Ruler of water
Walking on air
Antisocial Alien
She'll tell you to grow a pair

Not of this planet
She's ready to leave
Bored with human nature
Atmosphere hard to breath

Don't touch her, she's cold
Unresponsive emotions
Can't fit in your mould

Ruler of water
Floating on air
Riddled with anxiety
Life just isn't fair

A Queen, individual
Heart racing, can't breath
She knows what she can be
She just wants to leave

Anxious Aquarius
Lady of air
Can't breath your atmosphere
And you can't reach her
Kind of rough, playing around with repeating lines and rearranging them.
Queen of passion
Broken through love
She who gives all
Surely loses it all

Passions burning flame
No other flame may withstand
Burning out
Flame versus flame

Sad socrpio
You let a dull match in
Twig with no spark
Stealing your fire
Dulling her shine

Sad Scorpio, you know
Flame dulled
Stolen fire, a burning rage
Sad scorpio

Broken by a dull stick
Dull stick
Calls you dull

Sad Scorpio
Sad, sad Scorpio
Wishing to burn
She has been robbed

Flame stolen
Flame that once burned
All who challenged

Sad Scorpio
Steal your flame back
You let him burn

He won't reignite your flame
He burns you
Burns you up
Yet you stay, sad Scorpio

Says he is the only one
Who will keep you warm
He burns you

Sad Scorpio
Steal your flane
Let him dwindle
Shine again
Work in progress, bit of a train of thought
Ashleigh Apr 8
You were the girl of my dreams,
only you weren't exactly what you had seemed.
One of these days I will finally listen,
everyone and the stars told me it was too good to be true.
footsteps on hard snow
jupiter strikes twice
the crudely painted door
of my tannic home
i eat the key before i look

the body melts
and famous parting words
arrange themselves
in geocentric patterns
(vacant chair, empty sky)

a goodnight
to the cautious fingers
that skip across my back
like paper-thin stones
on a cold lake of glass
Aaron LA Lux Mar 10
There’s levels to these levels,
she gets me because she gets me,
I’m high on life checking texts for what’s next,
as I navigate my carriage through this city,

staying gluten free like Putin me,
daily practice of Jiu Jitsu and yoga,
the real deal like Holyfield,
I thought I already told ya,

always on a holiday,
a Libra that’s gone till October,
and you think you’re gonna win this race,
but I’ve got news for you it’s already over,

I’m at the finish line with a vintage wine,
making a toast to the good life,
watching the sunrise from my balcony,
already knowing it’s gonna be a good night,

good night.

∆ LaLux ∆

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SoZaka Mar 3
baby goat
tiptoes on a teeter totter
finding balance is a heavy burden
keeping her on her own

little lion
sleeps soundly at a Sunday sermon
waking early is quite a chore
so he dreams his life away

she bounds past as his service lets out
light as a feather and free of doubt

he awakens to find her sleeping
and wonders what she could be dreaming about
You bathe at night; soak
in the indigo twilight.
Exhausted from the
overload of emotion,
the lunar light cleansed your soul.

Charming and cunning,
like the lion, you stalk your
prey. Find the weakness
and exploit it; start the fire,
and then claim your innocence.

You are the end and
beginning of the cycle.
Take the heat, and rise from the
ashes in your final form.

Water bearer, you
bring life to this alien
landscape. Barren and
undiscovered, this is your
chance to change the world. Long live
your work of innovation.

Tree branch rib cage and
ivy veins that nurture your
winter-bitten soul.
Precious sunlight has returned;
your garden will bloom again.

The war going on
inside your brain is growing
tiresome. Your strength
is that of the ram, but you
can't always be the hero.

Submersion. Scared and
eye-level with the Angler.
Take pleasure in the
aesthetic. Perhaps a change
of perspective was needed.

Sagittarius (Father Jupiter Would Be So Proud):
Goddess of the hunt,
your need for adventure and
fearless heart combines
and incarnates the wander-
lust warrior that you are.

Eyes like a doe; she
is wise, nurturing, and vast.
Motherly strength is
the coat worn over bared bones
and bruised knees. She's her own crutch.

Neither side of your
scale may touch the ground.
Chaos may welcome
you with open arms, but she
will grow cold and deranged, love.

Though you are stubborn,
your heart is made of feather,
you fierce, burly ox.
Romantic and devoted,
the darkness in you is gold.

Gemini (The Twin Flame):
How exciting and
infuriating it must
be to look in the
mirror to face your best friend
and your greatest enemy.
What's your sign? Can you relate to any of these?
Two faced  :  Is what they call me
Can’t keep a secret  :  Not even my own
Angelic or wicked  :  Two sides of a coin
But the truth can be painful  :  If only you’d known

You won’t see what’s coming  :  But I’ll never lie
I’m twins tied together  :  There’s nothing to hide
If you don’t believe me  :  Won’t trust in my wisdom
I’ll just turn my cheek  :  Show you the other side

I’ll play in your game  :  But I’ll turn cold as ice
Opposites attract  :  I’ll wait for your turn
If you try to use me  :  I know that you might
I’ll turn up the heat : And watch as you burn

Youth in my heart  :   And wings on my feet
With melodious verse  :  Serenading who hears
My soul is a twinkle  :  With sunbeams of light
But I’ll put up a front  :  To seem cavalier

You know I'll indulge  :  Your wildest dreams
Give me a challenge  :  I’ll put on a show
But we all know what happened  :  To the famed Roman twins
You can’t have two mirrors  :  So one has to go...
Sara Mares Oct 2017
A delicate dance of horn and nail
The bull with his horns, eager to impale
The lion with her nails sharp and sure
She lunges first, a swipe like a blur
The bull, he waits to contemplate
To charge in blind is chancing fate
He stands up tall and strong and sound
Then drags his hoof across the ground
He lowers his head, not distracted by
The lions dance, though smooth and sly
With muscles drawn and pulled in tight
He barrels forward ready to fight
The lion dances side to side
Then sinks nails deep into his hide
He screams in rage and throws his head
Passion consumes and the bull sees red
He swings around and horns connect
With the lions neck as she tries to deflect
Blood seeps forth and the lion cries
The bull has broken her fearless disguise
The warriors tangle and dodge and attack
The bull with scratches across his back
The lion with gouges deep and jagged
Both of them fight until breath draws ragged
Suddenly stillness all around
Pulls both of the warriors to the ground
Neither one yielding, unwilling to bend
A fiery fight until the end
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