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Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, once upon a long time ago there was too much to take:-)

once saw a scene

so mystical for the eyes to charm to sweep

got back after the longs after the years

looked again with a hope of an appeal

lips dried for the moment not the same

close my eyes escapes don't want more shame

breeze so cold for the fog to ****

the thing that made my heart on thrill

never come back no matter how brilliant

them those of the hunters stole old tastes to a different

Poetic T Apr 2020
I'm  missing some stiches,  
                         flawed genetic patterns
Dorothy Dec 2015
let me tell you about this girl
short, nice body ,black hair,soft eyes,pretty eyes
she not like these others
dont like the drama stay out of trouble
she do her own thing stick to herself thing
she dont follow the crowd she walk away from it
she real shy real fly
Leila Valencia Sep 2015
My words are the keys off beat
In choir, the one off key
The bird who flies in the opposite direction

The ecentric. They call us the liberals. The freedom fighters. They say were are the hippies, the weirdos.
What makes me different........................
My hat is so tall you can't see the theatre performance
My eyes are so curious I see a light on every ceiling
My hands are so wound they jump like bunnies on every desk
My feet as so tired they twist in the soil

I paint a picture that shows shadow and dark
I feel I am both
I Feel like the wind of the opposite direction
I feel like I am not in tune with everyone else.
Em Aug 2015
Same problem, different guy. I don't know why I'm so insecure, because I'm not. I love me, I'll own up to my faults but I'm pretty great. I just don't know  what anyone sees in me. Even if he likes me now that could all change in a matter of seconds. It has before, don't see a difference now. But say it didn't change. Say we got together and it lasted. I'm still going away to college, and then start my career soon after. Point is everything has an end. I don't want to waste my time.
Written 8.20.15
She was always look upon as,
She has no one, not even family,
She hides her face from the crowd,
of kids who walk the halls,
But no one knows she was,
Her beauty was on the inside,
Which no one took time to see,

— The End —