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Awe Evie you came here fighting. Pulling the oxygen out of your nose. Trying to get out of the incubator you were not having it little girl. You are such a doll baby with a beautiful face. I love your orange hair I can't wait to see what color it will turn out to be. You are named after me Ms. Evieana Lillian. I'm named after my grandmother which makes you the third. My grandmother had red hair she was biracial just like you. So it's so cute that you have her name orange hair and spunky attitude. I thank you for being strong enough to fight. Wonderful enough to love and a small bundle enough to hug and kiss on. You are my Lilly boo and I thank Jehovah that I got the chance to meet you❤.
Evie is my name sale and the last baby of my daughter's.
The absinthe was poured
Soon thirst will be quenched
The water then added
The green fairy did change
So my brain could be drenched
And my mind would derange
What was peridot green
Is now most opaline
The fennel and anise
Are present indeed
But the taste of the wormwood
Is the flavor I need
Down in the earth I plant a small seed
Time passes by - it grows what I need
Matter expanding, building from earth
Proving the young seed’s worth

Oh, how perfect is the grand design
I can harvest all of what is mine
Follow the laws, and truly believe
Reach out and I’ll receive

Deep in my mind, a prosperous plan
My seeds of wealth, to grow what I can
I’ll plant the seeds of wealth with delight
God gives the warmth and light

Oh, how perfect is the grand design
I can harvest all of what is mine
Follow the laws, and truly believe
Reach out and I’ll receive
This is Prosperity Poem 24 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
I cried for you today,
Because you come and never stay,
The day you left and went away,
I can't remember hearing you say,
I love you so,
Can't let you go,
I'm sure that you know,
How painful it is to see the snow,
To drive by where we said goodbye,
We'll never know the reasons why,
We just feel the void but know you fly,
Your an angel in the sky,
One of the strongest men I've ever known,
The strongest Angel's ever flown,
I know someday you'll come for me,
Until then I can't help but weep,
But I know I'll see you in my sleep,
I just miss you everyday,
I lay my head at night and pray,
You'll be there in my dreams,
Like ocean tides and flowing streams,
And things we just dont understand,
So in my dreams I grab your hand,
In the day I play my guitar,
I hope you hear it where ever you are,
I just want to make you proud,
So I try to play it loud,
I know your there in the clouds,
Listening to my improvement,
Watching every single movement,
I love you grandpa and you know,
What words can't say or actions show.
Shelby Marler Apr 25
The strife is fixed by all that’s grand,
But that just seems a wish!
It seems with all the world at hand,
You still can’t wash a dish.
sushii Feb 22
What a grand time you'd have without me
A warm Friday night
One less thing on your mind

It's on times like these
That I'd rather disappear.
I went to the canyon
To see the sights
To read the writes
To meet the heights
The heights were high
The lows were right
But something didn’t click

The tears didn’t run
The breath wasn’t taken
Yeah it was cool but I’m not mistaken
I wanted to be blown off that cliff
But the wind fell short, the air was stiff

Never have I met my sense of awe
I hope we’ll meet someday
I’m holding out hope that I find my strike
That I’ll be blown away
I was trying a new style with this one. It’s more rhyme oriented. This one might seem stiff but I’ll get more comfortable with it. I want to diversity my poetry a little bit.
Ocean T Dec 2018
my heart can only manage
to love you like this,
not a little,
but with
current mood, no joke.
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