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Strying Oct 2022
I open my eyes
to see a sun so bright
up on this mountaintop
I find a rock and stand up
I breathe in, as the dust picks up
the wind of life
carries my body away tonight
HII, I really want to go hiking :)
Hope y'all are having an amazing day <3
mark john junor Feb 2022
For some freedom is a goal never achieved
but only dreamt,
for some, it is the adoration of an idealism that is placed on a
pedestal to remain forever just a symbol...
But for the wild and untamed it is the very breath sharply taken in
at majestic beauties beheld with a loving eye,
for the wild and untamed freedom is the heart unbound and adventuring
in the many fold wonders of the world...
I see in you such a wild and untamed soul,
be that freedom's torch that sets fire to those souls that yearn and dream...
be that freedom that lights the way
©2022 Junor
(Dedicated to "thedreadfulls")
Pam Wooten-Welsh Mar 2021
She was fierce.
She was wild and night-time.
A heart so gigantic
she could paint a picture world-wide.
Her style was her own.
Her spirit is unchained.
Liberated running away from society
touching the earth with her bare feet,
it embraced her soul,
leaving her breathless and carefree.
A natural and appearing
like a field of flowers,
bright and magical.
She was a kaleidoscope of colors
living enchantingly under the moon at night,
and cheerfully in the sun
with its radiance and light.
Bill MacEachern Feb 2021
I Saw The Psychedelic Lights ☮️

It was in our music
As well as in song
Come on people
Let's all get along

Love, Peace and Happiness
Was what we preached
It was our Trinity ☮️
Our core belief

There was Dylan, Baez
Apostles of peace
With something to say

All We Are Saying
Is Give Peace A Chance
Let It Be
Our glorious chant

By: Bill MacEachern
Charlotte Ivy Jun 2020
Mirror mirror on the wall I’d give anything to be small.
Feeling like the hippopotamus waiting to be kissed by the prince. Are little girls supposed to hate themselves like this.
I want to lead, be a Princess a Queen? Someday I’ll be what the people demand of me.
Adjust the corset, tighter ... tighter. Stomach acid rises, my crown slips off.
I am slowly decaying, the Princess of rot.
lilith grace Jun 2020
I dreamt
we left
to live
as hippies...

daisy chains
grass in my hair
I push a dandelion behind your ear
smiling- joyful as I watch how the sun
peeks through the spaces between your eyelashes

we drive to the sea
and sleep on the beach
because we can.
we listen to vinyl
because it sounds better.
morning coffee on a mountain top
rich droplets spilt on the sleeves of our sweaters

I picture us
through a nostalgic lens
a poloraid pasted
to the inside cover of a beat up notebook

wild and free
to be what we couldn't be here.

secure as we live our lives
guided by the stars
inspired by the song Hippies by Allie and the roses.
Rose Amberlyn Feb 2020
I feel the grass between my toes,
Beneath my feet.
I feel the air flow,
Through my lungs.
Into my soul.
I smell the sweet,
Calming scent of nature.

I am made of dirt and water.
I am no different from the grass.
We may try to seem,
But we are nothing,
Without this earth.

So I stand on the grass.
And I feel comforted.
I feel at home.
I wake up, I see green
Evergreen trees

Open the window, I smell water
Fresh rainwater

Walking outside, I see birds
Bee-Eater birds greeting hello

Socking in the beautifulness, I touch the flowers
Wildflowers grow in the distance

But, I wake up
In an aglow dreaming
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