Tolerating character
Amaranthine with a smile
Uniqueness in everything
Radiant feminism
Uttering voice of nightingale
Sincerely delicate heart

I am a Taurus woman !

Zodiac and Me

The lighthouse stands tall
A warning for all
It shines so bright
It's precious beacon of light

Guiding the wary back to shore
Many voyages gone before
All safely now return
As long as oil in lantern burn

Soft cone through the night
Giving life preserving sight
Like a gentle outstretched hand
Leading sailors back to land

Oh holy spirit of my God
With still voice you gently prod
Bringing those who wayward roam
Leading the lost back to home

So let the light of the spirit shine
And touch this wayward heart of mine
May I heed the warning sign
And be guided home in time

magenta splashes
colored the dawning sky
with their sign of rain

I'm stuck inside myself
I got scared and called for help
but a year of pushing friends away
left me yelling to nobody
I missed all of my exits and now
the road looks unclear before me
I've forgotten what I learned in driving lessons
and I keep seeing signs of you and me

I'm stuck inside myself
waited too long to ask for help
a year of deviating healing
and speeding down roads I carved out of skin
I should have shed months ago,
how will I know?
What does healing look like?
This intrapersonal fight has fogged my eyesight,
and the roads are snowy now since it's winter again,
I fear I won't ever win,
this intrapersonal warfare has left me on the field,
wounded and silent, afraid to reach out,
I fear I might not ever know what it's like to heal

Kaitlin Evers Jan 23

I must prepare for my Shine
Quickly she approaches
I look to the sky for a sign
Now fear she encroaches
Two options set before me
I know what I want
Though unsure on my decree
My talents miss their vaunt
And I could use some esprit
Revisit an old haunt
Or stay and let it all be?

Lingua Franca Jan 16

A face, a place, a heart of change
A lash, a laugh, a star in the dark
A tear, some wear, lived out well
A Boy, a Girl, a spirit that gels
A curve, a bump, all but none
A sound, a silence a state of heart
A beat, a whack, loves attack
A sign, a fate a decision to make  
A repel a need, something to see
A rock, a stump, is it all done?  
In you, in me, in her, in him
A water, a sky, in dirt and all worth
Only God decides what's not.
Now who am I to judge the earth?

Maria Etre Jan 13

The spark of fire
in your eyes
a series of
in mine

Paul R Hensley Dec 2016

McDonald's not the place
That miserable place,
The place I  work at,

Don't get me wrong,
It puts bread on the table,

This drama that people throw at you,
It's really just poppycock,

The job is too easy,
Just press a button,

like the easy button
Wish I had a mute button
So I can silence the clicking of these buttons..

-Paul R Hensley |||

Pax Nov 2016

upon seeing the lining of the
sky, lies the dwindle
crimson sign...

i asked why such beauty
twinkles in blood.

sometimes in the early dawn, the sky, in my eyes
seems blood orange. sometimes in my perception
lies a deep meaning.
Andrea Schmidt Oct 2016

O Lovely Lady, tell me what’s thy sign?
I swear to thee I’ve seen thy face before,
Most truthfully I say my heart is thine.

Thou must be badly bruised,oh tasty one,
To fall from heaven to the floor.
O Aching Angel, tell me what’s thy sign?

If the alphabet t’were mine to rearrange,
U and I would be its core.
Most happily I say my heart is thine.

Thy father must have been a baker fine,
For thy buns have me wishing more.
O Perfect Pastry, tell me what’s thy sign?

Lend me a map, I’ve little time,
your darkest shoreline to explore.
Most willingly I say my heart thine.

I have no place to live or dine,
Be merciful and take me through thy door.
O Hasty Hostess, tell me what’s thy sign?
Most insistently I say thy bed is mine.

If a pick up artist wrote a sonnet
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