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Perdue Poems Sep 17
A path completed to a routine
It seemed there would be no blunder
I rode like before’s before
With great success
Until I slipped into the valley creek
Falling off the bridge
The day her eyes were watching
It was not my eyes that sank
But her’s that weighed heavy
Impressing the impressive on me
Eyes add weight I did not know
The weight of another soul
One is tough for me
Two’s another load
Daniel Sep 13
That awkward kid
sitting in the back
of the class room
is holding on for
dear life
and the pencil in its hand
seems so heavy.

But nobody is helping the kid carry.

                                                         ­                                                  Danny
Mimi Hachiko Sep 11
To make connection
such stark satisfaction
evades me these days
I try to make conversation
Fight my own evasion
no luck, to my dismay
Every day is a challenge
I work to scavenge
my strength, whittled away
I just need a friend
Someone to depend
Before I lose my way
Litzytczt Sep 3
Thanks for choosing to join society

On a side note it’s a permanent stay

Where everything is fake
From the flowers
To her lips

So get comfy this is our routine everyday

But not too comfortable
If you do we will tear you apart
Layer after layer
And don’t expect anyone to hear your prayer

Along with that we provide our services
With deconstructive criticism
Upgrade to our premium
Where there are many helpful tips
To learn to love your body
But thats only once you've met our standards
And we see you paper thin

It can be slightly difficult
Living in this new world
With our expertise and precision
It isn’t meant for everyone
But since you've gotten here already
There is no exit out
So this is your new life
Until your very last day
When we finally realize what living is really about

Thanks for choosing to join society
Where its an artificial place to stay
Put on the fake smile you’ve mastered
And have a great day
If I haven’t told you enough times today,  
I love you. And I am infinitely proud of you. Even on your hard days, you handle it with grace.
acacia Jul 26
[It is difficult now . . . ]

Soon, the cat retaliated and became violent with the gardener. The flower was the cat's favorite. The flower was the gardener's favorite.

The flower [has no say yet all the say].

The cat and the gardener quarreled and quarreled until
until I can have them the way that I want
lake Jul 24
i need to know
if i can ever let you go
let me know
if i will ever make it home

you are my addiction
the part that i'm missing
going through withdrawal
i can't keep it casual
with you i can't choose
with you it's lose-lose

can't live with you, can't live without
can't leave this hanging with no way out
i need closure for my toxic exposure
i want you closer but it's already over

what's left to say
what's the right way
my contradiction
my addiction
NoctOwl Jul 13
I forgive you
All who abandoned me
Left me alone
Forsaken me

I forgive you
Those who accused me
Made rumors
Slandered me

I forgive you
All who betrayed me
Left me hanging
Rejected me

And at last!
I forgive
the hardest one
I forgive you, myself
DancingEnt Jul 9
You coulda just said no
Instead of leaving me in limbo.
If you're too scared, say it.
I'll make sure I leave the door closed.
Dating is dumb
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