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Most people just follow, the thinking & directions,
From others, as they, try to find themselves,
As they pass through this life, of days.
Afraid of one of the hardest challenges, we have,
Stepping out, daring to be different, than those,
We hang with, their actions, and ways.
Someone, thought of, showed us the life style,
We act out, and follow during this stay,
Nothing is forever, always be open,
To different paths, the act, the part you play,
Like getting lost, hiking in a thick forest,
Life is a big maze within itself, much misdirection,
Confused minds around, wanting us to follow them,
To confirm, their actions, becoming our habits, every day,
It takes confidence, strength & knowledge,
To explore, our own direction, and ways.

                                                                                                                 Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                                         5/30/2020 AD 2:15 PM
Grace 4d
i have my mother's skin
freckled and fair
my dad's nose
sloped and refined
my grandad's curiosity
vibrant and pestering
and my grandmother's voice
poetically overflowing

i have my mother's emotions
capricious and antagonistic
my dad's perfectionism
bleek and disciplined
my grandad's stubbornness
punctuated and impervious
and my grandmother's faith
gentle and unfailing

i am what i am
i am who i am
because they have raised me
Grace 23h
I am not fat
So please
Thinking It
I am beautiful
I am fit
I am so loved
Than I could even know
Could ever
At the foot of the cross
My soul
Feels the weight of a fraction
Of its worth.
A fraction
Is all I
Know, Because I cannot
The rest
May I rest
In you
At the foot of
The cross.
Think of this

I have loved
I have been kind
I know happiness
Even joy
I am not fat
But my life holds
So much weight
Could never
Comprehend the weight
Of the rolls
Of ocean tides
Ripples far
and wide
The length of His
Tides made when I give
His light
The measurements
Of my steps

The folds of my flesh
The mountain range
Because He made me strong
and wonderfully smart
and vulnerable heart
and soul of gold
Bits and pieces of me kind
and in my mind
and body
He is there
Weighing me
Pressing onto the scale
He is weighing me
Holding me
Heart, mind, soul
So much, heavy
Love you’re heavy
Filled out
Pregnant, no
With His love
You are my
Love. He is
my kindness
He is
My generosity
Overflowing between every fold
each year
Multiplying in
This is my weight.
Is being called “silly” really an insult?
Does it warrant an official call to apologise without one
moment taken to consider that the accusation may have merit?

Might we be so concerned for respect that we risk being out of touch with a few home truths?

Is it a problem to be questioned? Can we maintain confidence in ourselves whilst allowing our colleagues to make suggestions that may be equally as good.. or.. dare I suggest... better??

Are we risking the power of discourse in the fight to protect our “patch” or our “fiefdom”....

I don’t wish to fear the answers and hope we can exist to challenge and respect simultaneously... creativity is stifled when we don’t allow other angles to be considered...

Pride should not need to feel threatened... maybe we should aim our daggers at self-preservation.
Written after a long day at the office....hoping we can let adults be adults and choose confidence over paranoia
So why haven’t I acted upon it and get the body of my dreams? The truth is I have, I am, and I  constantly fail because I am filled with fear and doubt. I constantly doubt myself and tell myself that it will never happen. There’s some part of my brain that tells me that I am not capable of it because I don’t deserve it. Why? I don’t know.

I fear change and the thought of going through painful experiences crushes my confidence and faith that I have in myself.
lmk if you want a part 3
I want to be able to look in the mirror and not look at what I'm insecure about. I want to be able to look at my body with love and not hate what I see. I want to be confident in myself. I want to be able to walk in a store and not have a mental breakdown when all I see is the tag that says “Small” and be able to hold back my tears. I want to be able to say out loud how much I weigh without feeling ashamed or guilty. I want to be proud of myself, I want to be happy with how I look without having to pretend like it’s ok that I look like this.

Everyone encourages you to be happy with the way you look,
why should someone encourage you to be satisfied with what you have
when what you are is unhealthy and lazy with no motivation whatsoever
Mose Feb 13
Tongue tied like shoelaces.
I don't need an explanation or proclamation.
Walk out the door without a second take.
Baby, don't you see?
How you leave is an art.
Zizile Tantsi Feb 10
I have chased after walls, smiles and hearts in this life time but I lost all of them.
Listen, I lost my sense words and worth, So I couldn't even send sweet nothings out to world, It was the masses that spoke for me, A bone or two I could have had. But the voices screamed louder than the symphonies of grace deep in my soul.

I left marks of anguish and turmoil in my trail but
Happily dug for the light under the soil
Only to find poisonous stares,
Stares of spite and unworthiness
By time, those stares became a stolen mirror image of myself.
I cried out to the universe in pieces of broken records, my pleas could have turned into gracious melodies but the lack of belief in the  letter "I" crippled that faith.

Anyway, I could tell you that this is the life I live, But since when does a caged bird live?
Tired and burned out I whisper, before I leave,
Could look my way and let your fluorescent light capture my weary heart
Embrace my arms with truth of the self, Within that knowledge I believe I will be reborn.
Remember to look my way and lend me that spark of hope to actually LIVE without regret,
Before I leave, receive me and mould me into life itself overwhelmed with purpose,
the essence of a higher being
The lack of true self! The poem is about a person who lived life filled with emptiness who never really got to live to their true purpose because they were too busy living for people.
Jessica Oge Feb 9
I'm numb, i can't feel
I want to feel pain
at least thats an emotion
Tears no longer come
my eyes are dried out

I've lost sleep
I want to feel guilt
that too feels like a stain
I want to scream
an empty echo follows

I question my choices
am i not deserving
All i ask is to feel human
acknowledge my rights
am i seeking too much

Faces of strangers haunt me
It hurts to close my eyes
So i made a choice
To sit and feel
To hold on to anger as fuel
To let go but never forget
I can't stop, won't stop
I chose Confidence.
bet on you and walk in confidence.
lover Feb 3
curl up into a ball but don’t cry
wear your favourite night gown and make yourself a cuppa
remember the time he stabbed you in the back?
yep that’s why we’re sleeping alone
what arouses your appetite?
we never have to taste that bitterness again
I’ve made up my mind
theres no space in my heart
For you, or anyone to own
A lovely warm cinnamon candle burns on my bedside table
we’re even warmer feeling that we can be our own provider
Play my favourite music, never have to listen to your **** again hah
my heart needed healing it’s a blessing I have to stay at home
it’s safe to say
yep we’re finally moving on💖
there really is a good in goodbye, don't read the end accept that things are meant to die
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