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Color 23h
nobody said life's
fair. nobody wants it this
way. but this is life.
Jocelyn May 21
I can't keep waiting.
Wondering if, and when it'll happen.
I just can't.
So it's over.

I'm prepared to let it all go,
The pent up feelings,
the hurt, the hope --
Maybe one day it'll happen,
but in the meantime it's eating me up.

Yes, I have feelings for you.
I will always love you.
But I can't hope for something,
that could ruin everything.
So I'm done, locking my feelings away.

I'll still look at you,
I can't help it.
But it won't be the same.
Even though you didn't know,
I feel like I'm losing a part of me.
I love you, I'm sorry.
It's over.
Liyanne May 14
Each day I wake up
And let my messages buffer,
What if someone chatted?
while I was on my slumber

I received the usual messages
From groupchat's of school and friends
I read each message I missed
Until the very end

I do this every morning
Unless I don't feel well
I put some messages in ignore
and turn off my notification bell

I don't know why I do this
Maybe I want people to see
The girl that had always been there
Hasn't been online lowkey

I still check my messages
To see if someone's there
I let my messages buffer
To find that it's all bare

That day, I learned the truth
The painful truth that scars my heart
Even though you're always there
You are never enough
Rebecca Apr 25
All I wanted was to talk:
to have another acknowledge these events
That tore my life to shreds.

When I did speak,
It was instantly flipped or ignored.
So I said enough, I'm not doing this anymore.

I will not give to those who only take
Or to hear my stories so they can create
A reality which would leave me
The center of their entertainment.

I am not a joke,
Nor is my life at any rate,
A show.

I admit I was clingy, I admit I lost connections
I thought were worthy of pursuing
Because I needed support early in the friendship.

They didn't know
I was in anguish
Or perhaps they didn't care.
Either way,
I was left standing there.

My screams were muted,
My statements unheard.
The help I needed
Was blatantly ignored

I'm now silent
To prevent these losses
Because apparently people
Don't know how to handle these problems
Nylee Apr 22
I always felt that i was rare
my name was written
for a beautiful fate ahead
i believed and I cared
but maybe I was just a spare
it is evident as of late
or it was like this forever
my eyeglasses weren't clear
so now that i see
as I compare me and her
and them, it feels so obvious
but there was nothing
I could have done different,
so I was blissfully unaware
I don't have another pair
and there is nothing to repair
it is a line to follow ahead
where life is not fair.
I saw a 10 year old,
Walking down the street,
With a handful of bowl
And in another a younger kin.
Chanting "what was our sin?"

I saw a handsome lover,
Beside a lonesome tree
Strangled by the memories
Of his lover who loved somebody else
Trying to stop how does it feel.
Writing up the blues to heal.

I saw an old aged person
Who barely can walk
He was happy, had a family
Not so long ago
Sitting with his basket
upon the sidewalk
With nowhere to go

I hope you think about them
If not me when you say
Life is unfair.

I saw a mother of two,
Sunken beneath a pannier.
Dreary eyes and a crooked leg,
Says the burden of life's heavier.

I saw a husband, a son,
A father of one.
Miles away from home,
Aiming to be suffice,
Guarding the border,
A few laughin' at the sacrifice.

I saw a man in a white coat,
People say he's akin to god.
Broken in tears saying
'There are battles that can't be won
For these hands saved so many
Now loosing a loved one.'

I hope you think about them
If not me when you say
Life is unfair.

I saw the dreamers
Quitting before they die.
Heard them saying that
they gave a million try.

I saw people dying in lone
That were once on the Billboards
At times there's no one to hold
I saw blind men crossing roads.

I saw the animals crying for the lost homes,
People fencing their little domes.
I saw the birds crying for the lost trees,
The poor cries and no one sees.

And yet you say
Life is unfair.
Amidst so much of suffering life goes on.
it is so unfair
that you can try and try again
and break my heart
it is so unfair
that i believed you.
i cant believe this bull
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