above.
You couldn’t accept truth was important
And only make what we had implausible.
The kind of relationship you wanted
Was not only wrong, but was impossible.

I guess it got easy for me to fake it
And walk around in a huge pink fog,
Pretending you were a handsome prince
And not accept you were another frog

I don’t believe the truth can be hidden
For but a very short while if at all.
To base a relationship on dishonesty
Will ultimately make the thing fall.
Yes, I ignored the messages you gave me
I’ve been through enough of this to know
That I was part of the reason we failed;
That this is the way it would have to go.

I can’t let you completely off the hook.
Your answers to my questions were a ruse.
I am not equipped with a fairy godmother.
I never had a pair of enchanted shoes.
But I was never wishing for a magic life
Just a hope that love could turn out real.
But one of us can never do it all alone;
Half of it will be about how you feel.

Dressing up in formal clothes
Will not make us into something fine.
As long as we believe a fantasy
Soon we will cross some kind of line.
Maxx Feb 2018
i had the sweetest dream- that rain was falling, the sweetest dream that when it ended, i ended. and rain was falling and tears were falling and i was smiling, at all the destruction left in my wake, and rain was falling. that day of my wake i wake up in bed, nothing has been destroyed there are no tears, not at my wake.

but it is still raining
consequences can only be imagined
and they will never be
what you imagine them to be
Emily Jane Feb 2018
it's as simple as you make it
or as complicated as you need
verbs and adjectives collide
into an information stream
perfection in a photograph
that I saw while scrolling down
wishing our love was just like that
with a hashtag that's profound
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