V 2d

Hunting minuscule dragons who have stormed inside my brain...

Drinking with some goblins who sure love their drinkin' games...

Searching the Sahara desert for a mermaid with 2 legs...

Running from my problems though I know I shouldv'e stayed

Seema 7d

A battle building within
Enforcing a war zone
With their spirit, their soul in
Simulating the sins unknown

Another person linked by mind
But they are what others define
As the sages of demonic kind
Of what they believe and refine

They say every human has a third eye
Located in the center of their forehead
But none to believe in the fact, why?
There is no evidence of such when people die

I guess it's the sixth and common sense
That is referred to as the third eye
Visually hidden but lays in the dense
A raider sense that acts like a spy

I keep away from such weird sages
As we all have a sense of awareness
It's good to read about them in pages
Then to be brainwashed to self unfairness...


The self proclaimed human gods.
nobyelse Sep 15

You are my mismatched sock. A unique, irreplaceable part - that keeps my favorite pair intact.

You are my lazy eye; that could look in another way, and still find things pretty okay.

You are my snaggletooth; that projects the beauty of imperfection, evincing that beauty isn't always measured by symmetry.

you are every part of me.
you make me, me.

Conner Dixon Sep 13

The dark is torture when you haven't been awake.. in the light
& the light is torture when you haven't been asleep.. in the dark

Path of the Mystic

It is essene knowledge to sleep in the dark & wake in the light.. lest the Angels of God depart from thee

However it was fun sleeping all day & being awake in the night.. very trippy.. very lucid.. but i knew i had to change

Mainly because my bodyclock was different.. different to what my dreams have told me.. your bodyclock depends on your interactions with others.. or rather your interactions with others depends on your bodyclock

Which time & place are you at?
Which time and place are you at?
Which time & place are you in
Neil Harbee Sep 3

I can be your companion
I can be your friend
I will stay beside you
Until the very end

I may be a freak
But I can be your lover
I may be kinda weird
But I'll be your admirer

I can be anyone
You're the one to decide
I'll patiently wait
For you to make up your mind
Whatever you choose
I'll be happy with it
Cause whatever you choose
In your life I will fit

Mehh... This is so lame
Emily R Sep 10

door dark confused light found flick switch buzz bright home fan zoom sleep floor back aches carpet mouth gross fuzz phone dead charge ding ding ding ding missed calls messages headache head thunk floor ceiling fan spin air ghosts nice happy free life laugh crazy bang door "shut up" chuckle tv on bad show sleep more night moon stars dawn day awake eggs coffee bye work lunch home repeat

this is what happens when I try experimenting with my words

the magic
is that i have no home
in this world
besides you

Lisa Sep 8

you’re straying behind, peppermint tongue
ocean head with eyes like the dirt you press into your palms
disturbing your blood cells from sleep
I knew you once before
I can know you again
summer of youth
summer of wine
being cried into the sweating of an IV
veins of sugar cubes and coca-cola bottles
the dead horse kicks twice
to let you know
to let you know
It’s moved on to grander things

Motion for the jury to bite your nails off for you, peppermint tongue
any answer you can give me
I assure you I’ve heard before
what a strange layout
to be the one to beckon you
from the hazy dream
of being nothing
but a candied sweet
found excessively in
chewing gum


i thought that growing up
i would look back on all that i've seen
and see you standing right next to me-
to my dismay
i am again standing in the gap-

i thought that growing up
we'd be closer than before
closer than closed doors-
yet i slam
that door shut
every day-
and i beg you
to go

who am i today
who am i today
who is i  going to be
and where will that lead i?
will i be another symphony
is i just another expressed belief?
what does i believe-

oh i
what do you see and why
do you see oh i
the way you do
and why
do i oh i
still follow

if i isnt me
than is me just another empty space
that i left behind
in the aftermath of
finding out who i is?
-me is just an empty lot
waiting for i to reattach to the host
-empty walls now make me i's empty ghost.

i isn't who i should be
not me
not me
not me's position to be choosing personality-
than who is the rhymer and the writer!
the pen and ink!
who are the author and who are the book!
who are they!
who are the shadows that haunt my mind!
who are the shadows of glory divine-

who are the devine
and they still make me question why
but i'm still learning tonight
and maybe tomorrow will be my last fight
with that angel underneath heaven's ladder
and i will finally get the rest i need
for it's tiring
fighting with angels
knowing that you can't win
but knowing they won't let you lose-
for i truly want to lose for once
and figure out that death isn't worth it-
and figure out that i had a greater purpose.

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