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This Too Shall Pass

"These are not normal times" and
We agreed
Why not say we all are sick
So we seek to heal?

It's our fight to recover
A collective responsibility
What is there to discover
beyond the perimeter of our doors?

The streets no longer teem
Fellowships and gatherings our hotspot
Even rigid cultures have changed
Super nations under attack

Listen! The world is in crisis
It's not normal a time for us
to discover the world around us
Is it so much to contain?

The good news!
We can build on
But not out of danger
Let's keep our anger away from the survivors

One thing for sure,
"The child at the back of the mother
does not know the distance covered by
the weary feets of the mother, until he comes down and equally takes a walk"
Our leaders need us to cooperate and it's our cooperation that will make their work even easier.

Let's listen to our leaders
as we obey and allow the sciences.
Very soon, we shall see the signs
of the morning near because in the
clouds of misery, there is hope from the
rain that cometh forth.

God is our witness and
We'd come to our wits' end
This too shall pass..
M-27 Apr 17
Such a tragedy to see
Hidden treasures in vanity
A lonely memory in an empty journey  
Seeing life without even a single discovery
Do not let the cemetery take the best of what is inside you, You need to bring out those hidden treasures, the skills, the abilities and potential you have. You got more than you could ever think of my friend, Keep it up!
Amanda Apr 10
Who knows when we will find happiness?

Or where it is stashed away?

Why it takes so long to reach?

If we discover it at all?

My confused heart aches

Are we to stay lost forever?

Happiness appears to be nothing-
A hoax to me
Like bigfoot or nessie
Through all the creatures
that I have seen,
You are the most
majestic one:

Cheekbones high,
regal nose;
Scarlet lips
that make me cry.

Winter skin
framing dark eyes -
Poisonous daggers
transfixing life;

Yet, on me
that murderous gaze,
was soft and tender -
Vanished the haze

And the devilish grin
of Sin and Fun
turned into a kiss
as warm as sun.
© 03/04/2020
Simon Ryan Apr 8
There’s a light in the darkness we can’t yet seem to see
There’s a deeper unknown behind the words you and me
Perfect we aren’t there’s no need to be
We’re a lot more powerful at nature than our problems and fees
We can shine as bright as the sun and feel as strong as the trees
We struggle when we feel our chest tighten and start to squeeze
We can feel frightened when our mind is weak and words tend to freeze
What lies behind our fear is a care free loving being with a gentle breeze
Random thoughts again or should I say mysterious.. I love mysterious ways and discovery’s, find your purpose and you find your way..
sara Mar 28
I’ve been on this earth
at least once before;
so I just spend my time searching
for the keys to my own soul.
Bhill Feb 23
the threshold to tomorrow is stalking us
is there destiny in the indifference
the indifference and concern with what is the future
we should all be the masters of what is to occur
go carefully with all the realities that exist
they are there and need to be discovered

Brian Hill - 2020 # 54
Are you ready?
Perspective is reality
I sat contemplating my life
I dreamed of great fortune
Of beautiful women on my arms
When I was struck on the head by an acorn
An acorn from a great oak tree
Struck me on my head so soundly
The light thump echoing in my ears

I didn't conjure images of gravity
I didn't think in rates of change
I didn't hypothesize terminal velocity
Or in nature how science reigns
I didn't believe this moment kismet
I didn't imagine in algebraic terms
I didn't comprehend in physics
No science did this little nut affirm

Not miraculous, no calculus, no trigonometry
No differentials, exponentials, no divine symmetry
Approaching limits, I'm a cynic, nor solid geometry
I simply saw some nature, just a nut from an oak tree

The earth did not shatter with new theory
No new mathematic principle was born
All I thought was, "Stupid Nut!"
As I stared at this one tiny oak acorn
It blows my mind that an apple hitting a man on the head bore the principle of gravity which is one of the most well recognized scientific theories of all time.  Here's to you, Sir Isaac Newton!  Cheers to you and the great accomplishments of great men and women that followed you.  I'll just sit here and continue to write poems.
It’s a crazy world we live in
Feeding doubt with fear
Living in regret
Year after year
Thinking of a dream
But is it ever near?
You’ll only live a happy life
If you per-sue this one career
But is that what you want?
Or what you’re brainwashed
to believe?
You’ve been taught to work for life
So that you never have to leave
Forever incomplete
As we search for finish lines
We’ve been running for so long
That now we’re running out of time  
Living life to die  
While we’re dying to live  
Cause this empty pointless life
Has nothing to give
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