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I am an African child
Born with a skin the colour of black
Bright, brilliant, Strong and bold; I'm gifted, blessed and Talented enough to be the best

I am an African child
Sailing far from my home,
traveling to America the land unknown.
Scared and lonely I can only wait,
for the white man I am filled with faith

I am an African child
Sold to the white man
Captured in metal shackles
Work all day and night
I am so afraid
The big white man captured me
Will I survive this?

Often the target of pity
My future is not confine to charity
Give me the gift of a lifetime;
Give me a dream, a door of opportunity;
I will thrive.

I am an African child
Strong, Fearless, Resilient
Son of Eidangbe the Great-Grand father, and Grand father Ugbozorba  the father of Ogudu, and Eluede the father of aziagbemin son of the soil.
Rich in texture and content
Full of potential for a better tomorrow.

© Godwin Valentine 2019
This poetry is a piece about the live And childhood of the the African Child, growing up in the early 80's and 90's wasn't a very good experience for the African child as he was surrounded by so many vices such as slave trade and and human tracking but regardless the African child remains strong, fearless, resilient and full of hope, not letting his immediate environment affect his potentials, the African child is blessed, he is successful and he is the real definition of childhood, and I'm proud to be black and I'm proud to be an African... The names on the last verse are my ancestral African father's names originated from ancient city of Benin...
Satvik gupta Oct 6
Yesterday when we broke down ,
It felt like i was bomb dropped
From the picture frame i was cropped
Flopped , the reason which u left
I felt of being theft
The bond of love,
Which we shared between us,
Broke in a  mere fuss
Why one always needs to be two faced
First to draw attention
Second to leave apprehensions

Well  I don't mention

Always dreamt of building our own house
Playing as if  Tom and his mouse
Thought of following juliet's espouse
Making each and every moment rouse
How about buying a doghouse ?
How about buying a dollhouse ?
These questions just keep wandering in my head
Pain and agony are quite ahead
I don't want to move ahead
Instead I need  a head
To hold my heart high
But again i m scared to apply

Now ,
No more complies
No more lies
Nowhere to lie
Nothing to hide

You spelt "LIVE" wrong
Chose "EVIL" instead to "LIVE"long
Jeff Lewis Sep 20
I would write with letters bold
and stylish flare to break the mold.

Italics letters, I would like.
To make them seems a fright.

The very size of any font:
big or small is what I want.

Style settings won't transfer
Boring text makes me grrrrr!

Editorial control,
That is what I want to know!
No...really! How do people get italics and such? I see them, wish I could be them. The style attributes I set in my word processor (Pages on Mac) don't transfer.
B D Caissie Sep 15
A thistle in a meadow is bold and beautiful, not because it's different, but because it was given a chance to grow...

M C Sep 4
Once more round the sun
and passed reality is become undone.
Reaching through an aura of melancholic euphoria,
a resolution: feelings no longer will I run from.
Every shade of amazing
Every bit of wonderful
And every sketch of lovely
Today is the day.
I am a mayfly.
I have no memories of growing up,
and no expectations of growing old.
I have learned nothing.

Today is my day.
I will not sit by.
Swiftly I live, there is no slowing up,
and no time for my feelings going cold.
I will be something.

Today is the day.
I’ll reach for the sky.
Driven only by instinct flowing up,
to unknown destiny of glowing gold.
I am everything.

Today is the day.
I will live and die.
I’ll have seized the day just by showing up,
ignoring fear to live by knowing bold.
I won’t be nothing.
Instagram @not.thepoet.hewantstobe
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