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imparo Aug 14
i know it's unfair
to have left you there
yet, silently wish
you would still have me
in case my mind changed.
Jeremy Betts Jul 8
Who of you can hear laughter in both ears, a devilish whisper from each shoulder
I dare say this two vs one nightmare is a little unfair, turn to tag out and there's no one there
My corner's bare, how'd I even get here? On my knees, can't breathe, please, someone return the air
Dark comes from everywhere leaving one light in the far distance, dead center and it draws near
Looked death square in the face and said, "you're no longer welcome here"
He didn't hear, probably did just didn't care to answer
No atheists in foxholes huh, who knows the prayer?
Do we even have a prayer?
Why bother with a prayer
It's only wasted air, there's no one there there??
Odd Odyssey Poet Dec 2022
Dramatic idiomatic mannerism
on manners of a man trying to
stay Christian

by trauma of a big size
Duly despised by duel of words
and the weapons of tongue;
They speak of harm—being a hand
of wars up in arms

Pop, pop, pop
could be guns, or popcorn
either making it home to family time
or doing time away from family time
daughters scream not seeing daddy in a while
In only the few memory cracks of memorizing
how she cracks a smile

But why do I waste a sigh
cut away by deadly thoughts
of Death's scythe?

Could it cut away my pride,
pried into private affairs
As life could be fair—beautiful
To weather fair circumstances—fine and dry
With it's fair reason—impartial and just,

But mostly life is unfair!
Ithaca Aug 2022
The bed is bigger,
The park is quieter,
The drives are longer,
The thoughts are louder.

Nothing shines as bright,
Nothing ends this fight.

I will make it through,
Because I have to.
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