Tess Apr 13
Bold like a lion,
strong and brave.
I'm not defiant,
know my name.

Proud like a lion,
showing might,
No turning back now,
I will fight.

Roar like a lion.
Hunt your prey.
Walk like a titan.
Rule the day.

Live like a lion.
Know your place.
Keep your head high an'
show your grace.

Sleep like a lion,
with your pride.
Protect your region.
None shall die.

Fail like a lion.
tail down low.
But rise like a king.
All will know.
Be a lion, bold strong, and full of fight, and if life gets's you down, rise up!
Ender Royalty Apr 12
She had three hearts
A heart of gold
A heart made of a bitter but sweet tart
And a heart to make her bold

The heart of gold
Made her age well
And never appear old

The heart of bitter but sweet tart
Purposes for her generosity
And will make sure she never falls apart

The heart that makes her bold
Is what makes her unique and distinctive
And will never back down no matter what she is told
Just another piece, enjoy!
Pearls of sadness dropped by the angels above. Every tear dropped for the ones we loved. Rain...
We are bold we keep strong. And we are always told to carry on. Rain...
The drops of tears settle into the ground. And will never again be found. Rain...

                               With love,
You’re acting so cold,
Sending chills through my bones.
You’re acting so bold,
That it sounds like a scold.

I knew who you were from the start  
But now I don’t know who you are anymore.
Maybe it’s just a phase
Because of all the pain you endured.

But brick by brick
the towers have grown tall
And I can’t see you at all.

I am trying to find a worn area,
I am trying to find a window
To the softness that once existed
Because it feels like
there is nothing between us at all.
Quite scary to know we have “x” days remaining
I will never lose a day because it’s raining
But I must protect what I hold most dear
It is time with family and friends maybe some beer
Laughs, stories of heroes and foes
I live my life bold and loud, not careful on tippy toes.
Because why would you ever be quiet and hide?
Life can be a euphoric one hell of a ride.
It's built to be a Dollhouse
so no one would fathom what treasures lay inside
No judgement or hesitations could be formed
& those coming out would stay untried

Unpredictable's crazy sister runs the place
She's truly endearing--
In the rare case she doesn't sense your
Exposed fears seething

But no worries going in!
As long as your tendencies aren't co
and your head's outta your ass
and your phone's outta your fac

You'll be posthaste to a resonating reverence
for this wonderfully eccentric/benevolently ps
ychotic place
As long as you play nice, you won't have any
deadly problems
At the Dollhouse Asy*lum
maybe you can fall down on the street
just because of the pebbles
but you can stand again
then jump, or find another street
my heart

she leans on me
we stand

looking past what was had
groing wise

we hold each other
past dreams
on beauty

beautiful colours
her fragrance
not even the wind
could hold
our same

me and rose
I used to believe that pain had
some kind of cosmic

could only go so far then strengthen me
making me

I've been branded with a much deeper, darker,
wider, weeping & gnashing of teeth
type of pain of which I thought was
reserved for an un-earthly

Now I know it can exist
long before death so far as I can
I'm still believing You Lord that we were always only passing thru
solfang Jan 23
if the broken you -
can see the beauty
of this                    horrid, horrid world,
then how bad
can the world be?
sometimes, broken people teach other broken ones that the world can still be beautiful
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