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Lyss May 20
Im thankful for the hurt. I’m thankful for the pain. I’m thankful for the lessons provided. I’m thankful for the low valleys. Thankful for the tears, confusion, thankful for the lack of.
Because without any of that, I wouldn’t have what I have now.
I wouldn’t be confident on all the levels I am. I wouldn’t be nearly as strong. I wouldn’t be as wise. I wouldn’t be able to see that I’m now on the highest of mountain tops, and STILL climbing. I wouldn’t be able to tell my good days from my great days. I wouldn’t know the feeling of relief, satisfaction, and comfort.
I am so thankful.
Jace Joesph May 18
Speak your mind, but with confidence and respect.
Even if it may be out of you comfort zone, take it at your own pace.
Happiness might end up as a side effect.
And you might start to feel that embrace.
Ebony May 14
She has been called a lot of things
Some good, some bad

Fake, woman, girl, *****
Sister, daughter, coworker, liar
Roommate, best friend, kind, ugly.

Dedicated, beautiful, smart, loud
Listener, friend, role model, fat
Honest, pretty, caring, thief.

Reliable, ambitious, fast, broke
Talented, gracious, simple, dumb
Wise, wife-material, interesting, lousy.

She has been called a lot of things
However, what does she call herself?
You lost the day you started doubting yourself.
~Harshit Nangia
Andy May 11
As you read these words
You may be busy
At war with your drowsy eyelids
Struggling to hold them up
Like Atlas carrying the Earth on his shoulders
Its heavy weight making you want to surrender control
And allow them to drop down

You may be startled by the overwhelming brightness
From being accustomed to the dark
Never fear
You'll get used to it eventually
And find the brightness comforting rather than blinding
Drawn like a moth to a flame

It's time to wake up, sleepyhead
Today is another day
For you to conquer
You decide what will become of this day
And the next
And the one after that as well
For as long as the sky is up
And the sun still shines every morning
Each day is yours for the taking
Seize it
Don’t let anyone take it away
Wrote this poem this morning when I woke up, a bit drowsy but in a good mood!
Words' Worth May 7
If you believe
In yourself
Flip a coin

Stay out of jail
If it says heads
You're dead

If it says tails
You have made it
You made bail

Flip the coin again
Because the world don't give chances to cons
Jail is safe
Satirical one.
May I finally
Share insignificant poetry?
Long years suppressed, the quiet satisfaction reading my best-
Hidden magnum opus’,
Unshared, I never dared
Expose a blackened mouth,
To peers and lost lovers, so dear, who would poke at me
For I needed to be prodded tenderly
Wounds were still sore
Poetry being gauze,
The words as burning daylight
Falling from a young tongue
Calling for applause
A strong voice has now grown
Needing no notice to be great
For I create charcoal coated prose
Despite other’s hate
Many a friend has looked down on poetry, and I found myself hesitating to write due to this. But, I write poetry for myself, and no longer care what they think.
I know how tiring it is
to run in the middle of chaos,
catching your breathe
desperately longing for bliss

I know how you wanted to be free
from the thorns you embraced for years
to risk even if you see how rocky the roads could be
and to sleep every night trying to stop those tears

I know you're doing your best
to go and and look for rest
to escape from the memories that are
holding you back
plus the echoing voices which makes you feel bad


I also know
that every pain ends
you just have to wait and be confident
please don't get tired of waiting
until you see yourself blooming
Woman, behold!
the joy you've been longing is coming
This poem is for a friend. Continue moving forward! We are rooting for you! 🤘❤️
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