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Jessica Aug 9
For a moment
I was all of my selves
And realized
They are still me
They aren’t my mind
But their souls still reside
In the same moving sea of time
It was a kind of relief
KAE Jul 10
today. I just discovered that my personalities can manipulate me on my dreams.

they tell me what to do and I obey them. without complain, saying (nothing). I just act.

and they like that. K enjoys it.

they can talk to me on those dreams, is like a lot of voices in my mind
Third of five
A gemini
When she flies we soar
Her noise can floor
Echoed in our ears
Remembering laughter brought
A powerful injection of positive vibes that elevates temporary state

The scales etched from one to ten
A bell of Tibet
She cares to share so extra
Between be relatively unseen
Conceded when she dips
her time is needed
Worthy as a sister of mercy
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Gemini woman:

You walked in my life with a huge smile of joy.
I couldn’t help but recognize the presence of the same sign like mines.
A diamond heart so rich, you could see pure energy pouring from the peak of your temple.
Gifted with the art of teasing,
Being a real charmer.
Able to adapt and mingle with all kinds of people.
What I always found **** was the thirst of
interest in another Gemini.
Traits envy your confidence
Energy expanding limitless
Entertain and be entertained
& always kept on your toes.
Which made me wonder if you ever been challenged before baby.

Mystic capability has always been a mystery
What is your secret Ms.Thang?  👀
KAE Feb 7
doctor sleep
let me dream
take me into a nice trip
where my soul can Rest In Peace
and my body can take vanish issue pills
the little kitten sleeps in my bed showing my funeral part
there’s no more time for headaches
there’s no more time for  nightmares
let me rest equally, peacefully, lovely with no darkness and full of brightness

Belle Nov 2019
i am going to try to articulate.
i am borderline
even more so, a gemini borderline.
if that has anything to do with it
i must have all the attention on me
at least that's what they say
but i think it's true because when you were in my bed
and you left
i said wait
you were not him.
you were someone else
who held my hand
and held me
so i must have all the attention,
again, a gemini.
a flirt,
i cannot control my impulses because of this disease
i thought i was okay
but now i see ill never be better
because i am a liar
and a lover
but not always of one
thats what i say.
but i do love you
KAE Oct 2019
I used to breathe you (in)
now I’m breath you (out)
I'm throwing you out
KAE Jun 2019
he didn’t born being mean
he didn’t born being a monster
it’s just that nobody gave him love
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2019
I will give you the rose of my love, it's you to choose whether to water
it with faith or pluck it with doubt, I will give the bone of my truth
it's you to protect it or hammer it to little splinters...
here's the pen of my dreams, we can write some pages together,
it can be a story of now or a story of forever...
I will tell you all my fears so that you can choose
whether am the gamble you want to take or not.
I'll show you the forgotten path to the depth of my emptiness
you'll decide if that emptiness deserves to be filled or not
and if the bruises and scars you found deserve to be healed
Not everyone will see the gem in the labyrinth of a Gemini
that's why am an open book so that you see every bit of me
for the one thing I crave beyond love is to be understood...
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