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Ryan Mar 9
I was always wary of the dark
Not scared
What I felt was not a thing of hushed horror stories
Shared between children
It kept me careful rounding corners nonetheless
Lately, though, my wariness has taken root
The corners of my mind filled
Winding vines of the most perverse torture
Tighten with the flick of a light switch
For only the most perverse to enjoy
Toying with death
Gives you a liquid spine and an empty head
Sit in the blackened hallway
Try and see something you don’t want to see
There is no better company
Than that that is imagined

I was never wary of the dark
I was terrified
The thing of hushed horror stories
Had taken root
A life lived carefully rounding corners
Is a waste of time
Around the corners
What you have to squint at to convince yourself you see
Is not company to be kept
Sit too long in the blackened hallway
My knees ache to stand
My spine leaks out between my legs
Quiet voices are better heard in the dark
But they are still only vines
For the most perverse to enjoy

The ache will dull
The vines will tighten
I will enjoy it
Anya Jul 2018
Have you ever
Felt so sluggish
You think it probably for your skin
To melt and ooze off
And the muscle underneath starts to sizzle
And only the lonely bones remain
As hot as a metal rod laid out under the blistering sun
One would feel that
If he or she closed their eyes
They’d become a shapeless lump
To much of nothing to be anything
And eventually they’d just sink into the earthen floor
Eventually reaching the crust then core
Then being desintegrated
Into tiny particles
I could keep going
But I’m too tired to think anymore
Let em just close my eyes and...
The title says it all, by the way the ending is implying that the above occurres to the subject of the poem after they close their eyes.
Mitch Protheroe Jul 2017
It's very chill. Art is so omnivores can talk and gather belongings to figure out what to accomplish.
There's so many reasons for completely wrong stigmas. Offended by the resin. She's the partridge of the stable. Then you owe a species wine.
Butterin' it up, pourin' it out
Coma seems cool comin' around
This diss dissonance
He's gonna put it on balance
Capable of dealing with women, not psuedo-women
Because he pours out on you guys, because he pours us a drink
Hold him on medicine
Last second... Nurse!
Vanilla candles have no pressure
Your way. Tiny bearded ray.
It's coming from "You're not gonna miss all the energy on top of the building".
High as the moon
I'm gonna smack the heck out of you and I know it's practice
I'm gonna kick... "Jerry! Jerry!"
We are out. We are out. And about.
You're not the *******, you're vulcan
Vulcan is an infection
He's angry with the thumbprint
When you meet an omen
It's outside the community barbershop
Welcome to the terror spectacle
You know the Ann I don't know
You acknowledge your son every time he does something good to himself
He puts everybody first like Donald Trump
I was the pervert of 9/11
In London, the orchestra speeds over white pass
Yoga instructor in the mirror
**** out the dig holes
If you blow up, if you ****
I'm the runner, force it
Running around the counter
Burning a hole in your fly zone
The capital of Uranium is Marty Well
A medal, the richter scale
Hard at any side of the house
Coaster calms your nose
The rhythm of your whole undertow
****** anthem, ghost of your grandpa
Take a bite out of corny
But seemingly, it's doing it
You hold down, hold on
Your money is all writ
Your capitals so low
Putin a dragon, one of those snitches, punk rock, better an eskimo
Blowing out cheese formula
RIght there, hand me my laser to unraisin
Tanning bear, come here
They're rich on the table
The light has students in the gym
The whole ear is pressed cold against the mirror
Ethan, his sorrow decaying, has that mirrow
Did you have fun? Foam and jelly gorges
You can go over and back
Still don't have the secret formula
It's old on sunday morning. Cooled off. I don't know, who is the daughter, who is not for healthy coincidence. A good samaritan barely on a time constraint. Nobody has time for those loop holes, questions are animals
Wow, you might see the colors of the rainbow
Good job
You haven't had a hold on him in a while
He's picks the vultures, one of the asian guys
Communicating with a chump
Feels bad, becoming crazy
Because of nostalgia, the way he wants to be
Your job is to carry the weight of the people as a support system.
A woman is absolutely devastating to her.
You're already in the next room burning English.
You are always late for something
You're a bug
You're a best friend to ogres
Better call Lucy
Hers probably is spicier
Bite it, homeboy
Maybe you're using to see who can push it out
Maple, drip
You're always on a river of truth
Chair is blue, my dinner wise
I can feel the table running through
Make a right right here or an element of Frank and Tittle
Meads lower on the floor
All of you are mistaken for demon presents
A magical beam for a name, Birden
She's holding her boyfriend, you brought him there
You're not capable of understanding how to work a transfixer
The air is the medium
That's what they're trying to tell me
Ice in a western movie
Jesus is holding a harp
Remember you tripped on tears before, right?
You're just like anyone.
Hot juice g-nome
I'm right here, woohoo!
Not right now
The peanut butter cutting line
100 dead beetles
You wear the estrogen
You can get it in pill form
I hate pill form
That's where they go away
All the angels on the tennis court
Turning a whole order down
It makes it harder to listen to your throat
Not because of your hair, your shower maps out the whole entire level
The bottom of the plug
It starts, it stops, it starts
Physically you can't break it
You cannibal alimony's hard to admit
Phony band camp, it's real hard to haggle off with the word catapault
I touched the fire, I touched the air
I'm grounded and I don't know how to get home, near the hog water
Okay. Grapefruit tastes good
The goal tender curses
The marker combs everybody
Misses clothing
Nerve walking
The accident
A name-o
The rat's tail
Omens the heart
Double dose of the special drink
The bottle is empty, YAY!
...Without her noodle
She appears to be in the poison
She's pray sin, praisin'
Color of the victims right
Dark and green out
Double digger!
That was really good
You're a pyramid of wanders
Flies over the hash pig
Going over this already
He's going to call the question
Ready for meeting Susan
You wanna know why?
He's rolling his way
Chemical origins, fire
The whole sickness, burning a hole in your shoes
Water to medicate a defective invitation
Flying in from the sport armadillo
Need for speed, there is karma
Evil is going to fly over your hair
Well, what I wanted to say..
He's an imposter
When you let evil in, he'll go for it
That's what you wanted to say to Johnny
I get it now. You turned too soon to the waves I'm in
You must be happy that you appreciate
There's a serious issue with whole organizations
You're ordering an extra blot of roomy
For after they come, watching you, oblique wise
The ambulance is coming, don't be stupid
Treatment's the last needle in the haystack
The plan is to order fries, actual mango juice, with a whip
Evil is a hologram of digituality
Help me keep the lid on the plate
Your honor serves everybody
Where ever you go in the world, Cincinatti, Buffalo, are you Santa Claus? The real Santa Claus? Maybe? High beam like that. The stinger is awesome.
Three days and you're born without a crash
You're unable to battle on, very classy
You know where wisdom comes from
I feel ashamed
Little ****, it's gonna hurt
Ouch, breaking the bind of the book
Never carrying on the couch
What passage did you open up
Remember when you started refusing to believe
Pleasure and stupidity
They must think you're jealous
Cheating on the test
That's the kind of word you don't say to people and I don't tell on them
When you said that you didn't even come
They're on a swingset
Pass a ball everywhere
Spay the ostrich
There's a calendar on the coat somewhere
You'll find the ointment, the ointment isn't a plant
Orchestra helping you find you way to wind or something
You prefer belonging, after you belong you're already a different person
Angels are permanent, they live in heaven
The word Kevin vegetable
(c) Mitch Protheroe (Omni Optometrist)
The world stood still,
our time we had to ****
lives dropped years
like hot wax on chandeliers

splattering our day to day
with matters of silver gray
of red, browns, greens and gold;
the sort of rainbow nobody ever told.

Not in fairytales nor magazines,
hot topics nor fresh cuisines
But in the eyes of trees
and suckle sweet honey bees

Day to day in the wood
where people wish they could
live out their troublesome ages--
freed from their pen and paper cages.

As if a god stopped each pedal drop
each bird's chirp and bunny hop
to be heard on trumpets high
in a day to day look at the glorious sky

a soft second when all is still
birds, babes, and a fawn, frozen at will
lifeless yet has utmost potential
delved in a growth exponential
Taboosun Jul 2016
The primal cause,
A distinguishable passion.

Irrevocable truth unabided by
Beliefs expressed in dimensionality.

The fire with me burns,
It churns and rises.

Power self-contained
Is glory in it's own fate.

I enter the lair of truth
And seek no counsel.

Therefore I revel,
Proceeding with conviction
Expressing imagination
My minds eye proclamation.
DivineDao May 2016
While i linger in the shadow~lands

While your love demise denies
         forest's fairies

The unrequited emanence of thou royal
          Declines its Self-Exploring

The therapy for life is a poetic hue
Which swims unrelentlessly within
     Any poet who seeks
                  To know

   Bringing forth
       The brimming   rays  of  Dawn

White    pure   Gold
blinding my sorrow!

Orange and purple shine,
Murmurs, n' tickle~Tickles
Under my eyelids

*Affecting my day ...
Outcast Dreamer Aug 2015
"* Sometimes I wonder,
Why we humans drool over petty things,
Live in this world...
without knowing the cause of our own existence,
without knowing the roles that we adorn?  

I remember feeding an amusing thought of mine
as I was going to sleep,
laying on my bed and observing the ceiling fan...

What if the world we live in really doesn't exist,
what if we all are just an imagination,
just a thought
In the god's mind?

Maybe when he forgets one of us,
the curtain of life falls
and than we say that the person has demised??

Maybe when the so called*  Judgement Day...
shall falleth upon us,
all the good souls shall be given birth,
from god's imaginative world,
into a new Utopian world...
and all the remaining ones,
shall  be nothing more,
than lost memories...

Indeed a scary thought of mine,
but it certainly fed my curiosity "

         © OutcastDreamer
An atheist's or Believer's point of view ??? Up to you to answer that.
Certainly it requires more revising, but I really didn't have the energy.
Thought provoking indeed.
Wanted to try something else except broken heart poems for a change.

Inspired from the book "Sophie's World"
Inner Gemini Jun 2015
Finally.. I make my way up the path
with anticipation
I can feel the soft ground beneath me tremble
Small quakes of passion it seems...
This journey has long been anticipated
Not sure how much longer I could have waited
My body, awakened
In expectation
of rejuvenation
Once I reach "that" destination

The closer I get, the more
the ground shakes
tho - not continuous,
it pulsates
I begin to feel the heat
The warmth on my face
The bitter-sweet aroma tells me
I'm in precisely the right place
headed in the right direction,
Not needed.  For this secret place
requires none to enter
Only to taste what has been stored
through the winter

So inviting this place is.
Greeted by soft, smooth mounds
To the sounds of the nectar as it flows..
anticipating my arrival
And now that I'm here
I taste......
An explosion of ecstasy
as this delicacy
enters my mouth
I feel myself being rejuvenated
This is why I waited...

The earth shakes, and opens
releasing it's sweet nectar
asking me to enter...
Slowly, I do
Original writing
Leila Valencia Mar 2015
The worrisome grin was long before gone
Her eyes were over her head at dawn
The light was alive in belief she'd love him

it was true her eyes saw a light ....
Love-It was for the first time, she felt him
But the dark came and midnight arose
She was the only one to blame

She was blinded by noise
Captured by fear, the dark would never leave

She was to afraid
The ring was left by his door in the morning dusk so dim
She would've loved him
what? Im feeling love, but I don't know where I love. Im lost in my heart and my head, but I can feel like something good will come, soon.
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