If you had told me this to my face, I wouldn't answer.
I'd look at you and maybe smile
Or I'd look around you and maybe smile as well.

- LynnAA

So I'll just leave it so, in binary means.


But tomorrow I will try
To get all answers asked by time
What is right, and what is mine.
Yes, tomorrow I will fly.

I will turn, and I might burn
All I had to conquer.
Will burn to ashes.
Is to follow your heart.

Don' t tear it apart.
Just push the re-start
And don't look behind.

Lucy 5d

I’m broken up about my thoughts never being spoken  

I hold onto those words, my eyes have barely opened

My thoughts are consumed of memorizes we use to share

But now I must strip them off, I’m bare

In the shower I let the scalding water, drop by drop run down my skin

Afraid that I made a mistake by letting you back in

I have bruises, tenderness surrounding my heart

I’m having cold feet, I should have known from the start

That you would create this electric shock passing through my veins

I feel as if we will never really be the same

I scrub off the smell of your cologne from my pours

Just the feeling of your plump lips leaves me sore

I try to wash off the feeling of your finger tips from my scalp with shampoo

But this routine will inevitably bring me back to you

Because I love your touch, your lips, your smell

But that’s a secret I’ll keep from you, will never tell

I’ll count the days until I’m back under your blue satin sheets

But for now I’m left with the mental pictures I keep

Mims 6d

Do not say,
I didn't try to steal the moon for you,
Because did you ever,
Even look at the stars for me?

I tried to lasso the moon for you,
And you couldn't even glance at the night sky to see it.

Would you expand
                          a tear
                  for one never known?

But shed a moment
                 for one that
               never needed one??

HYA 7d

I look at you
   looking at her
      while she's
         looking at
            H   I    M.

The question is... is there someone looking at me?


How do you do that with your eyes?
Eyes that have the same colour like the ocean
Everytime i looked at it
My heart beats so fast like never before.

It telling me words unspoken
It made me fall into the deepest ocean
It made me flew to the highest atmosphere
A true beauty
Came from your eyes.

05/10/2017 | 18.05 | Indonesia
Lure Pot Sep 30

Sigh, I’m really not good
I feel rubbish really bad headache and tired
I’m look like a messy
I am feeling poorly today

I get quite depressed about my situation
at home with my love
I try to be positive and honest,
calm and supportive to everyone

I like musical theatre and listening to songs
I wish I was slimmer and fitter
But I still think I’m a bit attractive
I love to laugh and to learn

There is something that bugs me about love
I’m going to go have a rest now.

Poetic T Sep 26

A hundred words
        and more I could

But that look in your eyes
             says it all
   with out words.

everly Sep 22

I saw your look and I knew something was up.
You said you were fine and I thought we got past your lying phase.
I want to know what's wrong and
I've actually never seen you cry..
I think you have heard me cry on the phone once..
nope actually a couple occasions.

I wonder if you're up..
if you decided to eat today but it shouldn't have to be that way.

My dad loves you a lot and
he always asks me about you and I'll
always reply with a "he's good" cuz what else would I say right?
The truth.
Like the opposite.
That you're breaking and what's holding you together is..

Only four minutes have passed.

So for those who don't know me, my mind goes really fast and i don't blame you if you got a little confused trying to follow..sorry if I wasted your time I've just been a mess as of lately
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