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Chris 3d
I won't say goodbye, it will be obvious that I'm gone when I die.
I won't say hello, It will be obvious I'm back, with an empty grave, and me back home.
Chris 3d
A diamond,
A race,
A chase,
Such a ****** shame.
A grip,
A shriek,
A sigh.
When She came.

A sword,
A neck,
A thigh,
Silver rich the name.
A twist,
A turn,
A sword will burn,
With forbidden flame.
Was weird
But was full of adventure
Through actual places
Through actual people
I found out alot about myself
I am changing so fast
I can't keep track of myself
I don't know if i should ask
For help
Or should i just keep
Working on myself
Am not depressed anymore
But not happy
No one is actually enough
Am not either
No one will ever understand this
Even they did understand
They would never be able
To keep up with it
I couldn't
So why should they
Selfthoughts monthly dairy
Pandora 6d
Roses are red
Berries are blue
She's for me
if by chance
you take my place
i'll take my fist
and hit your face
Why do Lovers always love
at the set of Sun?

Like why can't they Love at
the tick of a clock or
the flushing of toilets?

A clock ticks far more often
In One Day
and a toilet is home to a whole
Host of Colors

I will Love you at every flush
of the hand past nine, and
I will Love you at every slip
of the bowel past time.

Wholly heck, I'm hella romantic
Just a ramble
Kivanc 7d
Wrapping souls,
Always live down it,
Lands aren't awake now.

Don't burn,
Let it just stay,
Don't drive a stake to my mind,
Take me completely please my soul.

Weird phobia,
After odor left the room,
Dreams will stay, awake immediately!
Max 7d
Call me the outlaw of the modern age.
Modern age
Max 7d
Life got me high,
Life got me low.
But when I dream, I fly.

And wheter I'm flying high or low,
I'll still be flying.
Because in my dreams,
I am in control.

So I never tend to miss a night, and so a dream.

Cause I don't want to lose control.
My hea made hella crazy dream last night.
Zoe Mae Feb 10
What have they done to my body
Why is there a hole in my chest
When did they discard what was rotting
Where have they hidden the rest
How is it I know they are plotting
To serve me up to my own guests
StoryTallinn Feb 7
Chicken, do you sometimes look up and get jealous?
Lone wolf are you afraid of the crowd?
Or really comfortable with yourself?
Black sheep are you fine with being different?
Or do you wish you were colour-blind, at times?
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