valerie Mar 28

I'm convinced paths exist
but I'm living in a misty
Forest of Indecision

That's the libra curse,
I have heard said,
and I acquiesce

Today's not an eternity
even with foggy eyes
and feet in the mud

Happy birthday handsome
I hope you know I'm here.
I know you can get through this.
I want to be here for you.
You never respond with enthusiasm anymore.
You are so alone but you fake a smile.
You are simply waiting for another ball to drop.
Everything will be okay.
You aren't alone as long as I'm around.
Just smile and watch.
Happy birthday handsome

Apollo Hayden Jun 2016

Can you see two world?
I am the air between 'em.

Amber Valencia May 2016

Aesthetically tuned with the goddess
My curtains blow beauty in the small corners
The vines climb the tallest towers and I swing on chandeliers dancing, swishing, jumping high!
I reach and touch the lantern sky!

But underneath the glove lies an iron fist
With this my glittering charms turn to dusk
The attentive mind ruptures with jewels of intellect,
Standing in the light holding the glass container of justice!

My eyes come alive - I will stand against the balcony lifting the scales
The flower field of lavender petals stand next to my thoughts
The horse in the wind I seem to some, but until the end I will never stop to stand up
Watch my kingdom come

Libra Sun Sign
Keeana Calmes Apr 2016

My Beloved Air:

saturated with ink.
It seeps from your lips
from your pores,
painting stories
on your paper thin skin.
Such beautiful ideas in your head but,
you hold your words
in the hands of a child;
benevolent, yet careless.
Remember that
a strangers heart
is their book, not yours.
Ink stains rarely
wash out.

sav Jan 2016

I fell in love with a Libra once but all I got was a new therapist.
Why is it that you only tell the truth whenever you're leaving?
How much longer can you lie to yourself? You say, "One day I'll learn." When will you actually change?
What do you tell yourself at night when you're awake and tormenting yourself over things you've watched fall apart? Do you really think you could stop any of it from happening?
Now, be honest. Can you look at your reflection and tell the difference between your mask and you?
Why do you get yourself into situations you can't back out of? Don't you know it's not roulette if all of the chambers are loaded?
Do you remember when you told me that you don't believe in fairy tales? Tell me about how happiness is the road you're not allowed to walk down.

Effy Royle Nov 2015

oh what have you done to deserve this?
so much hate in your heart for yourself
yet you were living a lie
I hope you're happy now

sweet child, what a pity that people can't help
but leave you
how many tears did you shed when he said
he didn't love you back?
I hope you find peace within yourself

I'm sorry he doesn't see you're the one
you're both stuck in this never ending
paradox where no one wins
don't change yourself just to please
the unpleasable
I hope you're whole again one day

you poor, tired soul. take a seat and look in the mirror for a change.
you are nothing if not beautiful.
please be kind to yourself
I hope you find happiness one day

oh what a warrior you are. wartorn land and heart.
you're much more than your mistakes.
take a look at everyone around you.
I hope you realize you're not alone

my honey bear, my sweetie pie
your hands still shake when they call your name.
stop pretending you're okay.
there's nothing to be afraid of
I hope one day you find clarity

you beautiful creature, how many times has someone failed to compliment you?
that number is in the negatives now and you're still on your high horse
get off for a second and ground yourself. it's only a matter of time.
I hope you forgive and forget

my light, my dark, my everything in between
stop and smell the roses
can't you hear them singing for you?
your eyes always did make my heart stop
I hope you forget why you're hurting

baby bear cub, you sweet little thing
how many days have you been at sea? enough to not love them back
just remember where you came from
I hope your dreams come true

my one true love affair, you're mighty small for someone who loves to talk
your nose freckles never seemed so prominent
I love your laugh, I love your cry
I hope you realize what you've done to me

my life and my wannabe lover, you're drowning in regret
I can smell the whiskey on your breath
yet you're too drunk to see straight
I hope you remember who you are

my soulmate and best friend
I know you're still hurting
but open up for a change and let them know the real you
you can't sweep it under the rug forever
I hope you can be yourself

romy Oct 2015

It’s August and the big fat sun
Hangs in the sky.
It seems to be taunting me,
and I just want to cry.

Summer’s almost done;
thank god, it’s felt so long.
I just crave October,
when will it come along?

Born in Lion season,
though I feel more like a mouse.
So emotionally timid,
I’d rather hide in the house.

The sun’s streaming through the window,
taunting me still.
But I’ll stay put til October comes
with it’s familiar chill.

i wrote this in august now it's october yay

The feeling to know you this far,
Is just like a free tequila in a bar.
Don't know if I'm completely falling for you,
But when I do,
You make me feel equal.

You deal things seriously,
Even if I say to you to trust me.
Just you will make me so alive,
But these challenges makes me doubt.
If I will be able to survive.

Is this real?
Are you there?
Would you make me feel you love me?
Will you hold my hand and say you trust me?

Seeking for answers,
To mend these doubts.

I don't know how to gamble,
But when I do,
Desire will be a part of it.

brandon nagley Sep 2015

Tօɖaʏ, tɦɛ tաɛռtʏ sɛʋɛռtɦ
Yɛaʀ օʄ ʍɨռɛ ɮɨʀtɦ;
Tɦɛ Lɨɮʀa sċaʟɛs sɦaʟt ɮɛ ɮaʟaռċɛɖ
Tօ tɦɛ ɦɛaʋɛռ's aʟօʄt I aʍ քɛʀċɦɛɖ.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry

If you can't read fancy text it reads

Today, the twenty seventh
Year of mine birth;
The Libra scale's shalt be balanced
To the heaven's aloft I am perched.
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