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Jeremy Betts Apr 14
A Hard Knock alum, not permitted to blossom
No one ever there who'd care to clarify "how come?"
Deep down, in the depths of my heart shaped chasm,
I know what's about to come in is the inevitable outcome
That I forgot to remember I was still and forever running from
More likely
Subconsciously, finally and fully drained, exhausted and done
This was not that much fun

Danielle Feb 11
I grew into you like vines, delicately covering a brutalist form with a love I only know. My heart is submerged in a little ocean, its depth grew in me as I carried the weight upon my soul. The waves painted me blue, reminding me of all my sad lullabies.

Your name is a possession and embodies all that you are (it's the only way to keep you.) If I got the chance to love you, maybe I'd be much more than a supernova, devouring its life until the very end, traversing the boundless space, and it would leave traces in a thousand years; my love for you would still resonate, like the haunting interludes played by a piano in the epilogue of a song.
M H John Jan 13
I got home tonight
Walked in front of the mirror
And undressed

Out of my skin

Leaving my corpse
Lying on the floor
I sit next to it

Opening my eyes

To release the water
That have short-circuit
The wires of my mind

I take a deep breathe
And count to three
As I gaze into the mirrors depths

Reflections of my soul emerge
Skinless and vulnerable
I confront myself
Causing my memory to surge

I don’t recognize this person anymore
Dropping the hard drives into the degausser
Old files displaying
An error occurs
“Are you sure you want to erase memory?”


I have finally set myself free
Of the AI who controls my mind

Victim mentality
Man Jul 2023
A bad day away
From the end of things,
Cause not a person stays.

And everything remains the same,

Despite all the change.

An hour to twelve,
When the clock strikes.
I burn one down.

And the match reminds me of hell;

Of dark depths, lit by scorching light.

Most deepest of desires, and precious hopes
We are fond of holding you close,
Fearful we will share our thoughts

And be lost to ourselves

To understand, what we know we never can
irinia Jul 2023
finally this moment is here, I've been watching
and waiting, I've been hearing it all along
in between your words, in the center of the stories
you tell so eloquently, so clever, so wise

there is light in your right eye, some shadow in your left eye
the evening light is sweetly illuminating the magnitude of loneliness
some feelings need at least two people in order to be bearable

you sat and listened you looked deeper into your body
language receded, obscured itself like the moon
sometimes there is no need for words
something more important needs to be created
in between bodies and minds,
the flow of connection, of true partnership

the waves started, the waters of loneliness surfacing
you cried your tears and I cried mine
as I listened to the silence of tears I understood: this was the moment for a few simple words: I see you, I am here
there is no falling deeper than this for now
truth, this scarry creature, was there in your flesh and in mine
your loneliness was like a sea without horizon but the shiver of depth  like a voice without screaming, a bird without flight

perhaps this tango with tears will fill your lungs with innocence
as you imagine a new horizon, a new architecture for happiness
This is a series of poems about meeting people, about how people pass through my body, my heart and my mind.

"Thus, if a resistance is in operation, it indicates that one is experiencing his or her thoughts or feelings as a danger."
Ricardo Jul 2023
Magical ain't it
I'm running with a crown
Wasn't born into it this way
Nope, didn't steal it
But I ain't no Saint either
Just worked it up from the bottom
Looking up to a ceiling
Then putting my head down, I told y'all
I told y'all I wasn't gonna be the same
No not after all that I've been through
Not after I dropped all the pride for y'all
Not after I walked off with my head up strong
Oops now I am seeing a flock
Throwing bread crubs look at em follow
Yah I'm a beast with it
Guess growing up wasn't so easy
Maybe that's the story you can't hear it
Many dark moments have me remenising
Painkillers just isn't cutting it now is it
Had to break off this vision
Had to look beyond anything I could invision
Nothing new dark roads will tell you
This one has some light
Must be the flashlight I'm holding

Magical ain't it
I'm running with a crown
Wasn't born into it this way
Nope, didn't steal it
But I ain't no Saint either
Just worked it up from the bottom
Looking up to a ceiling
Even when they left me
Even when they doubt me
Even when they smiled at me
It didn't mean anything
Saw it for what it was to me
Headed up a mountain no strings
Never looked down I forgot it
Quiet up here ain't it
Hearing echoes all around me
Maybe all those heavy feelings
Finally lifted me

Magical ain't it
I'm running with a crown
Wasn't born into it this way
Nope, didn't steal it
But I ain't no Saint either
Just worked it up from the bottom
Looking up to a ceiling
Skies in reach clouds are now beside me
Every lasting freedom that I seeked
Sweated off calories for years
Didn't even notice it was for me
Go and buy it I don't need to see
Like it, I take it now it's free
Everything in my hands or just in reach
Chose to walk away you see
Lost it all for me
What's the point with no depth
Felt like I was reaching blindly
Creative soul burning deep with hopes
Uneducated goals reached them all
Presidented stance welcoming everyone
Come in come in with a soft tone

Magical ain't it
I'm running with a crown
Wasn't born into it this way
Nope didn't steal it
But I ain't no Saint either
Just worked it up from the bottom
Looking up to a ceiling
irinia Jun 2023
night comes with waves of perfume
the trance of flowers is quiet and only
the winds can touch the secret of trees, still
sleeping under the apple trees gives one deeper dreams
when darkness hunts me I remember
your empty hands against the form of light
how you struggle to find the archaic tune
the chronicles of the invisible unfolding
my mind recycles thought from sprout to seed
the vesper bell plunges the crickets,
the roundness of the heart deeper
into the hour of the dark
irinia Jan 2023
a strange milky light
rolling over the hills
like a blinding blanket
I caressed naked branches
their fragility a statement
plum trees apple trees
peach trees cherry trees
and I a witness
to the dignity with which
they carry their wounds
I love trees because
their shadow is not full
of bitterness.
they know how to cry
for the absence of wonder

you see
much is going on
beyond words:
all of me and
this tree
there is a depth
in everything
Coleen Mzarriz Jul 2022
Of serene eyes that follow gently
the illicit pill she could not let go
it was heavy as the waters pulling her inside
serenading her with an estranged voice
coming from within —
her minimizing the desire to let it out
as the sun quiets down
and the gibbous moon exhibiting itself at night,

resisting the waves occurring —
as if it loathed her whole being
of her justness and the absence of these causes
her grieving and the sirens waltzing,
talking through an absentminded eye
eyeing her soul
finding love that seizes it
but hers were two feet and one mouth to breathe in
even in all shades of blue,
she can get a glimpse of the dark hue
illuminating the downside of the ocean
pulling her, wrecking her soul.

Redemption does not lie —
humoring her with plainly just truth
craving for the applause of the moon
only observing the depth of the ocean
eating the once alive soul
of her saving her last breath,
chiming in with the conversation, she
once had with him.

It could have been nice the resistance
he once had — to throw himself out
to the beauty of his light that shed
her whole body
he once was able to have
and he stayed there, eyed her the whole time
being eaten on the lonesome of the night
for he himself, shading all the blueness
like a requiem for the dreams
she kept on having
like a composition giving life
to new generations, he was still on
a token and a curse, and he let her be —
in all shades of blue.
Wrote something again. Thank you.
Big Virge Sep 2021
So When It Comes To My Poems...
And The Things I Express...

What My Poems Project...
Are Lyrical Blends....
of POWER And STRENGTH... !!!

That PROVE I’m A Poet...
Whose Verse Is POTENT... !!!

Because It’s Content...
Has High Levels of DEPTH... !!!

Did You Catch What I Said... ?!?
… HIGH Levels of DEPTH... !!!!!!!

Paradoxically Speaking...
So You See What I Write...
Has MULTIPLE Meanings...
And Various Rhymes...
That Prove That My Mind...
Is Deep And Invites...

DEEP Levels of Thought...
For Those Who Absorb...
What My Poems Draw...
Within Their Depictions...
of How We Are Living...

My Verse Can Be RAW...
But Mostly Contorts...
Like Those Who Distort...
What Newsrooms Report...

That Many Now Think...
... ISN’T True ANYMORE... !!!

Because Most of It STINKS...
of Reports That Seem FLAWED... !!!

With Opinions Now BOUGHT...
By Those Who ENSURE... !!!

That Things Should Stay Hidden...
When These Things Are RIDDEN  ...
With... CORRUPTED Visions...
And Missions Where Killings...
Should NOT Be Permitted...
Because They’re FORBIDDEN... !!!

EVEN In... Wars...
That Reach Foreign Shores...

Corruption Runs Deep...
In Police And Armies... !!!

And Only Gets Seen...
Have Made People Bleed... !!!

So My Poetry Feeds...
On Corrupt Policies...
And STATES That Are DEEP...
Like These... Conspiracies... !!!!!!

That Are Now Being Spread...
Via The... Internet...

Some That Lack Depth... !!!
But Some That Present...
The Type of Content...
That Now Clearly UPSETS...
The Calmest of Heads... !!!!!!

When These Internet Trends...
Show What Is... INCORRECT... !!!

Or Is That... CORRECT... ?!?

Well Fake News Is Here...
And Fake News Is There...
And Some Is Subject...
To Just Breeding FEAR... !!!

And Now Traps Are Set...
To Catch Heads Who Steer...
Fake News To The Ears...
And Eyes of Their Peers...

You See Much We’re Now Seeing...
Is Deep With Things Leaning...
Towards Some Poor Teachings...

And Things That Need Screening...
Like Movies Now Streaming...
On Websites Online...
Where Minds Seem Inclined...

That Comes From The Links...
That Many Now... Click...
To Inform What They Think...

Well I’m A REALIST... !!!

So My Lyrical Scripts...
Deal In Thinking That’s Deep...
Like Today’s Protests Scenes...
About Things Like Vaccines...
And Police Who Use Knees...
And Yes... BRUTALITY... !!!

That Makes People ANGRY...
In Homes And On Streets... !!!

So Now That This Poem...
Is Reaching It’s End...

It's Final Subject...
That Encompasses DEPTH...

Are These Corona Deaths...
And How They've Distressed...
To... Heads In Congress... !!!

Who Will Now Accept...
This Vaccine That’s SAID...
To Be Ready For Heads...
To Accept And INGEST...

As The Best Way To STOP...
This Viruses Spread... !!!

A Form of Defence...
That Could Set Precedents...
That Could Change Things In Ways...
That May NOT Be So Great... !?!

UNLIKE My Poems...
That Go To Great Lengths...
To Use Common Sense...
As Well As... Intellect...

And Of Course One More Thing....
That Was Earlier Said...
Within... THIS Poem...

HIGH Levels of.....

....... “ Depth “......
My poems, like me, are things that go deep....
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