K Nov 2018
a scorpio, written in the stars
is ruled by mars

you can always count on us
to never make a fuss

and to be everlasting
because we're blasting

with much loyalty
which helps your reality

count on us to be your friend-
or even your lover

i know many people
can't understand us

but that's the way it
L Brown Nov 2018
I find myself lost in a river of emotions,
With no life jacket, no raft,
Just me,
Water up to my neck,
Drowning on the inside where nobody can see,
I put a smile on my face and act as if everything is ok,
But all I do is wait patiently,
For someone to save me from these waves of ways crashing against my face,
The longer I stay here,
I drift further and further away,
The bed I made was a river,
I had no intentions to stay,
I guess that’s what happens when you pretend and put in a show,
But the truth is out,
Now everyone knows
N Oct 2018
Remember when you told me you loved me and that without me you had nothing?
Well now it looks like you have nothing but a crippling sense of self-importance and a surprising lack of guilt.

Remember when you asked me to give up my future; almost all my money, my plans, my friends, all for you. You demanded it. Threatened to lock me in your room to keep me from leaving.

Remember when I would say no to something you would make me feel like the worst person on earth? As if I had personally attacked you; that I should beg for your forgiveness, for your love. Your love was conditional: do what I say, give me what I want and I will show you affection. But what I gave you was unconditional, regardless of day, or night, or every text you responded to with “k”.

Remember when you would feel bad and make me feel bad too? All those cold nights sat on cold benches with you being cold towards me. I set myself on fire to keep you mildly warm. You just watched and asked me to do more for you.

Remember every second day you mentioned the word ‘Canada’ and said how much I had hurt you by following my dreams?

Remember when you said you didn’t want to see one of my closest friends again? Or that you didn’t like my parents who welcomed you into our home with open arms and warm smiles.

Remember when you told me being *** was a sin? That I’m going to ****?

Remember when I helped you write those ******* assignments?

What did you do for me?

I remember everything I did for you; all those lies and excuses I told to my friends, my family, myself just so I could make you happy. And what did you want? More.

More ***, more time, more company, more  affection, more help, more reassurance, more ******* therapy from me.

You took all my energy, my patience, my love and what happened? You wanted more.

You see at the end of the day you didn’t love me, you loved the way I made you feel. I treated you like a ***. You treated me like a *** toy, a counsellor, an emotional punching bag.  

I see you writing things now, making yourself out to be the victim of some cruel liar who betrayed your trust. I broke your heart once. You broke mine a hundred times and would have done it a hundred times more just to get what you wanted.

Life isn’t fair. Maybe you don’t deserve to feel how you do now but I didn’t deserve to go through what you put me through. Grow the **** up.

I hope you see what you did. I really don’t think you’ll ever understand.

I only see now because I have met someone who is everything you are not; loving, kind, supportive, a gentleman. I know what real love feels like now, not just the idea of it. It feels nothing like what you gave me.

You did so much damage to my self esteem. You made me feel like I had done some unimaginable horror by living my own life. But now I’m better. I realise you don’t deserve to breathe the same ******* air as me. Choke.

Move the **** on.

All you’ve got now is memories, but not true ones. Maybe I lied to you but at least I’m not lying to myself.
It’s Scorpio season so here’s to my real friends and here’s to my baby **
They say be happy about the days *** give you to live to experience another breath and all the humanly things that makes a person human. But I can't stress it enough on how ungreatful I am to even be alive and go through the things that makes me think. On a daily note I wake up with my own germs and the thought of aging simply for nothing. I once thought as you age things will get better though there would be minor setbacks; however life has taught me well to never underestimate. In my dreams I see my death as beautiful as ever some in which I'm hanging from the rope tied to the ceiling of my fan and some where I'm walking upstairs in my apartment to make it to the top of the world falling from the edge. When I awake I'm left to feel misery of another day. I've met *** and the devil... They look like me just on the flip side they have power over what's to come in my unneeded life

By: Leory Santana dawn
Elicia Hurst Oct 2018
Master Blacksmith, I would like to commission a weapon most formidable. The mere mention of its legendary name shall strike fear in my foes.

{ In Hephaestus’ name, I craft you this }

So I will hone your heart,
Set fire to your lungs,
And conquer all your unanswered prayers
Into a battle roar.

I will boil these tears.  
A stinging, blinding pool at the bay of your eyes,
Use them for crystal clarity,
To sharpen the mind like a whetstone.

I will forge a sword from your fury,
And the hate of your enemies.
Temper it with thunder,
Cut a path out of illusions.

But not before this:
I crush your spirit a thousand times,
Force you to your knees.  
I will show no mercy on your soul —
Not even if you beg for it —
Bleed it, wring the daylight out of it.
To your despair, growth is the cruelest devil,
And I its most loyal advocate.

But in time you will learn Strength,
And to heal;  
Through the growing pains and screams
Mend all broken bones,
Stitch up all the open wounds.
Dripping, drilling, stilling.
You will, you will, at your will,
Lace together the miracle, the magum opus: Your undefeated self.

No comfort or ease lies in death.  
But all phoenix bathe in flame and ash.
Selves and egos, they died for you to live
— So live!
Dance on its grave with manic abandon.
Honor it with your new life.
Transcend it, over and over again.
20 Oct 2018, as a token of strength, for all my soul-crushing pain to come.
Loco Cocoa Oct 2018
As the stars would have it
the time is now to choose..

Favoring souls made in kind
to take flight
and conquer the night.
A single heartbeat on Eternity's

A rhythm ripped in passion,
A beat made steady on the clashin'
of dual energies.
When our symphony resides...
A hush -
Come to me now.

Some perfect harmony...
Conducted by the Universe.
Composed in the signs.
Preserved in the stars.

The wonder we have found
ourselves lying in
could be magic or myth.
or both if and only if....

No bother, I'm arrived
and have come to oblige
My options concise

I've no choice rather than
eternally love you.
do you believe in soul mates?
Radhika Lusted Sep 2018
Mysterious and unseen
A master of the dark and light
And all in-between
When she looks into your soul
Hers is enough to burn it to the ground
But also ****** it to the very core
She is a force of nature
An unstoppable wave of chaos and purity
that’ll throw you so off course
you’ll forget what it was ever like
to not have her in your life
She will read your mind
with the power to take every last bit
of strength you have
until you regret ever standing in her path
Do not ever lie to her
For she does not handle deceit lightly
Vengeance is her first, middle and last name
And her type of revenge is an evil noone
would wish to encounter
A queen of manipulation at her finest
she will see into your soul
long before you catch a glimpse
and change the way you think
to mend what she craves and the
desire that she seeks

She is a Scorpio,
And if you think you can escape her

You're already doomed.
A poem dedicated to my sister who wanted me to write one about her, but is also dedicated to parts of myself and any other scorpios out there that can relate. She is the darker side of the scorpio and i am the lighter, but this poem portrays more of the darker side.
Chucky's Bride Aug 2018
I still remember your look,
The ''judging look'', when you saw me with him.
I can't say if I was happy because I saw you hurt,
Or I just was sad because you needed so long,
To find out,
To find out that you actually love me.

But I'm happy.
I've got my revenge.
I've made you admit it,
Even though you never said it to me.
But I did it.

But this time I have left.
I've got my revenge.
I've got inside your head.
Even the strongest one has fallen.
And finally I have found a peace.

And even tho months has passed.
I still pray for you every night.
I still pray that you find peace.
I'm so sorry that that peace wasn't me.
And I'm sorry I needed so long to see it.

But I'm happy now.
He is nice, and I can say with all my heart that I love him.
He is giving me everything you were never capable of.
Love, kindness, happiness, protection.
I finally see the future.

But still,
I will remember our month,
Our lovely November.
Stay safe my Scorpio,
Because, finally I have left.
But I will pray for you.

With love, your Scorpio.
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