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hya Mar 10
i am someone's story. in one person's tale, i am the girl who plays the role of the comic relief. the one who makes people laugh and smile, as well as providing humor. in one another person’s storyline, i am the main lead, bringing to life all of those desired characteristics. in another's eyes, i may be the wise sage who gives guidance at critical stages in their lives. however, when i stop to think about it, i find that i am the antagonist in someone else's plot. the bad guy, to be precise. and no matter how hard i try to change my ways, the reality is that i am who i am to them, and in certain situations, there is nothing i can do to change it. in their book of life, i am the arrogant evil villain.

but then you came. everything changed when you walked into my life out of nowhere. you appeared in my life like a shooting star and filled my heart with bliss. and i've never felt safer or vibrant than i do when i'm around you. not once in my life have i felt so alive. it seemed as if you were unveiling new layers of greatness to me with each passing moment. i've never seen that much gentleness in a lone soul before. in the shadows, you were gently carving out a space for yourself in my heart without me even realizing it.

you embraced my grief as if it were your own and showed me love as no one else ever could. everytime i felt like i was on the verge of falling, you stayed with me. when i was weak, you were my pillar of support. when i needed someone to weep on, you were there for me. because of your smile, i was able to make my existence on this planet worthwhile. for a long time, it seemed impossible to feel so connected to someone. however, it is quite simple to feel intertwined with you. i can't tell you how good it makes me feel. i've began to realize that i had no idea what it felt like to be truly loved until i met you.
we're the villain in soneone else's story but there's only person who can make you feel the essence of being a main character of the story.
My Dear Poet Jan 9
This is a tale about a tale
that had no end

A tale of the tale
of what was then

It went on forever
from wherever

but none knows when
Lanz Gabor Nov 2021
There, and away,
alone, and I can't stay.
Filled with lots of cry;
not a doubt, this is why:

On cities in all days,
it is there, felt always.
Everywhere, they'd lie,
clutch on, and then pry.

Yet, even with the pain,
oh still, we did remain.
But even if time will fail,
again, we'll write our tale.
for z
Valya Oct 2021
Will someone show me love once again?
Will anyone be so kind as to take
A broken soul and help them back up
Is that a tale that can still be told for me
Or will I be stuck with the
Stream of tears that row down my face each day
As my only companion
A painful reminder of my failed attempts
At a perfect love before
Can I have a time that is different
Can those next tears shimmer instead
And lead me to a happier future
One that teaches me what unconditional love is
I just wanna see what unconditional love is in a romantic way
Diksha Prashar Sep 2021
I don't know if you understand me
but I understand you
it's hard to open your heart
To cracked pieces.
Red Robregado Sep 2021
I long to see the day when suffering will be no more and freedom would be free, complete, and lasting—
On that day, tears would be a tale of old times;
smile, an everyday thing, and peace, unending.
Something that I wrote for my friends in Myanmar who are suffering
Dereaux Sep 2021
You would never tell
that you would be unfaithful.
But lipstick told me.
It's weird how you could read the pages
Of another person's life through their ages
You browse through and find yourself
Mentioned in a few of their chapters
You find a collection of memories
That could remain for all eternity
But like all books it will come to an end
As the person draws their last breath
They will reach the end of their tale
It will be time for you to bid them farewell
Being able to know a person and their story will make it harder for you to tell them goodbye although it's their time
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