japheth 13h
i’m a
firm believer of signs
in fact,
all signs led me to you;

one sign
told me to
let you go.
rought patch
the sky overhead
turned red
as if, there was a sign
for a storm to come by
and may be
the early breeze
was just a comfort
to reach out to you
to make you realize
the things you are to endure
is better, if you kept the breeze
in your mind and soul...

He is just a pauper, preaching from his own pulpit.
All the thoughts he has, have grown from his own agony.
Beaten down, but never kept down; he is not in sync.
Living one way, his way.  At war with everybody.

One fist holding a flower, with a hand upon his heart;
He has never known a love like yours, so give him your sympathy.
Down on his knees, he is crying in the dark;
Begging for you to just show him a little mercy.

Anti-social, humanitarian ghost;
No longer does he believe in the hope you offer and the joy you see.
Happy Days is just a T.V. programme; not a thing he knows.
Death and despair is all the news shows today
And there are no hippies to bring him some peace.

A countdown to oblivion is the only image he can see;
An Armageddon with love and hate…he is our last hope.
This is the time, this is the hour; let us not be empty.
Share loves wealth around; give him thanks and not rejection…
Betrayal is a no, no.

Last man standing under a banner with a heart design;
Let a pacifist army march with him, as he holds his flag up high.
Let all the wandering lost souls, be drawn to what he has inside.
He is the keeper of the secrets of how to love;
Let just one soul see what he keeps within, so he can save two lives.

When all others have fallen beneath the sword,
A lone man will walk beyond the ruins and find a paradise.
If you have faith in him, he will be all yours;
Let him show you a future where we all love each other…

Allow him to help you to visualize.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amanda 6d
I watch stars come out at night
These days they are my only friends
Giving me hope when all I have found
Are empty hallways strewn with dead ends

I look for an omen or sign
To tell me it's not too late
A burning bush will never appear
It's not meant to be, still I wait
Written 3-27-13
the twins sign, yes
what do you know about it?
take a wild guess
does your adjective fit?

a lot of words to describe
but which one is exact?
they say we're two-faced
we're actually not

what we have
two personalities in one
yes, our nature is dual
could you keep up with that?

it's what makes us special
we could be optional
shy or wild
oh, such excitement we have!
My zodiac sign is Gemini. I personally think it's one of the coolest zodiac sign. Not because I am one, but because of the dual personality that it has which is unique. Yeah, I know it's just pseudoscience, but I just find it interesting. #SelfComposition
I can’t live without you
You are the comfort I thrive for in everything that I do
The low hum in my ears I fall asleep to
Calming me like a constant tick I strive to keep you coursing through each vein of mine
You soothe my skin like a summernight rain
Washing clean the muddy cuts and grass stained pain
Bringing me closer to the moon hanging by a thread
Like a lighthouse illuminating the shore you alleviate my dread
And you bring me back home to my warm little bed
Your chest is the only place I’d want my head to rest
Without it I’d never sleep again, though I’d try my very best
But there will come a day and time when
all of that will be gone
And I will sit alone humming our song
Wishing you were there with me, singing along
Wondering where my peace and comfort went
No matter how many unrequited letters I sent
I suppose you didn’t understand what the words I wrote meant
You were nowhere to be found when I needed you the most
Abandoning me in anguish but then about yourself you’d boast
You left me alone pleading for guidance from the Holy Ghost
And even he ignored me
He wouldn’t give me a sign to see
Was this how it was meant to be?
I pace and pander
Through harsh thoughts I meander
Once your love, now simply a bystander
Yet I still wonder where my comfort went
Like all of a sudden my perfectly placid emotions were bent
Leaving no place for the bubbling steam to vent
There was nothing I could do to retrieve my companion
You dropped me off here to abandon
Scorching my heart like a pot of boiling water to place my hand in
Once on cloud nine
Instead on nails equally as long and precisely more fine
Oh why couldn’t the Holy Ghost give me a sign
Danielle Apr 26
Free licks, the sign read.
Of ice cream? My mind questioned.
Summer was not here.  

The sign read free licks of ice cream,
Summer was not here?
My mind questioned.
Forgot what the structure of the poem was suppose to be but the idea was to use the same phrases but rearrange them in a way that still made sense, without changing them too much.
Galib Apr 20
He looked for a joy,
Saw his life as a toy,
He cried for fun,
His happiness to come.

He used beautiful meds,
To clear his mind’s mess,
He craved for sweetness,
Killing his loneliness.

They come along, move on,
After all he stays with none,
Another sweet dream has done,
Maybe it’s just a good sign.

Close your heart's door,
Your true self is not a bore,
Loneliness is actually a help,
To be in harmony with yourself.
Poetic T Apr 10
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          use this to see this or scroll down. :) were just number even in love + or - it still equals us.
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