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Mysterious and unseen
A master of the dark and light
And all in-between
When she looks into your soul
Hers is enough to burn it to the ground
But also seduce it to the very core
She is a force of nature
An unstoppable wave of chaos and purity
that’ll throw you so off course
you’ll forget what it was ever like
to not have her in your life
She will read your mind
with the power to take every last bit
of strength you have
until you regret ever standing in her path
Do not ever lie to her
For she does not handle deceit lightly
Vengeance is her first, middle and last name
And her type of revenge is an evil noone
would wish to encounter
A queen of manipulation at her finest
she will see into your soul
long before you catch a glimpse
and change the way you think
to mend what she craves and the
desire that she seeks

She is a Scorpio,
And if you think you can escape her

You're already doomed.
A poem dedicated to my sister who wanted me to write one about her, but is also dedicated to parts of myself and any other scorpios out there that can relate. She is the darker side of the scorpio and i am the lighter, but this poem portrays more of the darker side.
Shattered Aug 7
I'm a Scorpio dog, son of a god, canine fluorescence, white hot incandescence. A 70s child in the 80s ran Wild.

I'm a scorpion god, dog of a son. From the borough of Queens I live fast and lean. Born in New York raised in LA, all over the globe is where I play.

I'm a scorpion dog, sun of Gods... Run fast to catch me keep up or get lost.

I'm the son of M.A.N. , indulge me if you can, a Scorpio dog, God and the Sun.
I still remember your look,
The ''judging look'', when you saw me with him.
I can't say if I was happy because I saw you hurt,
Or I just was sad because you needed so long,
To find out,
To find out that you actually love me.

But I'm happy.
I've got my revenge.
I've made you admit it,
Even though you never said it to me.
But I did it.

But this time I have left.
I've got my revenge.
I've got inside your head.
Even the strongest one has fallen.
And finally I have found a peace.

And even tho months has passed.
I still pray for you every night.
I still pray that you find peace.
I'm so sorry that that peace wasn't me.
And I'm sorry I needed so long to see it.

But I'm happy now.
He is nice, and I can say with all my heart that I love him.
He is giving me everything you were never capable of.
Love, kindness, happiness, protection.
I finally see the future.

But still,
I will remember our month,
Our lovely November.
Stay safe my Scorpio,
Because, finally I have left.
But I will pray for you.

With love, your Scorpio.
Pao May 29
my hands shake in your touch
your perfume lingers in my mind
i'm in a constant loop
of wanting to kiss you
and wanting you to explore my body  

oh girls, they make your knees tremble
kissing you softly around your chest
tenderly picking at your skin
begging for more

oh girls, they leave you breathless in the summer night
their hips swaying on the dance floor
hypnotic, leaving you speechless

i'm in a constant loop
of wanting to kiss you
and wanting to explore your body
hypnotic, you leave me speechless

i want it
i want it

temptation is my weakness
the devil is my witness
What can I say, girls are magical and loving girls is beautiful. This is for all the folks with scorpio mars placements.
They say the squeekiest wheel get fix
And the loudest baby get the attention
But when it comes to love they forgot to mention
That the quiet ones are desperately in need
I yearn fix, I want your attention, Im just discrete
I exsist and want your love, so don’t forget about me.
Deep Fear of opening up to another.  still healing wounds from the last battle I lost. War called Love.
I suffocate in my reality of living
I'd rather much be anywhere but here
If this is hell then I must agree it's a beautiful mess oppose to the heavens that others speak of that I've yet seen.
My thoughts are like sparrows within the winds of this hell and a tale to be told and not heard
I'd rather much be dying of nothing oppose to dying with complications of analysing life by it's consistent source of energy and what comes in every package
I'm a empty glass of water and a struggle for myself to drink from and yet I'd rather be the dirt that grows weeds to be pulled from
My insight is valued as nothing more than a sight that's obvious... Life is a nightmare to sleep on when everyday ends the same with the same thoughts.
To tell many of you the truth that reads this I truly rather be trapped within my sleep other than be here with any of you.
Living deprives you of your last even when you gain more
By: leory Santana dawn
Time: 5:38pm
Hollywood Florida
Jesha Apr 26
All these lies and smiles I eat
Rest in my head like the tombs of the dead
And make a tally in mind, I keep
For the time comes soon, I shall shed
The decay that stains dry lips black
And Pollocks the mountains of my cheeks
Like webs of a spider, left unchecked
A scorn of thorns I will mete
For each scar of a promise unkept
Has nested a home in my dried-up heart
And unlike you, for whom I've wept
Their bitter voices keep me warm

Betrayal grips me like a forgotten lover
I dance in your demise, and rise - untethered.
Once upon a time I was forced into following rules & writing a sonnet for homework...
Queen of passion
Broken through love
She who gives all
Surely loses it all

Passions burning flame
No other flame may withstand
Burning out
Flame versus flame

Sad socrpio
You let a dull match in
Twig with no spark
Stealing your fire
Dulling her shine

Sad Scorpio, you know
Flame dulled
Stolen fire, a burning rage
Sad scorpio

Broken by a dull stick
Dull stick
Calls you dull

Sad Scorpio
Sad, sad Scorpio
Wishing to burn
She has been robbed

Flame stolen
Flame that once burned
All who challenged

Sad Scorpio
Steal your flame back
You let him burn

He won't reignite your flame
He burns you
Burns you up
Yet you stay, sad Scorpio

Says he is the only one
Who will keep you warm
He burns you

Sad Scorpio
Steal your flane
Let him dwindle
Shine again
Work in progress, bit of a train of thought
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