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Halo effect
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Who to read
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It's a supplementary diet
No nutritionist, no doctor
Millions of poems
Millions write
Who to read
It's difficult to decide
Municipal Corporation
Has begun collecting
Garbage door to door
I told them
I have special kind of garbage
Accumulated over the years
The garbage of words
They refused to take
Saying it's difficult to sift this kind of garbage into categories
Their garbage processing plant
Might explode
He grew amongst
Lot of wealth
When in foreign land
He had to wash dishes
Forex restrictions!
In hostile environs
Treacherous terrains
It's difficult to create a path
Engineer knows
Dangers involved
Doesn't deviate
From his resolve
Precipitous heights
A minor slip
Death invites
Frozen noses, feet and hands Shooting winds making difficult to stand
Blast flying rocks
No place to run and hide
At stake their lives
In hostile environs
Treacherous terrains
Engineer creates a path
Travellers enjoy their rides
Praising nature
In mountainous guise
Chills do go down
Their spines
Up sight, down sight
They do realise
It's difficult to create a path
In hostile environs
Treacherous terrains
I write poetry
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Masterpiece I don't write
I belong to an ordinary tribe
I write in my spare time
It's a hobby of all time
I express my feelings and views
Phew phew phew...
I lighten my heart
I am not a professional writer or a poet
Of the calibre it's required
To earn handsomely
Lead a decent life
Blessed one can full time read and write
Flourish or survive
Rest find it difficult
To meet both ends meet
People least interested to read
Audios, videos, Instagram, memes
They're interested indeed
Most write in their leisure time
It's a hobby of a kind
Expressing feelings and views
Phew phew phew...
To lighten their hearts
With their talent
Maybe they impact the society
At large
Dee Apr 18
The truth is difficult.
It's not this sweet release of freedom,
The weight on my chest remains,
Pressing deeper and burrowing,
Until I'm left gasping for air.
There is no sense of clarity,
Or a rainbow of revelations.
The truth is both hurtful and hurting.
It aches and festers,
Leaves scars that cannot be erased.
Can we not at last acknowledge,
That the truth is difficult.
Jessica Mar 15
The mysteries of the universe
Weigh me down
Like the ocean
Swimming through them
The centrifugal forces in motion
And beauty meets darkness
As my eyes
Reach the navy depths below
Still unknown
Just two feet paddling
Closing the eyes
And holding breath
To get from one
Destination to another
No matter how far
I seem to swim
The sensation
Of never knowing in entirety
Feels a heavy sin
Even weightless
In this mysterious
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