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Mark Wanless May 25
you see you feel you
think you choose and that last one
is so difficult
Thomas Steyer Dec 2021
Ah! Soon it's Christmas again.
I can't wait till it's over.
If only I could hang ten,
We'd all be wrapped in clover.
Alastur Berit Oct 2021
Hanging heavy and low,
but still bitter.
Not yet ready to plummet to the earth.
These weights tug at my branches
I must prepare,
for all these unborn dreams,
wanting to live, to spread their own seeds.

A cup of coffee,
a morning yawn. Making
busy work
I tried a passion or two. They
yielded a small harvest, not enough
to survive the winter.

And winter is here,
reaching far inside the reserves,
testing out how brutally
it can ravage before collapse.
Lost in the blizzard, I stumble.
Your dreams call to me, a light leading me home.
If I can't find my own, I'll follow yours,
we'll make it through this storm.
Ellis Oct 2021
My mind whirls in never-ending revolutions
Searching for something to put into a physical form
But to no avail.
A deep maelstrom, ******* in, but never putting out.
Seeking to manifest, yet without means or material to do so.
I wonder stuck aloft inside my own brain.
How do I do this, I think, brooding over my own thoughts.
Sentence after sentence and nothing appears.
A terrible curse entrenched in my head
And benumbing my very process of thought.
The Energy of a supernova spewing out an inordinate amount.
I need to transform it,
Put it into production,
Set it to work so I don't perish along
With my own shortcomings and flaws.
Still, no matter how hard I stress my mind, I’m left with nothing.
A veritable nothing.
What am I to do
What do I do-
Alice Oct 2021
once upon a time
you were the moon to my stars
which is to say, you didn't know
how to shine without dimming me in the process

and yes, you sat me in your lap to feed me off your fork
but then, you always had a way of presenting scraps as
a reward

and presentation is everything, right?
no, you never truly left me bleeding
instead, my heart and mind were carefully extrapolated
blended together until they looked like the color of your eyes,
and gently poured back in place

how do you know which pieces go where?
how can I know without you?
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