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xavier thomas Apr 2021
Roses are red
Violet are blue
Let me dive in
And swim through your river stream of sweet juice
Ms. Jasmine
xavier thomas Apr 2021
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Blow my mind
Let me get that flow with you
xavier thomas Apr 2021
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Close to my roots
But you have to dig deeper for this forbidden fruit
The Melody within
No longer reverberates
That beauteous love song
O, that Bountiful Ballad but
My heart sings a brand new paean:
One of creation,
Of Wisdom,
Of freedom,
Of might,
Of consecration.

Yes, sometimes solitude
Heightens our spiritual senses,
Reawakens our provident defences;
O, denudes our vexations.
Know the Sacral Light
Absolving every deathly pang
Is found
By Dovening Divine Aether,
And summoning the Silver Wings
Of the Holy Dove.

Movement is neither peripheral
Nor internal;
Pain is neither deserved
Nor natural;
All things
Are just as they appear
To be
An evident demonstration
Of a
Higher fidelity.

Matter reverberates upon the
Molecular level;
We are, more
Than flesh, bone, and marrow;
We are,
Life, Love, and Liberty;
We are, a
Breathing Song
That exhales edification, inspiration,
Contemplations, and excogitations.

(Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III

NancyMay Dec 2020
on the slop of rain
a cotton prunes
a sandwich
CMXIClement Nov 2020
I longed to exist, to actualize.  
               To be cognizant, to perceive.
          I longed to feel and communicate,
                   for a moment of relief.


  So I stood on Earth, consumed by Fire.
My skin crackled and crisped under the heat.

  I wished for release from the searing sensation, a moment of relief.

  Then Water rushed in, meeting me and  Earth.  My skin cooled, Fire squelched with a billow of steam.
  Though, while I stood on earth, mud and mire formed.  I found myself stuck in a vacuous trap.
  I burned for the freedom, once known.   For a moment of my own.

  As I stood stagnant, a mighty and benevolent gust of Wind caught the sails of my desperation.   And lifting me up, it took me away.

  My heart soared, as did my spirit, and felt the rush of air sweep me to freedom...but I felt untethered...flipping and falling....

  I longed for the structure I once felt, standing on Earth.  Stable and unmoved.  Knowing nothing but stuck yet safe.

I longed for fire to consume me....


          I long to die, to be non-material...
      I long to not be aware, and to not see...
I long to feel no pain, and to speak no more
       For a moment not so disappointing..
Seranaea Jones Aug 2020
the moon is your element,
underneath it you alight
with its pure lunar dew

all senses become the air and
the water as your heartbeat
sends ripples into me

i can feel that and more as fingertips
trace my reaction to it gently
upon your bare skin back

but it seems beyond my capacity to
channel the energy and lift from you
the heaviness of your thoughts

so we sit still as i let you
bathe quietly within
your element

if you happen to glance and
catch me gazing upward,

the stars, they are
                               all mine...

"As stars eclipse the Moon"
© 2008 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
for Katt...
Saturday, April 4th, 2020

“I hang my head from sorrow, the state of humanity,” sang the Sapient Songbird. Amid surging torrents, the serpentine blights of the human condition, there are spasmodic glimpses of hope. Listen unwaveringly to the voice within as you take an opportunity to confront your sufferings. Self-sovereignty can naught be acquired without introspection.  

What is the essence of the diadem of ascendency? Is it reason & rhyme operative, reverberating upon the wavelength of the sublime? Perhaps, forsooth, it’s law, edict, spawned to envelop all within the delicate balance of governance?  

Boundless freedom canst naught be apart from precept. True manumission is obtained within the analogical perimeter of law. Therefore, rulings & revelations only serve to banish evil, virtue always remaineth unbound. Paradoxically, the soul procures boundless freedom through willful obedience to precepts of the same Progenitorial One by whom we stand.  

Submission is ne’er captivity lest we forget the benison of willful surrender. Moreover, obedience heralds further effloresce in the Light of the Empyrean One, the Cosmo-Plexus of Empyreal Love, Jah.  

Law is not fetter, nor is its absence liberty thereof, but pandemonium. Whence we gaze betwixt lines and letters of the law, we find the Element of Freedom; we find equity; we see in ourselves and others inherent depth, height, width, and breadth of moral character. Yes, even in regulation, the captive is unfettered; the wraith becometh revenant; the vexed soul, is lifted. Consequently, the ultimate law through which the liberation is acquired is the Law of Christ: Love.  

Sometimes I wonder upon the meaning of this life. Where do we find intemerate justice as an existential commonality? Whence shall armistice seize the Hands of Warfare that bruise Terraqueous Mother Earth’s Gaian epidermis? Whence shall every anima know the limitlessness of love? Terrene-scale answers are not mine to behold, nor ascertain, nor fathom.  

I must do all I can to metamorphose as a Kantian phenomenon, a Universal Force. Only when a heart teeming with love takes action, that it emancipates itself & others. Love is Nirvana.  

Each day that passes bringeth more discernment, more understanding, more knowledge, more wisdom. Moreover, I acquire greater “, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control...” with the passing of consolidated aeons. (Galatians 5: 22, 23) The spirit flows abundantly through in & throughout: it guides each one of us into the infinitude of virtue: love, wisdom, justice, power. All excellency, all grace, and all formosity, are found in Jah. Se’ lah.
Gorba Mar 2020
En del av något
Som gör det hel
En sak utan stort värde
Om det står ensam
En cell utanför en organism
En krydda före en måltid
En tegelsten utanför en vägg
Ett faktum utan vetenskap
Element finns överallt
De formar allt vi känner till
Från atomer till universumet
Från likgiltighet till kärleken
De är orsaken bakom livet
Resultatet av döden
Det finns så mycket att prata om
Jag har inte tillräckligt med papper
De andra elementen kommer stanna kvar
I mitt huvud tills de flyr
Gradvis igenom mina fingrar
Om få sekonder eller några minuter
Få timmar eller några dagar
De kommande orden kommer försvinna
Nedanför en ogenomskinlig filt
Tills jag kommer tillbaka
Och slår åter tangenterna|
Bongani G-kay Feb 2020
As i have loved you                                                              ­                                             And as you have loved me                                                               ­                                            
 Fire and water strong elements we were...                                                          ­                                            
The moment   i glanced                                                          ­                                             
     To the waters of your eyes                                                             ­                                                
     My vision was clear                                                            ­                                                    The fear of being alone                                                            ­                                              
       Was no longer there                                                            ­                                                        Careless i was                                                              ­                                                                 ­    Fearless iam..                                                            ­                                                         What iam....                                                          ­                                                                 ­                                                                 ­                         
     WHEN IAM WITH YOU                                                              ­                                              
    Am a strong element
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