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M Eastman Jun 2023
Should Andromeda collapse / Hammering hydrogen entraps
Cresting waves of burnished light / Whitecaps in the endless night
Fly apart with gentle violence / Into eternity of silence
AE May 2020
You are the contrast between the sun and its midday shadow
The quiet soul with the pulse of a deer caught in headlights
You carry your words in your throat, your thoughts in your heart
You feel like a wrecking ball waiting to be swung
But you are a reckless force, a mountain that never cries

You string the laughs of those closest to you to wear as bracelets in your worst of times
You dwell on the insignificant things because that’s where you divide
You are the east and the west meeting at a central line

You are here in the present surrounded by people
You tell stories and you listen, you laugh and you embrace
But your head is in the clouds somewhere far away
And you look towards the windows to remember who you are
You’re struggling to be present because you’re already somewhere far
Missi Oliver Mar 2020
He was a Daytime Wind-howler all covered in shrouds of grief

She was a Sunset Nightingale with pink and golden wreaths

Upon her head with hair so dark

It made one feign to weep

She held out hands of magic pearls and wiped his tears asunder

The fragile mess lay in her lap

The pale sky switched to thunder

She wasn’t bothered by his past

She’d sail on any ship

She’d fall in love real fast

Staring deep into majestic mirrors

She’d take on any form

If not for howler’s poison kiss,

She’d run right straight inside the storm

But for him, there were thorns everywhere

Blanketing the mother earth; the sky, the sea, the air

From whence he came nobody knows, but Daytime Wind-howler howls and howls and growls

Lets his teeth show

While Sunset Nightingale sings her love
Of daffodils and peppermint groves

Until the day when such grave laments



Missi Oliver Mar 2020
Gravity is precious

The air we breathe is wine

If you think the stars are joking, you’ve already lost your mind

Brave child

Why are you all-a-weep?

The huntress shall return

Meek and mild

I know you watch me sleep

Cities are gonna burn

But what a careless thought

Such a crown of thorns

When we all can be sold and bought

We’ll hear the bell that warns

Gonna March right outta this town

To the woods

To the thicket

To the marsh

To the groves

Gonna live underground
Missi Oliver Mar 2020
Blue agate in my soul

Crushed to pieces

By jaded crows

They gain strength by wrecking me

My body

Made of feathers of the softest, most delicate kind

My memory

Made of fire that would burn a thousand men

But still I am weak

But still I cannot cry

And yet I can speak

Be still you wicked lie
Missi Oliver Mar 2020
Sacred writing on the bathroom wall

Makes me think of brighter days

Of Summer then Fall

Kitchen blessings by tweeting birds

As I wake up from my slumbering state

Daughters in the hallway

Singing praises to the cat

When will the daisies show-up to make the daffodils smile?

All this I hold dear to my heart
Missi Oliver Mar 2020
The whole earth

Is drenched in pearls

That glisten

Like the glitter on a winged cherub

The universe, in its entirety

Is bathed in a ritual bath

Of waters that are blessed by mothers

The space I now occupy Is covered

In the vines of a grassy bungalow

Cursed with graces from Golden Times

Utopia is real
Missi Oliver Mar 2020
Lower my head

brighten my eyes

and then it feels right

and I start to drive
and I drive

and I thrive

on wicked skies


even these delicate cruelties

these beings

occupy space

and my blue denim eyes

see your neon

Missi Oliver Mar 2020
Today I was made of gold & silver

Each hair strand was pure UV light

Gracefully sublime

A pyramid-shaped treasure implied

And it was lyrical

When I was feeling like this and like that

It had a ripple effect on my spine

My skin felt pleasantly warm

And fine

Like after bathing and dancing

In star-crossed crystal canyons

I felt small and significant

All in the same

I could walk right up to the painted sun

the peach-peach

the vellum

And I knew I could save him

With all the diamond tears

I had collected

In my apron

Believing we could both be made

Of the same wavelength

The same endearing fire

The same sovereign echo of a heart beat
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