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An Arctic breath of north moves
across the snowy dirt
like a fridge
across a chocolate
ice cream with vanilla

Winter sun lights
over the white shadow of ice
like a microwave heating frozen meals
grief and joy are the two sides
choose favourite
LC Mar 2
a little simile here,
a splash of metaphor there,
all carefully folded and mixed
to form a delicious souffle.

it goes into the oven
at the perfect temperature.
the souffle begins to rise,
the sweet aroma engulfs the room.

but the timer chimes early.
they take the souffle out,
and it sinks within itself,
forming a deep, large canyon.

but this souffle is different.
they put it back in the oven.
it bakes longer and longer
until it finally rises again.
Sometimes it takes time to find the right words. Take all the time you need. :)
Amanda Hawk Aug 2020
Love is delicious
Lingering deep in your chest
In a heart-shaped box
Pulsing slowly
You glow, flickers
In your gaze
And love finds a way
To communicate, deeply
In rhythm, and unspoken words
basil Aug 2020
laughter became our
common tongue
as we filled our mouths
with each other's whimsy
Lily Audra Apr 2020
The leaves on the tree outside my window get bigger by millimeters,
And the umami delight of marmite on crumpets is comforting and luscious,
One eye shut because the sun if filling it with heat and light,
This way I can still read my book in the sun,
These joys,
These small joys,
Which you have to take note of, you must,
Are endless;
Cold beer zapping my tongue like electricity, zing zing,
Dippy eggs with toast crunchy and eggs runny , salt flecked across the top,
Coconut hand-cream rubbed between each finger and thumb meticulously,
Music pouring through rooms into the flat and lilting in and out of earshot from outside, inside, next door and my radio,
Sparrows with their endless cheep cheeping,
Steam from strong black tea, gilded with rose, warming my hands nose and stomach,
The tiny hairs on raspberries, so soft and the juice so ****,
Plans to go no where, somewhere, the pub! A river! A farm! On a train! On a boat! On a bus!
Freckles springing up like stars on my girls nose,
Candles which pack the room full of floral, honeyed scents,
Crunchy apples,
Flaky pastry,
Warm bread,
The tsssssssttt when you open a can of Coke,
Lemons, just lemons,
The bbzzzz bbzzzz of my phone carrying I love yous, and for ***** sakes,
You have to take note of these joys, you must,
Because when I think about 16 women dead by lovers hands,
I feel I've hollow bones,
I need the beer, eggs, hand-cream, music, sparrows, lemons and bbzzzz, tea, bread, pastry and plans to keep me upright,
And I send thoughts of dippy eggs and lemons to those without.
ms reluctance Apr 2020
Bottom heavy, firm to touch,
summer flushed round cheeks,
pleasantly pitted. Stripped ****,
swerve curve, mellow flesh
deseeded. Cubed, served
NaPoWriMo Day 24
Poetry form: Epulaeryu
Ashari Ty Jan 2020

nothing beats a drukn n nighht
like a peaceful tipsy twilight

Beer and chicken while you watch the purple sky <3
shuble Dec 2019
I have a bone to pick with people
who have
the audacity
the gall
the *****
to put Nutella
in the fridge

if you don't know what happens
when you
put Nutella
in the fridge
I will tell you.

when you
put Nutella
in the fridge
it gets all hard

similar to when frosting is put
in the fridge
or when you lose your innocence

then when a cool person comes along
(ex. Me)
wanting to make a
peanut butter and Nutella sandwich
and it's FROZEN

let's just say that persons' quality of life
will be dimmed
i have strong feelings for Nutella
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*( Nutella )*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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