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so just because I messed up
the first time,
doesn't mean I'll mess up the
second time, too.
Just give me
a chance
and I'll show you.
You judged me by my
first impression
and that's not always
the best.
I guess
the first time,
I was nervous and
a little stressed.
I can't sleep.
In the
I can't wake up.
What is wrong with me?
I think that
my mind is a little
messed up.
It's true about me
Kirsten Hunt Jan 6
I'm struggling with my identity.
My blood isn't my blood.
What about family?
They can't seem to understand the struggle.
My heredity is all messed up.
Who am I?
I've been struggling.
R Dec 2018
Yes i am selfish
selfish to talk to you
To seek your company
When i want nothing to do with you

I seek your attention
To want to be heard
To tell pain
And clear my brain  

So selfish to not care that you have a girl
Because i,all i want is to be heard
To spill truth
That still hurt
And tell you words
Which no one has ever heard
Sarad Maharjan Nov 2018
I'm having one of those days,
where nothing seems alright.
My head's stumbling like its in the ******* maze!
And I'm losing in every fight.

What the **** is going on?
Feels like the water is flowing backwards,
The gravity pull is upwards.
Seems like everything is messed up.

Oh what a shame
Don't know when it all began.
You play all your mind game,
Trying to put all your blame,
On ME!!

Pretending that you were here for me,
Offering me your helping hand.
You tried to serve and feed me,
Only what's good for you.
I swallowed it whole,
But now I'm spitting it back on you!

I've drowned in your shadow,
So dark and deep!
Couldn't even figure out,
If I'm fake or real!

You sold me out, knocked me down,
Stabbed me on the back,
Soaked my heart in gasoline
And burned it down!

Now I could care less,
Coz my head is full of ******* rage!
Oh my vision has turned red,
So you better runaway.

Yeah you better be scared,
When my eyes are furious and red.
Had enough of your stupid games,
Its my turn to make you pay!
its pretty raw but don't want to change it though....written in my troubled days to make myself feel better...was not angry with just one person but with so many people and specially the system!!
a M b 3 R Aug 2018
if only i was my old self
i didn’t need to worry much
just had homeworks and tests
thats all
the new me
the changed me
the messed up me
that now knows everything
and everything else
that changed the light into darkness
changed the happy me
the pure innocent me
the old me..
that was carefree
Paul R Hensley Aug 2018
Stuck in reverse tonight,
Can't stop my feeling of guilt,
I know you right here beside me TJ,
I'm sorry it's my fault,

I just chilled in the trench,
I sent you out,
Didn't think you wouldn't make it back,

Man what a life I lived,
No one will understand,
Of all the sin I have created,
I keep it all under lock and key,

However tonight i might spill it all
If I do then noting changes,
If i do ill just go back to hell
but if I don't,
Then you might just stay,
Talk about friends for life...
Old memories...
EU EU Mar 2018
You're the only one I want
You're the only one I need
The sun that gave me light
The moon that stays with me every night

Wanting to be beside you everywhere you go
Because of the my fear that you'll suddenly let go
I'm afraid of you letting go of me
But terrified of you letting go of yourself

If I ever run out of things I could say
Remember that I'll still be here to listen and stay
Even if you undergo any kind of change
My feelings for you will still be the same
Angela Rose Jan 2018
When you tell me that you love me
Do you really mean you love that I am so reckless and lacking of compassion

When you tell me that you love me
Is it really you saying that you love how long I let you keep your hands wrapped around my throat when we are tossing around in my sheets at 3 AM

When you tell me that you love me
Do you really mean you love that I am so cold and so bitter and so devoid of feeling for anyone other than my own, selfish self?

When you tell me that you love me
Is it really you lying and saying you love me just because you know I could never love you back?
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