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Jules 1d
I keep thinking about it
Looking for a sign
I know I'm not blind
But I still kling to the idea
The idea of you and I
I can see she makes you happy
More than we'd ever be
And for that I'm grateful
You're living your dream
Jules 1d
I hit the ground with realization
I was so high up I didn't see the signs
I thought I could touch the stars
The heat of the sun finally took me down
Nylee Oct 7
Wet paint!
Well it is.
Obviously I'll try
The sign was right
stuck to my hand
the colour green
I facepalm!
goodtea Sep 26
wired soul,
punctured through
the only one bleeding is you
blood over cracked lips
you fear you'll
stab the person closest to you
but where you see barbs
they see a friend

hey wired soul,
people pet porcupines
and walk on needles
so don't draw up
warnings and cautions
the problem is you've been
chasing balloons
when you should go find
those fun *******
who know
all the best things
come with some risk.
your heart is a steel trap, but some people wouldn't mind being caught.
KM Hanslik Sep 20
I need a yield sign; don't try to rewind
your drama on my time like a landmine
it's all fine when you unwind greasy fingers in my spine
don't cost you a dime
bang my line trying to choose sides
I'm a gold mine going half-blind and you're broke it's no joke
spitting up acid trying not to choke
your courtesy is a hoax, puffing smoke and pulling ropes
get to the point before the end of this joint
you're the king that I'd like to anoint
and I'm late to appoint better motive for your conscience
Petty thoughts and petty pensions
won't get you very far I'm not a martyr or a star
kicking rocks and stealing cars,
now you need a brace for lumbar support cuz your back is all wack from talking smack wrapped in bubble wrap
talking **** don't pay the rent that's money that could be better spent
and don't tell me that I'm heaven sent when I'm bruised and bent just as much as you
you can't tell me what is and isn't true
so don't treat me like a shiny toy
I don't need another reckless boy
shooting shots only to up and quit
when you miss the hit;
your words don't stick unless I want them to, cuz I'm not just a sad sack I know I've always got my own back
I'll stick to my word like glue until all the self fulfilled prophecies come true
and I'm up and coming hit the ground running; I know you want something,
but I want something too,
and no I don't need you I'm just trying to make it through
walk a couple steps in my shoes just to know
how heavy my feet drag to make it home
even though I'm not alone I still prefer some space to roam
you're looking for a clone looking like a homie,
feeling free and fly and foamy but you're just another phony
trying to make it out past 8 with no more incidents to date
but your apologies always arrive too late
get it straight, this isn't hate
there's just a lot filling up my plate
and yeah this might be blatant but your replies are always latent
and my days are better spent trying to climb a barbed wire fence or just getting my feet wet
below the bridge where we first met cuz I would rather talk than text and if you want to worry about what comes next,
just get it in your head there's always going to be a red light, an-i-can't-get-to-bed kind of night
but it's going to be alright I've still got a lot of fight
and I'll find new heights when your sanity strikes
a nerve, get a little anxious & swerve
avoiding conversation desperate for ventilation always
a fiend for escalation dip my toes in rash sensations still
searching for elation but there's patience in creation
there's always gonna be temptation, you've just gotta learn to face it;
if you find something good, don't waste it
my shower leaks into my basement
& sometimes you're so sad that I can taste it,
but that doesn't mean we aren't gonna make it
put my thoughts in a jar and shake it;
here's a penny for thoughts of annihilation
getting wasted in the parking lot of a vacant gas station;
here's to the nights of our youth spent sitting in booths,
it's a different game but the rules are the same
saying we've changed but we've still got our old names,
I've still got the time to tell you you're worth it,
don't worry so much about how everyone's words hit;

just tryna live for the ones who still sit behind bars,
at least I've still got the money to put gas in my car
and we've made it this far, despite this hungry desperation
despite the prices of inflation or the chaos in our nation
and even if this all spirals out of control I'll be up climbing the tightrope
mixing something less cutthroat just to bring you some slight hope
of a happy ending, when all else fails just keep pretending
cause you're gonna be okay, kid
you just gotta learn how to fake it.
A Simillacrum Aug 15
Come, voice, back from the original black
Ness, Foot, Yankee Jim
I need a sign from a quasi mind not my own
Fiefallu dendress mazaiyato


my answers
lead to nothing

Call. Answer me.
answer you.

Not a compulsion
Never intended, just

Fiefallu dendress true.
W Aug 14
This feeling of despair does not get better
Just waiting for something to change
A sign anything to stop me feeling this way
But some things never change
And this feeling is one of them
wiityee Aug 3
I cannot tell whether we are friends.
I do not know how you are seeing me.
Friends or more than that.

I check websites like a teenager who fell in love for the first time to seek for any clues to find out your true feelings for me.
Your attitude marks as if you are not interested in me more than just a friend when I look up "signs your crush is not into you" pages.
Your behavior indicates that I am more than just a friend to you when I skim through "signs your crush is also into you" pages.

I hardly think we should date, even if we are both in love with each other.
Because I don't think we are compatible.
Because I am scared of any other rejection.
Because you have been one of my closest friends for years.
Because I am not strong enough to cut out my ex-boyfriend who might be the one for me.

I do not want to lose someone important in my life ever again.
Especially you. You are essential in my life.
But I do not want to miss out any possibility if we could be the best couple on earth.
I know I look sneaky by holding a chance to get back with my ex-boyfriend. But I am not into him at all currently, just he has been also one of the closest friends so I do not want to lef go of him if he is the one for me.
Someone guide me, please. Someone who knows the future, please guide me to the right decision.
Quinn Adaire Jul 30
a woman
holding a sign
please help
need money.

she might be fake
but what if she’s not?
does it really matter?
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