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Tyler Harper Feb 14
Something poetic is needed in these lines,
Something poetic is needed in these lines.
The meaning is lost; it's misconstrued.
The tale is retold, but to a different tune.
OpenWorldView Jun 2018
Three years I’ve been gone
   with your face edged into my heart.

Three years did I long
   and lived fairy tales in my mind.

Three years could not prepare me
   now that I stand in front of you.
Miranda Jan 30
i put a spell on you
you salivate at the sound of my name
intoxicated by my touch
my wicked smile commands blood to course through your veins
my gaze in your direction charms you much

you have me to yourself
my smile, my eyes, my curves
i’m only for you to preserve

so lock me up in a tower
cut me off from anyone else
for those who lay eyes upon me
must suffer various hells

i’m yours and only yours
and if ever i try to escape
may you trace red lines along your wrists
hold them up to me and pray
i’ll come running to your rescue

and if i ever call someone else for help
may you threaten that if i am to do so again
you’ll make sure to bash in my head

i put a spell on you  
you crave for my flesh
you’re animalistic in your desire
my hypnotic figure puts you in a trance
my body swerves and curves and it enchants

you can’t control yourself
for i am to blame
i put a curse on you
and i should be ashamed

your cruelty begs forgiveness
you don’t know what you’re doing
if i hadn’t been so tempting
your violent thoughts would not be brewing

the sorceress within me
needs be bound by chains
for i am the one who caused
myself to be trapped with a man who inflicts upon me pain
Miranda Jan 29
Every empty bottle
has a story behind it.

Whether it's a heartbreak
Or a happy tale,
There's a story.

And I'd love to learn yours.
Tell me your story
A Yorks Jan 20
Sams pashtar hasa.
Hay pashtar tati swaswarga, aysh mari.
Na gwada na gwarshya pashtar yakaya.
Tu yakan pashtari shwada, yakabush hasa, ya sa yakay maga.
Ma yakan pa shwada, na yakabush nayminabi shawga.
War majish farhakrabi, parkun upar, jantu yakabush wayda.
Na dishman na shwadar na tam shawi faras ubi shwald dawsarsh.
War pashtars sushnu darsa, faras ubi shwald para.
Palhu sashwal sushnu gwasha ha yakabush sansh.
Nu sushnu faras-u agwama, nu tu parkun ubi shwalda.
Ubiubi shwalda, tu farhakrasu agwama.
Sushnu yakabush jasar-ha grabash para.
Ba ma gwashla!
Tu sipadi parkuns shanti aw pit nayka.
Mash chastas sushnus pashtari gwama.
Tu sushnu pashtarha tar sapala.
Tashla sushnus sapaltal tar daysha.
Nu-arsh palhu Winja Sushnus Tashla wayda.
"The Song of the Standing Stone

Once there was a father.
This father was so very ill, that he might have died.
Not prayer nor ritual could heal the father.
Then the healer told the father, that there was a healing herb, that could heal him.
But the healer said also, that the healing herb could not grow in the valley.
Only on a great mountain peak, above a cliff, could one find the healing herb.
Not man, not animal, not even birds would dare to go up the mountain.
Only the son of the father dared to climb up the mountain.
Many days and nights the son walked in search of the healing herb.
Now the son arrived at the mountain, and began to climb.
Up and up he climbed, then came to the mountain top.
The son tried to reach the healing herb with his hand.
But he made a mistake!
Right then his foot began to slip from the cliff's face.
Much sadness came to the father of the son.
Then the son was buried there by his father.
A standing stone marks the grave of the son.
Now many Wenja know of the Stone of the Son."
Sadman Jan 18
Hark, for who goes there? The disquiet forest moves! None shall best my sword!

Have at thee, unknown! Thy form and thy vapors leak! I stand at ready!

Forsaken, are you? Beast of darkness and midnight, leave my station be!

Blathering, you fool? Know practice trumps all talent! Use sharpens the blade!

That’s impossible! How hadst your sheen blinded me? You dare cheat in duels?

My liver fails me. I am but all a lost cause. Leave me to die, fool!

Why such gruesome acts? Your torture defiles bodies! Heaven, have mercy!

Inspect thy spirits! Have ye no heart to beat there? End my life swiftly!

So ends the short tale, of a guard shielding the gates, and his little quips.
Nine Haikus. I made them up and posted them on my Twitter. I now post Haikus on my Twitter every day as a New Years Resolution. Also, I finally remembered I had this account! Hello, again!
William Allen Jan 10
The low wind howled
against the creaking
moaning of ships.

Dark clouds blotted out
all hopeful rays of the sun.

Small drops of water blotted
chestnut colored planks

Fraying aged ropes wet with sea mist
tug and pull taught
as vessels heave up and down.

Sails shake tirelessly
in the careless throws
of the wind.

Her words, like sweet drops of wine,
fall softly from her saddened lips.

"Must you go?
Must you brave the angered seas?
Must you set out once more,
this final time?"

Though sweet was her voice,
her words filled with grief
held a gravity to them.
He did not wish to leave.

Seeing her tear stricken face
He softly ran his fingers
through her heavy auburn hair.

A final embrace
and a solemn goodbye
The Mariner kissed his wife.
This is part III of a ten-part story titled "Weathered: A Tale of Love & Loss"
Johnny walker Dec 2018
True Romance Is what Helen and I had In every sense of the word with Helen I miss her so
such a big part of me went with her that sad day I'm like an empty
left behind but going be strong and carry on and  I'll face this now life on my
True romance Is what Helen and I had fairy tale beginning
but sadly no fairy tale ending
KingOfHearts Dec 2018
I'd wonder how I got so high
Up in this glass sea of a sky
But I have you to teach me why
You woke my wings so I could fly
A Prince, you are, that's way too kind
You've seen my worth within your eyes
But I won't lie and say I mind
When all is taken, we're just guys

A battlefield you met me on
A place you had no place to be
I, a poor kid, my life was gone
But you of all were royalty
And sought me out risking your name
No one would have thought you were sane
Yet saving me, you did, with glee
For that, I am truly happy

Two kids of war
Now Groom and Groom
A tale of sorts
Should have some room
We've made it far
Just you and me
A lot was hard
Sometimes crazy
My ever after
And Forevermore
Thank you, my king
Whom I adore
Xasriel Dawn, Prince of Munitus
Vanul Dawn, Bridegroom to Xasriel Dawn

Make It A Disney Prince Movie
Hg Dec 2018
rapunkzel, rapunkzel
shaved off her hair
goldie locks chopped off
long with her cares

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
takes every dare
she hits on death
as if it’s a snare

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
loves wearing sheer
shows off her tatts
and new ****** pierce

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
she never looks scared
cause once upon a time
she grew up in the fear

they held her captive
kept up the stairs
with no parents
put in foster care

never had a youth
or someone to care
dragged down the hall
by her curly hair

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
got out of there
got her own flat
and full length mirror

rapunkzel, rapunkzel
smiled and stared
at her buzzcut
at last feeling fair
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