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Marsha 23h
get down on your knees
and worship me, baby,
for my body is your
Do not compromise your principles for temporary gain,
In any case people are going to lose interest...
Just like that
lighting smokes,
I gotta dig Bic
bet you read that last line wrong
Yeah I’m a bit insane
A bit off line
Walking a line
Trying to keep steady and feet heavy
But **** you make it hard to understand
I’m not choosing
So if you make me, then you’ll lose
Not some **** “duck,duck, goose”
Is it too much to ask or to beg?
Actually I got another better way to say
I’ll work and I’ll fight for everything I want and can’t have
To not live, to aim, to please
I will aim to cease
Any name whom shall try to cut me
Go ahead, take a blow at me
See my feet still heavy?
No, actually I love me
Just like you
You look in the mirror who else you gonna run to
Too many demons you gravitate to?
Okay now jump the tracks, I want my life back.
“F*k” you, where the love at?
©Jessica Stull
Confused by encounters
In a club full of diamonds, the jade sets itself apart
Wary of the way these kings take spades to hearts
Some more wordplay

(Title is also wordplay here.)
Hemorrhaging life
This heartbeat of mine dims with each passing night
I'm broken and I need mending
But I feel like the last one alive
And if I can't escape the confines of my mind
I'll be dead by daylight.
Wordplay featuring one of my favorite Horror Games.
a dream
in his sleep.
He caught a **** star.
For his cast had a lot of whip,
stretching his limit and rod as far as it can go.
When the rush of a bite sent him reeling he screamed  for dear life as his catch jumped ahead.
Fibonacci :  1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21...1 syllable, 1 syllable, 2 syllables, 3 syllables, 5 syllables, 8 syllables, 13 syllables, 21 syllables. For a total of 8 lines. Your writer is having fun in dreamland as the counting of sheep on this night came with a twist.
Chris Jan 12
I'd love if I could tell,
That I wish you well,

But, (and there's always butts)

Any wish I have to pay for,
I reserve to myself.
Red Brush Jan 10
It's quite strange but nice
How it's odd and precise.

You can gun with a gun,
And a run can long run.

And an 'S' can turn laughter
To nothing short of slaughter.

If you're hot, they will drool
But be warm, and stay cool.

Head off with your head up
Face it head on, so heads up!

It is a deep and rich mine
For all to mine, yet mine.
M-E Jan 2
Lit the fuse
Buy a gun
And shoot me free
I ve shoot you one
You ve shoot me too
I'm not looking for you to satiate me

Kisses and apologies
Roadblocks you've put
Our wires you've cut
I have no clue
I am not where I want to be
May I speak with you

My Heart-shaped dish is broken
It can't be mend
Even with super-glue
I would swallow ******
Inject myself with lithium
My thoughts still will be blue
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