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I S A A C Oct 2021
it's all an act
a fact I cannot escape
always wishing for a sweet place, a sweet escape
need a vacation and to sleep until noon
**** I might even take two
Balance, all the components
where should I go?
where is my home?
should I, should I?
how could I, with such little time
tik tok tik tok, where is divine
the clocks in my head are relentless
the stocks hurt my head, can't comprehend it
why not balance the scales and restore peace
instead, you set it afire and watch the poor man weep
Jason Apr 2021

You enchanted the moon, didn't you?

Or bribed her?  Maybe you promised her a star or two?

She hunts me with Orion's bow, pacing behind shadowed cloud,

My celestial stalker ridin' low, warily wrapped in misty shroud.

She whispers stark and yet, soft as a breeze on an April afternoon,

Press on now, my pet.  You've done so well, we'll sleep again soon,

But we've a fortnight to go if we're to come full circle by month's end.

So many dreams still to sow... To reap those lupine howls once again.

She waxes and I wane, she mystifies with madness then soothes me sane.

Serenity to insanity, delirious depravity to moon-magicked majesty,

A cosmic clockwork cycle muddling my mind with lunar gravity.

She pushes me to righteous malice and pulls me to solstice solace,

She masters tides in her caprice, what hope has a malcontent apprentice?

© 04/04/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

There's a bit of the moon in everything I say and do,
I shouldn't be surprised she reminds me of you.

Just an interesting note: I was inspired to write this last night as I was watching the moon from the window at my desk.  Today, I was wondering if the moon was actually anywhere near Orion...

Turns out Orion is just to the east, but the moon was in the house of Libra when I wrote this, which is friggin cool.  :p
Black Petal Mar 2021
Stay, luminous moon.
Orbit my heart forever.
Shine through its deep cracks.
miki Feb 2021
every night
you haunt my thoughts
the feeling of your velvet touch
lingers on my skin
i see you in my dreams
your voice echos my every thought
i wish you would go away
but all you had to do that night was stay
i know what i did was wrong
if only you knew what i knew

memories of lost moments
maybe it’s supposed to be this way
B Chapman Jan 2021
"Why do you look so ******* happy?"

Because that's the way they like me,

But to be fair, I do too.

I love feeling pretty in pink

With pastels and fragile florals,

But I am endless and vast

And equally crave the taste of metal

With the bite of blood.

I want my white roses pristine and velvet

Hugged by black leather,

Stained in crimson,

Studded and cold.

Because I am all of these things-

Careless and gentle,

Cold and yielding,

Pristine and dripping venom.

I am balanced and infinite

And thrive swinging on these scales.
Cné Oct 2020
I am summer,
    and sunshine
        mixed with
the passion of
    autumn hurricane.
       I have the
             soul of a mermaid,
                 fierceness of a lioness,
                    heart of a hippie,
                  spirit of butterflies,
              and a mouth
           I can’t always control.
        I slay, I pray
    I dream
of possibilities
      and not the
                Call me crazy but
            I believe wishes
    come true with the
         click of my fingers
             and the flicker
               of my tongue.  
         I am bold;
a woman
       in control,
          unashamed as
                a sinful angel.
                        I am Libra.

Happy Birthday month to all my fellow Libra friends
Diobimma Oct 2020
I often wonder what rules
In a world of penned liberty
Yet louds it confinement

You craved for freedom
From the toxicity of your environ
The universe responded
Now you wail to be imprisoned .

You're a prisoner to your fear
And I'm nothing like you
You've always been locked in
With the doors wide open

I'm a prisoner
Not to fear or guilt.
But to the world
Birth and death has the key.
I do not plan on escaping soon

I'm a forest bird
Tho confined to this space
Call me phoenix
Can never be locked in .

Diobimma Oct 2020
What I fear the most is loosing myself in someone.
Giving them my air.
I'm at verge of that.
It leaves me breathless.
It's pathetic trust me.
I'm always open minded.
Nobody wants that these days.
People's words have hurt me
Mine have reciprocated.
I'm not perfect.
But in cause to please who I love,
I work towards perfection.
That's not the life I want anymore. Even peace comes from within.
I should First Love Myself.
Yes you should Fly.
I'm unapologetic for the people I've hurt.
Even love hurts sometimes.
I've had my share.
It's the start of something new.
I'm glad to share it with you.
xavier thomas Sep 2020
Ms. Flight attendant,
long time no see, love.
I miss you.
Queen from the west-side.
First-Lady flying across the country just to see me & only me.
Putting a smile on my face, Making me feel like I was your #1 priority.
As soon as you landed in my town,
You made sure to Text-Call- or FaceTime
-No matter where I be.
I stop by to listen to your every need & hold long night intellectual conversation.
While, you give me- “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice” Inglewood love.

One thing I can say is, you stay ready.
Hit different
No wonder why you call yourself ~ Lolly
What is your secret Miss thing???  👀

(Hope you & baby boy doing well during this pandemic.)
ZL Aug 2020
I sing along to sad songs
Because another lover have left me alone.
I cry in silence
Because I lack the balance ----
Between  love | hate
The scales always tip, when the Heartbreaker heart breaks.
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