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Captive within the bars
He waits.
Endless waiting
Every day the same,
Every tick of the clock is clear
And now, a day seems much longer
Receiving no kindness
For, he deserves none, they say
The anger at mind
Is struggling to burst out
But he knows better than that.
At first, was patient.
But now,
Fighting within to save the sanity
The God favors the truth, they say,
So, why an exception
Or did he look the other way?
When an innocent man’s life
Was decided against the truth.
No other seems better to blame
For, one should not blame God, they say
Endless violence
Endless sufferings
But the worst is his struggle
Within, his innocent mind.
Once was a believer,
So there’s still hope, he thinks
Does God have a plan?
Or was this a cruel joke?
He, who waits,
Tries hard to believe
That still he has hope…
ʜAᴋAɱ Apr 27
Is it easy to escape from reality?
That why your hoping someone
Will save you from depths of well.
I saw many things that people dont
Why must I suffer from it?
When the only choice for me
Is to leave and take what ahead of me.
Easy for me to say that but when doing it... nvm.. :))
Kassey Jan 11
I'm drawn
Hanging to your past
A love that's already ended
Why does every word
Felt like a sword
Next to my chest
Why does it hurt
When it's already ended
dailythoughts Nov 2020
healing is a non-stop growth
so painful
so fruitful

a gift to yourself
you give by suffering
you give by a choice

a gift like no other
a gift for eternity
a gift no one can ****** away

there is no end to it
only levels and levels
of a stronger version

the day you embrace it
it leaves you
like everyone

maybe that is indeed for the better
whybenzocry Oct 2020
0 2
you think attention is love,
that's why you suffer so deeply.
Beulin S S Oct 2020
They told me, "don't worry."

They told me "don't cry..."

They told me, "it's a piece of cake..."

They told me, "you can overcome."

They told me  "there will be a solution."

Yet, they cry for their own pain;

They trembled in fear;

The world pretends to be "OK,"

While we are in pain.

If they suffer...

We console them "As we are fine."

"The world pretends."
Everyone in this world wears a mask for others.
Doy A Aug 2020
I did not know this was possible: to be in 2 places at the same time. I am here, still here but my heart is elsewhere. I am here, staying here but my heart's packed up and left a long time ago. My body sleeps with him at night but I look the other way. I have looked the other way and lied to myself for years and years, blinded so foolishly by a love so strong it ruined me. The truth is always the hardest pill to swallow, but I need to face my demons and the secrets I've kept if I want to move on. I am in 2 places at the same time. First, I am where I have to be-- a place that beckons me to stay and be strong and forgive over and over again. Second, I am where I hope to be-- a place of peace and contentement and if I'm lucky, maybe joy. The mind is so strong that it allows one to endure great suffering through unwavering willpower. How do wrongly incarcerated persons survive decades in prison? It is the idea of freedom and faith in justice that keeps them sane and alive. It is the hope that one day, their truth will come out and their liberty served that empowers them. This is how I feel. This is how I'm still alive.
Sheela Jul 2020
I am an Illustration of GOD!

In the era of Wounded civilization
He fashioned us with an illustration…Triumphs used for defeat was crucified love…. Stop suffering rise up your pain above!!

Stop grappling with emotions seek God for accomplishments…
Life enlightens  through afflictions, wake up from lowered faith go alter your imperfections…

Clinching line is he conquered through it… For you and I near his throne to sit
It isn’t a word game but an ode for love of god….O the sting of death he did trod..

We know very lil of the grand Weaver who has great desire, he is the master my maker!!
If deprived of today or tomorrow take faith seriously in whom you are made wonderfully and fearfully….

In the era of Wounded civilization
He fashioned us with an illustration…Triumphs used for defeat was crucified love…. Stop suffering rise than your pain above!!
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2020
Why do I feel like I’m drowning?
If I didn’t get into the pool yet.
There’s only a few moves I do regret.
Needing a lifesaver just to feel safer.
I’ll speak on any topic if you pick the flavor.
Luckily, writing is my form of therapy on paper.
Basically, it’s my only savior when times are major.
Why keep these thoughts in my head?
I rather speak on them now, rather than later.
You can’t express yourself let this be a favor.
Maybe me writing this you can relate to.
We both trying to find an exit to escape thru.
Trying to fight it these feeling is uninvited.
Maybe no one will notice if I try to hide it.
But which will suffer more them or I.
A question I always ask myself.
It’s usually between him or I.
If I free myself from this pain, Will I Rise?
Is the suffering too deep in vain, Will I Die?
But still I try to keep Hope and Will alive.
The moment will be gone and the sun will arrive.
So until this day is over I’ll say “I Will Survive!”
Just Keeping Hope Alive from Drowning...
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