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Julie Aug 22
I walk my path miles away
From all the people,
At night
So that my shadow can't haunt me
With my regrets.
It is a long, long way,
Mostly straight but still unclear,
And the darkness and the isolation are frightening
And beautifully familiar
All at once.

Sometimes I feel as though I am made of stone:
But hollow on the inside;
Every step I take
Echoes through me,
Settling into my head and my heart and my soul.
My stone feet are heavy,
And they leave marks
In the dust
As I go along.

Sometimes I think
That I might burn into embers and ashes,
Starting with my fingertips and my toes,
And drift about on the wind.
People will glance at me as I blow past,
And some might notice my absence
In the same way that one notices the absence of leaves
On the trees in winter:
A fugitive thought of what is to come,
And a fleeting memory of what has already passed.

I walk my path miles away
From all the people,
At night
So that my shadow can't haunt me
With my regrets.
It is dark and lonely,
And my feet are stone and my fingertips are burning.
The moon shines
Cold and weary,
And my journey is mostly straight but still unclear.

I consider how far I've come
And how far I've yet to go,
And I continue on my way.
Cut my hair
As cute as can be
Now I'm even better
At hiding what is me
I got bangs and then cried while drinking a smoothie.
Sombro Jul 11
That's not who I am
I'm built of burning wood
And hacked off pieces of granite deemed
Too coarse for cobble stones

That's not who I am
I'm nobody's child
I built myself through a muddled
Community of moth wings

We never tasted sugar, never felt the rosy clothes'
Crushing flesh, blushing chosen lyrics
******* swallows and cheating sucklers
Cold, sunken, green with no choice

That's who I am - my own monster
Stitched from what I liked, stuck with our greasy wick
I blended myself, found my backbone
In the granite sifted and spat away

You can't name me, I get that right
To bore myself in your thick skull
You gave me over to the frost the day I forgot what
Stupid people said I should love
J Mar 4
A swirly spring hanging on to my ankle
Holding me down from popping open the box
***** feet running across the trembling floor
Spaghetti boiling over causing a loud sizzle to pop
Screams fill the are and tears fall to the floor

A complete puzzle begins to fall apart
One piece floats away leaving us in despair
A broken world filled with sad little faces
Puzzled together by the pain in the air

A scared little girl lost in the statistics of the world
Sinking to the ocean floor
Tumbling in debris
Scared to move forward

A shiny hook latches on to my back
Pulling me back to the ocean shore
I drop to the sand gasping for a breath of relief
My leg finally released from the spiky thorn

As I stand from the sand
Th box shatters to the floor
Tears fill my eyes
I am finally here

A determined woman filled with passion
Rising above my room statistic written on my face
I scream my worth to the universe
A scared little girl lost in the box
A strong woman climbing to the top
Amanda Feb 23
Breathing empty air just to pass time
Sometimes scribble on the wall I am stuck behind
I am ready to break through thick bricks
They are a mess of emotions mixed
Prefer to sit idly as they fall one by one
They are stacking up and there's nowhere to run
Each piece of my heart tumbles down
A multitude of building blocks scattered all around
I've built a wall to see if anyone cares enough to break through it
Theamage Feb 9
Sunshine so bright,
The days of fruit,
Surrounded  by happiness,
Well, cause time is now.

Had had my hands dry,
Pains even in the sleep,
Dark circles and bad circle,
But still woke up each day early,

Didn't know about days or months,
It was just 24 hours all I knew,
In all, I knew there was a dream,
It was so real and true for me.
MarKat Jan 23
Endurance at its best
Standing still in time
To be made perfectly
To seek its clarity
You can decide
Preparation or
No return make
Sure your aware
When it's your turn.
We endure lots of unwanted feelings people and things but no matter what don't change but the power of prayer is what gets me through each time. In the outcome your changed or numb.
empty seas Nov 2018
the anxiety was like hooks in my body
digging into the edges of my organs
cramming everything to the sides
and leaving a gaping emptiness behind
it was all day, consuming me

i feel like that again, sometimes
my organs shift inside my body
my bones begin to ache
and the only solution seems to be
to open my skin and set everything right
to hurt

but i stop myself
i stop myself
and again, i realize
i can handle my own pain
i can handle my own anxiety

i've finally started taking care of myself
i've finally gotten rid of the toxicity in my life
and sometimes my lungs still feel like ten-pound weights
and sometimes it still seems almost easier to tear into my skin
but i don't
i fight through it
and although somedays feel impossible
i fight for my future
i fight against my own anxiety and fears
i fight against what other people have told me
i fight for myself
because i deserve to be happy and loved
and that's a long battle, indeed
and to make this happen

i will never ******* give up
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