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Bhill Aug 1
As we go on our journey
We      Crawl
Through what we call life
There are things we must do
There are things we must avoid
There are things we must finish
When we arrive here we have no clue
As we get there we will learn
We will
               Make Mistakes
                Fall in love
                 Get a job
                  Lose a job
                   Find a mate
                    Learn what it takes
                     Get older
And then it's over....
Have some fun while doing all of this

Brian Hill - 2019 # 192
Are you having fun yet?
Nigdaw Jul 7
I saw him that day

Not when he woke, like
Any other morning, next to
The warm naked body of his girlfriend
Still muzzy with sleep, half open eyes
Searching to see his face, unbeknown
To her for the very last time,

That sweet smile,

Not as he kissed her on the doorstep
She, wearing his T shirt baggy on her small
Frame, hiding slim undulating form,
After a breakfast of toast and Marmite
Which he loved, but she had always hated  
The taste could still be detected

On his moist lips,

Not when his bike exploded to life
Fireblade thunder, exhausts spitting
Wrath and fury, the voice of an engine
Wanting to go, go, go, like wind
As though the Devil gave chase
To his helmeted head, full faced

Soon hiding death mask grimace,

Not then, but later,
From a motorway bridge, wondering
Why all the traffic had stopped
Checking for my return journey,
He and the bike lay across the lanes
A little way apart, neither going home,

Next week she’ll move back with her mum.
I saw the aftermath of a bike accident and it made me wonder why such an ordinary morning had ended like this for someone.
Aravind Jun 17
I'm the Toy that never got sold,
Oh God!! I'm the one you had cold ******.

I'm the Bike stranded at the signal,
Oh God! I'm the one figuring out how to be rhetorical

I'm Still riding on an empty pillion,
Oh God! Why am I the one u chose to ***** in the billion?

All I ask from you,
Is some Luck and Cue
As Oh God! I'm the (only) one who forgave you :)

I promise I won't blame you
Again for my blues;
Because My dear God! I'm the one who needs you.

I'm the land that has been for long barren,
Oh God! Do remember even I'm one of your Children
roumen Jun 12
The girl i like ...
is beutiful ..
Like a motorbike..
But not Ducati...
She moving softly
Like a motorbike
But not Yamaha .
Neither Harley...

She is more like
British bike.
Triumph ..
I like her sound.
I like her shiny armours..
And ride..???
Ooo...what a ride..
Smooth and silky..
And..what a bike..
God... is beutiful and shiny..

I know
she maybe like the man ..
The rider ..
Her own
Dark ...
Ghost rider..
Maybe ..?
morseismyjam Jun 12
the asphalt is smooth
the tires of my bike glide
over hot pavement

the sky: inky black
a bright beam cuts through darkness
the cars will see me

a bottle broken
a car window that shattered
either can deflate

shall we keep going
or shall we stop for coffee
giving pedals rest?
Some haiku I wrote for a high school English class. I just thought these would be a fun throwback.
Disclaimer: I wrote these when I was 15.
You were never there.

And you never tried.

You had a chance,
but you stepped aside.

You never read me
or kissed me

You never took me camping,
or even for a bike ride.

Now I'm a big girl,
and you can't buy me toys.

But that's ok,
cuz you never did in the first place,
though you had the choice.
Spend time with your loved ones while you still can.
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
These last two days have been a stasis
snow bleeding white from the sky
or the wind in the curtains –
we had to shut off the heat
and it’s only getting colder.

I like my voice best
when I have something to say –
isn’t that always?

Today everything above was blue
and bright – I had to squint
to see the road.
I tried to ride my bike
but the puddles
kept me from getting very far.

Lately I am so full of feelings
and movement becomes
the only way to escape –
soon I’ll have to admit
that I’m not getting anywhere.

February drags its feet
I was hoping for March
but now it feels impossible –
I sleep and sleep,
and dream of waking up again.
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
The nightmare continues!
Another installment, and I let it keep going
last night we drank ***** and lemonade
and joked about oceanic trenches
he can name all the trees
and I know what goes on deep below the surface
I think we both wish it was the opposite.

He says I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen
and that he’ll never love anyone
the way he loves me –
and that in his poems, I’m a natural disaster:
so he got one thing right:
my ability to desecrate.

She loves him! And he loves me,
and I want nothing to do with any of it –
I pretend, although I am afraid
that I pull all the strings
reality is a sick attempt
at the six-year question:
I can’t untangle myself from the mess
the layers of mistakes that lead to now.

So I go on a bike ride
I look up to see the sycamores
I love the big leafless trees that hug the riverbanks
the Potomac is overflowing, fast and brown
my bike is rusted and clouds hang heavy
in the sky, but I beat the raindrops
and maybe I beat the nightmare, too.
mjad Mar 25
We eat and talk, you check your phone
I eat some more
I check my own

We talk and eat and get up to go
You grab your bike
I walk alone

We walk and bike across the street
I wait and you stop
You kiss me

We kiss and talk and go home
I open my phone
You text me

We text and call and text once more
I read the last text
You love me

We go around and around for months
I miss you
You come back

You leave and come back some more
I never leave a text ignored
You use me

We go and kiss and cuddle and chill
I love your energy
And you still

We never ever end we go on and on
I never will forget you swear to god
You have me
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