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Hear the symptoms
Before searching for a sign

Don't rush
Genre: Clinical
Theme: Everyday work
Ylzm Apr 2
As words in a strange tongue
So symbols in wisdom;
Not any sounds are words
Nor stories, parables;
But angelic tongues do speak
Even as donkeys are wise.
Seanathon Mar 15
You make me smile like a smart chess move
With anticipation no less intriguing
You are the ****** of ivory in the lingering key of whatever tune has been most on my mind

Your heart must be yellow as a sunflower warm
As it melts away and slowly warms
The winter of my mind turned cold

And now, amidst the houring fields
Where this sound once was young
How it is only my wish for the time to grow old
Another sound, another sight
CM Lee Feb 25
Hard to admit that it’s all over
Our time together is anything but forever
Been five years since we’ve part
But it feels like yesterday, the way you broke my heart

I guess after all this time, I’m still hoping
That what we had is more than just a thing
That at the very least, I meant something to you
You were my first everything and you haven’t got a clue

But last night, I’ve reached my end
The song you made me, you gave to someone else
That was the first time I heard my heart breaking
With every beat it made, it was aching

For the first time, in a long time,
I’m choosing myself, and I’ll take this as a sign
I’ll move on and forget about you
There’s no sense in being hungover for you

I’ll try to find my old self
That whole person I was before we met
I won’t let another like you break me
Even if I’m alone, I’ll be as happy as I’ll ever be, you’ll see
Penguin Poems Feb 21
If you find yourself wanting a sign
So you don’t go on by yourself
Don’t you think that wanting a sign
is proof that you should within itself?
Seanathon Feb 14
Sweet as fruit
And looking too
Until the sun crashes down
Upon pale skinned youth
And reveals the burnt, the blunt
The obtuse truth
Give me anything but such a sign
I've no language left for you
Anything But Such A Sign
Juhlhaus Jan 31
Hangs overhead by a solitary thread
Pommel set with Lucifer's jewel
Crossguard made of crescent moon
The Blade a king's interminable doom
On January 31, 2019 in the darkness before dawn I witnessed the triple conjunction of Venus, Luna, and Jupiter in perfect alignment, creating the shape of a long sword in the southern sky. Venus (the "Light Bringer") adorned the pommel, the waning crescent moon formed the crossguard, and kingly Jupiter gleamed at the blade's point. The omen was revealed to me as the fabled Sword of Damocles (dam-uh-kleez) which hangs over all those in seats of power, suspended by a single strand of hair.
Yuki Jan 24
To the lucky ones
in whose hands
a ladybug has landed
I wish to not
search for a sign
or better a guise
to be great.
Pyrrha Jan 23
One day these grey clouds that linger above
Will give up and allow their rain to fall
The droplets like an echo of my love
A shadow of the leaves that fell in fall

I long to reach up with my hands and grab
Those hideous clouds I wish would crash
Your sign is cancer, the sign of the crab
It seems we are not meant to be, we clash

But I know your eyes, eyes I can't evade
For that I become a ***** to that grey
They bear into me as if to invade
I have no complaint, I only say stay

My hearts the flame that you always enrage
Trapping me in passions bottomless cage
This is my first attempt at writing a sonnet
I don't know any cancer signs... it just needed to rhyme
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