Willow Jan 7
you are gold.

your light within shines so bright it’s blinding
like the moon in the sky,
you captivate all

a mystery
to be uncovered by yourself
and yourself alone.

you are composed of the stars and the dust and the planets and
the universe

you are everything
you deserve everything

never settle for less than what
makes your universe whole
in the most pure way

be you.
be bold.

W. Be
Regina Williams Dec 2018
the truth can be found in the backs of old library books,
slipped in between browning pages and buried
deep within the creases of bent paperbacks
and under loose sleeves of text about love and loss

the truth can be found in the
crinkles of empty bed sheets, between folds of
duvets and in between pillow slips,
crushed beneath hard springs and soft feathers,
whispered "i love you"s, "good morning"s,
"good night"s

the truth can be found gasping for air
at the bottom of a blackened sea, chained to the ocean floor
like a sunken ship and rising bubbles,
shifted under sand and deep breaths before a dive

and the truth can be found in the eyes of someone
you once loved, aching and bold,
covered with black flies but still somehow beautiful,
the truth can set you free,
but first it'll **** you off.
Max Dec 2018
Our adventures
Always made me feel
Your eyes
Always took my breath away.
Our fights,
Always made me
Your absence makes me feel

Little do you know,
I will always
love you more
Hoping we end up in a house
Like the plans
We made.
Our house,
Our adventure,
My love.
I'm so glad to know you.
You're a cool girl.
Theo Nov 2018
I was cold.
I was afraid when I needed to be brave.
I was hard to love when I needed to be loving.
Losing someone can change you.

I find myself lighter, bolder and more courageous.
Love does this to me, without loving someone else,
I found love in myself.
I love myself.

I find myself dripping love because after drowning,
my pores are overflowing.

I used to be many things.
I used to be.
Mr Morningstar Nov 2018
Dear mind
Please remember you are not meant to be perfect, there are cracks in you like an antique porcelain glass, you are still useful and beautiful but sometimes things leak
Dear mind
You are a soldier
You have dealt with so much in the past it's a wonder you aren't shell shocked. Trauma is the worse, the world around you is so full of pain you can't imagine confiding your hurt with anyone but yourself and for this you suffer
Dear heart
You will survive, you have been shattered like a clay pigeon, blasted away by the shotgun shell of betrayal. You have been broken so many times it seems easier to find a formula for time travel to reverse the damage then to piece you back together, but here you are beating in my chest with so many scars you look like a road map of Manhattan
Dear soul
Speak up there are times when my mind is lost and my hearts playing hooky,
If my mind could hear you it would find true north and my heart would start its engine. Pressing forward to what we all want
Dear voice
Be kind, sometimes in life this is impossible but in those times promise to always be honest,
Dear voice
Hold steady, my mind may be hectic and my heart may be racing but it is you who must stay the course. For all our sakes.
Dear feet
Move forward, what is behind us is to teach us how to navigate what is in front of us. Be firm in your footing and bold in your stride this greatness you seek was never intended for the timid
Dear shadow
I promise if you continue to follow me someday it will be worth it.

-Vaun Niklaus Christiansen.
ghostbroadcast Nov 2018
What are we
but simple beings, wannabes
Every one a small piece
of the game, Reality™
We all live in conformity
social norms followed religiously
Until one dreamer dares to dream
steps away, breaks routine
gazes upward and flies free
Imagination is all we have
when this world is our lab
where we can be extraordinary
philosophers, never ordinary
Without these dreams
what are we
but simple beings, wannabes
Brynn S Nov 2018
Blood has risin
Fallen under the demise of gluttony
Throats shutter in a flourished gleam
Spilling out their smokes; the evil stream
With closed eyes the horizon did strike
I was the one who favored spite
Invisible to eyes the mind grew thin
Wearing down from the mask of sin
Oh sweet child have you strayed so far?
In the final moment did I become a star
Ripples of triumph
I have fought death
Swimming towards light
For one last breath
Decrepit old sun burnt out and cold
Heart wondered beat less
Fortune favored the bold
Kelsey Nov 2018
Is there a better tradition than Halloween?
When I was a child, cloaked in the velvety darkness,
The night felt like it was crackling with electricity, possibility.
Swapping candy, riding the trailer, being out late on a school night;
I realized from a young age nothing emboldens you like friends and the nighttime.

When I was a freshman in college, I saw Rocky Horror for the first time.
"Creature of the Night" rings in my ears as I
Put on makeup,
Take a swig of *****,
Place on the final touches of my costume.

Halloween becomes a blurred vision of masks, laughter, and kisses.
Locking eyes across a room,
I am more alluring as
Daisy Buchanan
Holly Golightly
A fairy
Mary Poppins
Alice in Wonderland.
They're all cute, animated, familiar, warm.

Each day after Halloween is a sickly feeling,
nausea from overindulgence
I will always be emboldened by the night.
Tristan Brown Nov 2018
     >Insert Tragedy<
2. Lost
3. Found...   Depression
4. Froze
5.Watched the world
     >Insert miracle maker<
6. Found Happiness
7. Watched Life
     >Insert real problem<
8. Found Boldness
9. Solved Problem
10. Live
Special thanks to my miracle maker
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