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The Vault Sep 26
What is wrong with me
I was fine
Now I am not
Wanting to dress myself in red
And drown in it
I miss things
I guess
Or maybe this is just a episode
That I want to suffer from
Not die
I love life
I just don't like this moment
Right now
Pedro Arthur Sep 9
For the first time in my life

I want to see her colored

Stand on tiptoe

Wait for my thousand tales of kings

Navigate the ocean

All year long just to see her swimming

Oh My life don't stop following the road

Keep walking the alleys

Maybe they can follow you ...

For a long time lived without time

For many seconds lived as a secondary

For many lists lived without being protagonist

I want to be on tiptoe

Get close to your hand

And I will give you my heart

I want to go through the steps

Live in space and abandon myself in my own hug

Knock on your door

I wait for another time

To tell you, look at the time

I want to run through the rain

I get wet in the bunches of grapes

Twirl on the posts

Create new clippings

Ah ...

I want to spend winter with you

Knowing I'm already in my shelter

I want to walk hand in hand

Knowing that my heart will only have wings

I want to get on the big wheel

Speak, I love you with a thousand speakers

Just not to lose you every moment ...

Ah ...

Young people know how they feel

As incredible as it sounds, they've seen a shooting star

The desperate write poems

Lovers write books

Drunks Write Flyers

Writers write about themselves

Ah ...

The lunatics write for you

Not knowing if in any universe will have you ...

Already me?

I can't dream without delighting in the words

I can't drink without remembering you

I can't see but I feel the feeling why

Oh gosh!

Maybe dive into the sea of ​​illusions

Waiting for the sound of beautiful accordions

The one of "s"

Sofia's "S"

Sofia of Paulo

Paulo of Sofia

And there she went ...

Already me?

For now I suffered
It's better if you try to read in portuguese
Emilia B Sep 9
I hid my feelings so deep
That I can’t find them anymore

My heart is straining with every beat
It feels so sore

I’m giving with all I have left to lose

   I can’t do this anymore.
Nina Sep 9
I'm not sure how long more
I can pretend to be happy
How long more
I'd be able to put this fake smile on my face
Endure my panic attacks
Living the day hiding the pain

Everything is going down hill
Nothing is getting better

I dont know
How long more
I'd be able to endure
Before i do something bad
Once again
Nika J Sep 6
Sparkles fall about as the ground withers

Carrying solid feet
The air... stiffer
Tranquillity pulsing with waves upon end

Vibrations of eerie kisses touch fragile skin

Tasting the staleness of heavy atmosphere

Seeing, but eyes laced white

Golden color beckoned

Feelings different from sensory driven by lies

Heavy, haunting, purified deep

The intensity tends to fade by the cure of sleep...

Night night, words whispered all to well

A dream to escape, so escape one shall


Goodmorning, you're awake

Welcome to hell....
Ever thought life was a curse and the only way to escape was to sleep?
Faizel Farzee Aug 31
We are the disease of this world
Is this notion accepted
We a plague to the trees
the air, the sea
Yet some still contest this.
The beauty of the world
Is now captured in paintings and cages
We a plague to this world
These words now singed to this pages....
The world's in decline, a may not happen in our lifetime, but our future generations will gain our mess.
It's’ easier to suffer
than it is to love,
love is in the wait,
suffering is in the now.
Johnny walker Aug 29
The first ten of our twenty years together Helen had metal health Issues but Improved In those first ten years were
but last ten years became sadly Helen's disabled years In all that time as I was 24/7 carrer to her thought
knew all about pain but It wasn't till Helen passed on to heaven that I became
to develop osteoarihtis which was
one of the many things Helen had wrong with her but I realise her frustration In being unable to do the simplest of things most people
take for
and think It just a bit of pain have absolutely no Idea It takes away your Independence
your capability to make love to your partner and give those who suffer very poor quality of
Paul NP Aug 29
When I was young my dreamer soared. The tulips called my emptiness bored.
In the heavens I relaxed with ease. The ever giving flow of relief. Belief was my nature but my tongue grew old. Giving in to the greenish fores. For rest of the screamer and the night marsh blamer. The sacraficial sharing of the blonde mans heirer. Hyphenated hell, Aries the wanderer, poetic in disguise of the warriors mirror. In his travels he met by the lake , and the crystal palace grew when he learned how to shake. Giggles and goggles in the sea water, seeing the eyes of the true lover, his mother. Earth in the water resting in the sand, tantalizing beauty of the sea child's FAM. Flame of rememberence keys to the castle, knowing in my beauty that I'm no longer *****. Happiness is bliss and the ocean waters kiss is the gentle loving kindness of this kids real missing. Chlorine its pouring acidic washing residue, cleaning up the dirt but where am I with you in the acid wash tie dye psychadelich blue. My mother's name is Mary and my father is a do. Mental clarity off beat heart therapy changing up the podium all for mother Mary and my heart loves to listen to this brilliant mission, the task to **** the gas that holds all of us a prism. Why do I hate it and yet do I joy it all the colors of the father that relinquish my old soaring. Plight fight light might I might sit. Light my kite fire forever in the listen. Ear heir hair here bolting up the spine. Moon god solar pond shallow at the rear. Headlock wedlock my heart is not an iron. Fools talk men hop all the way to heaven. Let's get back into out marriage uni-son!
I'm going to cry with this soon.
vunny Aug 22
We all face tough stuff in life.
And I am not going to debate whether someone else's rough patch was rougher than mine, suffered more, fell to lower lows.
What's the point of that?
When you suffer you suffer.
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