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scent carries the strongest memories
and when i smell the smoke of
a distant wildfire
i remember you

i hear sirens
and remember the song of you calling to me
– tempting me with your promise –
but by the name that would have crashed me into the rocks
had i let it live

i taste salt and blood
whiskey and water
and lust
i had thought my palate cleansed
yet the flavor remains in my throat

when i dream about you, i often wake unsure whether i am drenched in my own sweat or yours
sometimes i can still feel the strength of your hands
around my neck
around my thighs
sometimes i can still feel your body along with my own
i wonder if you still think about me when you touch yourself

scent carries the strongest memories
and when i smell the smoke of a
distant wildfire
i remember you
said the boxer to the polar bear
Ace Jun 2023
i am not
my mother’s daughter

she is horselike
she is free
she is constant and steady
she is strong

i am
          a rabbit
     i am



          i freed myself
     i’ll never look back again
based loosely on the jong family in the joy luck club
Chloë Fuller Aug 2022
I understand "mad"
Obstinate amongst navel oranges
Coasting with the  waves
Zodiac Haiku
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2021
I hold still,

let him finish stabbing me

                                                 — I count six,

let him believe me dead,

he moves on to Cecelia.


It does not go as well for her

as she continues to writhe and scream

and carry on,

not well at all
               ­                              — I count eight,



aya Jun 2021
the hardest part of loving someone isn’t the part where you let go of them – it’s letting go of the future that was supposed to be
broke up with him last week and somehow, i miss the feeling of talking to him and getting butterflies but it is what it is :')
you hold me under the water
until my lungs scream out for air
you know i cannot hold my breath forever,
don't you?

you hold me under the water
in a perverse baptism
the one i worship delivers me to death

you hold me under the water
one hand buried in my hair
the other firmly on my neck
i have no choice but to choke

you hold me under the water
and i do not struggle to break from your grip
you were always stronger than me
and a part of me has always wanted this

you hold me under the water
and fill my mouth with the sea
i swallow, even as i know
to drink is to die

you hold me under the water
gently, as a lover would
it won't be long now
before i become one with the ocean

i am aware that you are speaking to me
but i cannot hear you over the crashing of the waves
when your work is finished and you wade away
there will be no blood on your hands
ZL Apr 2021
Fire signs should we press rewind?
You moved too fast:
In competition with time.
You touched my body,
Made love to my mind.
But you burned my heart,
You could never be mine.

Water signs should we start again?
Emotions you play and always win.
Your love is perfect, beauty a ten.
But there is some emotional reason I can't let you in.

Earth signs, you're the king of crossing the line.
It's never your fault; deaf, dumb, and blind.
Greedy, selfish, manipulaters who I bet are just fine.
Of all the bad guys, you're the worst kind!

I am LIBRA, daughter of KARMA
*She said never again shall another one harm her
xavier thomas May 2020
I remember the times when I met you.

—First time was at a frat party
—Second time was on a date
—Third time was at your momma’s house.
—Fourth time was heading back to your place.

Curly hair, mix heritage, thick in those jeans, cocoa butter skin tone.
Foreign language makes me weak in the knees
Especially when you role your “R’s” with your tongue.

How do you keep,
keep me dreaming
about you?

This feeling
I have is deep,
deeper than you know. It has me chasing after you.

Tell me what did you do to me, babe?
You put some type of potion all over me.
Hit me with something new babe.
Spiritual waves, have me feeling some type of way.
I want you for myself now, I can no longer wait.
Whatever spell you have me under, has me stargazing.

What’s your secret Ms. Thing 👀
xavier thomas Oct 2020
My favorite,

It’s too late, your gone...
You been heavy on my mind
for quite some time.

Yet it’s to late, you’re gone...
I was hoping to be your man
But I guess it wasn't in Gods' plan

So it’s to late, you’re gone...
Feelings were left
From the last text message we sent

But it’s too late, you’re gone...
I’ll love you from a distance,
So our friendship continues to co-exist
You were worth it-No regrets
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