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This comes to more than what I post
The life I lived and the moments I lost
In bringing the dreams together
All my wishes flew like butterfly
Birds shedding their feather
I leave each hope behind
Now I just live and breathe in unrest
Because I have got no conquest
Now all I do is wait
Wait to see what is stored in my fate
To turn my life around.
Marya123 Jul 6
Give me a sense of peace and quiet
Take me away from this place
Leave me be...for just a moment
I'll come back, at my own pace.

I need to breathe, to think, to feel
Don't worry, I'll return soon
Leave me centre my soul
I'll emerge from my cocoon.
smc Apr 26
His demons descended.
She was blinded
stained glass.

disquietude discarded

Saturday, 30 may 2014
somersaulting stomach

that Friday night
sleep starved

smoke billowing
excitement warning
forceful parents' voices
“come home”
front door sticks
hesitant, unwelcoming
once opened
door jamb shrieks

dry cough
thick rooms
whispered threats
cracked niceties
lipstick flakes
plastic smiles

vexation of spirit
b r o o d i n g

Cancer scales walls
metastasizes overhead

Father Fear
force-feeds Sunday Mass.

Anxiety swells
Heinous hairs
whirring wings
whipping antennae

Oh, God, please
please, oh Jesus
help me
locked lips

Acrid bile
heaves upward
caustic acid
searing esophageal lining.

This devouring
cold sweats
tinny, booming
congregation voices

Oh, God
tiny bones splinter
middle ear
ruby rivulets

Fluorescent lights scorch
blood-streaked cheeks
singe vitreous eyes,
broil porcelain skin
invisibly infested.

Self - sabotage
carves into
self - loathing.

the missing pieces
terror dysfunction heartbreak broken demons addiction
Anthea Apr 15
I wish I could see the future
To know if you were meant for me
So I could have a dream to look forward to
And ease this onset of anxiety
I wish I could read your heart
Like a glowing crystal ball
To know how you truly felt
And if you did care for me after all
I wish I could read the skyline
The subconscious of your mind
To know if there is something between us
In any other time
I'm left with enormous thirst
Like a half bloomed flower
Waiting for it's moment to burst
But not every bud blooms
And not every future is certain
And while you are lost in another flower field
I am waiting beyond a clouded curtain
Waiting to feel your feet on my path
Waiting for you to visit
Will you pluck me in your wrath?
Or plant yourself in the space next to mine

Not every bud blooms
But this bud could bloom in time...
Tim Garemore Mar 6
and we'll not be happy if we reflect on it later

but this will not convince anyone of that

In faith I try to deny myself

but only when it's convenient to me
      or when I am in a particularly
                     Christian mood

we listen to good music etc
         and tell ourselves     and each other
              we'll be okay
we could easily die in our sleep all today
and have none of the redemption we seek

Praise God for his tests!

Jesus help us in our trials!

I need more sleep, all I get nowadays is

A piece I banged out after a family fight right before bedtime a couple months back
Aleah Feb 11
I feel a unique sensation,
When the first hello,
Feels like the thousandth time,
How I look into someone’s eyes,
And know they’re meant to be mine,
Maybe as a friend,
Or a lover,
But I can tell,
By the way their eyes hover,
Closing in on me,
Ready for me to discover,
The life I knew before,
Has become a closed door,
Your hand in mine,
Feels like it never left,
My heart is filled with unrest,
Until we meet again,
And you realize,
That I’ve always,
Known you.
Seanathon Oct 2018
Neither the quiet comforts of your home
Nor the wonders of the great unknown
Will satisfy your thirst to know
The wandering rest within your bones

In one way or another
How the shoe turns and Crow flies
Untill no longer bound
We are all alone
Nothing is ever perfect. Nothing really lasts. At present.

Get all you wish for and be disappointed.

Read with a smile and be prepared for the truth of this life.

Blah blah.
A Harris Oct 2018
It creeps in, when it wants,
my soul, it taunts
the push and pull of despair,
so surreal, tugging me to kneel in prayer,
long enough to catch my breath,
oh but it is life and death...
time for some yoga!
Leavin' aint always gone
Because your soul cries out in confusion
Cries out in anger's anger
Cries out in protest

Leavin' ain't always gone
It's just harder to seek reason
Harder to make insanity sane
Harder to make the wrong right

Leavin' ain't always gone
Because the loss of life opens pain
Opens the past anxiety
Opens healed over wounds

Leavin' ain't always gone
Just finding a new resonance
Finding a new resistance
Finding its strength in numbers

Cause leavin' ain't always gone
When it's buried

For Trayvon Martin
This was produced from my anxiety upon hearing of a young Black man's ****** in FL USA
eleanor prince Aug 2018
fireball burst

clenched coil
bleeds purple
rabid rage

fists itch
sue for

temple warden
glares strained
calls culled

rampant riot
bristles broken

all exits
blocked tight
stifled screams

fade as winds
of sense
take command
the interplay of internal forces as one grapples with strong emotions like rage
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