Shofi Ahmed Jul 1
When you see
me no more.
At last look
at the mirror!
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
On the day
or in the night.
In the dark or
in the light
black or white.

whichever way.

You got a choice
how you look.
On the flip side
or the other side,
any side of the coin.
Down the sun
or down the Moon!
Another being,
fresh with blood.
Pale with dark black circles.
Fills my sight,
every rebirth of gold.
It's even there,
during its death.
Its subtle whispers,
telling of truths.
Truths I know,
in heart and betrayal.
Pester and fester,
poke if you will.
Not even time,
grays your message.
“I know”,
with force I scream.
“I know”,
I sing.
Look away at the wall,
Open my eyes,
there you are…
In your vile prison,
reflecting flawed detail.
Who are you?
the being in there.
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD): Affects 1 in 50 people.
Look around and see
People who don't have
Everything that they need right now

Then look at the ones
With guns in our schools
Taking others with them in suicide

So just feel free
To sit there in your chair
Doing whatever you could possibly want

Without checking to see
Where your children went
After they told you that they felt depressed

Yes I know this world
Is still messed up
But could it possibly hurt to try
It's all the same
We only see what we want to see
Only hear what we want to hear
Only do what we want to do
But never do what we need to do
Never show the world what needs to seen
We never tell the world what it needs to hear
Because we're all too afraid of being right about saying things are wrong
ethan gaskill Jul 12
two flare fires barely in sight
each lover the others light
seeing the smoke-
not knowing that the message is for them

the one they’re looking for
is next door

two strangers intersect
clueless and uninterested
not looking to the side
never realizing it is them

the one they’re looking for
is next door

to flying comets in the sky
look each other in the eye
knowing they’re alike
but not realizing that they’re
paired for life

the one they’re looking for
is next door
until we meet again
Irene J Jul 11
Remind me with your whispers
that you love me.

Remin me with your touch
that you want me.

Remind me with your kiss
that you love is passionate.

Remind me with the way you look at me
that you love me for who I am.

Remind me with all your weakness
that I'll love you for who you are.
This is very random, I was in the mood to write but idk what to write.
Peace a pressure release. When troubles seem not to cease it becomes imperative that you find your inner peace.

Even if you have to consult a priest for peace is like the golden fleece.
Peace will stop your continual fleeing and promote wellbeing, it's all freeing

Putting you back on course, for it's an excellent resource. Peace goes beyond measure, it's an invaluable treasure.

Whereas, we are quick to ignore good instruction while being easily lured into the world's seductive, suduction and find ourselves on the path to imminent destruction.

Then your path looks distance and distorted, with life making you so mad you feel you want to abort it. Still you fight your way clear to the junction, instead of relief, there awaits disorder, dysfunction.

But before you have a malfunction at the junction, seek your inner peace, it's increase in health, in wealth and it will align body, soul and mind.

All worries will cease through peace. So why isn't this a press release?
Oh see
Oh see
how is beautiful
Oh see
Oh see
how is great

I'm look
I'm look
And see heaven beauty
I'm look
I'm look
New world!
I'm look
I'm look
New world!

Oh look my friend
on the stars in the sky

Oh look my friend
on the moon in the night

This is brilliant of the sky
This is brilliant of the night

Oh look
Oh look
Oh look
Oh look

Oh look
Oh look
Oh look
Oh look

This is brilliant of the sky
This is brilliant of the night

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