I no bigger than a fly. In mind's I, is sometimes labeled a wise guy, tough guy, a bad guy and none of those do I deny.

Because I can diversify, which is why I cry, is shy, lie, can fly don't ever have to leave the ground to get very high and not by becoming glassy eyed or pie eyed but edified.

Although I love's to signify about the only three that qualify, while being too preoccupied with me, myself and I.

Then I will hit a sacrifice fly just so someone else can get their piece of the pie because I can hear their outcry and must stop turning a blind I.

Thereby I is qualified to testify, why? And who am I??? PERSONIFIED.

It's all about Life

I use to be hip thought I was the captain of the ship, well equipped.

Until I had one too many toots, one too many nips, I tripped, flipped the script had to abandon ship.

Now ain't that a blip, when you start taking toots and nips, Once they get a grip it becomes a dictatorship and all you get is gypped.

So take a tip, when you're trying to be hip You'll wind up a drip with your face in the dip.

That's Life

Tell me what you see
When you look into my eyes
Do you see who I could be?
Or do you realize
It´s difficult to dream
And make it come to life
Tell me what you see
When you look into my eyes

Tell me what you say
When you listen to the wind
For a moment everything's okay
But there's a terrible storm within
Do you sometimes try
To hold it in your hands
But it's like watching the ocean dry
or keeping the waves upon the sand

Tell me what you feel
When you search your fractured soul
Each memory so real
And impossible to control
Do you follow them
Trying to win the race
Then relive your life again
And see they fall like pieces into place

Tell me what you see
When you look into my eyes
Do you see who you could be?
Or just someone you despise?
Blue can be beautiful
And the young can be wise
The eyes are the window to the soul
And so this poem came to life

5. Desember 2017

This one came out of the blue and intro my brain.. what do you think?
Mark Wanless Dec 1

"I Saw a Monkey"

I saw a magnificent monkey
his name was adam
Creator of the now   like you
we hear stand on top mountains
Look Look   a far away
feet on ground

Like a ghost
Reading words on my
I look into your eyes
And read

Like a pictureless
Picture frame
Shooting ingots of
Color and light
Into the world
We speak words
In the Dark
Never move our

Like a blind man
Analyzing the
We take risks
Sending shocks
Into our eyes

Like a Me
With no words
To my name
I feel you speak
You're reading me

Let's touch base with a thing called Grace.
Something we no longer embrace Instead
We're trying to replace with this meaningless
Rat race.
Now Grace we don't have to chase just retrace
You'll find it's your birthplace And it use to be showcased.
Even in the workplace but now it's being replaced.
With disgrace. So we must put on a bold face.
Replace and enlace with Grace until it becomes commonplace.
Be an ace and join the race to bring back the wonderful face of Grace.

Grace, such a beautiful face.
Mark Wanless Nov 27


Life around me swirls
I curl
Into a ball
Prickly spines of anger
Pointing out
I contemplate my navel
Common, human, lint filled, navel
I open up
Look, feel, wonder
The curl is so tempting
Comforting, limiting
So swirly

Alimento del alma
trigo en la mente.

Transporte invisible
maquina del tiempo.

Castillo vagabundo
voz del universo.

Si hay dios del tiempo
eres la diosa omnisciente.

Ritmo cardiaco
instrumento del mundo.

Risas de niños
crujir en la madera.

Te escucho,
te siento
y luego te canto.

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