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m Feb 15
my passion is broken;
i spend my days and nights
knitting, organizing,
drinking, waiting

writing poetry hasn't ever felt hard
so maybe it's the zoloft, maybe
it's the dull repetition of days
the humdrum chaos of getting older

i want to be kissed, hard
and deep and long,
by someone with strong hands
and unwavering concentration

i am happy and quite sad
and quietly fulfilling my duties.
i'm typing this at my desk
and it feels wrong and bad

my therapist told me the antidote to burnout
is variety rather than rest--
so let the various archbishops of my life be told
that i am so ******* tired

there is a man here, he is broken,
but in his eyes there is passion,
and in between my thighs there is fear,
and i'm absolutely frozen

so tonight i'll drink,
and knit, and write e-mails,
cross my fingers and pray,
that something magical happens
i'm so bored and i think my poetry is broken so i'm trying to start again
Malia Jan 26
Am I supposed
To be here?
This doesn’t feel—
This doesn’t feel—


I’m sleep-walking
Through a lucid dream.
It’s so, so loud.

I don’t hear anything at all.

My mind is only
Television static.
Why can’t I—
Why can’t I—


Weird feeling of feeling like you’re dreaming when walking through the school hallways.
Man Aug 2023
Embrace change,
Welcome the weird
And invite in the strange.
Nothing to fear,
But what that yet
We don't understand.
Nothing to fear
But the feeling;
That we have still yet to comprehend.
Dylan Mar 2023
Teal equinox drifting over the valley
tangled in a crystal chain of stars.

Ghosts of the universe spiral endlessly.
Mind in a shell of illusions we’ve made;
iron, earth, and air.

Dawn’s haloed sky stretches over the mountain locked in a veil of silver fog.

Jewels of infinity cradled in our hands.
Knots of wind come unraveled by the night;
salt, sun, and gold.
Hello Daisies Aug 2022
Sunshine and grog
Dancing through thick fog
Midst over mountains
Shimmering gold in fountains

The feeling of serenity
Calmness and warmth
Soul inspiring
Never expiring

Enthrall me within
Give me that special grin
Always without sin
Purity so complete

Never to defeat
Warriors heart inside
I'll never abide
With man's side

I am wild and free
I am a cold winters breeze
A storm of brim and stone
Ashes flung and flown

I am a witch burning
Never returning
To their master
I will run faster

You cannot stop me
Stinging like a bee
Souring with graceful ease
I am a fairie never to please

I will use my sword
I will say my words
With passion and curse
Do your absolute worst

I am me
And she is free
Maybe only inside
In my own mind
But she you will never find
She is but mine
A special kind
A loving mother
In which moss takes cover

Leave it lone
She is alone
But pain is gone
For peace is beauty
And green is all she can see

That is me
I am green with grass
Yellow with daisies
And free with fairies
Loved by many
And giving so much
I am glee
And complete
With me

On my own
Idk just in my own head
birdy May 2022
The river churned the boy and his boat
into a fine butter
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