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Sarah Aug 30
life has seasons
and I am not a flower
I am a tree
with changing colors
shedding it's leaves
loss does not always subtract
but yet, transform
Kasansa Kuya Jul 9
In this world of deception and lies.
Where life seems to pass me by.
My dreams exist in an immaterial plane.
Manifesting in feelings I cannot explain.
However, I struggle to expel all the garbage I've been told.
And my mind is fit to burst out of its mould
The mold that grows on the surface for all to see.
will not silence the real me.
So this is my story
As told by i
How I cured the rot
or dared to try
Growing up in South Africa and then moving to Asia showed me how much of a hopeless state Africa is in. But that's my story, I feel like this poem relates to those who are trying to escape poverty, stagnation, and trying to transform. Its a story of maturation in a place that stunts your growth.
topacio May 25
no need to be scared little girl
no need to fear your change.
the woman who you
need to become
is already inside you.
this is not your
this is your
Ellie Phant Apr 5
As a pandemic spreads across the globe,
we realize more and more
about ourselves
which we once did not know.
Extroverts transform into introverts,
introverts into extroverts,
finally, a revolution for the mind,
an extraordinary, cosmic show
of divine and unprecedented kindness.
Externally and internally
we will continue to grow.
How beautiful you bloom
when you nurture your roots
Self-care can be hard to master but when it is practiced, you begin to learn that it is a stepping stone to your wholesomeness. It is the key ingredient that combines balance and unity to your soul that makes you who you are.
Grow, Evolve, Transform
When stars appear in the sky,
under a dark late night,
Could you hear a dialog between Caterpillar and Butterfly?

Caterpillar: "Aren’t you too beautiful for me,
fly away and find someone as beauty as you.” 

Butterfly: "I will not leave you,
you are as beautiful as me."

Raised his voice, Butterfly looked into Caterpillar’s eyes:
“Why did I ever lose you?
Although they say everything has an end,
nothing will last,
Nothing is meaningful,
except think about the past....”

Caterpillar replied to him with a melancholy tone:
“why is the world moving fast?
Shall we live in the moment like they say...
Live in the moment - it'll be best to stay.”

They are hugging and chanting on a giant leaf—
Whose images are kept in store?
By memory, we are all alone. 

And if rhyme is outmoded. 
Shall I transform it to you, 
Past is in the future 
where it converts to the present,
with you...
Angel. XJ / 23/02/2020/ Revised 25/02/2020
He tilts his head
To the girl walking past.
She diverts her eyes, she is smooth and fast.

His lips turn down
He takes a glance at the floor
And when he looks up, he is human no more.

In a second, he transforms
Hurt man to seething beast.
His minds are raging storms
And his hate is ready for release.

It takes only a suspicious look
Or a slight misstep
And his wrath is unhooked.

You ought to watch out, girl
For he'll get you, too.
The silent winter engulfing me,
His eyes devour me.
Rhythmic approach from a
Seductive lover;
Strong edge, soft tone.

Surrender to wonder,
Soft touch, soft breath.
To know exciting texture;
Gathering you in like
The dazzling sky.

The wide warmth engulfing me,
His hands transform me.
Mindfully molding me like
Delicate touch for a bigger picture.
For “R” series
- Oct 2019
walk like a pawn
until the end
until you transform
walk like a pawn
and see yourself
as the king or queen
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2019
The black ink pours in
The white page is pure gold
Wisdom seeps through
Transforming the lives
And the knowledge speaks
To the people in every fold
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