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Kelsey Jan 2023
This year
Im going to get angry
To the point of

This year
Im going to
My mind
My body
To get the results.

This year
Will be when
Give myself the opportunities
I deserve.

This year
I am going to

This year
Is THE year.

The year
Where I.
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I am Aries
Bold, Strong, Free
Like the wind
Constantly dreaming
Scheming up a plan
To nurture a better nature
All across the land
With the warmth of my heart
And passion on the rise
That burns
To make you feel alive
RobbieG May 2021
When desire outweighs capabilities an incapable person becomes more motivated than that of a capable person with no desire

When motivation outweighs talent a talentless person becomes more passionate than that of a talented person with no motivation

When passion outweighs experience an inexperienced person becomes more successful than that of an experienced person with no passion

We all are only as desirable, motivated and passionate as we allow ourselves to be and once we comprehend that we become way more capable, talented and experienced in life
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
As , I know
It isn't always
It could be
a maybe
a nope
a naugta
but you can
improve the chances
of a possibility
or a success
if you give it
and feed it
think of it
see it
and you just
might make
it be ...
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Julia Shalom Aug 2020
So much to do.
Yet Bored.

Relaxed day.
So Tired.

Could do great things.
But Fill my day with empty acts instead.

Why can't I just be productive?

I can.
I will.
I will stop writing poetry just to fill time.
I go now to make the world a better place.
One act of intention at a time.

Will I see you there?
How I feel today...
Anthony Arellano Aug 2020
Looking and longing for that something,
Don’t quite know what it is,
Beating myself up trying to reach the answer,
Once I reach one,
All the possible answers hit at once,
Sense of being overwhelmed begins to settle,
Feeling not only lost but also unmotivated
Trying to fix all these pieces to the puzzle,
That I lose a sense of the picture,
The finished product no longer has that value,
Rather it has been altered,
It is no longer unique.
What is the cost?
Time or value?
Does complying to how others think you should be, really worth it?
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Tie my laces,
Anchor me now,
Release the tide of emotion,
It’s ready for the crowd,

Electricity pulses in my chest,
Jolts through my limbs,
And sparks at my finger tips,

Connected to the earth,
I’m grounded,
I’m strong,

My stride will leave lightning,
Powerful and long,

My decisions quick,
Agile, steady,

Ready to dip, dive,
Juke, swerve,
Hop & leap,
Through that hole,
I'm ready,

Ready to be a brace,
For my family,
Jam or be a ****,
To achieve our goal,

Together as one we skate,
Into the unknown future we go.
Jonathan Nouse Jul 2020
Keep your eyes on the clear horizon.
For its just past the eye of the storm.
its okay to go through storms in life. Dont let yourself be consumed by them. You'll get past this.
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