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LightToBurn Apr 15
Dear teller
with ten fingers
two eyes
and a mouth
find the next nova
to go super
and from there
trace the galactic map
back to me
so I can
the freedom
a personality
that isn’t just
Lysol and Clorox
and just maybe
I will also
see you
more than just
ten fingers
two eyes
and one mouth…
Cayley Raven Mar 30
You don't know what it's like
to be born under late june's sun,
even though it's dark outside
and the moon is shining so bright
it could claim the lion's throne.
You don't know what it's like
to be a Cancer's child,
to hear the lions roar.
This is about my zodiac sign,  I am a Cancer with moon in Leo and I often feel misunderstood and choose to close into my own little world. I don´t expect anyone to understand this either.
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

The night is full of stars. Which still exist?
Before time ends, perhaps one day we’ll know.
For now I hold your fingers to my lips
and feel their pulse ... warm, palpable and slow ...

once slow to match this reckless spark in me,
this moon in ceaseless orbit I became,
compelled by wilder gravity to flee
night’s universe of suns, for one pale flame ...

for one pale flame that seemed to signify
the Zodiac of all, the meaning of
love’s wandering flight past Neptune. Now to lie
in dawning recognition is enough ...

enough each night to bask in you, to know
the face of love ... eyes closed ... its afterglow.

Keywords/Tags: afterglow, stars, suns, planets, zodiac, moon, orbit, gravity, universe, love, radiation, night, exist, existence, time
Jana Chehab Mar 13
Zodiac signs have failed to tell
of an epoch of limerence waiting ahead
neither could a compass navigate
a homesick constellation to its rightful cell
and yet I travel, swim, and tread
on a glimpse of you
on a foreign thread
on a beacon of fury to accommodate

Epiphany emerged
the world’s ablaze
mnemonic particles floated again
Astral projection took its toll
your skin reached out and took the fall

I oft hear sounds; my sonorous wails
my sword-of-a-body
and my serrated edges
drove them away
but there you were
a scabbard of steel
to engulf and congeal
to hold and to heal

Alpha Cephei has got nothing on you
you became the star that ruled the Earth
the right hand of the northern pole
the right hand I chant my paean for
you were 49 light years away
until you adhered to my directions

My roots will cease to loosen their grip
on your light rays and elysian touch
on what I crave, yearn, and long
for you are the home that got me stuck
and you are the space where I belong
Naomi Mar 3
There are times when I embrace exhaustion as my lost love.
His indifference
His frigid kiss.
We once again retreat
into restful

There I revive my eyes with new visions.
Switch off the white noise.
I feel new; less sunken
By the weight of all the
Politics of this self.

Oftentimes I fool myself,
I make promises
to stop short of
I am blue garnets.

The steps to this dance
I am a hard worker, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. It's the only time I rest, when I have no other option.
Dezzie Hex Mar 2
On golden strings hang both heart and mind
Ever chasing a taste of the divine
Sunrises weigh my dilemmas with care
Suffocated by waves of restless air
I drink up vast oceans of laughter and tears
Unfazed by wayward emotions and fears
And yet, I am still stagnant

Dissonant voices scream harsh choices
A beam for my love and another for my death
As above, so below, Justice weeps beneath

Child of Venus, she is calling my name
Corroded by both beauty and shame
Cupid feathers fester under her touch
O, if only love did not cost so much
andrea nicole Feb 27
the first name she recites is her own,
syllables rolling off tongue like poetry.
under the light of mars, aries is reborn,
spinning constellations on her fingertips
like venus does on most days, like jupiter
when he creates storms. she has grown
to resemble many things — passion,
purpose, a ram — but when warmth settles
beneath her fiery skin, she does not mind.

in her galaxy, aries is scarlet; as she cradles
stars across millennia, they overlook
the universe.
tyrannicide is a beautiful word.
it is the felling of a beast.
the anger of the insurgent hordes.
It is just as much the killing of a dictator
as it is
the killing
of a god.
modern tyrannicide
It is telling the boy who sits behind me to shove a sock in it,
and not feeling guilty about it.
HWYYYYYYYY HYYWYW HHFYWIh i am in distress but its alright alright alright
Diána Bósa Nov 2019
I know that is easier for you
to read my astrology
and zodiac forecast every week
just to figure out
how's it going with me
than picking up the phone
and calling me.
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