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sushii 1d
i and i
are like water & /?%%

when i am dropped into myself,
i spread out and disperse
when we make contact

me and me
clash like water & /
the water fizzling out at the /?%%'s  mere touch

my /
always wins
and the people i love
suffer at the hands of it.
B 6d
It was like I was two people at the same time.
No one noticed me, no one ever listened.
But at the same time I was the one that couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I was liked by many.
I didn’t really know how to act. Should I scream or suffer in silence?
Emily Jo Dec 6
making analogies
to express how i feel
but it feels a bit patah

like when i tell my therapist
i feel like a cactus that needs orange juice
and they excitedly pen it down
but i dont even understand what i mean

but analogies dont work
when you need to explain to your lecturer
why you're always late
they don't work when you ffk your friends
" again?? this is the fifth time this month!"
but what can i say but,
" i just feel like an ocean with a door,
Paralysed as people keep opening and shutting up"

They wont understand.
Because my analogies are broken.
Like my a/c that refuses to stay cold
what use is an analogy is no one can understand?

Julie Nov 26
I neither want you to press the like
nor the follow button
I just want you to
give me your attention
Just for a tiny second

150 million children
are orphans

821 million people
are undernourished

every 40 seconds
takes his life

In 2017
68,5 million people
were fleeing
a country

every day
7000 mothers
lose their luck,
their baby

Think about those numbers
and be grateful for just a tiny second
if you're not affected

All I want is
you to think about this
only for once
and make every moment count
as if he were the last
I don't want to attack or insult anyone in any way with this poem.
I simply want to make you think.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 23
slam the doors and open new ones
shut the old days and throw
once and for all their long attic

and no more crying about it
and never again suffer
need to finish with this once and for all

Dani Nov 23
Lion, Lion, Roaring loud
Wrapped his loved in shroud
With a ***** in silence in the crowd
Hear the desperation he has vowed

Loss is stuck in perpetuation
Love gone, he suffers starvation
And it carries throughout all of creation
Come now, watch his imagination

Lion, Lion, crying despair
Listen and you will hear
The loved-ones voices he must bare
Listening with hope and begging in prayer
I feel that humanity has changed a lot.
That the pleasure of sugar is no longer sweet.
I feel that the freedom to imagine the imaginable has been lost.
I feel that the blood in our veins is no longer hot.
What if I scream?
Will someone help me?
The freedom that the human being has to make choices is no longer a priority.
After all, what is the meaning of life?
Why are we born if we die?
Why do we kiss if we suffer?
With each leap with each smile, a world dies.
Someone falls apart, someone is born, somebody needs reach.
I woke up in the morning, combed my hair, looked at me in the mirror without any desire.
I sat under the tree to smell the summer.
As the children asked me about love and its definition
What about love?
Love is now the song we skipped on the playlist.
Love is the main sentiment of every dreamer.
Neither the greatest thinkers in history nor logic can find concrete definitions for feelings.
No one lives without love, so there is hatred.
In each cup we drink the poison of ingratitude.
The flowers are no longer immense.
These all words, figures of style and pleonasm ...
It was just to define how our life can be a great illusion
You became a filler,
An absent minded,
Twisty winding,
Pothole and concrete based filling.
Baby you were the rock in the pit of my stomach,
The ache in my heart,
The memories in my brain,
My nerves aren’t shot my dear,
I’m just in pain.
Selectively I am...
Indifferent to my suffering,
Indifferent to my heart,
Indifferent to my feelings.
Pondering on the concrete in my stomach
Nigel Finn Nov 16
Perhaps I am an evil man,
Perhaps I am; I cannot tell;
I try to do the best I can,
But know I do not do it well.

Perhaps there is a space for me
In some unknown corner of ****,
Where hope reigns for eternity,
And nothing ever breaks its spell.

For hope is, when all's said and done,
The worst of things a man can suffer;
It keeps us traipsing, one by one,
From one disaster to another.

Perhaps it's best to just give up;
Immerse myself in a life of sin,
Drink good wine, and raise a cup
To my worst enemy- Nigel Finn.
"Hope, in reality, is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torment of man"- Nietzsche
Dess Ander Nov 16
Commiting unknown errors and unknown sins
Reasoning that I could have handled situations better
Yesterday never seems to disappear.
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