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a dusky walk
through the middle
of the park
clear of
the shadows
of branch
and leaf
at its edges
the only light
stretched out
but struggling
from distant
lamp posts
or the
yet more distant
halo of moon
breaching cloud
it is enough
to plot
a route by
but not
with confidence

a leather flapping
tells tale
of bats
in their erratic
yet assured flight
by many
perhaps for
that very reason;
not flying
the expected path
I know myself better than you.
In my heart there is a banshee waiting to drown themselves on the shores of a beach covered in discarded glass.
Her body ragged, bruised, and gaunt in every view.
She’s sharp and harsh with every cut that may pass.
Her hair obscures her eyes with a taupe wash of strands.
She pierces into the tiny drums with a venom only meant to break my spirit and erode past the bones.
Into my soul she will cut with those talons on her hands.
I can’t progress without her because she is my cornerstone.
My foundation would collapse without her haunting inside.
She’s seen my cracks and my missing parts.
Instead of leaving me numb she waters my plants.
Together we craft love and we create art.
She raised the goblin in my head to laugh and dance.
He leads us through her pain.
It’s something that helps me smile no matter how heavy the rain.
He swallows the flames we light each day or eliminates the obstacles in our way.
His skin so full and flushed;
It contrasts so greatly with her hair unbrushed.
His eyes so clear, bright, and colorful.
I can feel the joy radiate so extensively.
What he gives so soft like the silky breeze she echoes back with a call so guttural.
I always valued him more so selfishly.
There would be no him without her.
There would be no parts in me without the parts I don’t prefer.
So before you tell me that I’m intense or too much;
I hope you see how important they both are inside.
They are more than the things you can see or touch.
They are every laugh that I’ve had or every tear that I’ve cried.
I don’t need you to believe that I am the right amount between too much and just enough for you.
I believe in my own beauty and wholeness; we all do.
I care more about my opinion of myself than I do of theirs
PYG's Whisper Jul 23
They said I should’ve chopped off my trust
They said I was too old to believe in fairytales
They said i was the dust queen in your castle
They said i was your unchosen card
They slammed the door of my broken faith
And left me sicker than ever
Her voice was louder than my prayer
Her face kept haunting my hopeless hour
Her lips were my bitter desire
And her name was my pen’s new lover
Hey you
I said show me the way to a merciful deceit
If i was destined to die frozen in your icy heart
I pled you to bury me in a cavern of lies
Hey you
Couldn’t you picture my agony
Poetry has become my dearest enemy
Done with my unchanging melancholy
Hey, do you remember
I married your demons
I ate your anger
I was willing to die for your life
I drew with you our thirteenth melody
I trusted your puzzling gaze
When you whispered hug me closer
I gave in but you weren’t all in
Hey you
I knew It was another cruel masquerade
As always I was the victim
of another maniac game
Your words ruined my illusion
You drowned it in the ocean of depression
I thought I’d be your salvation
But i was still an ugly slave
Who couldn’t speak your narration
You locked me in a silent cage
You burned my heart
You thought you could quench it
with your valley of apathy
But I was a loner in your world
Hey you
You told me that
I’m the dream of thousands of men
Thanks god I’m not  yours
The flood of my eyes is completely dry
I almost forgot the savor of my slash
Winter is sunny and so do my heart
My patience is wearing thin
No more drama
Vengeance isn’t my language
But I’m having fun with karma
Who’s the next crow
who’s willing to break me down
I won’t say I’m not at the age of this *******
Rather I’m not on the level
of those who’re sheepish
Love isn’t on my to do list
Scorpio is my name
And before knocking on my door
Know that I’ve got no room
for narcissists in my empire
I’m a Scorpio woman , vulnerable but  stronger than ever
You look like you could use a drink
Heavy pour of whiskey as you sit down and think
Seems your mind is on the brink
While all the other ships around you sink

High tides and heavy goodbyes
I can see the emptiness in your eyes
Stick around longer, we can all get high
Our minds are destined for the sky

Familiar faces now enter the space
You forget why you were in such a dark place
Add a splash from the tap just in case
Makes it all easier to chase

The window is open so don't sit around
The breeze will help push you when your ships run aground
The laughter in the air is an uplifting sound
Seems what you're searching for has finally been found

This takes place at a pub in Liverpool
Yemaya Jul 9
I could never love myself through the male gaze,
every part of me dissected into something that is nothing
objectified and dismembered into significantly insignificant categories
criticized, and ostracized from humanly functions
only to be put on display
as a mannequin.
there may
   or may not
certain colours
that the human eye
is unable
to see
an insipid
an unpalatable
each said
to be impossible
for our eyes
to process;
if seen
it could appear
in all manner
of forms
but would remain

they say that
butterflies can see
the ultraviolet spectrum
and that
the honey bee
sees in infrared;
and so
it would not
be too absurd
for a person
to dismiss
the "impossible"
to believe
in the possibility
of the as-yet

the only way
to perceive
these "forbidden" hues
is through trickery
and constraint
by forcing the brain
into seeing both
antagonistic colours
without reprieve
until the border
the opposing shades
finally dissolves

there may be
a truth
but it is hidden
somewhere between
the plausible
   yet impalpable
and the proven
   yet proselytised
I try hard to love myself
The person that I am
Everyone tells me I am beautiful
Don't know why I never can
I want to love myself like i did when i was little
I'm not straight out of a magazine
nor worth a different gaze

men don't faze
women neither want to taste

I'm somewhere in between
nowhere to be seen
this one was sitting in my drafts since last year
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