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scent carries the strongest memories
and when i smell the smoke of
a distant wildfire
i remember you

i hear sirens
and remember the song of you calling to me
– tempting me with your promise –
but by the name that would have crashed me into the rocks
had i let it live

i taste salt and blood
whiskey and water
and lust
i had thought my palate cleansed
yet the flavor remains in my throat

when i dream about you, i often wake unsure whether i am drenched in my own sweat or yours
sometimes i can still feel the strength of your hands
around my neck
around my thighs
sometimes i can still feel your body along with my own
i wonder if you still think about me when you touch yourself

scent carries the strongest memories
and when i smell the smoke of a
distant wildfire
i remember you
said the boxer to the polar bear
Swoo Mar 2022
Nothing coming with some bad vibes or on some negativity can ever bother me lately.

I meditate and dance with the wind right after making love to these leaves while the ambiotic melodies of nature sing romantically to this joys.

A journey to this earthly gardens nourishes and relaxes since that feels like home.

Where the views of waterfalls Mesmerize me, as I wonder thru in all curiosity this fall from that water even by vision already cleanses me.

A little dip from flowing river always hits different as you now carry the feeling of never ending flow. A Journey to this earthly gardens. -Swoo
I S A A C Aug 2021
I struggle to stay balanced
my asymmetry is well established
my to-do list is longer than my hair
which I need to cut, by the way
So many dead ends, so little day
So many tasks, my schedule cannot sway
the gears are moving, the thoughts invasive
the fears are proving to be quite abrasive
too much, cannot face it
so I meticulously place my crystals north
so I ridiculously colour coordinate my clothes
anything to escape myself mischievously
I struggle to stay in one place
I struggle every day
miki Feb 2021
a new day
new faces
endless masks to wear



the fork in the road
stops me in my tracks

have i made the right choices?

did i say the right thing?

my mind has no limits
but stops working
when you walk into the room
i’m not good enough for you
i know that i’ll never be good enough for you
but i’ll keep trying
my heart aches
for its missing piece
mark soltero Dec 2020
what can i say
when the words die
inside the void of my own selfish mind

does the diction of my tongue
evoke an uneasy feeling within you
when i stare into the paint of this filthy room
Mitch Prax Nov 2020
You are Virgo,
and I am a Gemini.
I want you to know
that I want you and I.
xavier thomas Oct 2020
Hey big head, how you been?

I know I know, it’s been a year since.... well yeah, lol.
I been watching you on social media,
working daily while being home alone.
Sitting in the void, during quarantine, with nothing else to do.
Besides play with your pets to keep yourself occupied.
But I have one favor to ask.
Because this has been heavy on my soul & my mind. However, I’m going to be blunt.
I want to swing by your place, so we can reunite like old times.
Take it nice & slow, steady, and patiently.
Escape these dark days
& wake up early morning as we watch the sunrise.
I want to see you.

May I have this final request?
-The Last Dance-
(You gone be my blessings tonight)

What’s your secret Ms. Thang? 👀
mark soltero Oct 2020
pick me apart
dissect the person who ive grown to become
i do it for everyone
in order to satisfy the thought of me
share of me with others
so that i can avert my true fears
Paul Idiaghe Aug 2020
submerged in a cascade of
cacophony, my pieces wade
like fish, into semptember's silvery net
so its plundering pull would heave them
                                                          ­       out
from their misery, grant them purpose
in the mouths of fortunes, that gobble them
as delicacies;  they wither, till my egg-fragile
unravels itself, savors the warmth
of the virgo sun, and hatches
immaculately, into me.
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