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Reuben F Apr 30
Like the short-lived sunrise
My window refuses to show balloon,
I pass jarring time that pours
Looking at pictures in accompanied laughter...

Like a candytuft dies
My soul flourished a dancer in tune
To a touching sound that tours
Around an imaged and gaily passed chapter...
Jana Pelzom Mar 21
Some people can’t handle confrontation,
I do not know if that is good or bad
Though I must say
It irks me to no end,
You have your own reasons
And I clearly have my own,
But no, it can not be that
Only a vague reason has the right to stand.
If we must stay together
Our hearts shall be worn;
You gladly hit the piñata
While knowing it hurts;
Your excuse; your blindfold
As you swing ever so freely,
Like you’d rather not improve
(Do not worry, it would have been together)
As if you’re afraid of what you’d uncover;
I know full well that you love
no other but yourself,
And if you hate deep conversations
It’s all right,
go swim in the kiddie section,
And I’ll take my leave
As you continue having your fun
Knee deep, drowning
In your pool of petty emotions.
Knee deep drowning©️2021 Jana Pelzom
The piñata is me
Lieke May 2020
White and gold horses.
Gracefully gallop away.
Ripe me is set   free.
7 May
veevee May 2020
Stop! Step through the door
And wear them new shoes.
You won’t need a hat any more,
But oh yes, love the hair!

You will need to be strong
While appearing dainty and pretty.
You will learn to disarm egos
With just a genuine smile.

Open your heart and share
With genuine concern.
It’s not who shouts the loudest
But who listens with empathy.

Well done, these clothes
Match the shoes so well.
Now let’s see you navigate
With them new shoes.

You will stumble as we have
But you are one of us now,
So stand strong and proud,
Daughter, sister, friend.
On maturing and learning
It seems to me
that as people get older
they mature
not like fine wine
but getting more stale
and more bitter
with each passing year.
Coffee, perhaps?
I know some truly wonderful adults (my mum especially) but I get so many 'it was harder when I was younger' etc. vibes from the adult population as a whole  so this is my response to those people who constantly put down the younger generation with their self-centredness and self-pity
SA Szumloz Mar 2020
In the dark of night
I put up a fight
With a sinful pleasure
A buried treasure
Hidden in the recesses of my mind
I wish I was blind
So that I can't see
The man in front of me.

He's a figure of my imagination
A product of my own creation
He makes my toes curl
Sending me into a whirl
Of forbidden ecstasy
I gain back my composure
Give myself some closure
And swear to forget him.

But he comes back over and over again
He has the strength of ten men
Pulling me into his embrace
Once again, I've lost my grace
And I am back to where I started

In the jaws of lust.
Espresso manic Jul 2019
Long train rides
into new experiences.
The budding mind grows
with external stimuli.
Reflection waters the mind.
gotta write 'dem' thoughts down to make them real
milkymoon Jun 2019
i apologise for any toxic energy i have given you.

im learning to be a better me,
im maturing,
correcting my wrongs.

i can only learn and move on.

im sorry for the ****** ive done...
im only human
tobi Jun 2019
my worst days now
are my best days then
and i have never felt more alive
Jason Adriel Jun 2019
we walked together through that old wooden fence
then you asked, 'can we please, please dance?'
I said I was too tired to do anything
'how come you never ask me to dance now?' you asked

I said I didn't know
you looked away from my eyes
nearby a rivulet quietly flows
'now we are built on lies'

I agreed, but I said something else instead
'look, honey, you know I love you'
I was honestly lying
you were right to say what you have said

you looked beautiful today, darling
in that white, white dress of yours
kissing your father's cheek
and your mother's hand

nothing is left of us, darling
at the end none of us were trying
but today I saw you smile again
though you belong to another home now

though I had to say the hardest line in this little life of mine

congratulations on your wedding, Gina.
I'm happy for you
I'm happy...
a simple poem of maturing former lovers and congratulating the lady for her wedding.
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