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rig Feb 24
if i could push
the boundaries
of these neat walls,
what would i find?
Lately, it has been difficult to share our time together. At times, it even feels as if the universe is holding a grudge against us. Either you are asleep and I am awake, the daytime calls for us to be in a different place, or it is just not that calendar day. Whatever the case may be, the day will come. We will have our solar eclipse, and the World will discover the beauty of our love.
Succumb to the attraction,
And you just might find
The greatest marvel the
World failed to define.
Samara Nov 2020
to play through
the syncopation
to wade through
the deception

I only have
and who I
pretend to be

who that is-
I have
yet to see
Looking for you
What else can I do
My heart is still lost
But its paid the cost
Of trusting your cover
And until I discover
More pain to numb this
I'll hold on to fake bliss
Ztef Oct 2020
a thrill, always will be
how this happened, still enchanting to me
i'm at ease, i am vulnerable-
i am at home.
you're both comfort and adventure,
like Bogota to Rome.

I can't tell you how much you occupy my thoughts
so I'll put everything in writing.
you're the yin to my yang,
a lot of people won't get this, but darling you're my
wai ying.

so as I'm writing, trying to add more
please know that my heart is full.
I've nothing more to ask for, except for maybe getting
another lifetime with you.
you're a thrill, always will be
you have the whole of me,
my babu.
Hey guys! I haven't written in a while but this is something personal and dear to me. Anyways, hope everyone's safe and doing well amidst this pandemic!
Sabika H Oct 2020
I’ve grown numb
And accustomed to
Whatever that was deemed
Does this make me dull
If the complexity of the universe
Has become
No longer a stranger or an enigma
To my inner experience?
Does this make me boring
If I no longer find joy
In discovering something
For when you
Constantly dwell and live
In the unknown
Is it really a big deal
To find something unexpected?
I mean... what did you expect anyway?

I am more interested in human interactions
In the consequences
And the causes
Of my actions
And I have internalised the outside world
And the outside wonders and
Discipline and harmony
Has become my quest and
My childish discovery.
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