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Avery Aguilar Feb 27
Soft silk torn at the edges, splitting open at the bottom
embroidered beautifully with patterns and colors
one never would've guessed would look breathtaking

feeling like a queen
walking like the hallways at school were gold

Glad to be a weird one

One of those humming even after the song ends,
still hearing something when all anyone else can hear
is simple silence...yet
they don't pity nor look up to the noise
for the thought of peace within souls

Expressing what's within souls
the parts they don't see
even if their eyes aren't closed - wide open -
sometimes it means you don't see as much.

like when you look so hard
for something
and it's right
in front of your face...
But you were simply overlooking, overthinking

Just take a step back
and relax.
You haven't got to be a hippie to know fun
and peace of mind...
though it seems like they know what they're doing,
and they're right with this seemingly life itself

Just take a step back
and relax.
And check out this...
it's a soul well expressed.
Rose Amberlyn Feb 21
I feel the grass between my toes,
Beneath my feet.
I feel the air flow,
Through my lungs.
Into my soul.
I smell the sweet,
Calming scent of nature.

I am made of dirt and water.
I am no different from the grass.
We may try to seem,
But we are nothing,
Without this earth.

So I stand on the grass.
And I feel comforted.
I feel at home.
I wake up, I see green
Evergreen trees

Open the window, I smell water
Fresh rainwater

Walking outside, I see birds
Bee-Eater birds greeting hello

Socking in the beautifulness, I touch the flowers
Wildflowers grow in the distance

But, I wake up
In an aglow dreaming
Liam Mar 2019
We were so deep I thought we'd surely drown,
Only what filled our lungs seemed to be pure pleasure.

She brought me so high I thought I'd never come down.
I'd had to dig deep to unearth her treasure.

You've just discovered this,
Yet it feels so desperately awaited.
Colour flooded,
Fluid painted.
Liam Mar 2019
And just like that,
My heart locked in place.
But I just about managed to keep it showing on my face.

Is she studying my eyes because my pupils have dilated?
Or is she giving me the gaze that I have all too long awaited?

Does she at long last want to feel the way I feel?
Liam Mar 2019
I never thought that by listening to thunder I'd understand the lightning.
When I realised this strangest fact,
I found it awfully frightening.

And if you're looking for an answer, you will find it inside of you.
But if you should ever need advice,
The wind will speak the truth.
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
I walked into a sandwich shop with a woman who believed in meditation and growling at the dirt in the desert. We saw a well dressed black man and we were 5,280 miles away from him, but he had a nice suit, so I said so.
Tabitha Olthouse Apr 2018
♡M@k€ M£ W@N@ @cT                                                  Ryht♡       ­     
♧A_n't Tr€i£Na
­ ♧Must+R        
   ♢AL MI
    ♢AL MI    
         □Not Tryna Go    
                                          □UR             ­                                         
    □Jus W@n@ t@K3               ☆Flyt                    
       ­                  《Lyft        
Ryt 》
I Own Copyrights
Go Steal Someone Else's ****
Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment April 17th 2018
Carl Webb II Feb 2018
Tie-dye shirt and all black sweats.
Can hippies have depression, too?
Or should we all just be much too entranced by the magic of burning grass to understand what it feels like to live in a world of dying thoughts, or thoughts of dying.
I apologize, I can’t quite get my thoughts together.
Forgive, me.

It must be the drugs.

These broken dreams can break the promises of life.
The promises that broke the wall and built the fence that still can never ever be climbed, that still can never ever be conquered...

and even though, they are just fences, we can never seem to stumble our way over them because we won’t dare to stumble near them...

because we can’t ever even see them...

I’m must be the drugs...

See, we can’t jump,
no, no,
we can’t get off the ground,
we can’t even run,
we can’t take steps,
we can’t even move,
we can’t sit still...

but we go everywhere...

...and we go nowhere...

At the same time...?

It’s gotta be the drugs.

cause see, we’re stuck in this time,
and this time...
when it goes by...
I pray...
maybe we’ll go with it...ya know...?

or maybe we’ll go against it...

or maybe we’ll do both... seems, to me...
like it’s gotta be the drugs, eh?

It must be the fault of all the flamboyant Conceptions Created this Chaos, this Desolate Destruction of Emotions that are Ever so Evolving into Freedom! Freedom!
oh, we Give it all away to God for it is He that Hath the Heart to Heal, but, see,
I am not I...I can never be I...Just Jot with no Joy...

so I just jot with no joy...

I am no king of kings...

I am no lord of lords...

I am only me...

but I’m guessing
that can only be
because of the drugs, right?
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