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Of serene eyes that follow gently
the illicit pill she could not let go
it was heavy as the waters pulling her inside
serenading her with an estranged voice
coming from within —
her minimizing the desire to let it out
as the sun quiets down
and the gibbous moon exhibiting itself at night,

resisting the waves occurring —
as if it loathed her whole being
of her justness and the absence of these causes
her grieving and the sirens waltzing,
talking through an absentminded eye
eyeing her soul
finding love that seizes it
but hers were two feet and one mouth to breathe in
even in all shades of blue,
she can get a glimpse of the dark hue
illuminating the downside of the ocean
pulling her, wrecking her soul.

Redemption does not lie —
humoring her with plainly just truth
craving for the applause of the moon
only observing the depth of the ocean
eating the once alive soul
of her saving her last breath,
chiming in with the conversation, she
once had with him.

It could have been nice the resistance
he once had — to throw himself out
to the beauty of his light that shed
her whole body
he once was able to have
and he stayed there, eyed her the whole time
being eaten on the lonesome of the night
for he himself, shading all the blueness
like a requiem for the dreams
she kept on having
like a composition giving life
to new generations, he was still on
a token and a curse, and he let her be —
in all shades of blue.
Wrote something again. Thank you.
Big Virge Sep 2021
So When It Comes To My Poems...
And The Things I Express...

What My Poems Project...
Are Lyrical Blends....
of POWER And STRENGTH... !!!

That PROVE I’m A Poet...
Whose Verse Is POTENT... !!!

Because It’s Content...
Has High Levels of DEPTH... !!!

Did You Catch What I Said... ?!?
… HIGH Levels of DEPTH... !!!!!!!

Paradoxically Speaking...
So You See What I Write...
Has MULTIPLE Meanings...
And Various Rhymes...
That Prove That My Mind...
Is Deep And Invites...

DEEP Levels of Thought...
For Those Who Absorb...
What My Poems Draw...
Within Their Depictions...
of How We Are Living...

My Verse Can Be RAW...
But Mostly Contorts...
Like Those Who Distort...
What Newsrooms Report...

That Many Now Think...
... ISN’T True ANYMORE... !!!

Because Most of It STINKS...
of Reports That Seem FLAWED... !!!

With Opinions Now BOUGHT...
By Those Who ENSURE... !!!

That Things Should Stay Hidden...
When These Things Are RIDDEN  ...
With... CORRUPTED Visions...
And Missions Where Killings...
Should NOT Be Permitted...
Because They’re FORBIDDEN... !!!

EVEN In... Wars...
That Reach Foreign Shores...

Corruption Runs Deep...
In Police And Armies... !!!

And Only Gets Seen...
Have Made People Bleed... !!!

So My Poetry Feeds...
On Corrupt Policies...
And STATES That Are DEEP...
Like These... Conspiracies... !!!!!!

That Are Now Being Spread...
Via The... Internet...

Some That Lack Depth... !!!
But Some That Present...
The Type of Content...
That Now Clearly UPSETS...
The Calmest of Heads... !!!!!!

When These Internet Trends...
Show What Is... INCORRECT... !!!

Or Is That... CORRECT... ?!?

Well Fake News Is Here...
And Fake News Is There...
And Some Is Subject...
To Just Breeding FEAR... !!!

And Now Traps Are Set...
To Catch Heads Who Steer...
Fake News To The Ears...
And Eyes of Their Peers...

You See Much We’re Now Seeing...
Is Deep With Things Leaning...
Towards Some Poor Teachings...

And Things That Need Screening...
Like Movies Now Streaming...
On Websites Online...
Where Minds Seem Inclined...

That Comes From The Links...
That Many Now... Click...
To Inform What They Think...

Well I’m A REALIST... !!!

So My Lyrical Scripts...
Deal In Thinking That’s Deep...
Like Today’s Protests Scenes...
About Things Like Vaccines...
And Police Who Use Knees...
And Yes... BRUTALITY... !!!

That Makes People ANGRY...
In Homes And On Streets... !!!

So Now That This Poem...
Is Reaching It’s End...

It's Final Subject...
That Encompasses DEPTH...

Are These Corona Deaths...
And How They've Distressed...
To... Heads In Congress... !!!

Who Will Now Accept...
This Vaccine That’s SAID...
To Be Ready For Heads...
To Accept And INGEST...

As The Best Way To STOP...
This Viruses Spread... !!!

A Form of Defence...
That Could Set Precedents...
That Could Change Things In Ways...
That May NOT Be So Great... !?!

UNLIKE My Poems...
That Go To Great Lengths...
To Use Common Sense...
As Well As... Intellect...

And Of Course One More Thing....
That Was Earlier Said...
Within... THIS Poem...

HIGH Levels of.....

....... “ Depth “......
My poems, like me, are things that go deep....
grace snoddy Sep 2021
beautiful blue
the sky seems everlasting above me
the clouds desperately reach for each other
like they may never meet again
like they may never feel love again

i sympathize with them
the longing for love
the yearning of partnership
my perception of what that is
forever twisted by this shadow
casted upon my life

why cant i be happy?
why do the people who
are supposed to love me
despise me?
i am reduced to bones by their deductions
i am nothing but a shell of their projections
ive been persecuted to this living hell
with their reprehensions

i look to the eternal sky
standing on the edge
nobody knows what resides in my head
maybe its better that way
my thoughts need not be said
a choice between two paths
to be alive or to be dead
written on may 18th, 2021
Raven Sep 2021
A love so deep, it rips apart your unhealed skull.
A mystery of illusions, inclusivity is dared to be dispelled.
May I hold you?
Or am I too far away.
Can I feel you?
Just a touch to make me beg of your despair.
Unwritten poetry, a querulent secrecy of written misery and longing.
I want to love, may I love?
Whom can be loved more than the love of thyself?
I fall to my aching pits.
I feel you...
But you are not here.
Written for JDM
Herena Rosas Aug 2021
I wonder
if you continuously grow deep within me
I kept watering you,

What will I get in the end,
a **** or a lovely flower?
Be in depth with my soul.
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
people always see the surface
they don't know the depth
i lay in
Descovia Jul 2021
If you believe, my spells are
a product measured on games and luck.

My identity will remain a mystery

If you boil an egg in water, it becomes hard.

If you boil a potato in water, it becomes soft .

Words build a way, but it's your actions which determines you will meet fate or your destination.

It doesn't matter what you go through.

It's what you decide to be through the situation!

Whether you can or can't

You decide, if it's falsified or a living lie. There's a difference, between what you can decipher with your mind or eyes

You can turn pain into art or truth.

In the end, it's ultimately up to you.
Realwords. Tough Times. Think on this
Corrinne Shadow May 2021
Catch a calling pigeon,
Tell him what you really think.
Express your deepest statements
To the rim of your last drink.
'Cause society will tell you
That your voice is not worth hearing,
As they cast their vicious judgments,
With their pompous faces leering.

Release your thoughts into the silent night,
Or share them on a small poetry site.
Intellectual conformity is promised:
We learned to lie without being dishonest.
How does one share an opinion that isn't held by either the majority or the loud minority?
Andrew Apr 2021
Intrusive Thoughts
A Heavy Darkness Follows
Perceptions With Guilt
I Feel Hollow
Really I See Through
Still I See Too
The Parts That I Block Out
To Help Me Feel Better About Choices
I Make I'm Afraid
I'm Hearing Voices
Reminding Me What I Did
I Feel Sarrow Bleeding Through My Eye Lids
So Many Ways I See In Situations
Making Descions That Better Me
Make Me Feel Anxious
I Can't Comprise What I'm Contemplating
I Let People Go
I Need Myself
I Need Calm My Mind And Free My Self
All These Abilities Will Heal Me And Feul Me
Or Haunt Me And **** Me
No Longer Can I Step A Side
I Take A Breath Then I Step Out Side
The Sky I Gaze Upon
I See A Grave I'm On
I'm Processing And Analyzing
All, Micro Everything
It's Hard To Relax And Feel The Energy
Shamanic Path Dealing With The Entities
I Watch The Embers In Our Hearts
And It's Crippling
To Feel The Sensations Of Mysery
And Try To Justify It With A Beautiful Mystery
I'm To Complex For The Simple Things
I Need To Get Right
Or I Must **** My Self
I'm Praying Lets Make A Pact
Help Me Heal My Self
Doctors Don't Understand Me
There Ain't A Plan B
I Even Feel Distant With My Family
They See Me In The Past Warped
Off Built Perceptions
I Want To Lay On Train Tracks
And Leave Earth
But I Can't Leave A Message
It Would Take Life Times
To Say All My Perceptions
I'm Looking For A Balance Of Peace
Not A Place In Heaven
My Mind Is Infinite And Open
Others Are In A Box
Hope I Don't Get Locked Up
Cos I Can't Knock It Off
I'm Built With
Magick Within
In A Skin Full Of Sin
That Is Thinning
I Can See My Ashes In Dust
Do The Pros Weight Out The Cons
When I'm Adding Em Up
Nobody But Me Can Convince Me
When I Had Enough
Emotions Can Feel Disturbing
And Mold Like
Got To Hold Tight
On What I Want To Be
Not An Old Life
I Feel Like A Vampyre
On A Cold Night
I know Right
Here I Go Again
I Fantasize
How To Shape Shift
Through Candle Light
I Opened Up My Mind To See Things In Ways With Out Confirming To A Single Structure Or Foundation
Battle With Insanity, I Hate It
Sizzle Like Its Satin
Wheeping But I Make It
I See Ghost Upon A Swing
Some Lady In A White Dress
That Dances Through A Grass Feild
The Flowers Dead
Black Roses By My Feet
Is That My Seat
Bloods Clogging The Sink
Meditate In A Casket Just Too See What It Means
Purgatory Screams
The Agony In Dreams
Absence Or Achieve
At The Grave Yard
Writing Poetry Under A Tree
It's Raining
I Admire The Leaves
As They Blow With The Wind
I'm Cold As Ice If You Touch My Skin
Romance And Poetry
Is What I Know
I Used To Hold On The Thorns
Now I Let Go
Observing As Everything Unfolds
Is There A Purpose
Is This A Show
Will The Ones That I Love Most Read What I Wrote
Insides A Symphony
Haunted By The Oak
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