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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, no offense to photography<3---I don't like someone taking my picture:}

unfair for my ancestors and the great greats of the past before

them faces to stay unknown unrecognized in future evermore

call me stupid call me crazy call me insecure

but my veins fear that shoot to endure

eyes perplexed on captured focus

not understanding that optic motion only-in our century a bonus

mind entering a vacant slash

cameras must be abandoned gone illegal in that flash

Raven Feels Apr 26
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I stopped for a glare--then regretted the unfair:)

up on high

still feels they glide

inflicted on the mind

no fear no mercy in the blinding neon stinging light

already alone summoned my end

no upon that seat I nursed I wish to bend

look for far in the eyes that chaotic that ray

a crowd I leave in its uneven may

on my finger tip

a better fate for them to sit

Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, feel with others and make them understood:->

in her feels not mine to be

in her exclamations a secret to the seeking  havens I see

just from the beginning

I confess I blurt must

bring respect to hands of dust

undone by the noise

maybe breathed to the wrong soils

for me to you its a pathetic muse

for you to me its a phenomenal---an interlude

wrapped around a neck a tormenting noose

for the lines might be altogether attached

yet by the hearts ultimately snatched

yet the pieces left broken

swept under the deeps of the rug gone unspoken

strangling up to the muffled tears

been shed been dear

even when life is brought to its feet

still bound to magnetize

she drugs our feels

your moons---a blessing in a demon to the darks

not a silver not a golden not a dime a ricocheting stark

painted on ceilings

are you an angel haunted by the devils???

seems like God is unfair

sorting mindlessly things just for hearts to rebel

a past life you wish you could speak of you may

from them those of the brutal realizes to draw out through the way

disguised on the pretends

you pay

so **** miserable for me to digest to decay

what about you the owner

of a curse everyday???

believed to be a sad sad serenade

just from the no ending

where I await a second

I confess I blurt I must say

                                                           ­                      ------ravenfeels
riri Mar 8
it's unfair it's unfair
she has a heart of gold
but they treat her like she's just like anyone else

it's unfair it's unfair
she pours her soul into everyone she cares for
but they just leave her to rot in the flames

it's unfair it's unfair
she still has a heart after being wronged so many times
but they just keep doing it to her
maybe the universe is telling her that she should just turn cold.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 10
Living on the toilsome trail
A mere speck
Without flight
Or even the aid
From a friendly leaf blower
I make my way
Upon my belly
Born to struggle
But shaped to endure
it's unfair to give authority to someone to make you feel a certain way
unfair to you and that person
There is general treatment and there is my pain regimen. The doctor will do what they’re most comfortable with. The doctor will move at a glacier pace. The doctor will recite what he assumes to be policies that fit their corrupt agenda. The doctor abuses his power .  The doctor is cold and insensitive.  The doctor only connects me to a dollar. Doctor Dr. Dollar dollar bad karma.
01/26/21? In between a major shift change at my local hospital, one doctor thought it appropriate to judge me and deny me of what is written in my  pain chart.
I've become so dumb
Cause you make me blind
Tense for days to come
And I can't unwind
Tell me what you need,
I'll fulfil your dreams
Tell me that you're done
blowing off the steam
Tell me that you care
Show me your bad dreams
World is so unfair
No one hopes to win
I'll give you my all
Common sense denied
I'll break through your walls
Till your heart stays wide
I'll be all you need
**** this world, we're done
Take my hand and lead
Let us love and run
J Nov 2020
when I'm mad, there are no mess-ups
but one
I'm trying to explain
why do I resent
the fact
don't see me trying

it's hard to listen when I'm angry
I don't know you-?
You don't know me.
You know my stories and my ****** reactions
"I get that"
no, you don't
you don't get me
no one does
I'm losing myself
while you find yourself
I feel I can't say anything anymore
I can't say **** about you
I can't talk about my ex
I get shunned
you twist my words around
make it into something it's not
I try my hardest to stay on a good track
but God
I wanna rip my arm open
but that's hard
hard because everyone else around me does
and I'm trying to prove
I'm stronger than that
I try to be stronger
God, shut up.
shut up.
I laugh and laugh but it isn't funny.
but if I'm not funny
you won't love me


we haven't talked just listen to your music

is that wrong?
is it?
is it bad that that's the only way that things come out of my mouth?
they whisper
I turn it up
they scream,
I blare
is it wrong that the voices don't stop

my mind is something you will never understand
but it's okay
I don't either
whatever makes
you hate?
I know you have weird moods
so do i
so I guess I can't say much
sometimes J
just sometimes.

my whole life I've been shut down,
now by you too
I love you
the more we talk
the more that
I question your stories about
cheating and
being toxic
I doubt that
changed for me

everyone knows about your cps cases
and your grandfather

okay so I tell you things no one knows

but you tell me things everyone knows


it's always had my back
but anyways
that shouldn't matter.

I'll just stay quiet.

my girlfriend read this to me. she was upset about something I did(I know what I did, I was telling her about my ex again and she had every right to be ******* about it) So while she was talking and reading it, I typed it out so that I could think about it. We're on the phone, still, even after she's read it as if nothing happened. She thought that we would break up over it, that we would break up because she believed those words were things to break up for. I'm shaking a little bit. A lot of bit. She said "I knew that it would upset you." I'm trying very hard not to act upset. I think that maybe I really am the toxic one. I've been working on something for her recently, about how much I love her, but that doesn't mean much, does it? I think maybe I'm stupid. I think maybe I should be the one to stay quiet. For what it's worth, I'm sorry Sydney.
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