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I S A A C Mar 6
birthday, birthday
22 years spent in orbit
looking for the treasure in golden moments
hoping i am deserving as destiny’s unfolding
tired of withholding, fasting from my motives

birthday, birthday
sunken thoughts from the optimistic ship
smiles can only get you so far, as far as this
recline into decline into the abyss
growing is the acceptance of this
Pluto May 2022
As my body sinks into the deep blue ocean and stares towards the moon light glittering across the calm sea

The vast emptiness surrounds me as silence deafens my ears

Cries of laughter and sadness pulsat from across the void onto the hairs of my warm skin

The dark abyss behind me whispering and ecoing...

Share me the pain that consumes him
The joy that excites her
The fire that fuels them
And the misery that lingers in their shadows and envelops their very existence

I exist in limbo... a place of uncertainty between the extremes of bliss and misery

The abyss whispers behind me
The void overwhelms my senses
And the moon light's reflection of lingering hope

...offer me your hand and free me from this hidden burden or my suffering will carry to the end of days...
I S A A C Mar 2022
they are polluted by my delusion
they were born to ruin
my tears are acidic and my burden is heavy
my fears are basic and I feel incomplete already
it's a lot to wrap my head around, especially when my feet are not on the ground
I'd rather ride the clouds or catch a wave
who determined that life had to be so grey, day in and day out
paychecks in and I already spent it, this hole I cannot get out
my teardrops are acid and my god I cannot hold them in any longer
my emotions are stronger the longer they harbor.
MG Sep 2021
I am hurt by you.

I am hurt that I cared more about getting to know what lies beneath your skin.
(Than You did)
I am hurt that you made me feel things I haven’t felt since Him.
(Feelings I didn’t know I was capable of again)
I am hurt that you touched the places that others have been too scared to touch.
(The places that I am too scared to open up)
I am hurt that you lead me to believe that you care more about what my body can give to yours.
(Like all the rest do)
I am hurt that I believed your broken promises.
(Excuses, excuses)
I am hurt that I wanted to trust You, and only You with the most valuable thing I could offer.
(The thing that has been shattered time and time again)
I am hurt because I thought I finally found someone who valued me enough.
(Your actions say the opposite)

But I am grateful for you.
Because you showed me exactly what I will no longer tolerate.
That I am capable of connection, vulnerability, and true intimacy.
Things that I thought had died within me years ago.
Things now, that only someone worthy will receive one day.
To the first person I’ve opened up to in years. Maybe one day we’ll come together again. Ouchie but thank you.
I S A A C Sep 2021
we bloomed then died soon after
I just needed someone to spoon, a catcher
as I was falling for another who found their lover
which was not me and you were my only sensible option
to numb my pain like nova cane
it was Leo season and I was vain
knew it was never going to truly work but in the present, I stayed
now you tell me you got a special someone
and I got the same
divisive silence as you realize I was playing game
I want to paint myself in cool hues and tell you how I am the victim
but while you were all in I was just skinny dipping
having fun under the sheets living my Piscean vision
MG Aug 2021
Just like the moon controls the tide,
You captured my eye.
Pale green eyes lighting up my night sky.

It was as if two separated souls recognized each other from other lives.
The soft relief of finally finding each other again.
A feeling only the astral plane could understand.

Now, I think of you in everything I do.
I even see your face in the moon.

But like the moon, you’ve grown distant.
You can’t communicate.
You just sit there, watching and observing.
All while feeling so much.
While leaving me with silence.

I wish you would let me close to you again.
I don’t want to hurt you.
But I wish you gave me the chance to tell you.
Falling for a Pisces is always cathartic — but always ends in hurt. I’m sorry it has to be this way.
aya Jun 2021
the hardest part of loving someone isn’t the part where you let go of them – it’s letting go of the future that was supposed to be
broke up with him last week and somehow, i miss the feeling of talking to him and getting butterflies but it is what it is :')
Angie Mediero May 2021
Giant golden orb, primed,
the Scorpions tail delivers her blow
And I, in futile preparedness,
crushed between her barb and the centaurs insecure rage.
Unabashed love the second casualty
as Mars raised his sword 3 times and struck with Aries force,
a tsunami into gentle waters.
Later the fish, the fish in the whirlpool,
he chewed mercilessly,
he was not hungry for flesh but for innocence
and he feasted to corruption.
And I, with bitter hopefulness,
purged the fish through one way inverse fury.
Adrift at sea, the second god of war,
carried to lucent quartz shores,
captured the tsunami for his salvation, dragging her to the desert.
And I, all watery doggedness, laboured for her a thorny oasis
from which the second god of war was banished.
Whence fair daughter of Gaia in refined tenderness,
delivered the gift between life and language,
Blushing song of refuge.
Thomas Mackie May 2021
Lake-wet and found forgiving,
patch-work body and pasture-raised pleasure,
rolling in the grass and basking in
bare-skinned clarity.
They were right, you are a fairy.

Water filled to the brim, may I drink from your fountain,
may I toss my pennies in,
and is a wish like a prayer,
or should I save my change for rain?
Filling puddles like copper lakes,
putting a snake in for Heaven's sake,
splitting my own rib and calling it mate.

When I first saw you it was just your reflection,
you caught my attention, doubling your beauty with your liquid presence.
I asked if I could come in and take a dip in your drip,
you nymphaeum of bliss,
and you said "Yes, yes but not yet.",
like the breath we share before a kiss,
like the moment before sunset,
like the bed unmade around our shapes,
like the ripples our forms in this pool radiate.

I must grow gills because you took the breath right out of my lungs.

Love me, Pisces, Venus smiles for us.
for my girlfriend
When the wave touch the sky
Everything will come to you at the perfect time.
Tweets,  think souls song poetry. I love the music, I love each and every  song. I appreciate each individuals view... because really its like looking at another piece of you.
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