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el Mar 28
i just want to see
if he texted me back.
no, no,
i don’t really care,
it’s just that
when i talk to him, it feels as though my words are finally worth something.
it’s not like i cannot go by my day without his acquaintance,
i am a writer after all,
and i am accustomed to a life where my words are disregarded.
i speak to the wind and that is okay.
but i am a writer and all i want is
for somebody to listen to my ramblings
and to understand
i just want to see
if he said hello;
because yes i can get by with him not texting me back,
my rants do not always have a response
Zack Ripley Feb 25
History is like a mirror;
the closer you look,
the more you'll see things
that you don't want to see.
The more distorted the picture becomes.
But, if it's your history you're looking at,
the distortion offers a rare chance.
A chance to change the way
you look at your past.
Zack Ripley Jan 20
It seems like everywhere you look these days, you see something
that makes you want to close your heart,
your ears, your eyes.
Though the temptation gets stronger,
you keep agreeing to try one more time.
And for that, I just want to say thank you.
Mark Wanless May 2023
you look at what you look at
i look at the stars
both essential minds of people
we are

a song of joy or sadness
traveling in time
there is a moment of dying
we are
Mark Wanless May 2022
i wondered why not
to turn around and look
i did and was
Steve Page Mar 2022
The first lesson is to be still
the next is to wait
while you look long
and listen deep
that you might love all the more.
'There's only one lesson in painting, and that is to look." Louis Wain.  
In life, the lesson is similar.
Megan Booysen Dec 2021
Look at you
Looking at me too

Look at you
Beautiful and true

Look at you
with love
Radiant and pure
Look at you
in love
Begging for the cure

Look at you
Look at you

The key to love is not in breaking,
But in how we look again.
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
internal seeing
is formed by external things
look around close now
el Aug 2021
i scroll through the contacts on my phone
and realise there is no one i can call
nobody i can text
people ive had for 7 years
maybe more
their care for me has gone void
and i can sense it
can't you see?
it's all superficial  
every conversation
every look
it is all superficial
and i can blame anyone and anything for it
but none of that will change the truth and none of it
will gift me a new outcome

so now i sit alone
in a void room and i wonder
who will notice
who will care
when i am all but gone

for they will notice when i take my last breath
but nobody notices the moments before
not from afar
it hurts to look around and realise youve lost everyone you still love
Tanya Apr 2021
in blurry sight I discerned
the shape of your face-
an ink kissed by a drop of water-
and I thought I cloud draw you
a thousand times

I woke up and you weren’t here
and I thought I’d rather look at you
a thousand more
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