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Marle 1d
Where art thou, zodiac lover?
In the sky, during the day?
In the night, during the sky?
How I'd love to be near thee.
Forever dreaming of what could be.
Liquid Bear Oct 3
I am September's child,
born in Venus' sensual gaze,
doused in twilight blue,
a dream bearer and a *****
to rough pleasure and smooth pain.

In ethereal fields of green
I bask in my soul's delight,
the bitter wastelands of life itself
make me weary, lonely and lost.

I paint my canvas midnight black
and splatter rainbows on the dark,
I pull down the sun, worship the stars,
I siphon your sorrow with a lily's smile.

On my scales I weigh your mind
as well as mine, I ponder words
like purest gold, loathing lead
and stone, my treasure is peace.

Wind and fire, my primordial mixture,
I scream lullabies, I whisper threats,
in love and hate I revel, this is me,
I am September's child.
With this poem I meant to portray the contradictions of what it means to a be a Libra from a personal, non-universal perspective.
Renhui Sep 30
The universe is a symphony
of vibrations
Played by planets and stars
In their endless orbits
To the elements of fire water air and earth for beings at birth

Most however are unaware

You have more fire
I have more water
He has more earth
She has more air

You are courageous but impatient
I am emotional but manipulative
He is practical but slow
She is intelligent but unsteady

Most however are unaware

As we have devised 12 months 365 days
and hours minutes and seconds
Plus locations north and south east and west
Each of us takes on multiple combinations at birth
That make us each a little different
Each is given a superpower
To use after birth

Most however are unaware

I was born Aries Sun
Aries Moon
Leo Mars
Aquarius Venus
Aries Mercury
Pisces Jupiter
My Sun trines my Mars
My Sun conjuncts my Jupiter and Mercury
My Pluto conjuncts my Ascendant

Thus I am passionate and impatient
I am witty and caring
I am loyal and jealous
I probe deep into the mysteries of the universe as if it were a battle to be fought and won
(That could be my superpower)

And what symphonic vibrations were you endowed at the time of your birth?
What are the positions for your Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars?
And what is your secret superpower?
KW Sep 19
it happened at night
December 20th 1969, my first ****
two kids in their car
you'll have to wait till

April 30th, 1967
i wrote my letter
bates had to die
nothing will get better

now take it back to 1969
last day of July
San Francisco Chronicles first letter
I bet everyone wanted to cry

it's now the 70's
still haven't been caught
i did talk to two police officers
maybe they didn't think of the distraught

i like the attention
and all the fame
to bad you don't know me
i wonder who you'll blame

I've killed a lot of people
I'd say 37 about
you still don't know me
are you losing all doubt

today will be my last letter
1974 in the middle of April
i wonder who will play me in my movie
whoever it is will be shameful

my case is unsolvable
no one cam believe it
they can't find me
i could always go back if i could commit to it

i hope you enjoyed my story
keep my case on track
everybody keeps on wondering
i am and will be the Zodiac
Mysterious and unseen
A master of the dark and light
And all in-between
When she looks into your soul
Hers is enough to burn it to the ground
But also ****** it to the very core
She is a force of nature
An unstoppable wave of chaos and purity
that’ll throw you so off course
you’ll forget what it was ever like
to not have her in your life
She will read your mind
with the power to take every last bit
of strength you have
until you regret ever standing in her path
Do not ever lie to her
For she does not handle deceit lightly
Vengeance is her first, middle and last name
And her type of revenge is an evil noone
would wish to encounter
A queen of manipulation at her finest
she will see into your soul
long before you catch a glimpse
and change the way you think
to mend what she craves and the
desire that she seeks

She is a Scorpio,
And if you think you can escape her

You're already doomed.
A poem dedicated to my sister who wanted me to write one about her, but is also dedicated to parts of myself and any other scorpios out there that can relate. She is the darker side of the scorpio and i am the lighter, but this poem portrays more of the darker side.
Guarded yet free, I am hard to know
Confident yet sensitive, I'm both high & low
Compassionate yet hardhearted, a contradictable male
Humble yet arrogant, disrespect me & I'll unleash ****
Impossible to understand yet so full of glee
Inside my heart hide both peace & plea
Easy to talk to yet hard to catch by
A glinting gem yet still feeling shy
Nervous & nimble, curious & controlled
Taking many risk, living life bold
Intuitive but careless, life is my game
I hold an intellect that is to quick to exclaim
Keep it one hundred I don't like to hear lies
Hey my names Abraham & Im a Gemini  

                                                     - Abraham Avalos
the first cut is the deepest,
I’ve made two rotations around the sun,
since I buried your bones in the graveyard
next to the tree,
where the name of every person I have lost is carved,
except that tree is my heart,
and there are so many slits,
I’m surprised it’s rhythm still echoes across this earth,
I wish I knew a love that did not involve
my body throwing itself off the deep end,
in the presence of souls who do not know how to swim,
hoping love would be enough to magnetize their soul to follow mine,
maybe he just didn’t want to drown,
my love has that effect on people,
it is suffocating,
It is a strain of oxygen that will intoxicate your lungs,
It will get you so high,
you’ll start to see the future,
it’ll start to look more and more like my bones,
until my palms tell you my life line is fading faster
than the moon blurring into the horizon line come morning.
The future is someone I put to rest years ago,
only to realize that it’s ghost has been coming back to haunt me for years,
In search of the person who could finally resurrect her,
and I think she thought he was the one,
he made me forget her initials were even carved into that tree,
that she wasn’t still breathing,
he made me feel like she was within my reach,
that I could pull her by threads from the earth and bring her back to life,
but depression infected my body,
and I have been changing in shape every day,
like clay in the hands of a sculptor,
my silhouette has been transformed into so many alternate forms,
that over time,
he forgot who he fell in love with,
convinced himself that person was never coming back.
he reached that point in his intoxication where he craved sobriety,
like he was seconds away from being pulled by his veins to the depths of ****,
could feel the flames against his skin.
he got too high and maybe I did too,
but the difference is my instinct is always to jump from mountains,
and to sink in oceans,
I do not know how to consistently stay in one place,
my pain is like gravity,
it always pulls me back down,
his love was like watching the sun reflect on it’s light,
after days of rain,
except I was the sun,
hidden behind the rain which my clouded head brought upon his earth,
when all the serotonin evaporated into the sky,
i stared at the mess I made after the storm,
I felt guilty about my light,
didn’t feel worthy of it,
I saw my reflection,
In puddles,
I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me,
he told me that he didn’t either,
I don’t blame him for jumping,
to escape the storm,
but the difference between him and I,
is if I jump,
I only become more deeply immersed in myself,
I jump into oceans of my own depression’s precipitation,
baptize myself in the backsplash.
my best skill has always been breaking my own heart,
taking an axe to it’s trunk,
every time I feel the ground shake,
everything always has to be on my own terms,
I won’t let the storm rip it’s roots from the earth,
I’ll do it myself,
I am an artist,
an artist in sculpting my own demise,
I can’t differentiate my palms from the storm anymore,
can’t separate the clouds from the sun,
the past from the present,
love from the sensation of dying,
with every name comes more blood,
I fall but don’t know it until my bones have already hit the pavement,
maybe I never really stood up after the first time,
I put you to rest,
and your ghost still haunts me from afar,
as I watch someone else inject you with helium,
pull you back up,
from where I left you to die.
the magi Jul 30
I...I love you.
That is the only way i can dis scribe this,
i love it when you kiss me,
your lips are soft,
and gentle,
no ones kissed my like this before.
you say you love me,
and my heart roars,
its a gushing volcano of hot lava.
you touch,
plants gardens.

your eyes,
Russet ,
i cant look away.
the way you look at me,
speaks a language,
without words.
You are Virgo ,
and i a Gemini.

you are kind.
and loving.
i cant let you out of my head.

you broke my heart.
desired to date one of my friends,
now im dating your best friend,
i cant handle, what a lie you gave me,
guess what?
i never loved you anyway.
the plants turned to weeds,
Your eyes are the color of ****,
the volcano,
is inactive,
The way you kissed me was terrible.
I can't believe i let you in.
at least i didn't give you anything important.
its just a heart
nothing special.
for Jacob
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