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Marina Nov 2018
I listen to you sleep, when i type this down.
Little groans from you are music to me; like James Dean and Audrey Hepburn.

It felt like forever
and I crave you every day,
i craved you more when you were sad, because i just wanted to hug you and let you know that i'm impulsive but will never leave you.
I dream of us married and having kids one day..
See, i've grown attached to you.
You're a cancer filled with love,
and other girls took you for granted, i feel.

But they've later died with a cold heart
because they couldn't control the temperature.

Your beauty is loud, but you were silent.
                              let me touch you and help you roar,
                                                      because i'm a lion
ps, i love you
Vania Irene Oct 2018
i am a Gemini.
the twins,
the two faces.
people mistakenly me as the most unstable sign.
actually, it depends on
their action.

if you caught my attention,
you will know by my
loud dolphin laughter,
or by my random wide smile.
it means that you got my respect.

if you disgust me,
you can notice it by the
way i am so quiet around,
and by the ***** that you
will never get, ever.
i will be that quiet girl,
you are going to think that
i am a cold ***** who
does not even care about
your existence,
it is because i do not want
to waste my precious time to deal with
whatever you do.

if i am into you,
you are going to see me shaking,
you are going to feel that i am
so nervous around you,
you are going to see my fast
transformations from the introverted
type of human, to the annoying extrovert.
i will start the conversation,
and make sure it will keep going.

if i am in love with you,
you will know it by the joke i tell, that does not funny at all.
i will randomly kiss you in front of
many people without giving a single care about their judgements.
i will rub your back, even when i am sleepy.
you will be the one, and only exception.
i will break down my walls for you
simply because,
i am in love with you.
i do not care about grammar lol
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