Mono 1d
Started with a hello
Ended with a goodbye
Time to move on

And then your eyes met again
On the place you once treasure
A place of pain and sorrow

Then you smiled and he did
Waved farewell and went on
Awkward isn't it?

The person who was in your dreams
Exist only to wave and smile
A past which future stands still

Then comes the times were you were crying for a broken love
A dissolved relation
That ended up as the option

Awkward isn't it?
You met again
And couldn't look in the eye

Because you can never forget the past
Until you actually feel okay
With seeing them with another
your lies
they wow and terrify

your lies
bring tears to my blue eyes

your lies
I've learned to recognize

your lies
April's, May's June's then July's

your lies
boy, they immobilize

your lies
are no longer a surprise

I'm done trying to compromise
Just leave me, now.
And take your lies.
Kat Pan Sep 2017
Socially impaired
though you may not be aware
View the chain of faces
they've never had a taste of
what it's like to be me
smaller than me
so much smaller than you seem
Conversations I keep debating
because of hope that I keep staging
All your insides
humanely deprived
heart depleting in size
eople told me im crazy.
"you are crazy if you date him"
"you are crazy to try this"
"thats a terrible idea"
well i disagree.
if im crazy because i want kids with somebody or to be married
then lock me up
i love my hooman...
A violin player
In the street
Playing for food
My ice cream melts
Into the cracks
To feed the ants
That conspire below
clem turner Feb 16
you're telling me
all this was for nothing
celebrations and memories
they'll never mean anything

whatever the future holds
it won't include me anymore
no matter how many times i was told

i wonder what u look like when you're old

what will i look like when i get old

no matter how many times i've been told
i'll never mean anything
to you

i'm in the bonus features in your menu
Willow shade Feb 12
I consecrate all guilt and prohibitions
which make me live and only life is sacred.
All letters of my poems are crying to reveal,
but in my despair is kept my secret.

And this secret is uncovered day by day,
You have even body and eyes, now I detect...
I feel your moving lips as my name flows down,
with your whole existence, you are more perfect!

Thus, I daily commit a suicide to live,
I will keep living for the sufferers like me.
When you lend your hand to me I feel as an army
And your all amities deeply delight me.

I am losing my mind because of longing
It brings the next phase of delirium.
I am being captured in a weird time zone
Even days are passing as a millennium.
Queen of hearts, atop your throne.
Who stole your tarts? You’re all alone.
No one to hurt, and no one to love.
Wherever you flirt, death will certainly come.

House of cards, but no one’s impressed.
No knights or bards, for you to distress.
You broke all those hearts, but they weren’t enough.
Now you’re breaking apart, and I’m calling your bluff.

A beautiful palace, for no one to see.
The whispers of Alice, “You’ll never be free.”
So young and so restless, alone with your head.
Alice is headless, but you’re truly dead.
James Khan Feb 4
take what you want, pay for it later,

sin in haste, repent at leisure,

they got it wrong, they meant contrition,

but God doesn't forgive, He tolerates,

I called lastnight, got the answerphone,

Out-of-office auroreply, 'for emergencies please redial your nearest liquor store or log on to Pornhub',

people in straw houses shouldn't light matches, it doesn't matter if you're in a glass house but for God's sakes don't throw a stone,

you can light matches in glass houses and you can throw stones at straw houses,

that's why the third pig and I get high in brick houses,

we light matches and we get stoned,

God says pigs are filthy animals,

wolves would agree fervently,

me and my pig, we have an understanding:

one man's bacon is another man's backbone,

don't eat your friends.
Kagey Sage Jan 24
It's time to contemplate
the twilight of post-modern idols
- An Ideal
can we live for one?

We lay out what we stand for
in simple platitudes
then spend all our time
defining what we're not
despite all the death done
in its name
Protecting Freedom's
just an umbrella
replace "carpet bomb families"
with "neutralize enemies"
- who threatened our Liberty

but that means
sway elections away from those
that reject economic puppetry
Cut the cord
if you want us to buy Contras
Reaganomics define
Drug War: Sold crack,  
bought guns from Iran,
fund death squads
in Nicarag-Hooah!

Freedom's lambs
they had to die
They tried to reach out
against exploited workers
so even Catholic priests
got murked
Yes, murdered
but also muddied
in the waters of
historiography's story
As in, no one studies history

Today's armchair historians
they just find bargains
and hero worship
while they channel surf
Pulled by yachts
they don't make waves
Oceans abound but
most just coast
in creeks and canals
No Wake Zones
Think you're woke, bro?
You just came up
with a narrow strait thought
that was simply dismissed
by Heraclitus of Ephesus
nearly three millennia ago
Your certainty of knowing
brings danger of you drowning
Cause "Ever-newer waters flow
on those who step into the same rivers."

All I know is fire
so burn a hen for Prometheus
and we'll topple poser's podiums
then yoga flame them back to oneness

Cause after horrific mediation
and barring off public relations
You'll catch me drunk playing video games
with butchers and their daughters
πάντα ῥεῖ
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