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Yemaya May 20
The river churned the boy and his boat
into a fine butter
neth jones Apr 13
so    very   sewn
the doleful mind is sung
post  to  pillar    weeping  bedlam
unplugged and unsnug smutting out ugly
stopper  in        now  properly  so
property now preserved
dammed up river
so     very     so
woefully  head is hung
side to side sweeping pendulum
frothing out malware and mad medicine
saner  cure     joins  the  jettison
salmon         up  a  river
g o d s  deliver
( s o r r o w )
ScaryGary Mar 13
i felt so safe, sleeping by the bear cave
and the honey he brought me kept me warm
the morning dew glistened while he danced for me
while i ate the honey

funny bear
you make my heart melt

last winter seemed like it lasted forever
and the frost froze off my toes
he carried me in some spring water, and cloves
i kissed him on his big old nose

i felt so good, laying there and dying
the comfort he gave me was irreplaceable

then i heard the hounds

he buried me in some cedar and pine needles
i could hear him climbing the big oak tree

the baying of the hounds must have lasted a hundred years
and i was still alive
so was he

then you came
you took out a pellet rifle
you started shooting my friend
you started shooting my friend

the excitement of the hounds grew
the hair on their backs stood on end
so did mine
so did his

why did you shoot my friend with that air rifle?
why did you shoot my friend 23 times?

i was laying there listening when he fell
when the dogs jumped on him, at your command
i listened while your dogs tore my friend to shreds
my friend didn't even make a sound

he was a good bear
such a good bear

he didn't bother anyone, and would have given the hide off his back
but you killed my friend and took his hide off his back

you killed my friend
you killed my friend!

you let your dogs tear him apart


i can still see you dancing
funny bear

you saved me from freezing last winter
my toes even grew back!

thank you, my friend
your warmth and love has kept me alive
the things you taught me will help me forever

will you please dance with me?
i miss you
Zoe Mae Jan 30
This must be what it feels like to be a zombie
Vacant eyes
Rigored legs
An awkward gate

Please point me in the home direction
I can't move very fast, ya know
And I'll follow the scent of your sweet *******
Wherever it is you go
The emptiness inside, resides within my eyes
Like basins full of water,  strung up to high tide
Its full of all your lies-- on boats your secrets hide
My hopes and dreams, here falters  -- and dies.

But on one day , abysmally in dismay  
Your Heart thawed, just enough to Say
three little words; that brings my heart decay
"I hate you" -- sword wounds left uncured
My empathy drained; insides left on display
CJ Oct 2021
I'm different
I laugh when I'm sad
I cry when I'm happy
They call me weird
But I'm only different

I'm different.
Others take the car but I choose to walk it
Others hide from the rain but I walk in it
They call me weird
But I'm only different

They laugh at me
But i laugh at them back
For being dumb to understand
Who I actually am

Losing doesn't gain experience
Losing gain loneliness
Get me out of here before I do it myself...
Miles Graves Sep 2021
seven days; two of relieved pressure
and five with each sense inundated
but that’s normal, I gather.

at quarter to nine, untimely to my ears,
the bell rings - an alarm that only agitation hears -
and I’d do anything just to become unfeeling.

an empty classroom; a seating plan with no direction;
to my name there is a slight tremor, fidgeting to distraction
with a brain that has no intention of hearing.
I am extremely funny.
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