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Till my wife I'd never found a
place In a life that I could call my
own never felt I belonged to
anything felt alienated from the
the very society I was brought
up In, never felt I stood a chance
In life till the day I met
Oh she changed my life forever
or at least that what I thought
but for the time she was with me
the the best time of my life she
gave confidence showed me how
to love never has so much been
owed to such loving women that Helen surely was
Helen bought confidence I'd never known
showed me how to love
Erin Beer 19h
She stood so thoughtfully,
At the person in front of her,
Yet all she good think of,
Was the fat within her body,
Because opposite the girl,
Stood her reflection,
Because it wasn’t bullying,
If you told yourself the truth.
Nohémie 19h
You’re either here or you're out
Don’t go back in forth into my life
You can’t care
Here and there
Just to ease your peace of mind
This is just a random one I had in my notes
Much love, N.
A **** remark
extinguished her, there was
this sunlit absence,

his fingers scuffled
over the drawing board,
its white background

sent a reflection of brilliance
against her like a shield,
to where she stood

still not holding the candle
to him, to his wits,
his superior eloquence,

as she was shrinking
in silence, a wilted
violet losing its scent .

That’s when he spoke again,
very slowly and in a low tone
nearly inaudible

while his pen made a scraping noise
emulating the shape of her eyes,
and the gentle curve of her lip.

His words fell like ink blobs
onto her face and gradually dissolved
blotting out its contours.
i saw a woman in my reflection tonight.
she stared at me with a challenge in her eyes, she looked like she wanted me to dare her.
she craved my indecision so she could knock it down and build some sure in its place.
her jawline looked like it could bite anyone who said she wasn't good enough. her jawline screamed good enough, great enough. it screamed its beauty. it will not listen to you.
her eyebrows ran free. they remembered years of pulling and plucking and shaping into something everyone wanted, and they sat and sang, defiant, knowing they were right all along.
those eyebrows were ferocious.
her nose held still some child, the only part that wasn't letting go. it still wanted buttons and stuffed animals, it still clung to me.
but she wasn't letting that stop her.
she pulled my eyes down, i saw her torso and shapes.
she was stout. her back wanted me to say she wasn't tall enough, so it could straighten and take up the whole room. it deserved the whole room.
her chest was there, feminine, developed. it didn't care for pressing and pressuring, it said, "here is a woman and she is for all of us. she will fight for all of us."
the shape of her was clear. there was no trickery involved in making her human.
her hair hung forward. it desperately tried to claim some innocence by covering one of those indignant eyes, but that eye just gleamed and glared right on through.
those arms held nations at their wrists, and those fingers itched to point at what she planned to change. she looked like she could wrangle a child, a horse, a life. she looked like she could save you, or anyone.
she was already saving me.
she always was.
definitely looking for feedback and room for improvement on this one!
Amanda 6d
Made me feel beautiful
Yet sometimes hideous too
Held my confidence in your hand
It crumbled when we fell through
Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful
you are allowed
to break out of the old you
if it constricts you
like a pair of too tight jeans
you don’t keep pressing yourself into them
you go and get yourself new ones that fit
because your body keeps changing
and so does your mind

so who cares
if you had long hair all your life
and everyone likes your long hair so very much
take the scissors and
cut them off

who cares
if you’ve been doing this for years
but are curious for something else now
drop it and sign up new

you are not your past self
you don’t have to keep her alive
to satisfy other people’s expectations
you are allowed to **** her every evening
before going to bed
and rise anew from her ashes
the next morning
She is multi-faceted.
She is not a wallpaper.
If she could , she would,
but still,
she is a landscape.
Winks at him,
then leaves,
kisses another,
her intentions don’t comply,
creates as if they are crafts.
Voo-doo dolls
with prejudiced faith .
She is a princess
of all them towers.
She is a queen
of undisturbed motion
and vibrant colours .
Her attention span
is longer than her eyelashes
and lasts more than
your miserable
Bibby Nov 7
It takes courage
to lay yourself bare,
In a world
dressed up in lies.
Qwn Nov 2
Her being radiates faith,
and behind her eyes lay confidence.
Sometimes I envy her belief,
I resent that she has a home to go,
while I stand to freeze alone.
I'll praise her strength,
for it's something I'll never have.  
Maybe sometimes I wish I could believe,
but I am the way I am, like a blind man,
I can't suddenly decide to see.
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