alan 4d

There's no one in this town where I am
there's emptiness in replace of idle sound where I am
the people of this town all left searching for where I am
but I've been here all along hiding until they're gone
wondering where they've gone because they're not where I am.

i looked at the moon
in front of me

and felt so
that im so small
and she is so big

so the moon
carries my worries

Dont remember
  the last time
  I walked
  my head up
So high

    Not looking
  at my feet
Shoulders hunched

But looking up
  So hopeful


Falling stars
    my only aim
Wishing you
    fell for me
Hoping you
   feel the same

alan Aug 12

open door
I'm out here searching for something more
it's something that is in front of me
I know
but it's something that I can't see
window pane
I'm trapped behind the chances I had
I'm stuck behind the dirty glass
peering through the broken cracks
because I'm stuck
in the past
thinking of what I could've had.

2:59 AM
Sherry Juliet Aug 11

because she built him up so high
that when he looked down from his castle
he realized
he no longer needed her

Alyssa Nena Jul 31

Walking in a space of time
loving love with zero threats
no two worlds together
knows two worlds apart
walking together
short steps apart
don’t forget your heart.
kissing each other
your hand fits well with mine
moving together
time slows down in every part
love together
you made my heart jump from the start
staring apart
standing eye to eye
Loving you by my side.
living at night
feeling a fight
loving the sight
love you during the night.
Time of space in walking.

w y n n e Jul 30

i hear the waves of the ocean i usually dream of when i look into your eyes.
boy, you take me somewhere else.


Elin Roberts Jul 26

do you trust me?

weighted questions, fleeting nights, hazed with the drop of drugs and drunk off love
   so drunk, but you fit me like a glove
     you were what i need

so boy, why should i fret?

crisp fingers interlaced on blustery days where we'd run fast
   oh so fast, away from the world, away from our past
     we were meant to be

my love, do you not see what you have done?

you were always so completely unaware
   of how easily you could ensnare
     my fractured heart when you were around

my baby, damn how i miss you

oh oh oh i knew all too well what you would do to me
   but still i fell gladly
     hoping to be caught in your wicked arms

you let me fall into my grave

head over heels rolling down

guess i was the clown
   of the sick twisted show called love

love from long ago
lilly Jul 25

look up.

as the watercolours bleed into the canvas of the sky
see the freckles of stars and constellations
in the momentary warmth that you feel, comfort; safety

it's beautiful isn't it?

see the white clouds
bright and ever so superior
stretching across the horizon
the area that belonged to the dark seas
but no longer
ever since the clouds claimed their territory
smiling, careless clouds

that the world we live in is like sugar
sweet and pleasant and utterly pure

that the sugar isn't crumbling
bit by bit
piece by piece
falling apart
dissolving into sticky, empty nothingness

look down.

see the cracks on the ground
tell yourself that they're only on the surface
that they can be easily mended with cement

(they can't.)

and rehearse
rehearse the parts you're meant to play
a good sibling, child, friend


act as though you put others before yourself
as though you think their happiness is more important than yours
as though you'd sacrifice your life
for them

because you're selfless, aren't you?

(you aren't.)

the rehearsed banter and
the perfected smiles and
the expertly timed eye roll -- cock your head to the left squinted eyes
glare for half a second before rolling them

and watch the stars dissipate
as the haze clouds over it
from all the pollution
problems that we promised we would fix
and the sky soon settles into an eternal darkness
dry acrylic

look straight ahead.

see eyes and noses and lips
some familiar and others not
see sincere smiles and forced smiles
see the world we live in
beautiful and wretched and human

did we make it this way
or did it make us this way

see the people around us
the eyes and noses and lips that form faces
the sincere smiles and forced smiles that form images
we're all beautiful and wretched and human

and there's absolutely everything and nothing we can do to change anything

look up or down or straight ahead or whatever
just look

(maybe that's all we can really do)

just look
and see
and breathe


and be

be beautiful and wretched and human
be everything you've ever wanted to be
or everything you've never wanted to be

it's okay to be okay
it's okay to not be okay
it's okay to just be

it's okay.

just look
and see
and breathe.
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