Mystic Ink Mar 10
Do me a favour
Don’t  praise me

I will be weak
Theme: Request
Mazen Edlibi Dec 2017
Holding The Pen and closing my eyes, making my Heart opens his book in pain!

Listening to that Melody calling me loudly to hear the unsaid words, makes all lines shake in fear!

Space and every Element surrounding that space lead to hold my trembled Heart to Fade in Illusion!

Questioning my Reasons....

Questioning my Versions i went through and became....

Questioning the Purpose I have every Now and Then....

Questioning "Should I go Further than this Point that I reached?"...

The Sun is hiding behind those shy Clouds, trying to keep the Light of A Road from being Seen!

And I'm Questioning....

What is behind that Road?
Lady Luna Aug 2017
Hair made of water,
eyes of ice,
heart a flooded river,
hands like knives.

Mind like a glacier,
legs like the skies,
feet made of feathers,
arms of branches, reaching new heights.
Saint Audrey Mar 2017
High pitch community
From one single tone
Can go from home
To a killing floor

Made all the more harrowing
Toxic trauma of the mind

Freeze up they said

Yet we push on
And we pushed hard
We pushed it too far
Then let down our gard

And now the lights flicker from green to red
A premonition of bloodshed
Locked inside the voice of
A brother or a friend
Neither one is talking now

Survive it says
Static cuts through
And the line drops dead
Outside my head the night goes on
Cheery faces basking in the light
Permissive out of innocence

Enjoying spite out of spite
Who is right
It doesn't matter
My eyes burn bright
But no one can hear

Screams are echoed all around
But transaction leaves my words devoid
Bliss is heard amiss, above
We coveted and now we pay

The price of our sin
Mikayla Smith Jan 2017
I am the wind when the tide is high
And the clouds hang like broken picture frames in the sky,
Holding on for a moment of glory
While the poet’s haunting words write me life’s little story.

I am the sun when the world has no shine,
A gleam lost within the precious folds of time.
My manner of pride surpassing
What so long ago became everlasting,
For the days have become nothing more than an actor’s last scene.

I am thunder rippling in the dark
As the raindrops wound the already fragile hearts.
Sorrow falling upon the world like a blanket,
Wondering how much longer our broken souls can take it.

I am lost when the storm shatters the world,
Breaking the glass as the space between the lines unfurl.
And wandering like no man wanders before,
Hanging from the busted seam brought by greed, hunger, and war,
Never allowing their dreams to wash upon a dusty shore.

I am lightning, vibrant and ready to be a guide in the night,
Ready to end the darkness with a future promising and bright.
I am lightning, leading them through the storm
And abolishing the suffering that our hearts and our souls transformed.
I am lightning amongst thunder, ironically quiet and frightened,
Yet, they forget that their darkness too deserves to be lightened.
Written in the beginning of September and my third year of high school, I was inspired to write this after viewing an assignment prompt in my A.P. English Literature class. Deciding to compare that of my mind, soul, and body to an element, I chose lightning. To have the characteristics of lighting, I feel as if one must be vibrant against a black sky and bursting with passion as lighting does electricity. All of us are lighting one way or another. No matter the way one chooses to express their inner lighting, just remember that the small bit of electricity is there and it is alive.
SabreLi Dec 2016
Behind the deep and dark blue eyes
Is nothing but a sea of cries
And the smile only serves to hide
All the anguish deep inside

Can’t someone take this pain away?
Must I relive it every day?

You may think I’m in my element
But I can’t resist both wind and tide
I’m just creating more skeletons
The pressure around is too intense
No matter how far I run and hide
The torment suffered is too immense

And day by day the challenge grows
To live despite my new sorrows
The candle burns, its wick draws thin
Temptation begs me to give in

Won’t someone take this pain away?
Must I relive it every day?

You may think I’m in my element
But I can’t resist both wind and tide
I’m just creating more skeletons
The pressure around is too intense
No matter how far I run and hide
The torment suffered is too immense

And hard I try and harder still
But just as quick I lose the will
I start to falter, lose my way
And before I know it it’s too late

Why wouldn’t you take the pain away?
Am I doomed to relive it every day?

Copyright ©2016-2017 KF
Lunar Love Dec 2016
so young,
you've already taken
the world
by a storm
grabbing their gazes
enticing their ears

so old,
you're still taking
our hearts
by a gentle breeze
sweeping us off
of our feet

you are the element
from us carats, to you, seventeen!

for seventeen's first MAMA win! i will always be so happy and grateful for your hard work.
Jasmine Dar Aug 2016
Quietly she mutters    
Skipping on the retreating froth,
Like a butterfly flutters
After a moth.

Give her the sea,
And she will return with the storm
Spreading terror and beauty
Since the day she was born.
How far she treaded,
No-one knew
With little ornaments embedded,
Some old and some new.

With each breath, she is restored
Gently swaying past the damp shore.    
Wuthering in agony
She destroys the boat
With seawater being her friend,
brings all life to an end.    

She touches the face
Of the girl on the beach
She fills her arms with an embrace,
It was her she had to reach.

Jasmine Dar
Hope you like it:)
I'm going to discover a new element
Its called Luv U
I know its not the most clever thing to come up with
But at least I tried
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