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This is just to say
when i gave you that poem
I had no inkling

Of what was to come -
all the pain awaiting us
The ancestral sin

Temptation, assured
We were manicured, shared prose
Dog-hungry for plums.
None of us are without guilt or sin
Gods1son Apr 9
There is something
about good food that is magical
The magnetic force of its aroma
gets your nose hooked even from afar,
gets your mind picturing its appearance
And when you have it before your eyes,
The mouth is all watered up like
soil after a heavy downpour of rain.
The teeth are warming up to squeeze
the juice out of the food
The taste buds are leaping for joy,
Ready to savour the taste
The muscles in the throat are roaring in anticipation for the food to go through like
a train going through a tunnel
The stomach is ready and eager to be filled
How magical good food is!
You know what I mean!
you break my conscience
so i don't have to do it

but i'm done, okay?

i'm tired of your flippant
that drains the life
in my fragmented eyes

cause she's more better
than me? seriously?

i don't think so

wake up, you little
piece of low-life
I'm testing out the features where you can italicize or bold words.
I’ve walked on a red carpet before
The floor was sticky
The bright lights broke my eyes
And the beer was delicious

When it ended
I was in a hospital
An old woman grabbed my arm as I left
I don’t think she wanted to be alone
How come
I am always dying as a martyr?
My thoughts constantly drifting
To funeral marches and sobbing relatives

How will I die?
A botched parachute jump?
Saving a small child
From a moving vehicle?

My funeral will be adorned
With white icing
The flag of my nation
And a flock of doves

To my infinitely philanthropic nature
And unending commitment
To human liberty

Why is it so easy
To tack a medal to my breast?

Maybe because
I exist
As my bloodline
dowses its progeny with ****** praise

So eager
to bathe
In the violent tears of this world
That are ancient castles and monuments to men wearing wigs

Or maybe
Because I'm just selfish
And I often *** all over myself
On my paunchy stomach
Desire is delicious
It's the lingering taste upon
my tongue
it's the exsquisite pleasure
of tasting something so delicious
It leaves the trace upon a soul
It leaves you wanting needing more
That temptation to try only a bite
Yet it leaves you craving that tingling
tasteful delightful feeling you get
when you get a little more
You can't have a little
you got to have it once more
So what's your desire so delicious
that leaves you craving more
© Jennifer Delong 2/19
Kale Feb 5
They bumpy
Crunchy chocolate
Chip cookie
Oh how delicious!
With each bite
I die a little inside
Because soon
This moment
Will end
Wrote this for class
woke up
to kisses
     cups of coffee

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Tigers were chasing
Then I saw a strawberry
It was delicious
Inspired by a zen story
rgz Dec 2018
**** you look delicious
Can't believe you're not fictitious
Standing there oblivious
You're fulfilling all my wishes
I'm a hook and you're the fishes
Could write a book about your stitches

The way you're put together
Prometheus couldn't do better
Even Jesus would deliver
Happy to go home a sinner

The presence of new embers
Like a present in November
A heaven-sent member
Of 11 out of 10ers

I would like to tell her
But I'm a shy type of feller
Maybe I could type a letter
Or just let her out the cellar
What a difference a title makes, maybe i should have put a ? at the end
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