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Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
It's like a silent road
Everything has been stopped.

Without having a hope or a dream and being free
But it's like walking blindly.

Things are never going to happen
As I thought
How it supposed to be.

Finally realised that
It is like a mirage

Because disappointing it seems
to keep our dreams
and our thinking in our mind.
'Silent road' one of my favourite poems and related to present situation of the universe.
Millie Jul 2019
My approval driven state confused them
But with each disappointment I felt the weight of the ones before
Cement filling my ever heavy chest
Philomena Jun 2019
If you cut me open what do you think you would find?
Two gasping lungs?
A beating heart?
What do you expect to find inside me?
I'm so very sorry to disappoint
I've beaten you at your own game
Truth is I opened myself up a long time ago
Just to see what flesh looked like below skin
And as it would seem
I'm empty inside
Ruheen Apr 2019
Down                                                                 I trusted you, but -
          D                                                               You promised me, but -
                   W                    I fall from the sky, and -
                        N                You let me fall, and -
                                 DON'T                                 I didn't jump, and -
                                      L                              You pushed me over, but-
                                       T                     I'm disappointed, but -
                                         ME              You're disappointing, and -
You let me down
Well. Read it, however. I don't know. I don't care. It just is.
CM Lee Feb 2019
It’s really disheartening
The way people are being
They only love you at the beginning
And they chew you up the next thing
They spit you out after they use you
They forget everything right that you do
They take your air until you turn blue
Turns out, people are worse than you knew

It’s really disappointing
The way spiders keep you spinning
They bind you up till you’re hurting
Keep you in a shelf until they start eating
They make you wait for your death
Mercilessly, they take your last breath
What’s worse is you don’t even have a death bed
Your awake but all of you is spent

Like a lake without water
Like a pen without a paper
They left me like this, more alone than ever
I just wish I could be happier
But I promise myself, this is the last time
I’ll never again let them take what’s mine
My sanity is all that is left in my mind
And I’ll bury it somewhere even I can’t find
M Salinger Jan 2019
You used to be
the air that breathed
into my lungs, now
it's full of thick fumes

it dangles between my fingers,
burning bright
& precarious,
like us

a long exhale, leaning back
my legs crossed,
because that used to
be yours too

smoke blurs my vision,
as I realize I've swapped
one bad habit
for another

and that the smell
of tobacco and cold air,
makes me feel
close to you

ash begins to fall and the heat
gets closer to my fingers,
the further I wander
through memories of you

and when the ember
threatens it's presence,
I'm awakened to the reality
that you burned away the same

as every cigarette
I've replaced
on my lips
I went to the canyon
To see the sights
To read the writes
To meet the heights
The heights were high
The lows were right
But something didn’t click

The tears didn’t run
The breath wasn’t taken
Yeah it was cool but I’m not mistaken
I wanted to be blown off that cliff
But the wind fell short, the air was stiff

Never have I met my sense of awe
I hope we’ll meet someday
I’m holding out hope that I find my strike
That I’ll be blown away
I was trying a new style with this one. It’s more rhyme oriented. This one might seem stiff but I’ll get more comfortable with it. I want to diversity my poetry a little bit.
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