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The load that I carry on my shoulders
With each step, grows heavier,
I am climbing a hill and I need to push it uphill,
I must set it down.
I have to reach the top of the rocky tor
I do not want the boulder to roll downhill.

At this moment
Instilled in my mind is the worthiness of my task,
My heart too harbours sincere intents,
Armed with these I will push the boulder uphill
To plug the leak the gushing stream has caused,
Its waters have swamped my beautiful world.
Bibby 3d
I sought comfort in the arms of strangers and suddenly became a stranger to myself.
Be careful how much of yourself you give.
All my life I have prioritized others instead of myself every time.
Be it money, time, help, giving, and love.
I love humanity more than myself, and more than often...I have ignored the pain of being used or taken advantage of.
I hate admitting to myself that I need to take care of myself too, just because it feels selfish.
But after helping so many, there came a point where I looked around and asked myself, "Who am I?"

Helping others...
But I lost a lot of energy and used my years building other people instead of my own.

I really hope this doesn't sound arrogant.
Because it's literally the last thing I care to be.
Bibby 3d
Don't be at war with your reflection in the mirror,
A piece of glass cannot see how divine the spirit can be.
She is reckless

She is clumsy

She is blissful

She’s my happy drunk

She’s my reckless ride

Hands tied

Eyes covered

We’re going down baby

Swaying frayed and freee

She’s my beautiful.
Sabrina 5d
I know
I accepted a long time ago
That I'm not good enough
But I'm working on it
For myself
So just wait and watch
As this unlit match
Burns an entire forest
With one ****** across the emery
Let them all wonder
How to put out the flame
That would tear down anyone
Who stood in the way
Of her self victory
ren 5d
i am not talented
nor am i skilled
yet i have this dream i wish to fulfill.
i wish to be my own,
not wanting to be like someone else
even if they’re what i’ve always wanted to be–
my heart says to just be me.
with high hopes,
i will be my own
so the tears i’ve shed
and the feelings i’ve expressed
weren’t useless.
It's sad to admit but I've never In my life truly believed In my self never
was ever given any confidence
Whilst going up by my parents and It still hurts even today whatever I did a painting or a drawing they would always say
but then add your Cusson there's Is much better nothing was ever good enough that I did, made me feel like a failure In everything I ever tried to
All my life I felt like a failure not help by my parents who never gave me confidence
There was less of me today. Again I awoke with a piece missing, lost to the wind. Only I seem to notice these things. Maybe in time, I'll vanish completely.
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