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To think all these rhymes
In my noggin once were trapped
Like presents unwrapped
Thoughts not fully formed..

What else might there be
If I were set free
To write with all my might?

Or would that freedom
Mean I lose my muse
And my will to shout?

Would I become a sell-out?
Jacob 9h
i live in a suburb
Ever since He took over, my neighbors
BAR-BER-uh and Bob are gone.
Carol’s face is blank paper
Jim, executed by the Furies
Bob is there!
he is bound to a leash
he is eating from the Whale carcass
BAR-BER-UH is there!
But, I see, she is in the Hole
Nothing returns from the Hole.
Carol was telling me to leave.
I told Him, and now she’s my dinner
she tasted really
her entrails are my Christmas lights!
Why would you want to leave the suburbs?

i want to leave these suburbs
Everyday everything equals disaster
Living in darkness, entropy
The Furies are watching everyone’s moves
My neighbor, his brain, scrubbed clean
he speaks like Them now.
he needs my help
People like him are ubiquitous, unchanging
Changing is harder than ever
It’s shaking. This is
Oh. This is it. They’re at my door
idk how i feel about this one
Feedback? I'm still fairly new.
Penguins waddle so slow.
Ducklings go in a row.
All Duckies say Quack! Quack!
Penguin Mommies' hack hack,
Nutritious Seafood into their Chicks beak,
while those sneaky Ducks be acting so sleek.
Some Ducks might hunt and eat small bass.
Penguins slip and fall on their ass.
Penguins cause us laughter,
and Ducks just aren't the same,
so Ducks are inferior to Penguins.
som how my poems got weirder.
so many things playing
in my mind

some with fire and
some with stones

some with ice and
some with desires

some same and the strange
some with twice the price
and some with things strange
in love with the throne

maybe i've lost all that i have known
maybe i don't like the nice world
it hurts and i contemplate

i try to weave it in into words
and navigate my way

say it in two words or less
or they're gonna' lose what they
cannot comprehend or barricade

i wish i could learn how
to use them bullets and not
hesitate when it precipitates

the heat is too much
and the world's going dark

help me find somebody to love;
i don't mind the bodies until they
burn, find me somebody to participate

in my own disintegration
degradation into my sworn filth

the worms swarm into my veins
and atop the blue cascading hills

my mind is casablanca
there are torn castles and
the ruins of a queens thrill

there are screams and more
screams and more screams
and they dream and they scream
more screams and the dream
is broken.

my eyes are open

and there's a man
staring down at me

three in the morning.

and there's not a mirage
in this room, with this gloom.

here comes the doom.

boom. blossom. monsoon.
the sun. moon. and the stars.

scars and hours.

through the ever glow till
the ever last,

planets near and far,
a cosmos far too blind.

oh, of all the things playing
in my mind.
we all have a circus to our citrus.
One foot down the rabbit hole,
What has my rabbit gotten me into,
These people seem a bit mom and dad,
I have woken up in some kind of foreign land.
This is all so alien to me,
I do not know what it means,
I don't know if I should continue burrowing,
It is causing me to get lost in a haze.

Knee deep down the rabbit hole,
My rabbit has bought me back again,
I thought there could not be more to this,
But I have barely scratched the surface.
There is so much the eye can't see,
So much that we can't comprehend,
Maybe if I keep on burrowing,
I will begin to understand.

Waistline down the rabbit hole,
My rabbit tells me to keep on burrowing,
My beliefs now contrast each other,
So I pit them against one another.
I set myself upon a pedestal,
Take a long hard look at myself,
Which life must I choose to live,
And which life must I leave behind.

Up to my neck down the rabbit hole,
I can see the bigger picture,
In the smallest of details,
That were hidden right in front of my eyes.
I can't see the world as I did before,
There is no going back now,
I can now see through the fantasy,
I can now see the reality.

My rabbit is dragging me down the hole,
How deep down does it go,
I keep sinking further in,
I'm going places I've never been.
I am not what I was,
and what I was I will never be again,
what I saw,
I can never unsee,
It has become a part of me.

Follow me down the rabbit hole,
Into the unknown we go.
Burrow down to find the answer.
If you don't like my eccentricities
I'll try giving you my best
In care and genuine concern
What I consider currencies
Of human relationships
Totally reminds me of Izzy Azeal's Currency.
Nathan 5d
Mercia 5d
That's how her life is.
She spoke with confidence yet
She walked in peoples shadows.
She walked with her head high only in heels.
She collects sneakers.
Her body is made from comments
Her mind slowly died from truth
Lies killed her smile.
The hate she carried was a feather
Her laugh was fake
Her happiness, nonexistent.
That's how her life is..
In the world of lines and curves,
I was questioned at the doorstep,
"Are you a line or a curve?",
I decided I was a curve, and they let me in in the group of curves.
Somebody asked, "Why is your curve not curvier? You must go to the lines instead."
I said, "Fair enough", and moved over to the group of lines.
Somebody said again, "You are too crooked to be a line. Go away!"
Disappointed, I realized I had nowhere to go.
There was no group for me. I was a curvy, crooked line.
I was a "weirdo".

Along came a curve, and a line,
They were curious of what it would mean to push their boundaries.
So I asked them to hold hands.
And suddenly I realized I was not alone.
I held their hands too, and we were transformed,
We wriggled and jiggled, and broke our molds,
And formed a perfect circle.
From our imperfections.
Now I belonged somewhere.
And I am not a "weirdo" anymore.
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