KAE 5d
I remember that I have deleted all of our memories.
Now, the one that I want it back is that picture, of you and me, just to remember how happily we were with each other and I’m afraid of talk to you just to say “hey do you still have that picture? we were at school, you were kissing my head and you posted it for my birthday”
If you read this, if you have the picture, can you send it to me?
KAE Jul 30
I think that I’m doing all wrong.
I feel that I’m losing people who I love.
I hate that feeling.
Sometimes I feel lost and I want to put a gun in my head or inside my mouth.
What will happen if I lose that people?
What will happen with me?
What will happen with my heart?
And with my feelings?
My heart, what will happen with it? Is it going to be broke? Lost?
KAE Jul 26
I used to have an issue with my body.
Three years ago. 2015. The year of horrors.
My weight was 60 kilograms and I don’t remember if I had a few grams more, but it doesn’t a matter. The issues is that I was a bit fat. I have never been fat. I was sad about it and I had a lot of problems more in that year.
My principal problem was that when all of my girlfriends developed their body, I had a little girl body. My body begins to develop and that was when I turned fat, I didn’t like myself, personal problems, more issues. I increased 15 kilograms. I was really depressed. I started hating me more.
Between 2016 and 2017, my body started changing. I lost weight, I hadn’t got issues with me anymore. That was really amazing.
End of 2017 and this year (2018), my body changed completely. I don’t have the body that I used to own in 2015. I am thin and happy, but sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, unconsciously I see myself as I was in 2015, fat.
That kills me.
Kills me more knowing that I couldn’t talk with my mother about it, because she didn’t understand it. But I could talk with my best friend and with my auntie because they understand it. I’m thankful about it.
What more kills me is the fact that I know that my body it’s thin but my mind shows me another thing, which I hate and makes me sad.
But today, July 25, 2018. My weight is 48 kilograms. I see the real me. I see myself thin. Now my unconscious accepts that I’m thin again. I’m really happy now because that is the body that I had all my entire life, that is the body that I want and which I’m in love with. I’m glad that I got back what I always wanted.
KAE Jul 24
Gemini are notorious for having “split” personalities, and I am no different. I have two sides of me that are always at war within me.

Both the Devil and the Angel within me are trying to influence me, in the form of thoughts running through my head that makes it seem like i'm talking to myself.

I emphasizes on the fact that my character is composed into two parts, the ‘angel,’ the one that wants to do good not only for myself but also for others, and also the ‘devil,’ the selfish, more arrogant division in my persona that drives me to do things that’ll make me stray off the path of righteousness.

Elena and Katerina, which again connotes the incredible duality and polarity of my character. Even though it seems like they’re almost two different people, they’re most definitely one whole character.

My inner good realized what I am doing is dangerous, but my inner demons insist on coming out at night. When I say “not closing the curtains”, im showing the real dark half of myself.
KAE Jul 17
if you are going to stay, good, do it, stay by my side but if you are going to be by my side just few times  and when you want, go away, let me move on completely and don’t promise silly promises. if you are gonna stay, do it and if you’re not, fly away.
KAE Jul 12
I was twelve
I was sad and depressed
She gone
I was sitting on her bed
Remembering her
I opened her wardrobe
I found a long black dress with white flowers on it
I smelled it
The smell of her
Tears where running down my cheeks
I was missing her. I miss her
I used to feel lost without her
Years later, I found my way back to reality, to the world, to all.
Because I get back to her
I can see death people
Now the world is complete
I am thankful of the gift that God, Life, She gave me
I’m with her again. She’s again with me. My family is again with her
Death is not so bad
Because I have this gift and I can see it all
And I’ve got all in my hands now
And today I’m the happiest person in this fucking world, I’ve got everything that I’ve ever wanted: especially her, again.
KAE Jul 12
he asked me once “why don’t you hate them?”
I said “first of all, I don’t feel hate and secondly, life is too short for hate someone and waste my precious time thinking negative thing and talk shit about someone. I just ignore and when someone do to me something that I don’t like I just delete them from my life”
KAE Jul 11
He is always saying beautiful words
And I know that he is true about it
But sometimes I feel that he is lying
Or I feel that he doesn’t feel that love at me again
And I don’t want to admit it, but that makes me sad
Sometimes I feel that I really need him, and I don’t want to let him go
Or... Am I afraid of let him go?
I don’t know. I need thousand answers to my thousand questions
Lyn-Purcell Jul 7
How I want two things
To stand out and stay hidden
To let passion speak
I'm usually a very shy person.
I want to stand out yet remain somewhat ambiguous.
I want to be known for what I've created, not how I look...
I can be loud and bubbly but man, I do want to stay vague.
I want my work, my poems, my stories to speak for itself
I really am a Gemini in that aspect.
That's just how I am, I guess...
I've had more than enough drama
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
KAE Jun 28
I had a best friend, his name is Luke. We used to have a really beautiful, special and unique friendship.
But I lost him. He lost me. We lost each other.
I don’t know what was the problem. Either what was going on.
I just know that I feel that something is missing in my soul and heart. Is him.
I cry about him. He cries about me. We cry about each other.
Sometimes I feel sad about all this mess.
And sometimes I don’t know what to feel.
I just know that losing a best friend is goddamn painful.
Yes, we had a lot of ups and downs. But there was a lot of love too.
Luke, best friend, I just want you to know that I am never going to forget you.
With love, A.
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