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K 1d
Who's in the mirror-
Staring back with wide eyes,
Green and glowing,
By the question-
Who's looking back?
You can't be real,
You're scaring me -
Like a daisy sprung full bloom in the dead of winter,
Like a tiny needle,
A splinter.
You are fear and you ate my confidence for breakfast.
I'm almost sure you won't break through and take the rest.
Zywa 5d
Yes, I've a stomach,

I do not hide it: I am –

me and you are you.
“I am me, and you are you, as you can see; but when you do the things that you can do, you will find the Way, and the Way will follow you.”
(“The Tao of Pooh”, 1982, Benjamin Hoff)

Collection "Without reserve"
You should write a poem...
About the things you always do,
About waking up and tying your shoe
About your classes at school galore
About not wanted to do your chores
About not really knowing if you’re good enough,
About being weak and acting tough
About that joke you just said,
About that conversation inside your head.
About your cat
About that hat
About this, about that...
Yeah, you should write a poem about that.
Shoutout to all the people in my life who I sincerely love who constantly suggest poem ideas... Which I never take.
Zywa Oct 4
With wide eye shadows,

looking back at all the men:

my perky *******.
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
F A Pacelli Oct 3
you are not sure
insecurity imprisons
between doing and not doing
but do not fear
no creative genius emerged
from blind confidence
it is the unsure artist
who tinkers and questions
that creates beauty
and yet
carries on insecurely
Michael Ryan Sep 26
Some days, being me is a burden.
Not onto others, but onto myself.
Those around me do not respect me.
But when they seek memories of better times,
I will be the one they ask to speak.

Education was a tool intent on developing me,
instead it became the ropes that bind me to my family.
These ropes latch me to a home I have outgrown,
but no one allows me to leave.

Instead of vindication
I have found desperation.
Those who know me speak fondly
of my aspirations, but do not realize
that their praise weighs more than,
the stone god was unable to budge.

I lie to you -
true agony is not shelved upon by others,
it is the listless illusions I pander to myself.
The ambitiousness of decision making
and feeling that any course directed by my own hand
will end wastefully.
A few months truly out of undergraduate studies, and I fear that all my time/knowledge will be wasted on a life I do not enjoy.  I want to do things that I am proud of, and helping myself grow as well as helping those around me.  A simple life will **** me.
Elle Harris Sep 25
Whether you’ve been faithful or not
Won’t change the ambition I’ve got.
I don’t care that you cheated on me.
It doesn’t change who I will be.

I’ll dry my eyes and pick up my shoulders.
I’ll walk with my head high as you hold her.
I won’t let you stop me from what I’ll do.
I didn’t **** up. That was you.

I’ll reach my goal. I’ll be a writer.
In case you forgot, I’m a fighter.
Your biggest mistake was thinking you’re needed.
You tried to break me, but you haven’t succeeded.
The post-breakup mope is over. The bad ***** is back.
I created you to serve me
To be with me
Without you
With my breath and pulse
My actions do not vibe
There is no meaning or purpose
They do not rock my world
With any jolt or pace
Rhyme or reason.

Not that I care
If ever I lose you, O Hope
I know
You will never abandon me
You will always return
To keep your grip on me
On my works
And their outcomes
To ease my burden,
My life.
lake Sep 19
i can't run if i don't have the energy
it's no fun if you straight up just answer me
i'd thank you but i know that you won't notice me
so thank god for me, thank god for me
i can't lie if i don't know what's my truth
i can't try if i don't have something to prove
i'll win but i know i still have something to lose
so thank god for me, thank god for me
loosely inspired by this song i was listening to. i guess i looped back around to doing that.
Emir Sep 15
I’m not afraid to show my skin
I don’t choke with insecurities

I now show my face in pictures
In days gone by, I showed nothing

I walk with my head up
Previously always denying the world

I dress with fitting clothes
I forget what it feels like to hide in fabric

I look at myself, happy with my character
Prior to bleating with ghostly satisfaction
Reminiscing on my transition.
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