Looking at the world with new eyes,
today, when I left my home,
I saw a group of geese, flying
in unbelievable symmetry,
with tremendous grace,

My eyes were free of their dirt,
they were clean and beautiful,
and had the capacity to love
whoever they set themselves upon.
And maybe, I was gifted this scene
by ***, for the love in my eyes...

© Manan sheel.
Why do you want me to change?
Do you not like who I am?
Do you not like
the way I speak,
the way I look,
the way I try to get strong from the weak?
Well I have news for you,
my friend,
I won't change,
because I like myself
just the way I am.
So deal with it...
Lily Jan 7
~You are always the first person I look for when I walk into the room~
Ivyanna Jan 6
His eyes reminded me of sunshine
they warmed up my body delightfully
his one glance - and I felt divine
worshipped like a goddess, truly
Özcan Sh Jan 6
A book
Dressed in dust
Torn and old
But the words
Under the cover
Shone bright
Like no other.
Shofi Ahmed Jan 4
Time is running so quick
I wonder how did it look.
Like the sun at noon
or a veiled beauty
like the Moon?
Aaron Elswick Dec 2018
I believe in I
I relieve monotony by sterile and guarded eyes
I ingest a loftiness in peril when harder times
tear into my disguise
embarrassing how it thrives
this terrible caustic grind

Say the word as if it were ingrained upon the sky
as if the truth imbued it's self, a pain that you confide
as if I'm by your side
as if you could rely on a recession of my pride
as if you could rely

gently move aside
spend another night collecting threads to sow a life
as if you're on my mind
with seeds that need the light
as if I wouldn't cry when our attentions don't collide
a sit beside the fire lights a symptom of our lie
a gift of yours and mine
to lift a spirit high
To open up our eyes to see the riffs we could align

never look outside
the fault in that is mine
روبرت Dec 2018
Backwards; maybe
I'm not upside down
I'm looking for a new perspective
When you are down; you're really up
So perk up; all is well
Maria Etre Dec 2018
The moment of truth
lies in the second
you end your poem
with an exhale
and you look
Aaron Elswick Dec 2018
Color me refuse
Mud in the underbelly
The loose form of a man shoveling **** with a plan to tunnel out and hand the sentence to my master
Lose the chain around my neck and find a plot of land to dance tomorrow

It’s so far away though

Will I tread the sea of bodies strung along the ground
between the sphinxes gate to claim the crown, that even now glimmers past the smog that attempts to fog my vision my decision to walk on tested with every sound.

Bury my pride and carry the burden in stride refuse to tarry or cower or decide to turn around
Push the pen to the page with bleeding fingers
Paint with all the colors of masterpiece until I force something out

Will I?

Or will the tar on my lungs erase me
Will I be wrung like a towel thrown in
Drunk on futility
Chasing with impotent rage
Caged in a circus of ****** on a stage cuz I can’t raise a kid on minimum wage

Furious clouds are born storming throughout luxurious tapestries torn by ******* apathy ask me if My potential still holds sway when my energy has me using my hands to stop the rain.
Torrents pour in to clear my storage of scraps and sheer force of denial implores the whip on my back to pretend it’s on my side while it slips in a ***** and adores the dough made from my heart attack

Bedazzled prizes consume the whipping allies beside me
inventing new ways to cope with bottom feeding society
assuming truth’ll be derived if so behooved are the masters and their plastic constituents which I guess makes sense, but
poor judgement lends my flesh up to communion if I dare to walk in and say union.

The reagents and *** kissers call into question mindsets infected by a weakness of character
I shed my pride and inquire with an open hand the law layers of the land to relinquish a sparing of its crumbs
Spun from a singular purpose of a daughters meal the judges glaring does little to impair my will to take the help I can
and spare the child the repercussions of her fathers failure and prepare a better plan

Further choral echoing discord turns it **** head upon the scraps in my hand and posits that if they were taken it would make me work a lot harder instead of coasting on crumbs

So when the coal baron collects his second billionth he will surely cease pursuing correct?
Not do his best to dissect
Every millisecond of labor dug from workers he’s abusing to wring another penny out.
in fact
I think I see your point
Poised to join and help detract
Back peddle over to
Destroying. Prove lying
On your belly is the easy way out. To say
Today’s coin was well deserved. And serve stout drinks to the kings sleep on a rock and talk **** to the guy sleeping in a box because I’ve been taught to think I deserve where I am regardless of my environment but c'mon man ****

Let’s play a game of monopoly
I’ll start with 80% of the bank and y’all can be my ******* when I pay to write the rules and spank you up and down the board while barely touching the capital I have stored.

I’m getting pretty ****** tired of the stale story hard wired in our heads where the moral is free market prevailing for the pauper til he’s dead and social safety nets provided to the prince instead

it’s lead us to question
Methods of distribution sympathetic to tribulations
Solutions ignored
For the poor because a single mother with a phone
Doesn’t deserve to be thrown a ******* bone

All hail the welfare queen
Who hasn’t seen a day without the banks banner bearers walking tall
All over legislated brick walls enveloping more then all of her vision of a road to prosperity

Make it clear to me how she’s quote "taking advantage" of the land of the free while I see that you fail to ask us
How behind a mask of nobility a trillion dollar company still doesn’t pay its ******* taxes.
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