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Jonathan Moya Oct 11
It’s the mirror you don’t look into,
the one without the morals,
emotions, doubts and fears.

How much wisdom do you gain
in confronting your older self,
tailing it thru a city of statues
and bridges, fighting with it
in the catacombs amidst
an audience of smiling skulls?

You have trained to be the good soldier,
one that doesn’t doubt the orders given,
tuned your mind to see the world
as targets and you as the weapon,

happiest when flat on your belly
and ready to pull the trigger,
letting the bullet be the arbiter
that makes sense of the world,
knowing at your martial core
your country deserves
the perfect version of you.

You don’t close your eyes
as you watch the bullet’s flight,
follow the darkness you must walk thru,
knowing sleep is where the ghosts are,
and the blink where the pain resides.

You think of your father
and his raised hands,
how your creator
tries to **** you
when you turn
and develop a conscious.

You don’t doubt
you are better than that.
“I love you son.
Don’t let yourself down,”
you imagine the bullet howling.
Or is it the far away man
in your gun sight?

You see yourself dying
to be in a relationship,
a husband, father,
all the things he got
and you will never get to be.

As the bullet nears its target,
all those things knock you
back in the gun’s recoil and
you know that he deserves to die.
KAE Oct 3
I used to breathe you (in)
now I’m breath you out
I'm throwing you out
KAE Jun 17
he didn’t born being mean
he didn’t born being a monster
it’s just that nobody gave him love
I will give you the rose of my love, it's you to choose whether to water
it with faith or pluck it with doubt, I will give the bone of my truth
it's you to protect it or hammer it to little splinters...
here's the pen of my dreams, we can write some pages together,
it can be a story of now or a story of forever...
I will tell you all my fears so that you can choose
whether am the gamble you want to take or not.
I'll show you the forgotten path to the depth of my emptiness
you'll decide if that emptiness deserves to be filled or not
and if the bruises and scars you found deserve to be healed
Not everyone will see the gem in the labyrinth of a Gemini
that's why am an open book so that you see every bit of me
for the one thing I crave beyond love is to be understood...
eric smith May 5
guilt me like a cancer
manipulate me like a taurus
if i was the first verse, you’d skip to the chorus
i tape glue and sew but you’re the one who tore us
ripped me into pieces and i made myself
something new
i recognized myself
you’re lost not knowing what to do
play dumb like a pisces and lash out like a scorpio
if you’d give me up for anything
it would be half an oreo
maybe four quarters or a dollar
but you could never change
had a heart for everyone but i was never in your range
impulsive like an aires confusing like a gemini
you my day 1 and i love you turns into there cant be a you and i
you “never wanna make me cry” but can never keep your **** dry
eyes red like im high
you “never want to say goodbye” but the second things dont go your way you fly
but you could never be the bad guy?
act out like a capricorn stubborn like a leo
how you beat yourself up but wanna be everyones hero?
your double life is really a triple
i should call you trio
if ‘paid in full’ was my life you would be rico
how my own girl crossed me?
then made it my fault that she lost me?
then told everyone she tossed me?
don’t care like aquarius outted me like a libra
you beat around the bush when i made it black and white like a zebra
how i told you tell me the truth and you made up a story
you cant lie on someone who loves you
and bask in glory
i paved the way for you and you act lost like dory
and i still found you
careless like sagittarius critic like a virgo
how you tell me to “never leave” but you go?
how you use the water you drained me of to grow
you’re not who your instagram shows
i see through you, commando
you cant flex on me if you know what i know
imagine believing in horoscopes. couldn’t be me.
Kenji Apr 23
I am just a worthless liar, I am just an imbecile.
Trust in me and you will fall, I will turn around and leave.
I will only complicate you, my emotions will have you doing wrong.
My worth is of no use to yours, you're too good.
I dance in my flames.
Flames that ravish my desires.
Why won't I stay?
The love never lasts and fights betray.
My fists are my words and my words are a knife.
It opens the wounds as the truth is then revealed.
I don't trust nobody, but somehow, everybody trusts me.
I will love you forever, if you can stay, to wash away this pain.
Don't leave me, then I won't leave you.
No one seems to like me, but there are a few that love me, love me for the pain, love me for the scars, because, I am just a worthless liar, trust in me, and you will fall.
Tool- Sober (inspiration)
Gemini mood
KAE Apr 6
he perfectly knew when my body was possessed by the twins.
he could identified them in an magnificent way.
he said “your eyes are darker when you are K, you change. you are savage, manipulator, dangerous, careless. the devil”
he also said “your eyes are brighter when you are E, you are another person. you are care-loving, sweet. an angel”
Kenji Apr 3
I love it when you take control, I love it when you re-own me.
I love it when you squeeze my gut, I love it when you re-establish me.
So you're a bad guy?
Think again...
Dominate you until your juices explodes.
I'm your savage, a perfect mystery.
A weapon, a long lost slavery.
Misguide your imperfections and make you tell me again,
Who's the bad guy?
**** with your mind and turn the page, write a new script and flip a new chapter...
But you like it really rough, hmm, tough guy.
Let's go again, I'm your bad guy, you're my *****, think again...
I just make you think you're my daddy, and you think I'm your *****, it's called the master of trickery.
But it's the other way around, That's how good I am, at being the bad guy.
But you still wanna **** with me, you love it, **** with you like you ****** with me the other night.
But that's the thing about my duality, she likes it really rough, she's tough, she plays games and always wins.
You lose, tough guy.
I'm the bad guy, hmm...
Billie Eilish - Bad guy Inspiration
Cold and calculating
There are equations that need to be solved
I've been contemplating
These situations that'll eventually have to be resolved

Some people leave their mark
Some people bring about change
But it won't change who we are
Instead our species's endangered

The consequences arise from when our heart unfuse
Only a matter of time before we blow the fuse
They call it love, only because they see through abuse
One sided relationships always leave the other used

Claws ready to tear every ligament to shreds
Scream at me, my heart is what broke
Dysphoria won't make me find you dead
It's inevitable that I'm going to croak

There's a reason why they call me magician
I'll confuse your mind, I'll put on a illusion
You'll never notice, without me, there's ok in broken
Your thoughts would never be your own, still harmed by all unspoken.
To it ceased,
My folds increased
I cut the folds
Left me deceased

It's my disease
Makes me a beast
My lines of symmetry
Showed my cemmetry

That's not right-
A polygon,
With too many sides
One for everyone
For their delight.

A side for you,
There's enough so feast
I'll be what you want
The least of these
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