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if you're feeling sinister tonight, come inside the darkroom. picture yourself pouring over mental images of a demure young botanist, loitering around the trapdoor of nostalgia, kissing someone new for the first time.

now imagine she is conscious and clustered in titillating blur, her smile beachy and airborne, with only the slightest suggestion that something troublesome is lurking underneath.

can you see her double exposure? totally tranquil, she poses with an arsenal of poisonous plants, as if she’s already slipped their venom into your tea.

Ellis Reyes Dec 2022
Mental health
Is my favorite

Jumbo shrimp
Is next…
Descovia Oct 2022
I'm cold and dehydrated from vomiting.
I wrap myself up like a taco with
these blankets for warmth and security.
Speaking of which, I only eaten half of one for a meal....

If you are what you eat.
Then trust me, I'm never feeling super sweet.

All the animosity of every living member
increasing weight of gravity on earth
My insides feels as if they are frying on a foremen grill
My stomach gurgling and swishing in my ears
Intensifying pain crushing me
Dragging me by my soul.

Going to spar rounds with Mike Tyson
sounds more appealing. Laying here is beyond eternal suffering.
I rather go through the process
of having all the hairs on my head and body plucked

Before I go through 48 hours of being confined to a bed.
Death **** near gave me the last run for my funds.
I hate this ******* place!

I feel like I'm going to die if remain here!

My appendix was stressed from the amount of anxiety and it decided to depart with an exciting and rather booming fashion per se.

I have went through a lot. I cried until my tears ran dry. My heart feels heavier than the thoughts that loom my mind. Questions float around, my heartbeat and ****** functions doesn't align. The nurses and doctors cannot read mine. I just want to go home. I just want to go home. It's the only place where I belong.

"I'll bring myself to stop complaining
I know for sure, what I'm doing living is enough.
Praying to the stars above
I return back home to the ones I love

Thinking, knowing and being
are three different things
The only thing between death and me is the...


I'm strong. I'll keep fighting until I cannot anymore.
Toby you are stronger than you believe.
Keep pushing yourself.
Cancer will not defeat you.
We believe in you!
Filomena Aug 2022
Irritable bowels.
I'm dressed in only towels.

As my face is scanned,
I have a better hand.

A compliment is hushed.
I guess I'm straight flushed.
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 31.
Filomena Aug 2022
I dress in brand new rags.
This rag dress brand is new.
Such clothes are meant for hags,
But I haggled closed a few.
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 45.
Descovia Aug 2022
I been on, and on, and on going at it.
Bring the metal, if you have it.
We can play it out.
I'm paranoid, indulge into the void.
I'm a black Savage, bad as Black Sabbath.
Set your ship, ****-deep,
Your last words, you better
assist with what we can salvage!
The other side of me, asked if you can manage!
I'll take us both out!
Go out. Goku and Raditz
Blasted into King Kait's World
Special Beam Canon.
None of this is common.
None of ths Canon.
I'm no Nick, we wildin' out
Flying high, disregard all by default
without a calculated LANDING.
KOBE!!! ****!  We miss you!
Repent for our sins. Cause we done ENOUGH DAMAGE!
I'm losing my patience and my cool
I'll be ****** if another fool
goes inside a school, with a gun
I'm no mailman. But I will bust out the package.
Go ham on the packet, take it out da plastic!
I'll road-rage-rampage, Laredo Heat
Blacked out Bandit. I am coming for answers!

No water, all Ice with fire.
Pray for help, if he's old enough
To game and gamble, then he can get scrabbled.... like eggs!
Then give him every sample to lead by example
I am not playing games, off with his head!
i am not soft with the dread.
Get ravaged and dismantled
act hard, then get HANDLED!!
Help me. Help me.  Help me....
White noise bringing the realization
from the brain's static
My mind's eye open, I'ma black man,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I
no **** with black magic!
Playing board games, got me bored with your tactics
Try me, you be in Monopoly, figuring why you're "Sorry"
The trouble is on it's way and Trouble is bringing damage
I got nothing else to lose,
My life more wasted than CJ on
highway drifting on xanax.

I will make the best out of my skills.
I am empowered by you all.
Thanks for believing and honoring me.
My decisions to help this world through
the power of words of wisdom and love
Descovia Aug 2022
The sun got me feeling defeat
I cannot get any relief
There's freaking no love in these streets
Mind over matter, it matters to see
every single one of you eat.
Be comfortable to make your bread and cheese
To death with my inner peace
Before I spell another lie, let it be
I'm going through gears to stay solid, to not crumble!
My name is not to walk on, it's not stairs or concrete.
You can run that on REPEAT.
I may lose focus of topic but I stay on beat!
Sad how some of you look at other or myself
as a piece of meat!
I will give anything for my beliefs.
An arm. A leg. Shoulders. My head.
I promise my son he
got nothing more to lose
other than his baby teeth.
Let that sit and sink in your heart.
I hope all of this hits hard and deep.
I have no issue with Karma
I will be ****** all honor
Before you dread another soul to reap.
Resisting Everything Accepting Peace
It's all a matter of what you perceive
I rather give love for, the universe
returns everything you put into energy to receive
I got enough people living out here
thinking they should call it quits and leave.
You could remove Excalibur from the rock
and bring the evil down to it's knees.
You know what it felt like
Running out of clues
When the Blues seep
and we thought we lost Steve!?
Your family won't be only ones devastated
You better in the name of all GODS
YOU BETTER believe!

I romanticize humanity until what's left isn't even human.

I cook up fallacies about legal aliens and add a dash of cumin.

Your chef tosses salads in the pasta section of the grocery store.

Devil's just as confused, with a ***** and an apology at heaven's door.

You don't know, and no one cares where eggs go when they die.

Godzilla thinks of a car full of clowns like you would a sardine pie.

What happens when an elephant gets alzheimer's and loses keys?

Does the paradox consume an entire circus of trapeze-act-fleas?

I ruin birthday cakes by blowing off the frosting instead of the flames.

How I do that? Count backwards from backwards and say my names.

Bittersweet love anthems pollute the brains of conscientious dames.

Heavy metal doesn't pollute, it pacifies rage quitting from soul-******* games.

Out of the woodwork comes a limp ***** that would work,

Long hours only to find he'd pay millions for a Miley Cyrus twerk,

Which is worth about as much as an all-female circle ****,

Unless you add strap-ons, so strap in and lap up the knee-****-smirk.

It is unwise to handle scissors when one is being cutting-edge,

Because your accountants will dangle themselves off of a three-storey ledge,

When you cut up the ledgers and make light of, that is, burn, the evidence of pledge,

To the monkeys in your think-tank mailing feces to the upstart farmer's hedge.

Now I know you're sick of rhyming and of poems and of liver culling whisky,

But I must inform you of a pirate's missing eye, I've bought sight of something risky,

I implore that when this song and dance is done, you'll assuredly miss me,

Because I've told you everything about depravity, hence forth you must kiss me.

Beacons of hope shine much like cantankerous silver in the moonlight.

If you're a werewolf that will fill you with hope and with immeasurable fright.

One day the world will admit that I'm awesome and impoverished to boot,

Because when the song and dance is done, what's left is just an ounce of loot.
Another poem from my vault that I forgot about.
I wrote this poem today, July 20th, of 2015.
Reading this, I was astounded by the wordplay I employed.
There are certain things I've forgotten how to do poetically.

My poems now are more thoughtful, story-oriented, and laced with meaning.
This poem up here is pure play - wordplay, poeticism, rhyme, contrast, shock, mayhem, chaos. When I wrote poems like this, unknowingly, I did my best to dance around meaning. I played with it. Gave my readers just a taste of meaning as I, with comedy, made a spectacle of words.

I loved playing with words to full effect at the time. I was going through a lot of psychic pain. My illness was rampant. Writing helped ease the pain immensely and gave me joy.

I hope this little poem made you laugh as it did me :)


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