How do you tell someone that your two
How do you tell anybody that there is two people living within your body

Duality and innerself
Reflect two entities occupying the vessel

It seems like I was fated to be a Gemini
Because I have a twin, alive and colliding with my thoughts

Split right down the middle

There is no end to battle fought
The scars we have sustained
Fore, If anyone sees him it will be the end of me
Of us
Of we

In coaslescs we are much like Eddie and the symbiote
For when we balance we are like venom

In reality we ever hardly become one consistently fighting over control
A true tribute to Jekyll & Hyde

In the end after the days done
And night falls its just
Me, myself, and I
Yes I referenced G-easy at the end
But this is how I am
Split most people if not any know
Angel with horns
Devil with a halo
sophia Apr 9
perhaps my love was a poem, where the words would stick to the sky like eminent stardust from heaven’s collision with the hearty gemini constellation feebly wandering in spiral distances. my hostile mind fastens itself to the star; in even ever so far away, its home has been discovered. maybe love was a poem and i am a poet, an artist, astronomer, anything i wish i was; because it is he, the star that wheels my nightsky and tints it with a foamy stinge of watercolour, that avows my heart to its purpose. — to love.
SoZaka Mar 27
We make our own reality
without a word
of vocabulary
tell me a story
write it in the stars

sing my blessings
shout my praises
tell me that you love me
by spelling out my name
in your mind
and in mine.

tell me our voice comes from above
its all better for the wiser,
who knows who to love
who to love

and that's you
and that's me
and that's you
and that's
another realm of love
There are several people who have always belonged with me,
which ones do really know who I am?

There are multiple universes hidden inside of me,
which ones could you explore?

There are a hundred different layers cloaked beneath my skin,
which ones are you aware of?

There are many masks that I use daily to conceal,
which ones did you see me wearing?

There are a lot of high walls surrounding my heart every moment,
which ones did I let you breakthrough?

There are numerous stories stashed up in my head,
which ones did I tell you about last night?
Running through a field of stars
past the twirling gnomes…

The Bell-whistle blows as the train rolls in,
For the field of stars; my home…

An ashen horse in Celtic glee,
And me;

a weary sack

of bones.
The ashen horse is the moon, the gnomes are the twins; Gemini ...the train rolling is the stars in their daily/nightly journey. Read Plato's Cratylus.
You bathe at night; soak
in the indigo twilight.
Exhausted from the
overload of emotion,
the lunar light cleansed your soul.

Charming and cunning,
like the lion, you stalk your
prey. Find the weakness
and exploit it; start the fire,
and then claim your innocence.

You are the end and
beginning of the cycle.
Take the heat, and rise from the
ashes in your final form.

Water bearer, you
bring life to this alien
landscape. Barren and
undiscovered, this is your
chance to change the world. Long live
your work of innovation.

Tree branch rib cage and
ivy veins that nurture your
winter-bitten soul.
Precious sunlight has returned;
your garden will bloom again.

The war going on
inside your brain is growing
tiresome. Your strength
is that of the ram, but you
can't always be the hero.

Submersion. Scared and
eye-level with the Angler.
Take pleasure in the
aesthetic. Perhaps a change
of perspective was needed.

Sagittarius (Father Jupiter Would Be So Proud):
Goddess of the hunt,
your need for adventure and
fearless heart combines
and incarnates the wander-
lust warrior that you are.

Eyes like a doe; she
is wise, nurturing, and vast.
Motherly strength is
the coat worn over bared bones
and bruised knees. She's her own crutch.

Neither side of your
scale may touch the ground.
Chaos may welcome
you with open arms, but she
will grow cold and deranged, love.

Though you are stubborn,
your heart is made of feather,
you fierce, burly ox.
Romantic and devoted,
the darkness in you is gold.

Gemini (The Twin Flame):
How exciting and
infuriating it must
be to look in the
mirror to face your best friend
and your greatest enemy.
What's your sign? Can you relate to any of these?
Two faced  :  Is what they call me
Can’t keep a secret  :  Not even my own
Angelic or wicked  :  Two sides of a coin
But the truth can be painful  :  If only you’d known

You won’t see what’s coming  :  But I’ll never lie
I’m twins tied together  :  There’s nothing to hide
If you don’t believe me  :  Won’t trust in my wisdom
I’ll just turn my cheek  :  Show you the other side

I’ll play in your game  :  But I’ll turn cold as ice
Opposites attract  :  I’ll wait for your turn
If you try to use me  :  I know that you might
I’ll turn up the heat : And watch as you burn

Youth in my heart  :   And wings on my feet
With melodious verse  :  Serenading who hears
My soul is a twinkle  :  With sunbeams of light
But I’ll put up a front  :  To seem cavalier

You know I'll indulge  :  Your wildest dreams
Give me a challenge  :  I’ll put on a show
But we all know what happened  :  To the famed Roman twins
You can’t have two mirrors  :  So one has to go...
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