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a midnight,
dark and dreary...

the soul,
weak and weary...

the eyes,
tired and teary...

the heartbroken,
pens the poetry......

A wordplay
Maya 3d
the hens
have raised their fowl fists,
protested the pecking order,
debated the Cuckoo Clucks Clan,
and started a coup in the coop.
they have a bird's eye view from their fort,
truly an eggcelent perch to reside in while they gather resources and
duck when enemies fire.
joining is a nestcessary evil to end the corruption.
so, my dear,
please don't chicken out.
i have sinned. i have faced *** and walked backwards into **** writing this poem. forgive me please i couldn't resist.
I took a picture of myself
And when I looked into my eyes
All I saw was just a letter
I couldn't capitalize on my strengths,
Pushed so far I stopped
And under scored
But a point is still a point
So I picked myself back up,
Corrected my mistakes,
And continued running
Because that's how sentences are for me.
Thought about eye and I then this happened
Aaron LaLux Oct 9
No Needy Eyes,
want for nothing,
only freedom eyes,
we have everything,

don’t mind the metaphors,
please pardon the ego,
I’m at Delilah’s high and,
I’m with chillin’ with some villains but they’re kind folks,

all vocal all loco,
let’s have a staring contest,
got a grip on my soul like a chokehold,
staring at me till my face melts,

humble as a roamin’ Nomad,
uncomfortable as a *** addict with a bad rash,
actually I take that last add back,
yeah I’m a ****** but no I don’t have a rash,

but I do have a pocket full of cash,
and I feel good but I want you bad,
swear to *** I love You,
always will always have,

and that’s fact,

so real,
I wrote this on the back of a kin nap,
or rather a napkin,
either way I’m back in like I’ve been back,

back in,
this City of Angels,
with a bottle of Sin,
and some Best Friend Strangers,

all in on that *** Level,
and I don’t wanna go even though,
I here the Devil callin’ and suspect I might be in trouble,
so I stay in the fast lane and take it slow,

gotta it right here so there’s no reason to go,

no Needy Eyes,
want for nothing,
only freedom eyes,
we have everything…

∆ LaLux ∆

October 8th, 2018
Hollywood, CA.
A Doubles Oct 6
I've been afloat,
Captain a boat.
Control the motion in the ocean 'til I'm getting soaked.
Cross bones,
In a skull
One eyed pirate and the sea men found the treasure trove.
Burying it so deep,
In a cove.
Drop the anchor on a beach,
Dig a hole.
I can't let nobody see,
*** the spot,
Exit marks and leave the dock.
Replace 'a' with 'her' When said with a Birmingham accent, they sound the same.
I fished a movie
hoping to cast a reel
that catches a keeper
hook, line, and sinker
I waded in line
the tackle box optimism in my sights
butterfly's in my net
visions of a hotrod
I look up at the marque
with a good cast and reel
my boats singing
a song that's hooked on love
I enter the theatre
among the trees
branching towards my spot
such forestry
I race past the mainstream
hotrod in tow
I take to my seat
setting anchor to a fun outing
as the lights abate
skip to my Lou
at bay
watching the cast make a splash

Logan Robertson

Gods1son Oct 3
I gave Mrs Forte four fur floor mats in the fore part of Fall. All four had the same fault due to system's default settings set by Fox Fort.
I was just playing with words, nothing serious loool
Still trying to figure out where the truth lies.
Deep Beneath me or up in the sky,
Wherever it lies it must find a way out,
And open to the crowd.
You are looking at me from a distance,
Trying to develop a thought about me,
Believe me you cannot until you come and witness,
The horrors that I have faced ,
The Devil's that I have clinched,
Or possibly the devil that I have become.
I can be the soldier, I can be the warrior ,I can be the game
But wait a minute, I think I have the power to change the game.
We may not together come to an end, but separated we may die as "just" friends.
You have been with me not for a long time,
but I think it is enough to call you mine.
I won't say you are the end to my journey, but you are the companion to the end,
The end has to come and it will come.
If Living with the Legend, I may  climb the sky
And call it an achievement, that will make me climb.
But if I am living with human like me, even a jump in the sky.
It would  not make me, but it will drive me to the farthest end.
I want to be smart enough to be called a human,
But also fool enough to not be a legend.
Going by the basics I am still a kid,
But by the age I'm old enough to be called a teen.
I have began like a kid but would end like a hero one day.
Aaron LaLux Sep 23
Darwin’s Coffee ***

Not enough coffee in the ***,
to keep me awake through this daydream,
not calling the kettle black I’m calling us all containers in this melting ***,
so I try to keep myself in shape by staying gluten free,

going for the long shot,
like I’m shooting a 3,
all in like a Hotshot,
no hotdogs just coleslaw and greens,

what a trip it is this life I lead,
right now I’m in at a hotel on a beach,

in a town called Darwin,
in The Northern Territory,
which is ironic because I’m pondering,
the thought that maybe we’re all aliens,

or at least have 10% extraterrestrial in our genes,
which makes us extraordinarily extra special,
plus it supports my theory that we’re all aliens,
seriously Google Missing Genetic Link,

give it a think,
humans themselves are the Missing Link,
and even Charles Darwin can’t solve the problem,
of not being able to connect our missing link,

and I want to keep writing about it,
but I think instead I’ll go for a swim in the sea,
because I’m tired of writing the water looks inviting,
and not only that but I’m both exited and sleepy,

Not enough coffee in the ***,
to keep me awake through this daydream…

∆ LaLux ∆
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