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Loves sees the bands, colors of a rainbow,
And in their perfect stratification,
Begs to see more, what else there is to know
Between colors’ identification?

Loves sees the spectrum, red to purple hues,
Where seven colors, beautiful enough
Disguise preciousness hid within their views,
Vibrant colors the peak, love sees the trough.

Love sees beyond the discrete colored bands,
To join red and orange, yellow and green,
Blue intertwined to violet like held hands,
Love asks what magic is there in between?

Love sees rainbows, but is not satisfied,
That line between colors intervening,
Spanning the sky, but look deeper inside,
Love asks to see beauty’s inner meaning.
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Xallan 7d
Do you smile at my contradictions
Do you laugh at the depth of my mind
so lacking in simplicity
Or because it is unfathomable
Give me the time
And I'll scream it into your every thought
A heartbeat in mindlessness
I'm sorry I lied when I told you
We have the rest of our lives
Luminescence in the dark

She burnt, slowly but with intent, not so much a flickering flame ticking away at an oil soaked wick, but a continuous stream of energy sourcing from her earthly power. Most of the time she carried a faint glow, gently floating, casting the softest hues on things only moments forgotten, things in which she dreamt whilst spinning in creation, or perhaps things needing to be given to a nights ocean wave

She was born as deep as an ocean and many of her feelings reaching ranges unfathomable. Often troubled and tormented by things past, thoughts that burn and then rain tears like ash, a once dormant volcano breaking through the oceanic floor. Resurfacing, revisiting once more. Opening up to be quickly cooled and building upon her growing foundation, a demonstration for the ones she loves. Let her burn and boil, and when she erupts, be with her at her depths as she cools.
Tanya Feb 4

2 am and my feelings start to flow around,
waking up memories, that never wanted to be found
Insomnia, as always, is a welcome guest
I see her sitting besides my bed
stroking my cheek with her harsh hand,
whispering stories of how it all went,
of what you did and didn’t do
of all that left hidden with no clue.
Her laughter is so sweet and vibrant,
that it doesn’t let me sleep,
instead, it leaves me swimming
in the depths of my mind,
**** thoughts causing sea levels to raise
struggling to take breath after breath
I remind myself of all I can’t forget.

I never learned how to swim
in that head.

June Jan 17
I want to lie down
in the blanket of your cogitation
and taste your subconscious
as a blush wine.

I'll trace my fingertips
under the tip of your iceberg
learning the curves and oddities
between each line.

I'll caress your most untouched spaces
and give the unlit places
a shower of delicate sunshine.

I want to be the key
to the locked doors of your mind.
Open yourself to me
or else I will always be blind.
my words are not meant to compete
my words are for me to creep
from the depths of my madness

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
ChrisE Jan 8
Lose me in the depth of your recklessness
Indulge me in the intensity you disseminate
Sombro Jan 6
There's a tolling depth to me,
A rebounding chasm
Space a hopeful quantity
Tuned instruments ignore

Where broken column qualities
Lie ***** in the unkempt stubble
Undisturbed, those civilised peaks
Mountains for heavens bored smooth by soft hands

Champing teeth abound the wind,
Old sounds of dun legs taking flight
And leaving the knotted trees
That died in the clotted soil

Be warned, beasts have left this barren
Sharp corners have been smoothed for
Once this land was deep and green
And gushed with florid indecencies

Now its depth tolls
With the charter of the wind
Scattering what few collected rocks remain
As bricks for walls built far beyond.
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