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To the end of my days
To whom do I call to
Who comes to my aid
And forgives my sinful ways

Who is with me
When I cry out for help
Who grips my hand
And listens to my pleas

My Savior and King
Who took my cross and died
Yet rose three days later
And victory he brings
I wrote this poem as a reminder to us all, that we have our Lord and Savior with us. He bled and died for us giving us another chance and listens to every cry of help
Viktoria Jan 18
I am just asking to ask,
To get an answer from you,
I am just looking, to look,
To have you look at me, too.
I am so careful, I am,
******, I am just too shy.
I am afraid to risk it,
And show the interest I deny.
Oliver Philip Dec 2018
Sport Alliteration.
Can you canoe white waters in a bucket ?
Slam dunk that punk for stealing your best car
Watch pool aces take it from your pocket ?
Or pretty perky jockeys riding last.
Tennis stars still have their cake and eat it.
Chess masters checked from mating much
         this year.
Simple sailors question whether weather’s
          clement ?
A runner’s been a runner from the start.
Notice now a notice board to board to notice?
TV covers the sport. Sport covers the TV.
I rest my case for alliteration Who really cares?

Written by Philip
December 2nd 2018. ~
Sport Alliteration
Jessica Jarvis Nov 2018
It's exciting to live life on the edge,
until you fall off the cliff.

It's exciting to shout from the rooftops,
until you're deaf from the noise.

It's exciting to get caught up in the hype,
until you crash into the ground.

It's exciting to tear up the floor,
until you've dug yourself a hole.

It's exciting to get carried away,
until you're dropped from its grasp.

It's exciting in the moment,
until you realize it's just that.

Here is a list of analogies to emphasize how some things just aren't worth it.
Anya Sep 2018
I look at novels
And I base my life off of it
Often has me feeling disappointed
Then I wonder,
Is it the excitement,
Or the predictability?
The adventures
Or the security?
That everything’s going to be alright
I find
I don’t really know
But I still appreciate my life
I love it
I really do
Wouldn’t a perfect life
Be boring?
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
Stories of burning in the sun
fizzle out after a couple generations
Stories of salt filling our lungs
will outlast many civilizations

The sun burns quickly
like a brief moment of excitement
that wanes away while we search for
the next blazing hit

The sea pummels slowly
like a life of enduring and remiss
beating you down day after day wholly
until you sink into the abyss
Hazy Shadows Jul 2018
Shimmering eyes gaze in silence
The performer coated in dazzling gems assumes the position
Their muscles tighten and their arms rise like sturdy branches
Her eyes ablaze with raging fear and excitement
The vast expanse of all the possibilities of the future in front of her
Anticipation rising like pure energy through her body
She hears her cue
And she leaps
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