SeaChel 4d
I thought I caught

the most prized fish;

breathtaking, rare, and all mine.

It was all a deception,

for what I actually got

was a slimy, ephemeral eel.
I know many wonderful Pisces, so not dissing on all those under the sign in any way <3
I feel the call of Arachne
The pull of fine threads
And in the rifts between
The web of thoughts
The interlinked highways
Of my inner circle,
A hunger wakes
The lids of eyes are jaws
And I promise you rebirth
If my love consumes you
If I loved you now to death
Maida Rasool Feb 12
As much as I tried to hold it in
The pain comes out like an uproar from my throat in the form of a
Silent Scream
The beads of water started falling down one after another
No Sign of Stopping
I hit the wall and tried to Scream but my voice was melted by the
Sound of my Head
The world turned into a blur and
So did all the Sounds
The tastes, the smells.
Everything was gone, the last painful emotion
Slammed against me before I lost all
Feeling of Feeling
Everything the darkened into nothingness as I passed into the
Oblivion of Unconsciouness
Poetic T Jan 4
I wrote every syllable in flawless meanings,
             my fingers playing my emotions.
A fine tuned tapestry of silence,
telling you every thing you needed to hear..
            Then you caressed my face.
Hand gestures solidifying the meaning of our every word.
Blank mind, static feel..
Electric jolt, nothing’s real..
Many layers, no one could peel..
A broken heart, no one could heal..

Trapped inside a complex mind..
Four walls, with a door no one could find..
Knocking on surfaces of any kind..
Growing tried, leaving everything behind..

An enigma that keeps evolving..
A riddle they keep exploring..
The signs they’re ignoring..
Grey skies raging & roaring..
The heavy clouds keeps on pouring..
Annete Dec 2017
I woke up
To wildflowers at my table
Which you’ve gathered
Dark late night.
Truly beautiful,
Although I’ve got allergic
Like they were warning me
Of who you are.
And only now I sense it as a sign
Sanny Nov 2017
One small sign was all it took.

I'm back where I started.

With false hopes that he still cares.

Maybe he hasn't let me go either?

Painting pictures in my head that I know he'll burn without hesitation.

Once again I'll be watching my dreams with him turn into ashes.
lostboy Nov 2017
Whilst slipping out of the main street,
I reach for the feel of torn paper.
Fiddling a small ball of blu tac
that is squeezed into a round circle.

Make sure no one sees me.
For I have my way of putting up
a sophisticated form of graffiti;

In one glide of effort,
the black ink that is a poem
contrasts well with the white paper
and now a brick wall.
can't afford spray can
true story tho
liv Oct 2017
wait too long for a sign, and not only will time pass you by, but so will the moment you were searching for.
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