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Eva May 25
feels like a drug
rushing through my veins.
And I'm addicted.
Boss Wretch May 19
Yesterday was hard
Tomorrow's just a promise of the same
When friends have all subscribed
To spitting on the ground to say my name
Fire on the ice
December in the summer kills the heart
Your hate is no surprise
I guess I have to die to play my part
I guess I have to too...
veronica May 17
i really don’t know why
you make me sad
you’re the reason why i’m happy
what should i do?
when the best part of me
was always you
should i be brave to let you go?
should i be even more sad because i’m suffering in loving you?
i really don’t know what to do
Boss Wretch May 14
Love is not enough to counter my hate
God couldn't even fix this feelings of rage
Faith is not an antidote for my suffering state
Hell is the only place for me and my fate

But I know what you'll say
This couldn't be the worst...
Kelly May 1
rapid warming bursts open his polluted lungs
flies and maggots spill while wilted flowers have sprung
sickly eyes and perverted form
chaos and death revel in the man-made storm

mourning with blue irises in my hand
a cold silent distance between where you and I stand
if I move an inch closer, I will have to overcome my fear
that it is of little matter that I care
im your friend.
but it isn't good enough.
My pain is trending on Twitter.

It went viral and I guess they loved the bitterness of my words.

If only they knew where it came from...  

My pain is trending on Twitter.

I cried and cried so many nights and they all replied with a like.

My pain is trending on Twitter.
I don’t get much sleep because lately, I’ve been really sad so I write to feel a little better and I hope these poems help you deal with whatever you’re going through. ❤️❤️
Boss Wretch Apr 24
I'm cold, I'm ugly
I'm always confused by everything
I can stare into a thousand eyes
But every smile hides a bold-faced lie

It itches, it seethes, it festers and breathes
My heroes are dead, they dies in my head
Thin out the heard, squeeze out the pain
Something inside me has opened up again

Thoughts of me exemplified
All the little flaws I have denied
Forget today, forget whatever happened
Everyday I see a little more of overall deficiencies

I'm nothing short of being one complete catastrophe
I'm just full anger again...

Wanna talk???
Amanda Apr 24
Earthlings live and lose
Standard human protocol
No one is exempt
I wonder what the protocol on Pluto is
Boss Wretch Apr 20
An unbearable pain
A beating in my brain
That leaves the mark of Cain
Right here inside
Whatever I've done
I've been staring down the barrel of a gun
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