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Leah Carr Apr 21
We're here to help you
But not when you scream
Or when you cry
Or when you self-harm
We can't handle that

We're here to help you
But you can't tell us how to
Or give us criticism
Or say what we're doing wrong
That's not ok

We're here to help you
But we're not letting you have your mobility aids
Or your comfort items
Or anything that matters to you

We're here to help you
But we're not going to
Luvanna Feb 8
shouldn't be this complicated
why it feels like all of us
are in a race against each other?
who has the fancier job
who has the more sophisticated house
how far is the finish line?
RobbieG Oct 2021
Many out there
Lost souls at sea
To outside eyes
They look normal
No obvious needs
They manage to hide
All the unknowns
Deep inside they know
They are never really alright
Voices in their head
Like they have two minds
False conclusions fed
The difference between
Real, reality and self-made
All blend together to benefit
The justification needed
To love, hate and survive
Not much else exists between
Comfort found in perfection
Life is not perfect, explain
How does this go unnoticed
Mixed baggage all piled up
Years of suppression
Years of depression
Years of wanting to let-go
Suicide known, but refused
Never really been an option
Weeks of normalcy achieved
Days of relapsing and grief
Turning points amidst it all
Promises of good change
Made but never kept
Difficulty maintaing friends
Emotions on and off
Like a light switch
On the straight and narrow
Then back in the ditch
Confident in self and strong
Insecure and weak next up
Proud of self-growth
Disgusted with oneself
UMD: covers it all
Unknown Mental Disease
To each their own
Hidden beneath the flesh
Within the rib-cage
A healthy beating heart
Within the skull
A damaged brain
A shattered mind
A habitat to a disease
Still unknowm
Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
"I know where you live", he said,
"so it's best that you'll behave.
Don't get me angry or else,
I'll make you dig your own grave."

"Why are you like that", I said.
"I don't know what wrong I've done."
"You know what it's about", he yelled,
"you've been unfair to my son."

"But Brian is not the talent as you think,
he's insubordinate and mostly rude,
he will probably fail the term,
if he continues in this attitude."

"But isn't it your responsibility
to turn him into a decent being?"
"Education begins at home, you know,
although your kin might be disagreeing."
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Toxic together
They both want it to work out
Love is so unfair
Opposites attract I guess
Michael Jul 2021
An eagle calls on the dawn's sun rise.
As the living waken from their beddy-byes.
The hunter waits and sits and pries,
and sneaks to even skip surprise.
Feathers fall as the thunder strikes.
The crows, they caw at the bird's demise.
emma May 2021
It’s not fair
Why did you get to end it that way
What ******* changed?

I knew we weren’t perfect
But I believed we were getting through it together
I believed in us
Why couldn’t you do the same?

It’s not fair
Why do you get closure
Why does my heart reach everytime I see you in the halls

It’s not fair
Why does my dreams torment me with false memories
Why do you get ******* peace but you couldn’t grant me the same

It’s not fair

But you know what they say
Life isn’t always fair

And life,
it’s never been kind to me

But life,
Life always loved you
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, no offense to photography<3---I don't like someone taking my picture:}

unfair for my ancestors and the great greats of the past before

them faces to stay unknown unrecognized in future evermore

call me stupid call me crazy call me insecure

but my veins fear that shoot to endure

eyes perplexed on captured focus

not understanding that optic motion only-in our century a bonus

mind entering a vacant slash

cameras must be abandoned gone illegal in that flash

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I stopped for a glare--then regretted the unfair:)

up on high

still feels they glide

inflicted on the mind

no fear no mercy in the blinding neon stinging light

already alone summoned my end

no upon that seat I nursed I wish to bend

look for far in the eyes that chaotic that ray

a crowd I leave in its uneven may

on my finger tip

a better fate for them to sit

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