meekah 4d

i check my horoscope every hour
just in case
the planets decide to change their minds
about us

You bathe at night; soak
in the indigo twilight.
Exhausted from the
overload of emotion,
the lunar light cleansed your soul.

Charming and cunning,
like the lion, you stalk your
prey. Find the weakness
and exploit it; start the fire,
and then claim your innocence.

You are the end and
beginning of the cycle.
Take the heat, and rise from the
ashes in your final form.

Water bearer, you
bring life to this alien
landscape. Barren and
undiscovered, this is your
chance to change the world. Long live
your work of innovation.

Tree branch rib cage and
ivy veins that nurture your
winter-bitten soul.
Precious sunlight has returned;
your garden will bloom again.

The war going on
inside your brain is growing
tiresome. Your strength
is that of the ram, but you
can't always be the hero.

Submersion. Scared and
eye-level with the Angler.
Take pleasure in the
aesthetic. Perhaps a change
of perspective was needed.

Sagittarius (Father Jupiter Would Be So Proud):
Goddess of the hunt,
your need for adventure and
fearless heart combines
and incarnates the wander-
lust warrior that you are.

Eyes like a doe; she
is wise, nurturing, and vast.
Motherly strength is
the coat worn over bared bones
and bruised knees. She's her own crutch.

Neither side of your
scale may touch the ground.
Chaos may welcome
you with open arms, but she
will grow cold and deranged, love.

Though you are stubborn,
your heart is made of feather,
you fierce, burly ox.
Romantic and devoted,
the darkness in you is gold.

Gemini (The Twin Flame):
How exciting and
infuriating it must
be to look in the
mirror to face your best friend
and your greatest enemy.

What's your sign? Can you relate to any of these?

pisces: what is it about love that always has you in doubt? really, whose feelings are you unsure about? his or yours? and tell me—will it ever be enough?

clara Nov 2017

hold on to my arms like you hold the string of a balloon.
you don't need to grasp too tightly, but be afraid not to.
look at me like a cloud; try to make sense of my outline.
look for shapes or patterns or clues or bruises or scars.
tell me you see the sky in my eyes. look at me like you do.
hold me like i mean something holy or beautiful to you.
kiss me like you're terrified to lose my sweet loving, too.

♥ ♥ ♥
Rebekah James Oct 2017

I'll go to the places now
Where only fragments of you remain
Small currents of energy
You have left behind
From your laughter
From your shame
From the stories you told me
When you said I was the only one
Who knew
When your cheeks burned red
Under your freckles
And my soul screamed for yours
But I never let you hear it
Although I wish I did
You are a rose
And I know you've cut every hand
That's ever tried to hold you
I'll go to those places now
Perhaps I'll really try to feel
It's been a while
And I don't have to hide from you
Although I wish I did
Oh, I wish I did

Nevena Todorovic Oct 2017

It's hollow here
Out there
They're sharp
even when they're soft

painfully vivid
like alien forms

Neon Robinson Sep 2017

Cabin Boy
Wondering memories of wild adolescence,
Flash before me like a mental Rolodex
Reverberating daze,
Time cannot take away.
A fifteen–year–old,
Broken neck calypso.
Gazing through the jungle-o window
Unequipped to fathom what was about to happen.

I saw the moon in your eyes,
And knew;
You smile in the way that islands do,
And the zephyrs planned to bring your love back to me, too.

You were everything I imagined.
Sunlight on a dismal day,
The lone palm in the tropic heat,
A boyish grin that made my flowers bloom;
You were the Cabin Boy.
Realizing, all you can be at 23
is yourself.

And I am the wanderer's wandering daughter.
The pretty little minor that come hell or high water,
You broke California law for.

I waited at your f i n g e r
Just his little Pisces jailbait.
Who didn't exist till 1996.

An inevitable source of panic that would rise in his eyes
Every time he kissed,
Her Kona lips.
Until deciding he had to leave,
Claiming island fever, on his way out the back door.

Lost as a half-gone waning moon.  
With only the ocean’s waves continuous roar
Sun burnt, white foam, salt spray,
Condemned - to an inevitable end
Unable to prevail past the break at your soul's cliff edge.

I grab a raft to float;
In the deep waters of the heart.
Somewhere in between the no -
longer & the still -
Washed upon my soul’s sand.

Reaching out with new green shoots -
Resurrecting the chthonic biome
From deep within the molten core
Till the blocky incline fell away,
And I found myself;
On the surface of a lake of solidified lava.

To the boy that broke my heart.
Sandoval Jul 2017

We defied our darkness.

Like Alpherg and Antares;

together with their decaying light,

they became stronger than a million suns.


Like Pisces and Scorpio... it's you, its always you, and it'll always be only you.
Honor and Roses May 2017

She was nyctophilia;
In the darkness,
The moon and stars was her Nakama;
She could hear the stars whispering,
And the moon comforting her.
As she licked her wounds and drowns in her own sobs.

In the darkness,
Her room becomes her hermetic fantasy world;
One where her cries sound mellifluous,
One where her wounds look ethereal
Her pain was considered tacenda,
But in that little Universe, she built,
She was rebirth – with each heartbreak.
She is a philocalist - a Lunar Pisces

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