KAE 6d
your eyes and heart say that you love me
your mouth say that you don’t
Jenn Dec 2018
i'm a two faced gemini
and you were too
how could we love eachother
if there was four of us
instead of two
KAE Dec 2018
you hate what the other people done to you, right? so, stop ******* doing it to the people that you love because they don't deserve that bad treatments that the others has given to you
KAE Dec 2018
Dear Elena

dear Elena, do not give your heart to anyone. not everyone deserves it
dear Elena, keep your heart and your most beautiful feelings for the indicated or someone worthwhile
dear Elena, hide your purity
dear Elena, take care of yourself. Nobody breaks you, no one breaks your purest feelings
dear Elena, be careful in this ***** world, beware of these twisted people
Vania Irene Oct 2018
i am a Gemini.
the twins,
the two faces.
people mistakenly me as the most unstable sign.
actually, it depends on
their action.

if you caught my attention,
you will know by my
loud dolphin laughter,
or by my random wide smile.
it means that you got my respect.

if you disgust me,
you can notice it by the
way i am so quiet around,
and by the ***** that you
will never get, ever.
i will be that quiet girl,
you are going to think that
i am a cold ***** who
does not even care about
your existence,
it is because i do not want
to waste my precious time to deal with
whatever you do.

if i am into you,
you are going to see me shaking,
you are going to feel that i am
so nervous around you,
you are going to see my fast
transformations from the introverted
type of human, to the annoying extrovert.
i will start the conversation,
and make sure it will keep going.

if i am in love with you,
you will know it by the joke i tell, that does not funny at all.
i will randomly kiss you in front of
many people without giving a single care about their judgements.
i will rub your back, even when i am sleepy.
you will be the one, and only exception.
i will break down my walls for you
simply because,
i am in love with you.
i do not care about grammar lol
KAE Oct 2018
In your arms I feel safe
In your arms I feel no pain, no suffer
In your arms I feel warm
In your arms I feel no insecurities
In your arms I feel loved
In your arms I feel no fear
In your arms I feel that everything’s is okay
When I am in your arms I feel that you are like a magic pill because you can vanish all the pain, all the suffer, all my fears, all my demons, all my insecurities.
You are magical.
Kassandra Sep 2018
I am a gemini so i must have two faces
And i guess that is true
Smile now cry later they say
I’ll cry later in my room.

Pretty faces all around dont let them see,
I cry in front of the mirror as my other face leaves with my makeup wipe.

Im sad but you must have guessed that now.
You know cause ive made it blantly clear,
Yet my family and friends dont suspect a thing.
They dont see that im as fake as can be.

Its not ones fault but mine, cause no one wants a pretty girl with a dark side.
Smile now cry later they said.
I guess thats how it’ll be
Im sorry for all the sad poems i just need to write.
KAE Sep 2018
At 05:26am, you sent me drunk texts.
You said that you still loving me, you miss me like a crazy and you need me, you told me all that things that you used to tell me.

Then, we started to talk.
It was beautiful, like before.
You said that the next day, you’ll come to my home to talk about us and try to fix things and be what we were.

We did it.
Yesterday, you came to my home.
We talked about us.
You said that you want to fix things with me, you said that you want me back, you said that you want us back. Me too.

And now, we are trying to be what we were.
We are back together.

I got everything that I had before.
You. Specially, you.
My life is perfect, complete.
I have my other two best friends.
I got you back.
My family is doing good.
Everything is as before. Everything is perfect again.
We are back, together again.
Abraham Avalos Aug 2018
Guarded yet free, I am hard to know
Confident yet sensitive, I'm both high & low
Compassionate yet hardhearted, a contradictable male
Humble yet arrogant, disrespect me & I'll unleash ****
Impossible to understand yet so full of glee
Inside my heart hide both peace & plea
Easy to talk to yet hard to catch by
A glinting gem yet still feeling shy
Nervous & nimble, curious & controlled
Taking many risk, living life bold
Intuitive but careless, life is my game
I hold an intellect that is to quick to exclaim
Keep it one hundred I don't like to hear lies
Hey my names Abraham & Im a Gemini  

                                                     - Abraham Avalos
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