The wine did to his body but not to his mind
We met quietly in her room

Occurred to me in a dream. Not in some braggy type of way, like Keith Richards dreaming of that classic 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction' riff, just some weird shit I dreamt up.

i scraped my knees in the
realms of time
i don't know where to hide
under the willow tree
to find and harvest
the new moon
a cracked ceiling blinks
with long lashes
my long lost friend is
still ice cold
it is not yet spring

greet my reflection if
i go too long
without smiling

a transparent person
it looks a lot like

I turn my weird dreams into weird poetry.

When the noise of exterior souls exceeds standards, I turn it off.

"Yo soy el rey"

My dominion stretches as far as my head to the soles of my feet.
And I'm walking the opposite way.

Like a genie who gets paid commission, you come to my space and exceed the noise standard.

"Yo soy el rey"

My dominion stretches as far as my head to the soles of my feet.
And I'm walking the opposite way.

They say I walk away half the time.
I get looked at funny.
I'm the local eyesore.
I swear, I'm not self-destructive.

When the moon turns crimson,
and the tide reaches the grass,
I'll say that I have the pizza you wanted.
The flavor is crowbar.
Your big head will be swollen.
God will suck you down to the flames.

"Yo soy el rey"

I swear I'm not self-destructive.

How's this for a first poem?
Taylor N Culp Jul 14

Why can't I be seen? Am I stuck in the spiritual In between?  
I don't exist to most. It's like I'm a ghost.
I never show up on screen. it's starting to become a routine.
Maybe I need to make myself known. I don't want to be forever alone.
I make a noise, kids run and drop their toys.
I hide away. Don't they want to play?
Why am I unknown! Then I find my tombstone.

I'm not sure what this is to be honest.

It's very chill. Art is so omnivores can talk and gather belongings to figure out what to accomplish.
There's so many reasons for completely wrong stigmas. Offended by the resin. She's the partridge of the stable. Then you owe a species wine.
Butterin' it up, pourin' it out
Coma seems cool comin' around
This diss dissonance
He's gonna put it on balance
Capable of dealing with women, not psuedo-women
Because he pours out on you guys, because he pours us a drink
Hold him on medicine
Last second... Nurse!
Vanilla candles have no pressure
Your way. Tiny bearded ray.
It's coming from "You're not gonna miss all the energy on top of the building".
High as the moon
I'm gonna smack the heck out of you and I know it's practice
I'm gonna kick... "Jerry! Jerry!"
We are out. We are out. And about.
You're not the swinger, you're vulcan
Vulcan is an infection
He's angry with the thumbprint
When you meet an omen
It's outside the community barbershop
Welcome to the terror spectacle
You know the Ann I don't know
You acknowledge your son every time he does something good to himself
He puts everybody first like Donald Trump
I was the pervert of 9/11
In London, the orchestra speeds over white pass
Yoga instructor in the mirror
Weed out the dig holes
If you blow up, if you piss
I'm the runner, force it
Running around the counter
Burning a hole in your fly zone
The capital of Uranium is Marty Well
A medal, the richter scale
Hard at any side of the house
Coaster calms your nose
The rhythm of your whole undertow
Bloody anthem, ghost of your grandpa
Take a bite out of corny
But seemingly, it's doing it
You hold down, hold on
Your money is all writ
Your capitals so low
Putin a dragon, one of those snitches, punk rock, better an eskimo
Blowing out cheese formula
RIght there, hand me my laser to unraisin
Tanning bear, come here
They're rich on the table
The light has students in the gym
The whole ear is pressed cold against the mirror
Ethan, his sorrow decaying, has that mirrow
Did you have fun? Foam and jelly gorges
You can go over and back
Still don't have the secret formula
It's old on sunday morning. Cooled off. I don't know, who is the daughter, who is not for healthy coincidence. A good samaritan barely on a time constraint. Nobody has time for those loop holes, questions are animals
Wow, you might see the colors of the rainbow
Good job
You haven't had a hold on him in a while
He's picks the vultures, one of the asian guys
Communicating with a chump
Feels bad, becoming crazy
Because of nostalgia, the way he wants to be
Your job is to carry the weight of the people as a support system.
A woman is absolutely devastating to her.
You're already in the next room burning English.
You are always late for something
You're a bug
You're a best friend to ogres
Better call Lucy
Hers probably is spicier
Bite it, homeboy
Maybe you're using to see who can push it out
Maple, drip
You're always on a river of truth
Chair is blue, my dinner wise
I can feel the table running through
Make a right right here or an element of Frank and Tittle
Meads lower on the floor
All of you are mistaken for demon presents
A magical beam for a name, Birden
She's holding her boyfriend, you brought him there
You're not capable of understanding how to work a transfixer
The air is the medium
That's what they're trying to tell me
Ice in a western movie
Jesus is holding a harp
Remember you tripped on tears before, right?
You're just like anyone.
Hot juice g-nome
I'm right here, woohoo!
Not right now
The peanut butter cutting line
100 dead beetles
You wear the estrogen
You can get it in pill form
I hate pill form
That's where they go away
All the angels on the tennis court
Turning a whole order down
It makes it harder to listen to your throat
Not because of your hair, your shower maps out the whole entire level
The bottom of the plug
It starts, it stops, it starts
Physically you can't break it
You cannibal alimony's hard to admit
Phony band camp, it's real hard to haggle off with the word catapault
I touched the fire, I touched the air
I'm grounded and I don't know how to get home, near the hog water
Okay. Grapefruit tastes good
The goal tender curses
The marker combs everybody
Misses clothing
Nerve walking
The accident
A name-o
The rat's tail
Omens the heart
Double dose of the special drink
The bottle is empty, YAY!
...Without her noodle
She appears to be in the poison
She's pray sin, praisin'
Color of the victims right
Dark and green out
Double digger!
That was really good
You're a pyramid of wanders
Flies over the hash pig
Going over this already
He's going to call the question
Ready for meeting Susan
You wanna know why?
He's rolling his way
Chemical origins, fire
The whole sickness, burning a hole in your shoes
Water to medicate a defective invitation
Flying in from the sport armadillo
Need for speed, there is karma
Evil is going to fly over your hair
Well, what I wanted to say..
He's an imposter
When you let evil in, he'll go for it
That's what you wanted to say to Johnny
I get it now. You turned too soon to the waves I'm in
You must be happy that you appreciate
There's a serious issue with whole organizations
You're ordering an extra blot of roomy
For after they come, watching you, oblique wise
The ambulance is coming, don't be stupid
Treatment's the last needle in the haystack
The plan is to order fries, actual mango juice, with a whip
Evil is a hologram of digituality
Help me keep the lid on the plate
Your honor serves everybody
Where ever you go in the world, Cincinatti, Buffalo, are you Santa Claus? The real Santa Claus? Maybe? High beam like that. The stinger is awesome.
Three days and you're born without a crash
You're unable to battle on, very classy
You know where wisdom comes from
I feel ashamed
Little shit, it's gonna hurt
Ouch, breaking the bind of the book
Never carrying on the couch
What passage did you open up
Remember when you started refusing to believe
Pleasure and stupidity
They must think you're jealous
Cheating on the test
That's the kind of word you don't say to people and I don't tell on them
When you said that you didn't even come
They're on a swingset
Pass a ball everywhere
Spay the ostrich
There's a calendar on the coat somewhere
You'll find the ointment, the ointment isn't a plant
Orchestra helping you find you way to wind or something
You prefer belonging, after you belong you're already a different person
Angels are permanent, they live in heaven
The word Kevin vegetable

(c) Mitch Protheroe (Omni Optometrist)

We feast tonight!
The fasting's past, and the banquet now is spread.
We feast tonight!
Enough for all to gather and break bread.
We feast tonight!
Because we hunger, in ways we barely know.
We feast tonight!
We dine together, our common ground to show.

We drink tonight!
To battles won and lost at the stroke of a pen.
We drink tonight!
To who we are, and also who we've been.
We drink tonight!
To memories, and those yet to be made.
We drink tonight!
To the future, and the doomed plans we have laid.

We dance tonight!
To music that only we can hear.
We dance tonight!
Together, hands joined, and very near.
We dance tonight!
To let out what's bottle up inside.
We dance tonight!
As though unseen, no caution cast for pride.

We sing tonight!
The songs we wrote when we were younger folk.
We sing tonight!
The words we thought were better left unspoke'.
We sing tonight!
The heavens echo, our voices of single mind.
We sing tonight!
And though off-key, could be no more refined.

We live tonight!
No other night holds portent over this.
We live tonight!
With little fear of what we lack, or miss.
We live tonight!
Because we wish, not because we must.
We live tonight!
And never know, tomorrow we may be dust.

What you have is right
Be easy, they'll tell you when and how
The danger in power
Omnivore, putting to rest my stomach easy
Parker candy
A lil cemetary
Your mom already knows your password
Get water, your devil
What the heck! Stupid animation. Do you have ID?
Their arms are shook, too cold
You know you put that password up
A couple of things
Hydro pump, they aren't chicken locket
Nuh uh, it's cause the wall is all chambered
Grow inside, but do you have any idea who's responsible for the suffering?
It's not my job
Give a hand to the world
You have to be there in front of this candle, burning illegal patterns
You're anal. It's passive to you
French movement, grand piano
There's a dance ball hardened. Ooh, are you going to grab a paintball?
You're so mean, you're so incredible
The boy bands are really uncomfortable
Cause I have the money to move people close
Fire the torpedo!
Good. He has more dough coming in, throw a pizza there
Oh my god. All he wanted to do was have juice and them
He bit pretty much off, helping you open your eyes to see
Cantelope. I love it. Right. How about vanilla, orange? Fresh.
Holding it for our own participation. Probably able to do it currently in your head
Right on the line, he gave you the roots
All that he wants is to freshen outer space
Warm stars, it actually opens for whoever owns the space beer dispenser
That's the whole week after the next Monday, woo!
Wow, it's starting to get powerful.
It's cause you had a hole in your heart
Do you have it? A towel?
Provolone. His drink.
Are you getting pissy?
Water wear my shoe, a hand that's holding the snow
I'm about to rip off a terrible way to think about it
Just don't flip flop
She knew that you were basically crazy
Your art should be full of holes, your cover page walking away
You're sick and tired of who's chicken
Pay for beef or salami, but you aren't allowed in the hall
Kick it, my own pizza has mold in it
You're used to help, order some people
This genius is just getting by
Money is a whole 'nother issue
Practical learning all day
Props, laying it down there.
A quarter, a shoe, a cup. Money for presence
A table and we fix it, the table with money is all alone
I think this is the last summer alone
Normal duties, normal fluid, a pool of hot sauce
Drenched in North Dakota
I'm a homeless man eating prey, hunting gravity
Nike bongo jamboree buzzing, you lay harm on his heart
It's a song written by who's there
Apple deleted all of it's history
The dryer spreads us all out
The faux maneuver can harvest the energy
When we're legal the commonwealth will try to arm it's people
If you forget to press the on button, you'll shoot an angel
Good, you're systematically laying out of boundaries
Apple juice is good
I'm fine for more chill, nakey grapple
A long stick arrow. Large human diahrrea
You said "I'm gonna fix this, I'm gonna fix it."
One step is too cold, pinch your interum
Two of them are dumber, you're pushing it
There we go
A horrorspital
Art is a communist innuendo
Enabled by, approved by Santa Claus
There no inspiration, no internet
Capitol Hill is a specimen
Garden gnomes project deter-ment
She's walking our way. They love herself
Her hours are from 2:55 am to 11 pm every day
We did all of the far side
The steeple is ignorant people
Cozy with the mayonnaise vampires
They've come to eat your flame after dismissal
A whole pan, a ransom.
You half a whole in your art
Dominating all the tennenbaums
Computer language hosts numbers, real demons
They're lying to empress
That's a whole speaker, bro!
Mimicking evil, about to fall into havoc
Coloring the evil emperor
Merging. Come on, people
Even better, our flowers are an anthem
A Harlem broke away
Indigenous people that are tyrannically hurt leave their tent in day
He says he's part of a eulogy
Prepared to be misled with all the cameras on you
A trisket, harmonies figuring out
He's hype. Very tired
Spread an omen to varied locations across the goo goo lounge
Cig bum, a mile away
Of course they had a table. Threw up a penny
A hog is like an inky partridge when awesome is guarded
She's talking about fake

You view men as a groundhog
Another sip in the well
On average you do right ping pong
He's on his bike, doing it in his favorite speedo
Even his car alarm is scared
It helps the problems
People and cameras don't do it any good
Cancer, why you're scared
Cause its holding against my stuff, the bottom
A woman's dress rips like that
You wanted to get somebody alone
Why you're so scared, your arms are socks
Play, make it up
On them, already
Pounce! He's commenting on your anthem, your smoke
In the nightfall, has dribble. It's too many
You just want to hold him out of the fire
You're running out of time, burning out
Ease head
Spreading information, inflammation
It hurts our digital arena
Bones, you're hurting the people
If you're Catholic, you get punched because of your weird grandpa
Two analysts, a quest
Forty-five people after a noun
I eat cattle sticker
You are original, you are alive
Prognosis is that he owns the party that's special
Pray for camel, big one
He's walking, he's thinking, no one else sees him different
His arms are at a different corner of the table
Art rats on the home news
Anymore, passing off all the people
That's something that you shouldn't have to keep up with on a deal
Fermented particles of dung
Call it western tiki torches
The brocolli is a cure for a combination of lying and finding dinner
Buttered bread, a meal
Tissue box, the way he handles the situation
Recognize her parents, always honor them all day long
You are a Mexican Buddha
Channeling hope to them, getting them real smooth jheri curls
The medicines knocking, splinter the sidewalk
Come and look at the bow, the nook, under the table
You all could come look at the table and see that the table has a hook under it
You have a bowl, and you have your jelly
The wind sweeps your hair
It's Principle Protheroe, Black box
It's vile underneath the pyramid
She's wearing an apple for pro-Christ
She's worried that you might carry the apple in your ovum
I want to live
That would be fun, that would be omen
They freaking murder any animal they want to
Pray for animals to live
Honor your secret steal of a promise
Emitting your presentation
Permutating a skateboard which is an awkward word
Cable's not news, they're gonna hold you on the bet
My original oragami plane of you and Bishop scoured the whole sea
Pranking the gerbels is martydom in holy dividends
Masquerade, tickled
Purple permutations
The rescue is you meeting a horror moon
Word to indentify

a holliday Jul 2

the mind has many tricks up its sleeves...
deceitful, truthful, crazy, lonely, dazed
       always intricate.
causing you to run from the wooden toothed beast that haunts your incoherent mind.
about to catch you, then vanishing into the depths of the shadowy pine trees.
lurking with those yellow eyes.

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