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Melody Mann Jun 24
A full rotation.
Another year cycles by marking your arrival,
You entered this world with uncertainty and lived it gracefully,
You had mishaps along the way that formed you into the being you are today,
Further you propel into the vast,
Beaming with wisdom more than the year last,
Blossom forevermore on your birthday oh soul,
You are a speck of the divine,
A true marvel to witness.
Alicia Apr 11
I love your freshly shaven face
with pale eyes like a storm
soft and new
sprinkled with dewy youthful radiance

having two versions of you

sandpaper and rough-skinned
salt and pepper beard
explaining life's experience in various grey hues
fingers follow deep lined wrinkles
the path to your lips
For my husband.
Alicia Feb 19
by campfire light
she dances
spinning myriads of circles
an elegant black swan
spirals fall from her tilted head
moonlight reflected in her eyes
she is Gemini defined
twins colliding
granite and whisper-soft
fragile delicate narrow frame
taunt muscles over bone
outstretched hands in the atmosphere
the soles of her feet
the power of her voice
the grace in which she moves
her skin ablaze
daughter of the elements
living freedom
Mitch Prax Nov 2020
You are Virgo,
and I am a Gemini.
I want you to know
that I want you and I.
KAE Nov 2020
I’m a queen
I’m strong
I’m independent
I don’t need of someone. I don’t need of anyone
I have confidence
I’m mature
I love myself
I don’t need a men. For nothing. Neither to protect me or love me
If someone tells me that I can’t do something, I’ll prove them wrong

I will raise to my throne like a dancing fire to take my crown to my top
I’ll make people respect me like they’d singing a chorus of song
I will be fear and I will be soft
But the most important of all
I will be a priority. I will be listened. I will take care of myself. I will love me like a king loves his queen.
I will raise from this hole of darkness to see the light again to take what is mine back
I’m the wolf that will never bow down to a men because I only bow down to this raising queen
Traci Sims Oct 2020
Sometimes I'm rain when I appear sunny,
Grey when I 'm actually blue,
My ups moving towards downs,
Inner turbulence masked with a smile.
I'm eternally aware of the butterflies,
Circling my seeking mind,
Scary-fascinated when hell
breaks loose,
And the butterflies dance towards freedom...
KAE Oct 2020
oh darling...
whenever you feel down, out of yourself, or even, if you feel that you can't with the situation, because you are not feeling strong enough...

use your Wildcard.

you don't have different personalities for nothing, don't you know?
when you are feeling negative, we are the replacement.
you didn't build another you for nothing, too.

don't be fooled, love. we are the devil in disguise.
reminder: use your Wildcard.
Jessica Aug 2020
For a moment
I was all of my selves
And realized
They are still me
They aren’t my mind
But their souls still reside
In the same moving sea of time
It was a kind of relief
KAE Jul 2020
today. I just discovered that my personalities can manipulate me on my dreams.

they tell me what to do and I obey them. without complain, saying (nothing). I just act.

and they like that. K enjoys it.

they can talk to me on those dreams, is like a lot of voices in my mind
John McCafferty Jun 2020
Third of five
A gemini
When she flies we soar
Her noise can floor
Echoed in our ears
Remembering laughter brought
A powerful injection of positive vibes that elevates temporary state

The scales etched from one to ten
A bell of Tibet
She cares to share so extra
Between be relatively unseen
Conceded when she dips
her time is needed
Worthy as a sister of mercy
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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