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Jessi Apr 6
finally deciding
to deal with the
of what you
left behind
has been the
single most
thing i've done
Jessa Apr 2
It's all I've known.
Trapped in my own life
and unable to speak out without consequence.
Where speaking your own truth is a crime,
When the effort of escaping is too risky,
it's nearly impossible to try.
Losing is the only option so I am trapped.
Pentanomical Mar 28
Look you in the eye
Tell a perfect lie
I'm not feeling blue
I just feel like the sky
Empty and open, with my arms I'm hoping
Sometimes I wish you'd notice
I know that it's hopeless
Why do I do this
I feel so useless
Put my heart on my sleeve
Just leave it out to bleed
I wish I knew how to let go
If I knew what I know now
It would've been better from the get-go
Let's go, what's the problem?
Can't tell, there's a lot of 'em
So afraid of what's at the end
that I never try again
I can't be more than just a friend
I'll just stop at that I guess
love is so difficult
uv Mar 23
When the gloom weighs down heavy
Your presence becomes my story
Your love is my shinning glory
Everything else is transitory
When things dont go your way
And life is difficult, no way to sway
Those small blessings you forget
That mistake, you will forever regret.
say Feb 23
My mind is a brewery for complacence.
Worry steeps my thoughts.
I pour in heaving tablespoons of anxiety,
and overdue the self-loathing.

I stir in my responsibilities,
and it is complete.

My (not so perfect), cup of tea.
Isaiah Rude Feb 22
Golden and shining, reflecting stardust
only stardust, for the pious chosen,
sits the mirror pretty, but without ****,
perfectly shaped behind walls of crimson.
Visitors, flocking company, crowded
my halls, too loud as stubborn men pouted
so they touched, tainted my work un-shrouded.
Gold to fool's gold, I kicked, begged and shouted.
At some point they parted. They left me cold.
They ripped the color from under my eyes,
my feelings little toys to break and mold
'til the bits are too small to compromise.
I don't know whether I'm dead or alive,
but I know I'm not wanted, so goodbye.
Skywlkr Feb 8
I May be Stranded but......
I Feel Better than I had been.......
Stuck on a Train I Begin to Feel The Pain Causing my Heart Plenty of Strain the Reason for my Issue is Too hard to Explain.
But now off the Train and Standing in the Rain,,  <^><^><^><^><^><^><^><^>
Can't Remember what my Mind was Sayin, it Must have just been Playin,,,
But how to get Home "I Dont Know" so I just Start Prayin,,,,,,,,,,
Yep ****** travelling but at same time it leads to some random adventures being stranded hahahhaha aw what!
Lovely Feb 1
Never have I ever dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul.
Nik Bland Jan 31
Does moonlight impede you
Do you get the full view
Of the
Sun that lies within

It’s so hard to read you
You see, in the read-though
Of the
Book the dialect changed

Your shoulders are heavy
And you never feel your ready
Slow and steady

This isn’t a race
So why is your heart still racing
Beats seemingly replacing

Time is a construct
Look towards the home front
It is
Always somewhere near

The night brings such sorrow
You feel no hope for tomorrow
It is
Storm clouds in your head

Raindrops on your pillow
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