Lyvana Nyx Aug 21

I dont need anything
Not really,
Not from you.
Despite my heart
And its bloody tears,
My mind knows
Its inevitable truth.


My curiosity burns
About who
And other questions
I can no longer ask
So be ever more ink bold
And perhaps,
In time,
the story will unfold

Lyvana Nyx Aug 21

You might be
Bolder in black ink,
But your heart still bleeds red

Arcassin B Aug 19

By Arcassin Burnham

Stepping through some cemeteries,
Lost your soul In February,
Looking for attention in a school where the kids make babies,
never married,
Closed eyes will be starry,
riding open waves are scary,
fall into the current , drown all your emotions,
its way more than death can carry,
friends are snitches , mercenaries,
backstabbing you in secrecy,
Even to you when your married,
cause what you and your wife have . he feels jealousy,
separate the real from peasants,
No time for argumental dispositions,
guess we're on a mission,
no further discretions,
Everyone ain't your friend , learn your lesson,

Friends do what their friends do and their intentions
is to hurt you,
hit you where it hurts the most then walk around while they
disgrace you,
people get in on to be cool or their scared, one of the two,
Got you thinking that suicides the only way to commute,
In other words i was a victim too,
hopelessly suicidal, with no further guidance from a parent too,
i swear i could relate to you, your not alone,
scared to talk , scared to go home,
There shouldn't be any damn reason for why you should handle this on your own.


You've got discipline on your wrist,
Boldness on your neck,
Looking determined what's next,
Marching towards that yellow car,
Holding paperwork claimed with knowledge and are earned so far,
Spine rested on the back seat,
Cabbie asking for the accurate location where I wanna be ,
So silent that heartbeat is audible to me,
Feeling that adrenaline pumping accompanied heavy breath,
The flip from bookish system to booking self for wages,
Now I guess am almost ready for incoming stages,
Off to the big building through the automatic door,
In the chilled room along with more individuals of same species ,
The time has come for the bargain embracing communication abilities,
Don't know what will happen,
Vitals are normal for now and day came to an end .

Lay it out for all of us to see.
Make amends,  i need you right beside me.
I promise out of fear comes courage.
So come, devoid of any languish moments

Gold is the void
Infinity is a grip,
power is a play,
made for all of us to slip.

Everything fades, nothing will ever sit
so free yourself from any gamut
that'll make your heart quit.

katy m Jun 22

i am a storm,
spiraling out of control
no longer withholding
the things others call bold
i am reborn
away from the shore
living with the pedal to the floor

"I will take you higher," he had said.
"Where will you take me," she demanded.
"Beyond the stars & nebulae," he professed.
"How will you take me there," she whispered.
"Come down on me as I sleep," he paused.
"And what will you do," she continued.
"Then I will take you higher," he gabbled.
"What is going to be your next move," she moaned.
"Land on me subtly, my lover," he invited.
"Oh sure, my fomenter," she groaned.
"As my rocket will launch," he gibbered.
"Oh yeah, my crazy tormentor," she cried.
"On a higher level our happiness will be." he splattered.

My HP Poem #1536
©Atul Kaushal

Long Lean Legs
          wrapped in black patterned stockings,
Calling to all
          To look upon her long lines and admire
Ready to take her
          boldly where ever she needs to go
The questions is
          can her mind make the bold choice
To finally use those legs
          and run?

©LadyofRavenhill 4/18/17

Bellowed, cried, screamed boldly.
Whisper, titter, hush softly.
How we speak of love.

Dog Years Feb 17

I'll have a large coffee please.
Give it to me black,
give it to me bitter.
Let the beans do their thing
let the coffee keep it's zing.
No need to make it sweeter,
I want
what most people consider
a one hitter quitter.
night colored coffee at it's best.
I want to feel my heart beat out of my chest,­
stay up all night long
with the taste of the earth on the tip of my tongue­
I want  it darker,
I want it bolder.
Flavor stays long,
the coffee bites strong.
Do not kill my coffee
with sugar and spice
or anything nice.
You sweet-toothed zombie.
Haven't you heard?
Truth be told,
when it comes to coffee...
fortune flavors the bold.

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