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Beckie Davies Jul 16
I dared to be different
They did not want different
So I did not want them
i dared to be different
annh Mar 4
La, I am an honest deceiver,
For whomsoever shall lend his lies to me,
Will be repaid threefold in pretty devilment.

Channelling Stoppard, who imitated Marlowe, who emulated Virgil. Originality is nought but petty thievery. ;)

‘You must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute,
And now and then stab, when occasion serves.’
- Kit Marlowe
Amy Perry Jan 30
All these poems
We write
To save our lives.

To preserve like amber,
Only more futile.

To hope and pray our children
May live on and bless
What’s left of mankind.

May move them with their liveness,
Their boldness, their plain old truth.
Even if all they ever did was express
How they really felt to be alive.
kiran goswami Jan 23
The brave at heart, deal with their brains before other's bullets
Spicy Digits Jan 22
Be nice
Live politely
Be small.
Be small.
Be small.

Be sweet
Live righteously
Be small.
Be small.
Be small.

I'm here but am I?
I love all the street cats.
I'm here but you won't see
All the ancient souls in me.
I'm here but am I?
Instead I listened quietly.
I'm here but oft forgot,
Drain my empathy.
I am right here, I am.
With borrowed sorrow,
I am here, right here,
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Don't be afraid
Make effort again
This time
You won't start
From zero
Time has groomed
You a little bit of hero
You now have
Experience of
Body and mind
Dealing with people
Of different hues
Success to be
You have cues
Don't be afraid
Make effort again
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Luck floats on her palm
Her rudder turns the blessed tide
Fortune favours bold

New day, new haiku!
This haiku is for Tykhe, goddess of fortune and luck.
Her symbols were a cornucopia and a rudder. Chance and luck poured from her like a tide and she was well in control of it.

There are many variants of who her parents are, some myths say Zeus, others say Oceanus and Tethys. She was also linked to the Moirai, the goddesses of fate who will soon make their appearance soon.
The last line is a link to one of my favourite Latin quotes 'Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat', Fortune favours the bold! And it fits as this proverb is linked to Tykhe's Roman equivalent, Fortuna.

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Please take care of yourselves and stay safe!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Sheila Greene May 2020
I do
like bold colours
On you...
the taste of those lips
Hand under your jaw
just enough
to feel my fingers
those wide eyes
your iris shine
the dark void of pupils draws
Draws me deeper
into your dark
Wishing they weren’t just words
I want to consume you
Play in your shadow
bask in your light
Just know it is real
not just a maybe
Be consumed by me
Let yourself go in it
Wade down into the warm waters
Feeling suspended in time, space
surrounded by warm things
warm hands... eyes...mouth
Bold, colorful kiss

© sd greene  11/24/17
What can I say, I felt consumed.
Ezbon Kancharla Apr 2020
Her long neck filled with tiny torquiose feathers
In the light , they glare as aurora flares
The flock it herds in the wild
In her is the judge to keep them live
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

One of the beautiful creatures to witness
She upholds her survival in wilderness
Her flock she guards by her own breath
Feast their full on her watch in wild
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

In a perfect ambience to view
The image of her symbol reminds a proud guardian
Chest high , head tall , eyes wide  
She holds the stare of lion in hunt
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way
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