They ate of my flesh while I stared in their eyes that cried for a brief moment. Their tears were of happiness; nothing more than my defeat. They flossed their teeth with my fragile bones feeling a thirst for my blood.
I've begged them to allow me to rest
They continued to rip me in pieces and put me back together to do it all over again and again.
They grinned and danced in my pain
God didn't come
God didn't see
They knew God wouldn't look too far right or left to find me in the scattered limbs

By: Leory Santana Dawn

I'm not finish

Force my hands back in my pocket
As much as I wanna touch you
I'll take the tears of happiness back to replace them with the things that I couldn't grow.
Give me my soul of heart
Give me my soul of faith
I'll be on my way
Finding another walkway
I'm wanted somewhere else
Not you

By: Leory Santana Dawn

They say it cannot be done
They say it will not last
I want him to be the one
Despite the horrors of my past
He was sent by the Lord above
Well that's what his name means at least
I feel like a heartbroken dove
A feeling that refuses to cease
I can't read the future
I can't see ahead
I wish it would happen sooner
But my heart feels like lead
I really want to be with you
I hope you are the one
But the chances are few
They say it cannot be done

When astrological signs aren't compatible ...

Tears are reflections of an act
Test this with passion
Losing everything before your eyes
Tears are emotions
Finding reasons to feel
No subject
Not subjected
A killing desire to find a way to
Act upon what will come true

By: Leory Santana Dawn

Hold me hostage within your misery
I'll gain the walks in your path
Push me furthest away
Please don't lose your way out of the darkness
The light from your eyes will fade away
I'll be your eyes when you lose your guard
Shall your rope be thin
I'll become the extra layers
You're reason to love
And be in love
Those two are always different
Do know this to be fact
I'll help you find your reason to wake

By: Leory Santana Dawn

Do I give you the sweetest
oxygen to inhale
In exchange for you love
Your cravings are too much
You're carving yourself into wood pieces
Don't light your torch too fast as rain may come
I'll follow the ends of your mud prints

By: Leory Santana Dawn

Where your soul is dismissed
You rely on the truth for finding a reason
To exist, love, hate, and perish

Bones to ashes we become
magnify on the time of losts and gain
How can we live when we're all struggling to breathe?

Truths become lies
Beauty becomes a phase
An illusion to find a reason to smile
And ask ourselves what made us happy while we lived

My understanding of how such a fucked up illusion can be so ugly that it becomes beautiful to indulge in the act of of finding who you are

What's a day when it's always night?
Ask yourself away

By: Leory Santana Dawn

Years of regrets
Drowning me in my sleep
Preventing me from moving
I'm missing something that'll never be rightfully mine.
Years of self torture
Self pity
Now I awake with carvings of my holy death set me free
Set me free for all the hours it'll take to rid this lost
Rid me of my desires
I find my lost in others but it's never the same
Jolly faces happy to see me at ease from labor
All the days and nights blink at me in my face
She's not here
She won't be here
I find her often but she's not mine
I worry her no more  
I'm consumed by emptiness  
Rid me of the memories of her
Set me a new life so I can make it better next time around

By: Leory Santana Dawn

I'm tired of the emptiness I can feel myself getting closer and closer to finding my own solution

Night wrapped in night
came to take me
my bones shattered
my vessel was cast away
Day wrapped in day
Awakened me
I've became whole
A new breath
A new beginning
New opportunities

By: Leory Santana Dawn

A lie  was told
It's free for them
Others spend years paying
To breath cost a lot just as well as sleeping
A lie that was told
We die as they strive to live forever robbing from the innocent, the poor, and the dead

They kill
They take
They lie
They destroy

While we're in bondage for such crimes
A free country
If only my laughter was heard
Where is this free country?

Our rules were founded by criminals
That's even more hilarious
We beg
Give our lives
Make many more sacrifices

They smile
It's a joke to them
A sick joke

A free country for them
We dwell in it

By: Leory Santana Dawn

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