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Dexter Jun 15
where I was rash and coarse
he was confidently unconfident
so sure of what he didn't know
he was all soft spoken words, wit dripping off of every word
I wanted his soul
I wanted to memorize the way his eyes twinkled with delight when he talked about something he loved
I wanted to be the thing he loved
he wanted to save the world
I wanted to be his
but I wanted to be the noncommittal sag and run and he was oblivious and beautiful
the world seemed to work against us while simultaneously not caring enough to keep us apart
edging us on long enough for me to fall face flat on the pavement of realization and while mending my bruised ego I sourly admit
I fell in love with an aquarius
100% written on a whim, much like most things I've posted so far
and yes I'm absolutely smitten with an aquarius
Elena Mar 27
She has glowing eyes
Gracing the land of skies
Where dreamy times collide
Lily Pad, her float
Lotus flowers, speak
Her fingers trace East to West
Grasshoppers make their leap
Earth fires off canons
As she prepares her sail
Green eyes strike a match
Do you hear that distant wail
Do you smell that burning flame
She certainly is wild
Arrows shooting higher
She was the Archer’s child.
Yaryna Feb 19

This winter I think about you, not about how it snows.

Not about which sweater is warmer to wear.

As a moonlight, you appeared on my threshold.

And why my life before you wasn't fair?

Read me as cards, spreading them on the bed.

Interpret my kisses as Venus's message.

You know, my name don't exist in those books that unread.

With you, there's lack of the air of a seamless atmosphere.

At night, the stars die away, falling over your shoulders.

From my skin, I wash away all the curses of others' hands.

Coin your name on my lips and do whisper,

That is me, your favorite of all pseudosciences.

Do not tell about me anyone except the Moon.

It's too intimate so that I live in someone else's head.

I am passionate and free in your heart, as Sagittarius constellation.

You're on my neck, like the chains of comets that are raspberries.

Promise, if I'm lost, you will be looking for me in your dreams.

In the labyrinths of the milky ways and thousands of solar years.

I will keep this magic in black and white pictures.

And once I will give it to universe forward for hundreds of centuries.
sage short Nov 2018
18 things I learned at 18

One book. Just find time to read one book.
Two friends is all you really need.
Three year anniversaries are magical if you’re in love.
Four “unhealthy” meals won’t make you gain five pounds.
Five college classes a semester is hard but necessary.
Six people staring at your blue lipstick will only make you more powerful.
Ten pounds. You might gain might lose it. Don’t be mad about either.
Eleven, the age I wish I was.
Twelve year old birthdays are strange because your brother is almost a teenager.
Thirteen times. You’ve changed your mind about the future eight times.
Fourteen times. You’ll probably change your mind fourteen more times.
Fifteen was most definitely the worst age ever.
Sixteen Candles is apparently a good movie...still haven’t seen it.
Seventeen years old I was when I stopped eating meat and went dairy.
Eighteen years old does not make you an adult. And you only bought one lottery ticket. And you ate meat again to make sure you still want to be a vegetarian (You do. You almost threw up afterwards because you felt so guilty. So, don’t do that again.) You really want to go back to veganism but feel like you can’t. You’re making excuses. But it’s’re eighteen.
Nineteen is here. Nineteen years and counting. Nineteen years of mistakes, failures, badassery, and kickassery. Nineteen times around the sun. Let’s see how much more fun we can have.
My 19th birthday is this Sunday, so I made an ode to 18.
Meruem Sep 2018
It's hard to make decisions this week.
Am I blaming myself too much?
I know I shouldn't think I can muscle my way through,
Every impasse, every difficulty.

The sky, and the earth, even my own instincts are telling me to hold still.
I. Am. Trying.
Time is still indeed a mystery,
Stretching and bending.

Yes, everything doesn't need to happen at once.
But I just don't know what to do?
Oh God! Please give me a sign.
I wonder what's beyond that fine line?
A response to Week 39 Sagittarius Horoscope. Time check, it's 4:11 AM.

Come home. I miss you! ~
Omni Winters Jan 2018
How do I reach out to someone whose personality is trapped behind closed doors?

How do I ask questions that will give me all the right answers?

[He's] a wolf behind the sheep.

A slightly sensitive being behind the introverted, intelligent twins, and the independent, strong archer.

© 2017 Omni Winters
October 10th, 2017
simone Nov 2017
one day, buy art supplies instead of clothes

choose not to trust many of those around you, except for the stars and strangers
love them more than yourself
let yourself feel something else
just for a month

it does not take a year to rewind
only a mindset
it’s all temporary if you want it to be

look at what only you want so see
take your life back and listen
hear the wind
and go with it.
idk anything about astrology but i want you to feel something good for once
Story Oct 2017
I run laughing into night
You try to follow but
I’ve taken flight

I run laughing into night
You can seek but
I’ve dimmed my light

If you've got the vision
I'll be in sight, but

I'll always
Run laughing
Into night
Lynn Al-Abiad Jun 2017
Yes, I am crazy.
I am a fire, I do things I shouldn't do, I don't listen to good advises, I venture here and there, I listen to everyone and talk to no one, I touch people I shouldn't touch, I get undressed inappropriately, I run away to places only I know of, I lose myself in a long car ride, I always take the long way home when driving, I go to the beach and stay in the sea all day, I cut my hair when a story ends, or get a tattoo, I build walls in people's faces and destroy them when I feel comfortable around them, I spend more money than I make, I hop into strangers' cars everyday, I wear heels and go for long walks, I take routes that lead me to people I love, I sit on the edge of mountains with my legs hanging, I buy dance clothes and wear them everyday, I play songs I fall in love with on repeat for weeks, I yell out of happiness, I laugh oh so loud, ...
I am crazy because I can't be contained
I am crazy because I am curious about this world
I want to die with not a single "what if I had the courage?"
I apologize to those I hurt and will hurt
And I love back all those who fell in love with me
But most of all, I hope I grow through it all
I hope that, on my death bed, I can tell every crazy story to my sons and grand kids and die with a smile on my face, die happy, with all my memories flashing back inside my head.
I hope I become a fire that eats everything it meets and grows bigger and bigger, without burning, without leaving ashes behind, only bringing heat to those who have been feeling cold for a long while.

- LynnAA
Fire Sign.

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