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Spicy Digits Oct 6
What a spicy meatball of a life
This curious little salamander body
That is birthed and breathes
While the moon continues to orbit overhead
And space debris wink in the night sky.

Our individual unique little faces and souls
Born from millions of protein lego pieces,
And worn by family and circumstance
And sometimes pure chance' caprices.

What a deliciously weird solo recital,
These pink-and-green,
Fleeting lives,
In these absurdly floppy flesh costumes,
Bound by a slippery fable of time and place,
Of colour and race.

Some chapters are full of pain and struggle,
As we dance on the precipice between
Textbook norms and rebellious liberation.
But what fascinatingly quirky,
And gateaux-rich our little short stories are -
Sometimes swollen and aflame with sadness
Then extinguished with timely humour.

This time we are gifted in history,
Whether the first journey or our souls 332nd
We have it to taste fresh bread,
Chat to bus drivers,
Stroke the perfection of a pompom dahlia
Talk baby to the neighbors dog
Laugh heartily at our shortfalls
Pop pimples,
Sob out the pain in our body
Smell old books
And laugh our way to double chins.
Alex Scaife Oct 8
Words escape me. I  can't speak pretty
Because my heart hurts and metre fails
How many syllables or beats?
Who cares
A wound exposes my heart, beating
Away as if it doesn't know the news.
I'm dead. Surely you must see that
No one likes me. It's crude and the words
Of an angst filled teen but still, now twenty
This still vexes my being. It's not true of course,
People like me the same way they like local news.
Briefly and only if nothing else is on
Is this a poem? Should it rhyme?
If not, is that fine? No.
My heart is closed like a fist and my soul
A watch, which wraps around my wrist
Cutting off the blood for vanities sake

It's all screaming
Replace each word with a full stop
And it remains the same, just
Filling in the line till the ink runs out
Or my blood runs. Whichever comes first

Oh haiku dear friend
You truly fall short of this
Colossus sized task

Short lines
Just make
Me wish
For more
Space to
But long lines are too hard to fill
Because I have nothing to say
Ema Sep 30
One leg up
hand resting
I'm scribbling ideas
to help me fall asleep.
I like tall buildings
and lots of concrete

One leg up
while walking in the city
faces in weird spaces
my gait, not that pretty
four pugs on a chain
city cerberus
concrete keeper
perpetual eater
grim reaper

One leg up
on a concrete world
that idea spilled
like a cup
on the floor
my mind
Sophia Sep 21
Crack your rib cage open,
Peel back the bones.
Release the creature
Inside your chest,
Let it out to roam.

Let it create the chaos
That's hiding under your skin,
Simmering in your blood,
Filling up your lungs,
Drowning you from within.
Piyush Sharma Sep 21
I don't understand myself,
Being so abnormally felt.
Act so happy, smiling around,
Then lie to myself hurting through ground.
Talk so deep, act so trash,
Happy being alone, but ending in crash.
Hope someday this ends...
Don't know how it would...
But low key here feels kinda good.
Jude Rogers Sep 17
net-zero!c by!c 2050
no GARBAGE need iq
love right so you understand
wire a peculiar poem
YOU like this if good thats right
i understand you are heartbreaker
if i dont like this write that poem
you were luck thats you believe this
were you your friends
thats you it stink
if i would i would say
dont you sooo this
furthermore to you it very high
is this your lads
aint that
are am to no
like a dadaist poem but i sorta chose what order to arrange the words in
I sit in silence
I'm not sure what's loudest
The silence

Or the voices
That are screaming
It's a terrible sense of dread

I lay in this bed heavy eyed
And like dust I want to rise
Erase the memories

Ashes blacken this heart
Erase the memories
I am tired of falling apart

I walked away from the sun
And walked into the gallows
Head held low
This world revolving around me goes by so slow..

Now I sit in silence of this night
Waiting for the end of this dream
Sorrow lives through this heart
I pray one day that it will depart
And like dust I want to rise
You're always stuck in my mind
Like an endless catchy jingle,
When the stars have all aligned
Love and fate start to mingle.
This fool's heart tingles and softens,
A chaos of large proportions.

Somehow you're also the calm
Surely arriving as seas rush to shore,
You got me in that cute palm
Gently nuzzle my heart like never before,
The serenity, the lull of your grin
Takes me to places I've never been.

Take me back, the seat you left is still warm
One more time, I want to dance in your storm.
I feel weirdly warm and dumb. Huh.
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