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Jaxey Dec 2020
that someone else
is broken
heals us
and that's just
messed up **** right there
Jack R Fehlmann Nov 2020
Ask it.

And mirror marked
Of grime, and dirt

Lines, white
Razor perfect

Eyes that haunt
My own

A simple device
Of a vice


I find myself
This familiarity
Strings to hands
Leading feet

Want, need
To not
And no longer
Be that one

This used to numb
Thoughts are
Are not

The intentions
Put to sound
Shaky tired voice

Help me

Breathe it in
While facing
His gaze is


Denial addiction struggles medicating disappointing failing sick weak disease excuses forgiving needs bad choices helpme
Jay M Jun 2020
Exiting a vehicle of fading black
Looking about
But not looking back
Eagerly setting out
With a pack in back

Only but a few miles to the real start
This day, starting at the very bottom
River of black rock and a strip of yellow paint
Below eager feet
Trekking up, not stopping for the heat
To the left, tall hill of dry brush and crumbling rock
To the right, a great rocky edge
Overlooking a grand sight
Of distant hills and the city

People ahead, talking of the journey
Laughing and prancing about
Soon I'm passing them,
Getting ahead
Eventually stopping to see the view
Only to hear a distant shout;
A name, called in the wind

Time to turn around?
Leave before it has truly begun?
Sad, indeed it is,
For it was with great disappointment
And great sadness
That lay deep in my chest
As we dragged down the hill
Maybe another day to complete the rest
But oh, this day is not that day.

- Jay M
June 28th, 2020
For Father's Day my family went hiking. It was supposed to be a total of 9 miles, but my family got tired once they almost reached the 0.6 marker. I went ahead, happily, but had to turn around and go back down with them. It was sad- I had hoped so much to go on a long hike. Maybe another day.
AestheticAbi Apr 2020
im not sad
nor mad

just disappointed
since im the one youre avoiding

I understand youre hurt
just dont make me feel like im the ****
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
It's like a silent road
Everything has been stopped.

Without having a hope or a dream and being free
But it's like walking blindly.

Things are never going to happen
As I thought
How it supposed to be.

Finally realised that
It is like a mirage

Because disappointing it seems
to keep our dreams
and our thinking in our mind.
'Silent road' one of my favourite poems and related to present situation of the universe.
Philomena Jun 2019
If you cut me open what do you think you would find?
Two gasping lungs?
A beating heart?
What do you expect to find inside me?
I'm so very sorry to disappoint
I've beaten you at your own game
Truth is I opened myself up a long time ago
Just to see what flesh looked like below skin
And as it would seem
I'm empty inside
CM Lee Feb 2019
It’s really disheartening
The way people are being
They only love you at the beginning
And they chew you up the next thing
They spit you out after they use you
They forget everything right that you do
They take your air until you turn blue
Turns out, people are worse than you knew

It’s really disappointing
The way spiders keep you spinning
They bind you up till you’re hurting
Keep you in a shelf until they start eating
They make you wait for your death
Mercilessly, they take your last breath
What’s worse is you don’t even have a death bed
Your awake but all of you is spent

Like a lake without water
Like a pen without a paper
They left me like this, more alone than ever
I just wish I could be happier
But I promise myself, this is the last time
I’ll never again let them take what’s mine
My sanity is all that is left in my mind
And I’ll bury it somewhere even I can’t find
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