I have written many sad poems.
I have run out of sadness.
I spent it all desperately.
Like a drunkard on another shot of whiskey.

I've spent all my sadness. Now only happiness remains.

I walked on a rainy muddy road this morning.
I nearly cried from sadness.
Then a woman with a baby stopped for me.
I got in at the back and just then, I saw it.
It looked at me and struggled successfully to sit next to me.
It held my cold hand and gave me all its warmth.

I realized I couldn't be sad. Happiness and warmth filled my heart.

I will sit at my house tonight.
Open that coconut whiskey and dance to any song on my TV.
I will take time looking through every room and drink to it.
I will text my best friend and tell her I love her.
I will celebrate this newly found happiness.

I've run out of reasons to be sad, now I will look for happiness.
When I met her for the first time,
I didn't know who she is,
I thought she is just an avarage beautiful girl,
interesting, and special in a way,
but I didn't know her full story.

I didn't know who she is,
until I got to know her better
and one night, when I kissed her,
she revealed everything.

It wasn't her tongue, which slipped and said it all,
it wasn't her eyes, which told the secret away,
neither her smile, which makes me happy-blind,
neither the smell of her skin.
Anything in particular.

It was... it was something else about her,
which made me realize
that she is more than just an avarage beautiful girl.

That she doesn't belong to this world
and that actually she is not of this world.
She is not from below, like me,
she is from above, me unlike.

She is a fairy, trapped
in an unfairy tale of life.
That dredwire tonuge soaked in black hard tar spoke only the piece of the puzzle which was converted into lies.

He who walks the red sea in dreams drowns slowly in puddles . The making of his own blood. Satisfactory in the future for non is built on your words. Let me show you how it's done.
I hope you get what wrote. Uhm it's basically how the story fits into your life. But then again every story is seen in many ways
Marta 3d
I don’t write
That implies some creative act
I catch the thoughts as they pass by
Bottle them into shapes
And display them
Hoping for the oohs and aahs

I don’t write
That’s too peaceful
I  stalk the words
I wrestle with them
Hold them down
For posterity
And for fame

I don’t write
I beg
For acceptance
For appreciation
For validation
For me
The eyes that listen
See more of the world than the
Ones that shout blindly.
Have you ever wondered how it would sound if everybody in the world stopped talking all at the same time?
few eyes took a look
few eyes took a look
they weren't inclined to view
they weren't inclined to view
eyes weren't inclined to look
they few took a view

last week many would stare
last week many would stare
at what was there to see
at what was there to see
many would see last week
what was there to stare at

optics will become tense
optics will become tense
focusing on a thing
focusing on a thing
optics focusing on a thing
will become tense

few eyes took a look
at what was there to see
focusing on a thing
last week many would stare
optics will become tense
they weren't inclined to view
Moeshfiekah Mar 10
Your lips tell beautiful lies on the tip of my ears.
As they send secret kisses down my shoulder.
As I shudder in satisfaction.
And we lay panting in my bed.
Cyndi Marie Mar 9
You used to look at me like that
he whispered, as he stared at her
beaming at her new love
I never looked at you like this
She thought, as she saw him longing for her
Wanting to be embraced by her love again
My ex said I used to look at him the way I look at my boyfriend. But I never used to look at him that way because I've never felt what I feel now.
The journey of a jock, sports really rocked, the jewels, the pools forget about school, his people were saying, you're being a fool, he ridiculed.

He was in stride on a wonderful joyride. While in the background they'd lurk watching him do all the work they get all the perks, total jerks.

As things got funky he felt like a flunky, soon turned into a junkie. Alas, he'd been outclassed felt like a complete jackass.

Started to think, what should I do Prayed for a breakthrough felt so low he had to climb a ladder to tie his shoe.

What kept popping in his head was the game of poker. He reached deep inside and pulled the joker.

He got over the hump, came out of his slump no longer in the dumps and whatever they threw he'd trump.

So whether you're on top of the world or the least in the hood. GOD IS STILL GOOD.
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