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Bongani Oct 6
Have you seen
It looked like a dangerous scene
In heavens it is written as a sin
Look over
They are deeds look unclean
Your shoulders *****
Your profile unworthy
Look over
What they started is over
But they are not through
With you
Look over your shoulders
Look over your shoulders
"Are you really sure you'll do it?"

"Yes. I've wanted to do it for so long now."


"But then what?"

"And then, me?"

And, that moment, when we stared into each other's eyes, I knew it was meant to be.
The literal definition of; "break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored." God, I don't even like that song.
I have food in my belly
A roof over my head
And thoughts that keep me spinning

I have a grandma who loves me
A cousin who looks up to me
A cat and a dog
That have so much warmth to give.

But All I can think
Is how there's a chance
That you don't love me

Every 7am
I check my phone
Hoping there's a message from you

How far down the line does this go
Is it mutual
Even a bit
Even at all?

But my hope is too strong
My faith isn't giving up
On the possibility of meeting your core.

I'm hard headed
And passionate to the bone.

I'm silly
And I'm serious

I'm goofy
And ****

I'm a paradox
Wrapped in skin.

You haven't figured me out
As I'm unraveling more so
Each and every breathe I take.

Discovering the magic in my fingertips
The power of my voice
And the strength in my dance.

I'm a warrior woman
A goddess who will always strive
Even when it's hard to get up
When I'm weak and shaky
When I've been knocked down
To the gravel

A goddess will always strive
Even with warm tears
In her eyes.

If the girl over there has you distracted
With her big eyelashes and flirtatious flare

I hope it's worth it,
Cause it cuts my wounded heart.
To know you didn't even try to understand

My eyes.
My tries.

Take a look deeper,
Take a look inside..

I may be fallen now.
But I will rise.

I know you looked at me,
But I don't think you saw me.
A "poem" every day.
Here is what I need to say,
We're all human with feet of clay,
So, do lay off us chicks today,
Go look in a mirror some day,
To older men with your spare tyres,
Yes! Your gynaecologist has retired!
Feet of clay ,bit of fun, feedback welcome.
Moon Cherry Sep 15
I heard it again
Pierced through my vein
It made me a villain
With the crime of in vain
I thought it was unfair
The voices in air
Part of me shivered
It got me veered
Cold and vexed
My soul untamed
I was misled
By this evil eyes I have
see yourself
You say that you hate it
No longer be playing
All those misbehaving
Watch out
'cause you're slaying

Relationships fraying
Lose more every day and
No train at the station
Don't matter
Not waiting

Full force
No more being patient
Before, vanished; They went
Without dedication

It's not a vacation
Sent to the space station
Left out in creation
Just imagination

A mere calculation
One thing
I'm just saying
Been set back and waiting
But now time to weigh in

This angst
On displaying
While you out here hating
Think those you erasing
You're simply replacing

Your demons need facing
Not running and chasing
A loop
You've been placed in
Self-made your own prison

But not by decision
Somewhere lost your vision
Sent back to beginning
So stop and just listen

Remove hesitation
There will be frustration
No capitulation
And not giving in

Beyond preservation
Give birth to a nation
A 'star'
Who is facing
Each day with a 'win'
Written: June 18, 2019

All rights reserved.
One glance
One look
Once smile
And she would fall for him
And she would love him forever
even if the smile wasent meant for her lol
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