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In the midst of sea, we scream
Where are humans?
Where are super humans?
None to respond to our desperate scream,

In the midst of a sea, we are
A deserted island
One that can most likely be submerged or
Reach shores unlikely
By the events, we remain helpless
Being human less and with inhumanness

We, at the brink of death & last inch of hope
Expect miracles and wonders
Nature fails us
Kills our expectations, fills more sorrow

Nature fills our body with
Slow approaching death,
We remain as a secluded mass of useless disposed waste,
On a world that has a place for all the flora & fauna

Modern nations-the epitomes of peace
Wash their hands away remain
A hopeless, useless, helpless puppet

Ostracized from our ancestral land
Vehemently opposed and reluctantly accepted
We remain a displaced alien
In their eyes.

There are nations,
But where are humans? Where are humans?

A hope puts us to survive,
Where we leave a message,
As we get back to the graves.

We send the waves of final message; we fall,
Not as a disposed waste,
But as a Phoenix that falls as a nutrition,
For the soil,
To revive an infinite and eternal humanity
That stands tall as an undestroyable banyan tree
Unshakable on any crises

For humanity, we give ourselves
As dare-doers and daring self-killers.
Let's harvest the human hearts
With the ever rising flames
And give back
Our future generations the homes.
We lost and dreams we wished

With a thin ray of distant hope,
We dream to give our future generations
A world that has no,
Hopelessness of being helpless.
We assert
We are helpless, but not hopeless
This is a poem written by me on refugees, who struggle to live their life. This poem is written as a mind voice of the refugees, who escape from their home nations due to war, to save their life. They get to other nations through sea. Other neighborhood and distant nations do not give them a place to live, naming them as the terrorists and a threat to their national security. These refugees utter these lines being struck in the midst of a sea, travelling with a damaged boat. As the damaged boat further gets deteriorated, they start dying by slowing submerging into the sea. Their voices on humanity and desperate screams to save their life, fills the sea. Final lines display that they are helpless, but not hopeless.
Anya 1d
That elusive quality
Essential for success
Seemingly in everyone
Except you
I wonder...should I change the ‘you’ to ‘me’?
vanitas 3d
Even if you believe you’re not enough
What you’re doing isn’t enough
It is,
Even if it’s only for today
That’s good enough
You can’t put quantity on something like “enough”
Because every enough is different
Your enough is not someone else’s enough,
And their enough shouldn’t be your enough
Your enough is enough
Enough is enough
Let yourself rest
Because everything you’ve done
Is good enough
So don’t tire yourself,
By repeating it
; sometimes enough is enough.
Amanda 4d
I care too deeply for my own good
It ruins every good thing eventually
I do not sleep often, obsessing over
Meaning in the words you say puposefully.

I go on an intellectual treasure hunt
Kindness, love, and hope wear thin
Exhausted, too focused to stop
To take surroundings gracefully in.

Amidst the inflection and subtle gestures
Lurks underlying anger, spite
There's no battle, we've given up
No longer have the will to fight.

Get up, go forward, give it all I've got
Go to sleep with an aching heart
Repeat steps from the day before
A string of miseries I avoid yet endlessly start.
One often meets bis destiny on the path he ttook ool to avoid it
I used to think the world was fair and that life works itself out
But now I’m confused and my heart’s filled with doubt,
The threads of this dream are starting to unwind
I’ve come to learn the world is unjust and fate is unkind.

I always thought you were real but my perception was blind
Your blurring my vision and playing with my mind,
Slowly like the sands of time you’re ripping away at my soul
You’ve taken all I have, all that makes me whole,
Driving myself crazy trying to fill that empty void
But I can’t pull it together, my confidence you’ve destroyed,
You’ve taken my happiness and replaced it with hate
So much hatred and anger I just can’t take,
You’ve poisoned me enough, I’ll break down and cry
But never will I give up, no I will not die.

You will not take me down, you will not conquer me tonight
I will not lay down in my grave I’ll stand up and fight,
I maybe bleeding but take off that smile if you think you’ve won
A knife through my heart is nothing, the battle’s just begun.

There is warrior inside that you failed to see
A strength you missed while you were judging me,
She will not give up as easy as you think
I’m drowning in depression but she will not sink,
Through all the pain and criticism she will stand tall
When pushed passed the limit she will not fall,
I will take whatever you give to me
And with god by my side I will be free.

I won’t bow down to you and just take the abuse
You can’t break my faith, don’t try there’s no use,
So you can turn that smile into a frown
Because this is one girl that just won’t go down
Jaida 4d
You left me broken.

Because of you I judged myself a little harder.

Reasons you loved me were now the things I wanted to change.

Out of all things, you used my vulnerabilities against me.

Kindness was used as a weakness, but you were too. My love was taken for granted.

Even though I still loved you for a while afterwards i finally realized my worth.

Not only was i broken, but i was growing. And the new me was glowing. And the part of my life without you i just couldn't wait to show it. My confidence was my new strength and I had you to thank.

All because you left me.
we learned in science class
that pressure
makes diamonds
out of coal
there is so much pressure
to be perfect
I don’t want to be
a flawless cushion cut
bought from a velvet case
where I was kept on display

I want to be
the seafoam green
smooth center edges sharp
ocean tumbled piece of sea glass
someone discovers
on the shore
and says, she is imperfect
but she is exactly
what I’ve been looking for
Found a second home
Time now frozen in a click
Anxieties die
Day 2 of my course was so EPPPIIIICC!!!
How I feel so empowered right now!
Tired as all hell, but empowered!
I left home with a smile, came back with a grin!
Thanks so much everyone! I won't be able to read through comments and messages till
Friday and the weekend! Thats when I'll reply back and update the Masked Bard series!
Everytime I come home, I'm thrilled and exhausted!
Sending hugs and love guys!
Lyn xxx
Ms Noma Aug 5
Being unhappy
Stresses me out
I go all crappy
And fill up on self-doubt

It consumes me
It eats me
Unfree me
Let me be

Disorder and mess
Become my companions
That good old stress
I need to abandon

To live carefree
And soar to the sky
To live vicariously
Is to live in a lie
As a Teen
My path programed as a watchword
Lonely Monitored to be guided
Less worrisome
Maybe, because
I got experienced guardian

As a teenager
My path shared not to whole
Briefly monitored and barely guided
Bit worrisome to strive
Maybe, because
I seize to prove independent

As a youth
My path interweave with my career
Total responsibility to guide
Though worrisome when unplanned
Maybe, because
I penned my progress on it

As an Adult
My path for a companion
An illusion not to be guided by pretense
A worrisome challenge
Maybe, because
Love fades away as life progresses
Life is a progress,  a progress of actualization although if you are lucky, your path will be less stressful. Guardian love fades as we show confident.
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