I am lifeless.
A heart without a beat.
A body without a soul.
A face without a smile.
Ripped of my innocence and left with the empty shell of who I used to be.
The terror-filled nightmares have me screaming.
I just want everything to stop.

Why am I suffering? Am I the only one?
The only one who cries herself to sleep.
The only one with lines drawn on her arms.
The only one dealing with the shrieking voices in her head, telling her to end it all.
Why do I have to suffer?
How can I be filled with life but remain empty?
Where did it all go?

I feel it. The warmth.
On my skin, but never inside.
I’m cold. Alone. Dead.
Never to know what a smile is. What it feels like.
It was difficult to remember. My smile.
Soft but contagious, it had stained my lips like blood.
The same blood I tasted as I bit my tongue hard to keep from screaming.

My insides are too damp with uncried tears.
I am just a hollow plastic doll with a painted happy face.
The mirror lies to me. Bringing to light all my flaws.
Whenever I saw my reflection, I didn't know who was staring back.
Every day I plaster my face with fake a smile.
I can’t take it anymore.

I am lifeless. A lifeless heartbeat.
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pk tunuri Mar 14
All the escape routes I found were dead ends
I hate when everyone around me just pretends

Ever wondered if life's worth living?
Got scared every time you thought of ending it?
Will the parents & gods ever be forgiving?
Trust me it’s not that easy to quit!

How do we end the suffering?
How long should we bear the suffering?

The only one way to end the suffering is to suffer
if you choose a different path, it’ll just get tougher.
Amanda Mar 9
I love you. Those three words hurt me more than you could imagine.
Knowing I couldn't say them back broke me and made my head spin.
You asked why I was crying, held me, didn't ask again,
I knew you would get through it, I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to look at other men.
I remember the sadness on your face, the anger in your voice, the shakiness in mine,
And the joy you felt when you met her that made your heart shine.
The lack of remorse when you felt my pain and the reality of your cold shoulder,
I did what you said, tried to be happy for you, almost moved on and got older,
Then I saw it happen again, how I hated to see you suffer,
So when she told me how she felt I didn't stop her although that choice was tougher.
When I heard you say yes, my mind went blank save for that word on repeat,
My tears soaked that pillow until sleep made my consciousness retreat.
You never knew what I know, that inside i held feelings for you,
There was always a part of me, that was dying to say I love you too.
This was written long long ago about a guy I really cares for but couldn't be with due to outside circumstances. He still doesn't know to this day.
i came up for air
after suffocating
on your aroma.

© Matthew Harlovic
dafinkanaf Mar 7
Their life must be more colorful with their life's complementary, not might be.
but they do not have rights to seek nor control what is mine.
I know that at the moment im doing the best for myself in my own perspective, but not may be the best in theirs.

It is not easy to get out from comfort zone, i said.
Once i tried it, i just regret it.
Regret what i have done.
Im afraid, what's done, done again.

I disgusted with all of this happened.
But yeah again, this is mine.
Not yours.
I got mine, take yours.

I might be the foolest person in this eternity.
And yeah, just me.
jas Mar 5
we become our surroundings
the outer world tries to mold us into soulless creatures
shaping us into the next generation of disease,
blind to the fact that we are destroying cultures
like its the next big thing
lately, im starting to realize
im the wrong piece to this puzzle
i do not fit, i am the black sheep
fallen off of the never ending cycle

in order to change we must first change ourselves
the one bright star must shine its light onto the others
so that they may discover
there is more than hate out in this world.

the question is time
the question is when
the question is how

to break our habits
pushed onto our neighbors
searching for a cure
in this reckless place on earth
will we ever find the answer before were kicked
in the dirt?
Othneil Gayle Feb 27
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,
Don't scorn me for realism, not ahead of time,
No , right now, everything I touch is decaying,
Or if not currently, inevitably will be one day and,
On the timeline of eternity, that's sooner than later,
We're all served an abrupt ending,
We're spoonfed and catered for,  
More akin to forcing it down our throats or,  
Being drowned in it by temporal limitation, more,
Of us need to come to the realization, that separating life From death is a violation of,
Logical reasoning,
Don't  succumb to the temptation of,
Turning to euphemistic lies for consolation,
Even celestial bodies: clusters and constellations,
Burn out and cease to be,
What does it mean to be indefinite?
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,

The laws of eventuality dictate all things that are bound to, Reality by chains of existence,
That's just how it is, no need to mention the crippling futility Of denial and resistance,
It's quite fitting that the day you were pushed out of your Mother's womb,
You were crying,
Because, not in terms of coffins and tombs,
But in a way it was the first day you really started dying,
Drying up like a flower pulled up from a field and planted in Desert,
All things have to come to an end,
We don't hold power change that so I yield and treasure the, Things that I have when I happen to have them,
I'm not burdened with the fear loss,
No extra baggage,
Not deadweight,
But it's our cross to bear,
Our yolk to wear,
Learn not to hold all eggs in the same basket,
As they all shall shatter,
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,

I've always been constructing a casket,
That's the cold, hard truth,
I've been struggling to grasp it,  
The very concept of life, I need to get past it,
Unmask it, remove the facade and expose it for what it really Is,
Not one moment, but an ever present demon, looming over The billions,
Conclusions are compulsory,
That's what I've been drilling into,
My head, there gaps and lapses in my thoughts,
But I've been filling in, what I can,
What I'm unable to, I just leave the spaces empty,
Speaking of vacancies,
Your skull must be one not to comprehend me,
you can resent me, if you want but I only speak truth,
Call my thinking ruthless,
But ignorance is useless,
If it fails to shield you from the outcome that is birthed from knowledge,
Everything in this world is either dead or dying,
Dead or dying
Tkpoet Feb 24
I was out last night
Her smile attracts the loner
I wish she could hold me tight

Daughter of the angel
I tried my best to forget
The way she tangle

A sweet slaughter in my heart
Understand my situation and feelings
Although I was not enough smart

Devil eye's
Ready to give me surprise
Put me in dark cage
I found nothing in my ribecage

Give me my moon back
Did they hack
That flower is no more
I cried more than four
It's about a boy..who loved
Mina Feb 24
your face seems so calm
as if
you know
whats going to happen next
"i dare you"
i say and smile
"what else"
you ask
as you put the little figure down
and suddenly

i am aware of the loss
i am still hoping
"i won"
"i know"
i say
"what are you waiting for then"
"i dont know"
i say
my eyes burn
i try to fight back those tears
"i won"
you say
"i won"

i shake my head
"i dont care"
"but i won"
"lets play one more time"
i beg

i never beg

you look confused but do not refuse
"another one"
i position my king
you position yours
"what if you lose"
you look at me
"then i lost"
i position my queen
you position yours
"the queen is indeed the mightiest of all"
i say
as i do the opening move

you put on your pokerface
i dont bother putting mine on
"your turn"
"this leads to nothing"
you say
you see it
dont you


the game goes on
"this leads to nothing"
you say
I crack a smile
my fingers set the next move
this is your end

you stare at me
i grin
your face filled with

you say

maybe you really suffered more
even when you won
Why don't you just kill me?
Instead of leaving me to die?
Couldn't you just end me?
But you left me wondering why..
If you wanted me to suffer
You accomplished that at least
But why don't you just kill me
Don't leave me here to die
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