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Cné Oct 14
I am summer,
    and sunshine
        mixed with
the passion of
    autumn hurricane.
       I have the
             soul of a mermaid,
                 fierceness of a lioness,
                    heart of a hippie,
                  spirit of butterflies,
              and a mouth
           I can’t always control.
        I slay, I pray
    I dream
of possibilities
      and not the
                Call me crazy but
            I believe wishes
    come true with the
         click of my fingers
             and the flicker
               of my tongue.  
         I am bold;
a woman
       in control,
          unashamed as
                a sinful angel.
                        I am Libra.

Happy Birthday month to all my fellow Libra friends
Diobimma Oct 9
I often wonder what rules
In a world of penned liberty
Yet louds it confinement

You craved for freedom
From the toxicity of your environ
The universe responded
Now you wail to be imprisoned .

You're a prisoner to your fear
And I'm nothing like you
You've always been locked in
With the doors wide open

I'm a prisoner
Not to fear or guilt.
But to the world
Birth and death has the key.
I do not plan on escaping soon

I'm a forest bird
Tho confined to this space
Call me phoenix
Can never be locked in .

Diobimma Oct 9
What I fear the most is loosing myself in someone.
Giving them my air.
I'm at verge of that.
It leaves me breathless.
It's pathetic trust me.
I'm always open minded.
Nobody wants that these days.
People's words have hurt me
Mine have reciprocated.
I'm not perfect.
But in cause to please who I love,
I work towards perfection.
That's not the life I want anymore. Even peace comes from within.
I should First Love Myself.
Yes you should Fly.
I'm unapologetic for the people I've hurt.
Even love hurts sometimes.
I've had my share.
It's the start of something new.
I'm glad to share it with you.
xavier thomas Sep 25
Ms. Flight attendant,
long time no see, love.
I miss you.
Queen from the west-side.
First-Lady flying across the country just to see me & only me.
Putting a smile on my face, Making me feel like I was your #1 priority.
As soon as you landed in my town,
You made sure to Text-Call- or FaceTime
-No matter where I be.
I stop by to listen to your every need & hold long night intellectual conversation.
While, you give me- “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice” Inglewood love.

One thing I can say is, you stay ready.
Hit different
No wonder why you call yourself ~ Lolly
What is your secret Miss thing???  👀

(Hope you & baby boy doing well during this pandemic.)
Femi Aug 18
I sing along to sad songs
Because another lover have left me alone.
I cry in silence
Because I lack the balance ----
Between  love | hate
The scales always tip, when the Heartbreaker heart breaks.
Dezzie Hex Mar 2
On golden strings hang both heart and mind
Ever chasing a taste of the divine
Sunrises weigh my dilemmas with care
Suffocated by waves of restless air
I drink up vast oceans of laughter and tears
Unfazed by wayward emotions and fears
And yet, I am still stagnant

Dissonant voices scream harsh choices
A beam for my love and another for my death
As above, so below, Justice weeps beneath

Child of Venus, she is calling my name
Corroded by both beauty and shame
Cupid feathers fester under her touch
O, if only love did not cost so much
Jessie Latham Jul 2019
there are two
(or were they wolves?)
there is a fight inside
of me

which one do I have
courage to
& which one do I

down this gravel
I know I've
so frequently

do I walk
or one that's
been at

felt I have the
loving hands
of the former's gentle

but touched was I
by the latter's wit
& the dreams
of his embrace

there are two
(they might be wolves)
that follow me

the one the wind
will always

& the one it
cast away
eric smith May 2019
guilt me like a cancer
manipulate me like a taurus
if i was the first verse, you’d skip to the chorus
i tape glue and sew but you’re the one who tore us
ripped me into pieces and i made myself
something new
i recognized myself
you’re lost not knowing what to do
play dumb like a pisces and lash out like a scorpio
if you’d give me up for anything
it would be half an oreo
maybe four quarters or a dollar
but you could never change
had a heart for everyone but i was never in your range
impulsive like an aires confusing like a gemini
you my day 1 and i love you turns into there cant be a you and i
you “never wanna make me cry” but can never keep your **** dry
eyes red like im high
you “never want to say goodbye” but the second things dont go your way you fly
but you could never be the bad guy?
act out like a capricorn stubborn like a leo
how you beat yourself up but wanna be everyones hero?
your double life is really a triple
i should call you trio
if ‘paid in full’ was my life you would be rico
how my own girl crossed me?
then made it my fault that she lost me?
then told everyone she tossed me?
don’t care like aquarius outted me like a libra
you beat around the bush when i made it black and white like a zebra
how i told you tell me the truth and you made up a story
you cant lie on someone who loves you
and bask in glory
i paved the way for you and you act lost like dory
and i still found you
careless like sagittarius critic like a virgo
how you tell me to “never leave” but you go?
how you use the water you drained me of to grow
you’re not who your instagram shows
i see through you, commando
you cant flex on me if you know what i know
imagine believing in horoscopes. couldn’t be me.
Ivory Space Nov 2018
You'll never know what I knew
Like my new found appreciation for only your tattoos

You'll never see what I've seen
like how the halo of your eyes are the same color as me

You'll never feel what I felt
How the warmth of your embarrass causes me to melt

You'll never hear what I've heard
The echoes from your laugh and the passion in your murmurs  

You'll never cry the way I've cried
From the pits of my stomach, the burning inside when you said goodbye
But you must know how much I love you.
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