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Nobody 5d
They see what they’re supposed to see
now don’t notice the storm on the sea
just laugh at all the false hope.
He yearns for the end of it all
But how could they have possibly known.  

His despair doesn’t care about the signs
or mind the decline
but they believe the lines every time,
and remember all the words.
So he’ll just suffer in silence
and be thankful it could always be worse.
JKirin Nov 2021
They've always been here — the signs—
in your every smile, your sighs,
in the long, gentle touches,
on your cheeks rosed with blushes.

What a fool I've been, didn't see,
didn't save you from ruin, from me.
I have failed you. I'm at fault —
you're in anguish; you hurt.

Stay away! I'm unworthy
of your kindness and mercy.
There is something I'm scared of —
I'm too hollow to bear love.

They've always been here — the signs—
in the way the whole world shines.
about believing to not be able to love nor accept it, and not realizing that you already do love
aya Jun 2021
the hardest part of loving someone isn’t the part where you let go of them – it’s letting go of the future that was supposed to be
broke up with him last week and somehow, i miss the feeling of talking to him and getting butterflies but it is what it is :')
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, need a sign---for my feels to shine:>

universe of ours to the seven of the heavens of the gods of the universe

I'm just hoping for a miracle immerse

I'm just waiting for a sign

to utter a feel to the unspeakable feels in the eyes spitted crime

universe tell me if it's a message you ought to send to reveal

because my attachment knows no surface when it comes to the deep

universe tell me if it's the angels that I think I see

because my paths are carved on the stance of this willing  be

universe tell me if it's the right I sense if it's the mild anticipated hence

because if it is-the moons that I felt the future that I begged

then my dreams would surf to the boundless wilds of the ends

                                                              ­           ------ravenfeels
I read the sign on the door

I knock and after a pause
I see a girl smelling of roses

She beckons me inside
She offers me shelter

That's when I realise
I have found the answer
finding the answer
Juhlhaus Apr 2021
The highway changes when you travel it
At different times,
In different seasons,
Weathers, road conditions, or decades.
The places you pass and your final destination
Will change entirely from year to year
Or day to night.
The highway will tell you totally different things,
The signs change from year to year
And day to night.

The sky goes dark, the lights come on,
Some letters are lost, and new meaning found.
A roadside motel becomes simply a mote,
There is vacancy where before
There was nothing at all,
Just an abandoned fruit stand, which by twilight
Becomes a small house—
The siding might be yellow or brown—
With dark curtains and neon signs
Proffering readings, psychic insights, an open palm.

The other night, I came to the end of the highway.
I would have crashed right through the barrier
But God or my survival instinct intervened,
And my journey continued
On a different highway altogether.
Bryle Apr 2021
in this starry night
where the moon's nowhere to be found
the glitters in the space brightens
and in these specks of stardust
each containing a soul, a dream
wishes waiting to be fulfilled
they burn, worth a several lifetime
a significance, that the promises
tied in your fate, will be done
maybe in another timeline, different life

in the eyes of the dreaming
this night sky contains the hopes
of different beings looking
on that same night sky, filled with
stars shining on a dark space
they all find peace in the meaning
there is light in the dark
and that no matter how dim it is
it's still dazzling, its beauty perpetual
the dreaming once again prepares
maybe in another night
the dreams will be done
to remind the dreaming to be hopeful whatever the situation might be
Nikkipopgun69 Mar 2021
I run away
I ruin everything
I break my own heart into pieces
I tell myself that no one loves me
I tell myself no one would miss me
I stay up late and just stare at my ceiling
I scream to myself *** what’s the point
I’ve put my walls up so high no one can try to get in again.

I’ll never love anyone again
riri Mar 2021
i'm practically on my hands and knees, Lord
begging for a sign
of whether i should stay or go
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