My Father used to say,
"There is no accounting for tastes."
Some people might think
That I've completely lost my tastes?
I'm into all sorts of things
That I didn't have a taste for in the Past.....
Melancholic Sufi Music from Uzbekistan
And Nude Photos of Strong  Black Women.
Spiritual and Erotic Dimensions
That agree with my current state of mind.
Would my tastes today
Conform with the Critics Choice?
Probably not,
Especially when combined!
However, it must  be
What's best for me
To move on to
The next step in life.

The warm moisture dripping from my hand
Sweat forming from the intense heat
The California air warming the animal flesh
Searing my skin

The burning of both the heat and the energy spent
On wasteless efforts

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K F 3d

Forget Portland and Austin and Santa Cruz.
Those famously strange places,
where the tourists gawk at local weirdos.
Here is not there.

Here is the place of advice such as:
“When life gives you meatballs put a wig on a dog.”
—True story.

Here is the place where:
“With all good things in life you just have to wipe the bird shit off.”  

The place where steel and marble Confederate ghosts,
watch the wealthy renovate their westward homes along a cobblestone road.

Where paintings are propped to rot up in alleys,
and buzzing twenty-somethings on their way back from a show,
shake it and tilt it and carry it home.
—Gilded frame and all.

This is the place of painted concrete where walls are canvases,
and red bricks pop out of the ground,
the tree roots poking through to trip you.

Here’s where the People’s Beer comes from Milwaukee,
but we replaced the R in ribbon with here,
and sell it by the caseload when it rains and when it’s Tuesday.

Where young people go to find themselves getting lost becoming someone else,
remixing history to not admit naivety,
before they’ve been sandpapered through experience.
        —To a core.

This is an ink-stained but not splattered place.
Where lines are careful, permanent and abundant,
and on Fridays can cost 13 bucks.

Here is the place where people roam like that restaurant rabbit:
listless and nomadic and stuck.

Where there’s a wild streak in its heart that follows the tracks,
and cuts the city in half.

This is the place that Carvers itself out into cultures,
and you can be from the Bottom,
or proud to be a Rat.  

Here is where you night-drive over the bridge,
see the skyline and feel restlessly content.

Here is home.
—For now.

Baby, can't you see I'm on a wave right now?
I'm high on cocaine, but low on self-esteem.

Oculi Nov 8

Raw thoughts, yeah?
Nah, not today, man
Too bad, I was expecting them
You'll get them, just shut up
It's just noise
They all want me and my noise
But it's all just noise
It scratches
It creaks
It beeps
It boops
It bleeps
It beams
It beckons
It goes on for oh so, so, so, so, so, so, so long
Why do you want it, you disgusting moron?
But it doesn't make sense
None of it does
It's me
It just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on
Why do you want it, tell me that
Who are you to ask my why I want it if I do
I'm tired of this can I just make peace with me
Yes you can
No you can't
Yes you can't
No you can
Yes you are
No we aren't
No I can't can
Who are you?

Anne Molony Nov 8

he wasn't
what I expected
him to be  

he kept his hair short and messy,
wore funny clothes and enjoyed
comic books, Daft Punk and
of all things
and bless,
he thought his earrings
made him seem tough

In the end, it was
his confidence
that won me over
his smiley-eyes
so seamlessly dissolved
my doubts and skepticism
and took with
my heart

the kisses he'd plant on my forehead would
drag me into
his silly world where
wonderfully weird hats were worn seriously  
and music was played on our
candy-coloured 2000s cd player while we read together
on the couch

he offered to massage
my feet and I blushed and thought
that I was falling for him and
he laughed and pulled me
close into his chest
while I wept with joy
for I'd found  

I miss you

Isn’t it funny how odd we can be?
As humans, we want to close our souls
like curtains on a window.
Only to show our true selves
in the hollows of the night
enclosed in our safety net.

Isn’t it funny how people will walk away?
Because they say you are too much
and you believe them.
You build this brick wall of defense
trying not to crack a smile
Because you rather someone love you
Than not at all.

You are a beautiful star
glowing in the ever-infinite galaxy.
Let your light shine, my sweet girl
because how dare someone love you
For only the normal parts.

You are a unique snowflake
Dance in the afterglow.

i hate when people judge other people on the way they dance. like “omg wtf is she doing, she can’t dance” she may not be able to dance but i bet she is having more fun than you, hater.

and to me she looks more beautiful than anyone in here cause she is free

3 years ago
Mims Nov 6

'Cause you might be a bit unclear,
And I might be a little bit weird
But here we are together,
Against all Odds.

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